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Animal’s Angels Investigate a Slaughterhouse of Horrors

Information and Story supplied by Animal’s Angels

Pro-Slaughter Advocates Want THIS Back in Force

A recent investigation by Animal’s Angels reveals the horrors that horses face at rendering plants in the United States.  Although plants, of the same genre, no longer operate in the U.S. to butcher equine companions for human consumption the practice of cruel ripping the life out of horses exists to feed their flesh, bones and hides to zoo animals.  This is the sort of inhumanity that the likes of Sue Wallis, Dave Duquette and their minion of mindless followers want to bring back, in great numbers, onto American soil and in a neighborhood near you.  The reality of the cruelty needs to be upfront and ever present in an effort to stifle the ignorance of facts, ignoring of science and lack of good business sense that permeates the pro-slaughter movement at every turn.  Pictures speak a thousand words.  Thanks AA!” ~ R.T.

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Bravo Packing ( is a slaughter plant that supplies cattle & horse meat, bones and hides to zoos and other interested parties. Bravo Packing also operates M & S Pet Removal, a rendering service. Bravo Packing accepts and slaughters horses that could legally not be slaughtered for human consumption.

When investigators arrived at the premises, they immediately saw a large group of vultures circling over the facility and there was a strong stench of decomposing flesh. In front, large piles of different hides were visible. There was a lot of trash dumped onto and next to the premises, including parts of old slaughter equipment such as meat hooks and saws.

While the investigators observed the premises, several horse trailers and livestock trucks arrived at the facility and unloaded animals.

At one point, the investigators could hear what sounded like a horse scream in complete terror. Horrified, investigators stumbled across a barrel which contained a large number of race horse shoes with feet still attached. Inside the barrel were also many different halters and more meat saws. In the loading ramp area 2 large bison heads were found decaying on a pile of pallets.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this facility.

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  1. I have been trying to getsomeone to do somethingabout this place for over a year. I live about ten miles from the place.A lady who’s last name is Servino has this owner on tape,saying how he uses these animals for target practice. She actually got one of the horses away from him. This has been a horrible place for years. These horses are actually starved so when theyare killed there is no fat on there bones. Everything I have tried has come to a dead end. He has the judges in his pocket. Please do something!!!!!!


  2. Totally disgusting! Doesn’t New Jersey have environmental laws? Do the people nearby consider this foul place an asset? I wonder if it affects property values.

    And under “Products” on the Bravo Packing website:

    “All Beef Products are obtained from USDA Inspected Plants”
    “All beef is sampled and tested for BSE by USDA Veterinary Technicians”

    No sample testing of horsemeat? Do zoos and other customers know about this?


  3. At this point in time havent we we done everything possible to stop this kind of horror, ??????????Yet it blatantly continues, right smack in everyone’s face???????? Why must this continue to plague our innocent horses??????? is there nothing that is scared for them????????????????????


  4. Yes, Bravo Packing has been in the horror business for a long time. Monty Merola is one sick #@$%. A serial horse killer, he uses them for target practice for kicks.


  5. Send this to zookeepers – perhaps it might open the eyes of some.
    Regardless of who or what is consuming the “products” from this packing plant … the treatment leading up to and includinig their last moment of life is horrible.
    I have been meaning to ask … does anyone know what is in our pet food?


    • Dear Debbie , just checked the petition site 1000 signatures were needed 1457 were given, now what will happen I have signed hundreds of petitions on this very issue and as of now why are they still open !!!!!! Do they take these petitions seriously?????? I am a great believer that actions speak louder then words could ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????? This has been going on for many many years, I see that the monstrous cruelty continues ???????? is there no way to stop these freaks from this horror treatment of horses??????


  6. Here’s the video that Amanda did of Bravo (warning, extremely graphic):

    And the pros claim that slaughter is/was humane in the US!


    • OMG it worst than concentration camps during WWII. Was this guy trained by Hitler. I live in NY and had no clue that so close to me we have such a horrifying places. I think we should raise more awareness of those places. Maybe a public protest by the facility or by the court. Maybe we should make a stickers or magnets and place them on our cars would bring more attention to it. And also by selling them we could raise more money for the rescue efforts. We have to let people know about it. We have to united people in that war.


  7. Sorry I couldn’t watch the second video. Kudo put up video the other day of a mare who had been slaughtered in Florida–ALIVE. Apparently the person who did this stabbed the horse in the heart and then sawed off the legs while the horse was still bleeding out.

    Apparently folks who eat horse prefer the legs…don’t ask me–cause I don’t know.

    They couldn’t even slash her throat. It’s horrible. It’s beyond sick and depraved. There are just no words to describe how awful I felt after viewing this video. I even went and cleaned up the kitchen to try to think of something else.

    Horse meat has not been used in dog food since the mid seventies. Or so they say…but now I don’t know. I mean some enterprising soul might do something to see if they can get away with it.

    I don’t even know if dog food has to be inspected…


  8. Bravo has been on the “hitlist” for quite some time. This place has always been know as a SHI*HOLE”!

    Thanks for the investigation AA, But seriously…why aren’t people more p. o’d at the state of NJ and USDA?????????????

    Surprise, surprise?!?! Not one bit (absolutely NO pun intended)…guy is scum from a cesspool, along with Camelot nearby.


  9. R.T.
    on behalf of Animals Angels thank you for supporting the work that we do, and for sharing with your readers the horrors that are suffered by horses both domestic and wild. We will continue to investigate and hopefully through your blog and other sites we can and will make changes to protect the horses.


  10. Thank you to Animals Angels for continuing this battle despite how disgusting it is. I know I couldn’t do it. Year after year this is allowed to go on in our country, and yet you continue the dirtiest job of all…the documentation on the filth that is America’s slaughter industry. Safe travels..and thank you all.


  11. Anyone remember the recent ‘op ed’ piece written by Sue Wallis titled
    “Killer Horse Buyers are Heroes and Saviors”?

    Clearly, this establishment is Ms Wallis’ definition of nirvana.


  12. A short video on how much damage cattle do.
    Wild horses do not do this.
    Now they are being removed in NV because some have caused a few traffic accidents but the millions of cattle are allowed to run free everywhere.


  13. Places like Bravo create Freaks of people who work in them, proven fact , EXAMPLE you got a person using these poor defenseless animals for target practice if that is not an EVIL FREAK of this world then what is?????? The person doing this does not belong in society , he belongs in an institution for the Criminally insane, I cannot believe he walks amongst us freely???????? This is pure human evil trash !!!!!!!! I would like to know what the Evil Crime rate is of the area surrounding BRAVO………………


  14. I agree with Malgorzata. Get a contingent of people interested and make flyers and bumper stickers if possible. You can also take pictures from the road. It is so disgusting, we too have a plant that operates out of Shippsewana,
    Indiana that takes horses for other than human consumption. No one that slaughters horses has one bit of passion for them. Again, it is the almighty dollar and the fact that they are nothing more than someone’s possession. The work that the Animal Angels do is so hard to stomach. Despite what we are
    able to see, there more shocking things that go on that they would not let us
    see. All I can say is these people involved in these atrocities come directly from HELL and these demons continue walking about with us. Someone should expose them on Facebook and let the World see what they are doing to our beautiful horses. Just disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes we feel so powerless against these monsters from Hell. But we cannot ever give up. We
    must continue to expose them and torment them like they are doing to our
    wonderful horses.


  15. My question is this – Why is this lowest of lowest subhuman still living – He’s one of those that no one would miss if he disappeared – The ones to blame here is the ones that allow this to happen – If the law won’t do something than it’s up to WE-THE-PEOPLE to take matters into their own hands and make sure the days of this freak hurting horses is over with.


  16. Not allowed to slaughter Horses in same facility as cow, chicken, pork, etc.. sounds like NJ has no health inspections either, and C Christie states he is not interested in shutting it down, since it is Humane,, DONT VOTE FOR CHRISTIE..AGAIN.


  17. Why would a horse be screaming? Are these evil people torturing these horses? Or can the horses see others being slaughtered and this is still going on? Can’t people rally outside of this place, bring it to the news? This needs to stop now!


  18. Apparently nothing has changed. I recently started feeding my dog raw food and I found a local distributor and she sells this food. I bought 1 of tefco beef, but I never seen meat that looked like that so I bought another brand she sells. It’s bad enough they torture horses but as sick as these people are knowing they have a animal removal business as well does anyone believe they aren’t just throwing the dead animals in the grinder and selling it to? They sell 2lb for about $8. It says Beef on pack but knowing what I know now I doubt if any meat they sell is good.

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