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Alleged Horse Trainer BBQs Horses for Clients

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Duke of Doink Returns from Under Rock

Warning: If reading one man’s honest opinion of a low life, self-proclaimed horse eating loser would offend you, then don’t proceed any further; the honesty and clarity may confound you.

Doink and Equine Terrorist Sue Wallis plotting to ignore science, fact and law while exchanging horse recipes

Sadly, if you have been unfortunate enough to be around the issue of predatory horse slaughter, for any length of time, you have had no choice but to run into the name of bloody, pro-slaughter extremest Dave Duquette the witless sidekick of equine terrorist Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis.  With Wallis leading the way down a path of blind lies, self-serving statements and threats against the horses of the United States Dave “Doink” Duquette has been right behind her picking up on scraps and never coming forth with an original thought, the veritable “lap dog” of all that is sick and perverse with American society today.  Allegedly a horse trainer, Doink would brag and extol upon the pleasures of brutally killing and eating the very companion animals that he is said to earn his income through breeding and training.  If you ever wanted a nasty email, sprinkled with expletives and uneducated rants, simply write to ole Doink and your wish would be granted but then…he disappeared.

All of a sudden it was only “Slaughterhouse” Sue publicly showing her ass and lack of education without Doink standing nearby licking her ankles; it was rather disconcerting as being compassionate souls, we did not want to see the young, nitwit come to any harm.  There was speculation that there might have been an accident that befell the befuddled buffoon of horse slaughter or worse, a serious crisis for a family member and being individuals with great capacity for compassion we most assuredly hoped that it was neither.  Then there was the theory that his young wife and mother of his two small children might have finally woke up and realized how detrimental and twisted his horse eating hobby was to not only their family business but to their young family itself; I mean, what sort of legacy are you leaving for your children?  And finally the more learned advocates speculated that the money machine that drives the perversity of “Slaughterhouse” Sue finally had reached their threshold for stupidity and told him to just plain shut up as they had their hands full, enough, trying to keep the equine terrorist from Recluse, Wyoming in the clear and they just couldn’t handle anymore damage control for the Doinkster.  But now we know the truth, we can rest easy that idiocy from Hermiston, Oregon is alive and still limping along in life as Davie was just quoted in an article from the Topeka Captiol-Journal, a true poster child for bloody horse slaughter.  The ole Duke of Doink has been BBQing Quarter Horses and feeding the bute and drug laden meat to family, friends and clients; no wonder we haven’t heard from Doink boy for a while, he is wasted!!!

From the article:

Duke of Doink ~ photo courtesy of Dave Duquette on FaceBook

Oregon trainer Dave Duquette, president of slaughter advocacy group United Horsemen, uses his head to make the point. He wears a PETA hat labeled “People Eating Tasty Animals.” The Hermiston cowboy believes horses are livestock in the same sense as cattle, hogs and sheep.

“A dog or a cat is a small animal,” he said. “You differentiate them from livestock. You can’t bring a horse into the house.”

He said debate about elimination of slaughter as a herd management tool shouldn’t be tainted by romantic ideas of the American West. The horse glut is real and abandonment at shows, sale barns and public lands is epidemic, he said. Tribal reservations are overrun by feral horses exhibiting characteristics of inbreeding.

“Some look like dinosaurs,” Duquette said. “They used to take them to slaughter.”

Duquette said people shouldn’t criticize a food source they don’t understand. He hosted a show at his training center featuring a horse meat barbecue. “We get a lot of Seattle people here,” he said. “They ate it.”

He’s lobbying Congress to reverse policy on U.S. slaughter of horses because the Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other groups are try to distort production dynamics of all livestock.

Duchess and Duke of Doink with live horse, for the time being

Golly gosh, Doinky, I just love all of your definitions and analogies…oh, I forgot, I used multiple syllable words there didn’t I, sorry.  But Dinky Doink, it appears that your reasoning for eating companion animals relates to size, the bigger the better?  So does that mean that you would eat a big dog or cat, or for that matter, being that we are discussing eating companions, would you eat ole Sue, she is big, REAL big and in some parts of the world would surely be considered livestock as we know horses that are considerably smaller.  So how about that, Doinkette?  You see, those of us who clearly care about our equine charges would put eating our best friends real close to cannibalism you stupid twit.  Do you get that?

And the alleged horse glut?  Even if there was one could it be to a trashed economy or more likely the stupidity of breeders, like yourself, that never went to school of higher education and have no understanding of simple economics or the principles of supply and demand.  (That means the more you breed the less they are worth, numbskull)

Oh, and a food source that we don’t understand.  You pegged that one on the head Doinky Dave ole buddy.  We understand the horse very well but likewise we do not consider it to be a food source you mindless turd.  What part of “I don’t eat my friends” DON’T you understand?  How can you possibly hope to connect with and train a prey animal when in the back of your mind all you are thinking about is how good that creature will look on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and gravy, no wonder you are going broke but the part that you don’t get is that it is YOU that is upside down, not the rest of the country where 75% of the population believes that butchering and eating horses is barbaric, distasteful and UN-American.

Duqette Family Values

But to admit that you had clients over for a show and then you stuffed butchered horse-flesh down their throats, how cool is that?

“Just lookie here, Joe Bob, this is reining champion “Hates My Guts” and over here on the grill is his brother, “Life’s a Bitch”…the Bitch Burger is free but my Guts is 10 grand, ya interested, huh?”

Keyripes what a putz, and to have it put in writing for the whole world to see, priceless…the best advertisement for pro-horse America to see.  What a wonderful poster-child for the unpopular and unwanted predatory business of bloody horse slaughter, you is a star Doink boy and a shinning example of what the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is all about, yuk, yuk.

So folks, all is well, you can breathe a sigh of relief for the court jester of eating horses is okay, kind of, and back in the swing of things.  He may be even duller than before due to all of the drug laden meat he has been eating but carcinogenic flesh won’t kill him overnight so we can look forward to a few more weeks, or months, of being entertained by the poor example of a self-proclaimed horseman, Sue Wallis’ own, Dave “Doink” Duquette.

Ya gotta love um.

Editor’s Note: The handle “Doink” is the official name utilized by Dave Duquette on the “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” blog and may not nor should not be utilized by any other member or blogster, it would just be very bad Karma!

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  1. No, he is there:

    and his horse eating organization:

    But we don’t need to harass him just keep the truth out there in front of the American people as these deviants do NOT represent the bulk of Horse people or the American public in general. Wallis and Duquette are cultists who have serious issues with attention and feel that even being the leaders of the dregs of society is better than no attention at all. In reality, they need some very serious psychological help.

    There is not only a lot of anger in my heart over their public perversity and blatant lies but also a lot of pity for the small and weak minded individuals that they are.

    May God have mercy on their black souls.


  2. Oh no …
    I do hope not too many people get blind folded by they’re lies,
    Next thing you know and there will be mass production of horse meat.
    *Sigh*, i hate humans, we are supposed to be improving not getting lower.


  3. But is what he did LEGAL?! Feeding people horses that aren’t USDA inspected?! And what about the drugs issue?! Do these people know, FOR SURE, that those horses they ate are drug free?! Not just bute, but the wormers and other drugs routinely given horses as a matter of regular care?! Someone might want to write the Seattle paper and warn those folks !! This is a lawsuit waiting to happen !! As far as I’m concerned, this is pure cannibalism . . . we don’t eat our friends or service folk.


      • Right Denise – he can feed it to folks as long as he doesn’t sell it. I don’t suppose this meal is included in a clinic they paid a fee for????


  4. They’re a bunch of sickos and that’s for sure. Thanks, as always, for laying it out there, no holds barred. We, as a species, really need to evolve… Well, some of us have at least.


  5. Hmmm, With all the info out there to the public, especially potential & actual horse eaters who take no account of the documented research about the health dangers of eating horse…I wonder if there will be lawsuits against Doink for causing harm if anyone gets sicky-poo. Even the sniffles. Hey, they are all about GREED, and I imagine these folks would turn on each other to make a buck. Dunce Cap for Doinky Dave ~


  6. What a strange situation. What kind of a person could train horses and to do that be close and personable earning their trust, then slaughter and eat them!
    Playing both sides of the fence? In my opinion ” dangerous mindset”! I wouldn’t want a trainer that eats horses, I wouldn’t want him as a neighbor, simply couldn’t be trusted. Earn your trust and kill? WOW!!!!!!


    • He does the slaughter is good thing because he has no use for equines over a certain age (well short of their natural longevity) and breaks ’em left and right with abusive training methods, poor ownership and a prehistoric human concept of animals as a product…not a responsibility.

      He is also facing a severe contraction of equine ownership and use; ergo. he is freaking out that he can’t breed recklessly for no serious purpose, hanging on to the romantic myth of the West when they did eat equines and a decline in his profession….training equines (and even then, a small niche market).

      How ya’ doin’ Dave…Denise here, because I KNOW you are reading this stuff.


  7. Oooohhhh RT I wondered why that post kinda disappeared. The filter caught the name and the post was moderated!

    You did that article proud! Put good ole Dinky D Right in his place.

    Someone had an excellent suggestion about writing the Seattle Times. That is truly a good idea. Folks need to know that what they ate may well come back to haunt them…

    Now to play devils advocate for one moment…is it possible that Dinky D said he had that BBQ but didn’t in reality? He may not care about the dangers for himself or his family but to feed horse to others–who may not know of the dangers–WOW. Irresponsible comes to mind. Major lawsuit comes to mind. He is setting himself up for a HUGE lawsuit–one that SS isn’t gonna back him on. I mean open mouth insert LEG OF MAN…his own.

    Well Dinky D’s habit has just hit the net. I mean it’s one thing to release news releases that mainstream papers don’t catch or read. But geez, if I can find it without any problems–Dinky D you need some serious medical intervention.

    I refuse to call him DD–cause that is the name of Michael’s Matz wife. Hence Dinky D.


    • Maybe not so long.

      Remember that Dr. Marini’s research stated that bute is idiosyncratic. That means that it doesn’t matter how big the dose is, or how long it has been since the horse ingested the bute, the human could suffer a long, debilitating illness and death from something like aplastic anemia or cancer, but also (maybe it was in the Irish Veterinary Journal) that that death could also occur suddenly.

      Not that I would wish these outcomes on anyone including this Mr. Duquette, just saying.

      Found an article in the horse tonight where 1400 horse owners were surveyed about their use of NSAIDS on their horses. There was a breakdown of individual products, but this survey was not directed to the racing industry, but included some breed associations and horses engaged in a variety of equine activities. The results: 96 percent of horse owners used NSAIDS in their horses to 10 years of age while 92 percent used NSAIDS in their horses over 10. So just how safe is the meat of US horses?

      The law suit to win won’t be filed against Dave Duquette. If you want blood, don’t eat a turnip.

      Really enjoyed this article, R. T. So tired of this nonsense.


  8. Hmmmm soundss like if Dinky Boy’s horses don’t perform they end on the grill..
    Who would send their horse or horses to a MEAT HEAD LIKE THAT!!! Talk
    about missing horses..He is the POSTER BOY FOR AQHA…I’m glad I don’t
    own a quarter horse, but it looks like all the Butt Heads from the majority of the
    breeds were down for his BAR-B-Q. Now the Presidents and Board of Directors are voting to bring back slaughter again. I wonder how much of a kick back they think they will receive. Members of the Arabian Horse Association were appaulled that they didn’t even have a chance to vote one way or the other. I just sent an email to the President of the Arabian Professional and Amaetur Horse Association for their little article in support of
    slaughter thanking the BOD of the Arabian Horse Association for their support
    as well. Just disgusting….If all the members boycotted their memberships, who would pay their rather lavish salaries. But like the others have said, a chemical death is a rather slow one until the end…Bye Bye Dinky Doinked..


  9. DD is an illiterate, uneducated dork. He trains horses for a living- or so he claims. The equine economy is in the tank because of over-breeding and the blatant greed of breeders and the associations they are members of, so most horse trainers nowadays have very few customers. The really scuzzy, sorry horse trainers probably don’t have any horses to train a’tall. So, DD hasn’t been hiding. No sirree. He’s probably just at his real job- washing dishes down at the truck stop greasy spoon. It’s one of the only jobs he’s qualified for- if he can find a joint to work that’s not very choosy about what kind of sleaze touches their dishes. Dish washers don’t have to know no good grammur or spellin, or have no sense, or be very picky what they choose to eat, how they look, or whether they’re blithering fools, or nuthin else. Besides, DD needs that job. Fighting child abuse charges for knowingly feeding poison to your children and probably to the children of others, is going to be expensive!

    If anybody knows of any other good jobs like cleaning sewers, where having a mind doesn’t matter, give DD a call. He needs the work.


  10. Don’t you bet that the kids DD went to school with a just amazed that someone they know to be a great big zero in life is getting this much attention just for being such a fool? After all, they all knew about him way before we did.


    • and I would add that the equine and all associated industries are “in the tank” not only due to irresponsible, greedy over-breeding, but also because our US economy is in the tank !! People are tightening their belts out of necessity. To even attempt to blame the downed horse industry on the closing of horse slaughter plants is to have gross tunnel vision. All industries are down-sizing because of job loss, market loss.


  11. At least he didn’t show kids eating it…I’d have to call the child protective agency on him if he did that…..Doink can poison himself all he wants but he would be crossing the line if he offered it to children. Next they will be saying horse manure is good for us and hocking it..Would not put it past him and Wallis ! ! Then he could taut it as a “green” industry..Recycling….. NUM YUMMY


  12. You should know better than to get down to anyone’s level of name calling. it negates anything and every thing you as a journalist says. You are the voice of the horse. don’t get down in the muck with the rest of the parasites. Stick to the things that matter over breeding by not just the AQHA but every back yard individual and rescue that wants the “perfect” horse. That pretty palomino or buckskin. How bout the folks whose horse has some hereditary something and just “breed it”. Or here is my favorite I always wanted a foal? I know so many that have a “dream” and a stallion……………….??? Publicly calling each other names simple loses the real issue. I am educated and in the horse industry and am saddened by your piece!!!


    • Sorry that you feel that way Dorothy but I am most certainly not in alignment with your comment.

      My fun meter is pegged at zero when it comes to these dregs and the gloves are off. These low-lifes will be called out every time they post or publish their bloody lies so if you find the truth, from this end, offensive I am sorry for your feelings.

      There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the OpEd and this is not done for money or glory, only to get the message out that these murderous scoundrels don’t deserve to breathe the same air that the rest of the world does.

      It is what it is and I will call a spade a spade when I see one and right here, there was a big black blob and I called it out.

      In war not all battlefields are pretty!


  13. Love it RT. I recently read that one shouldn’t attempt sarcasm unless fluent in it, else one might hurt themselves.

    No worries ’bout you RT!


  14. Sue and Dave represent the ultimate betrayal to our friends, the horses. As long as there is a breath left in my body, I will fight to protect our horses from these soulless predators.


  15. And then today…….Sue Wallis publicly admits she’s not a horse owner……on facebook Horse Slaughter Debate page. Yep, you just read correctly. The woman who has over and over stated that anti-slaughter folks are made up of the majority being non horse owners who are ignorant about the industry is in fact the very creature she accuses us of being……..

    I did take a screen shot and saved it to my computer of her post below. But being technically challenged, I couldn’t get it to snap on here. Anyone wanting a screen shot, just holler or better yet go view it yourself at

    Sue Wallis For your information I do not own any horses personally, and we do not breed horses. But I am absolutely an advocate and a champion of the rights of anyone who does, and for the right of any horse owner to determine what their horses will be used for, for their right to profit from them, to sell them to whatever market exists, and to try and make sure that our horseback culture can survive. I have and will continue to work to make sure that horse people keep their constitutional rights to own and benefit from their animals. No one condones abuse, and I certainly do not…but using an animal for food is not abuse so long as it is done right. We raise beef as our main source of income, but we also raise chickens, pigs, turkey and we butcher a lot of our own meat including wild game. I have not butchered a horse, but I have no objections to someone else doing so, and I have enjoyed horse meat that others have prepared. It is good meat. Because I care very much about horses and their welfare, and because this has become such a critical issue I have gone out of my way to visit horse plants and to learn as much as I possibly can about how they operate, what could be done to make them better, and the kind of safeguards we would need to have in place to ensure that horses are handled right.
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personMindy Patterson likes this..See More


  16. Go to GOLDEN DAYS website and see the videos:
    Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer
    Part 1 Part 2
    Monday, October 17, 2011
    Action Alert! Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer (Parts 1 & 2)
    These videos are interviews of a horse killer, who for decades, bought and shipped horses to slaughter for human consumption. He and his associates also rounded up Wild Horses for slaughter.
    After leaving the business, his conclusion was that the entire industry was inhumane, cruel, lacking in transparency and with a profit margin was so small that it could never be regulated to be humane by any standards.That this was a business that was good for neither people nor horses


  17. I see the Duke and Duchess lolol………….appear not to care what they serve their child. Europe Nations have now condemned the way we care for and slaughter our horses as if they had been in raised as produce animals, which they are not,…………..and if they did throw a horse BBQ must not care for their friends or colleagues. Shaking my head here. They should be renamed the Twit and Twitess. Give your friend and kids possible carcinogenic dinner on purpose? Now thats classy NOT!!!.
    Thank you though for shining the light on these 2 and Sue Willis. At least they are open about their beliefs and practices. I am anti slaughter, love horses and respect them.
    PS Remind me not to go to any horsemans place for a BBQ without asking what is being bbqed.


  18. How stupid is this guy? Just because you can bring a dog or cat in the house is his reasoning behind what we should/could eat? Is he insane? I guess we shouldn’t eat chicken, rabbit, etc. since we could bring them in our homes. What a dumb *ss!!!! Horses have been man’s (womans) companion for centuries!!!!! He makes me sick!!!!


  19. This is sickening. Slaughtering his Quarter horses to feed possibly tainted meat to his family and friends? What a sicko! This dude obviously had a seriously flawed sense of logic!


  20. Would LOVE to inhumanly do the SAME things to this guy, but instead feed his no good sorry meat to maggots only! That might be all he’s good for!!!


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