Wild Burros

No Fences on Perry’s Texas Border, but They Shoot Immigrant Burros

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The More You Dig the Uglier it Gets

Shooting target for Texas Park Rangers ~ photo by Terry Fitch

On October 18, 2011, during a Republican presidential debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry accused former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney of lying when Romney denied hiring illegal immigrants to work on his property. Apparently, Romney did hire a lawn company in 2006 that employed illegal immigrants, but he fired the company when he learned of the immigration status of its employees.

The illegal immigration issue is like a soldier’s sword for Perry, used repeatedly to slash at Mitt Romney, who is in favor of a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

Odd that Perry would argue against a fence when he fully advocates the shooting of “immigrant Mexican” wild burros that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department claims are sneaking across the border into Big Bend Ranch State Park.

According to the Wild Burro Protection League, the wild burros have lived in Big Bend since the 1600s….Click (HERE) to read the article in it’s entirety.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation Directors Marjorie Farabee and Terry Fitch will be traveling to Apline, TX on November 17th to host a Townhall on behalf of the wild burros.  Write to either for further information

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  1. that seems to be the problem in our country. To see any animal, we will have to go to a book, looking at pictures. These so called hunters, gov. dept. have gone kill crazy. They don’t care, longs it brings money to their pocket. They are eliminating just about anything on 4 legs. If Perry is willing to kill off the burros, what is he going to kill off when or should he become president. He won’t get my vote nor not too many of the other candidates. WHO CAN YOU TRUST OR BELIEVE ANYMORE. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR GOVERNMENT OF ANY KIND. LIKE THE BLM, THEY GET COMMENTS AFTER COMMENTS, BUT THEY ARE IGNORED.


  2. I very disappointed in Perry. He was suppose to be this years Obama. But has been a very big disappointment on many issues.


    • Unfortunately he IS this years Obama { in many ways } and one of the reasons I pray he nor Obama will occupy the White House in 2013 .. For it is all too true that ;
      Men who will exclude any of God’s creatures
      from the shelter of compassion and pity,
      will deal likewise with their fellow men ..
      {Francis of Assisi }


      • Unfortunately, you missed the memo that “feral” equids have been declared unsustainable, and therefore, they are targets for elimination across our nation.

        We need to be politically aware enough to recognize that a number of wildlife, environmental, and conservation groups are peopled with ranchers and hunters. Therefore, they have the chance to be heard more than once.

        We have got to become more aware of the types of legislative and other public policy initiatives these groups are putting forth or we are going to lose all beloved members of our equid family.

        Anyone who could shoot a burro on sight has to be missing pieces of his heart.


  3. Has anyone tried to post their disgust on the Texas Parks face book page? Just wondering since there are no burro posts there.


    • Trouble with facebook is that you often have to click that LIKE button to post. Which seems contradictory when we don’t have a choice of a really really dislike…, except as a ‘stop following’ button.
      I’ve often had that trouble with posting about either horses or burros…


    • Yes we have but they soon bury the posts with lots of pictures. But, it would be great if people could keep coming back at them. I was tied up with this project, so have not posted there in some time. The more the merrier.


      • Susie, FB has a new format. When you post it goes to most recent. If you look at the top of the site, you’ll see where you can click to those posts. They have not removed comments of mine, but they do go to most recent and are hidden. They then bury them further by adding lots of photos.




  5. Perry has no compassion or interest in animal welfare….or the human race for that matter unless it means campaign contributions, period


  6. I agree with every comment you have made, but as one committed to doing no harm, I would have to be armed with pepper spray or a stun gun. This is a big leap for me, but yesterday when I was with my horses, all this washed over me, and I realized I would protect my horses as I would protect any member of my family.

    This is insane. If they are determined to rid the wild burro from the park, then they must give the Wild Burro Protection League and others who would support them, them opportunity to rescue them and remove them.

    I would certainly be willing to commit some resources (time, travel, days in the park) to assist with the humane capture of these precious animals. These animals. These animals could be a lifeline to many people.

    Rick Perry may already have received large donations to his campaign coffers from individuals in these groups. A lot of big money is being raised I’m Texas now through fracking shale. So there may be new players.

    We can not afford to overlook the influence these hunters may have on public lands policy. If we use history can be used as an indication, Perry would have sharp shooter Dave Catoor taking care of the last of our wild horses. He cannot be the next President.

    I think he is self-restricting. Maybe others do not see it the same way I do, but I think his debate behavior has been totally classless.


  7. Sorry, part of my last comment was a leap in logic. An article in the WSJ last week was about how shale was the new wealth building industry replacing technology. The article focused on West Texas and Nebraska shale resources.

    What this has to do with us is to inform us of the presence of additional resource users who could affect our wild herds. On the other hand, we may also find someone among these energy sectors who is visionary enough to get the idea that the reforestation of some of our vast public lands would decrease the negative aspects of CO2 production.

    The shift may come sooner than we think between cattle grazing lands and the decision to sell these lands at a huge profit if there is the potential for natural gas development. The Shackleford Island horses provide proof that wild horses and the only grazing animals can reforest a defined land space. That the Cinese are exploring this possibility and will be measuring the progress of the experiment makes this worth exploring. we have the land. we certainly have the horses. Perhaps this is the real win win we need.


  8. By the way, this article is very well done. I think it is the kind of story that could get picked up by other media. I’ll see if I have any luck.

    Thanks much, R.T.


    • Christie, your comments are very poignant, and yes, Darla Dollman writes a well researched article. She is a real advocate for all wildlife, and has a special place in her heart for the burros. Thank you, for caring so deeply.


  9. What can one say? Its beyond comprehension..I often thought of sending a question like this to Georgie at channel 7. We all the know the economy is in the toilette, jobs are going no where and the Banksters just keep screwing us. So what other news do we need to hear? I quess the richie richie will not go away. But the continued desctruction of the many animals we love must be stopped. RT sometimes these articles are so heart breaking, I almost hate to read them. However, for the Americans that do not know whats going on, it should be an education. Does anyone know how much a bill board would cost if located in an area viewed by Texas residents and tourists? Are there any that are located in this area? I know we has something a few years back and it
    was about $500.00. I guess the problem is that this money could be used for more protection. But getting the word out is imperative. How do you do it when your funds are limited? This is what the other side hopes for. No money no action. I just recently received a letter from my Representative Judy Biggert who is on board with the transportation and slaughter issue. So that makes one more Legislator in our court. I kept sending her letters until she made the committment and she did. I can’t believe they killed them both…How very very sad, but these people have no compassion. The other comment was exactly spot on, if they kill animals in this way the treatment of other humans is not different…………….Like I said before, I love the little burros as much as I love the horses. So innocent..


  10. Good luck and Kudos to you and your team donkeyscando , you are never far from my thouughts and always in my prayers .. Stay safe !!

    Considering how dire the drug smuggling situation is {as was reported on the NBC nightly news last night } I would say the Texas Parks Rangers best be changing who/what they are targeting ..


  11. Thanks so much for the link to Circle Ranch, owned by Chris Gill and his family. It is good to know that there is such an intelligently run ranch in Texas, with such good environmental knowledge and principles.

    As for Perry: we have known for a while that while Texans love to kill the sweet, smart donkeys, they usually choose as governors jack-asses that should be culled.


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