The Force of the Horse

A Time To Be Thankful

by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

A Moment of Retrospection

Terry and R.T. Fitch ~ "Thank You for Being Who You Are!"

Once again, it is Sunday, a day when we like to add something refreshing and uplifting to your day so that we can hit the ground running on Monday.  And not that I want to demean the message but we do not have a super, thought provoking message to send your way, this morning…just a simple thought to share and a few words to speak.

This Sunday is special as it falls into the holiday weekend of Thanksgiving, a time when we, as Americans, like to reflect upon what is meaningful and important in our lives.  I made it home, barely, to spend Thanksgiving with Terry and her folks and for that I am very, very grateful.  I had been away far too long and settling in amongst family and good food was a dose of soul enrichment that I needed desperately.

But we are, likewise, thankful for something else, perhaps not as tangible or as easy to touch as the person standing next to me but equally as important.  We would like to thank all of you for being who you are.  Good, wholesome and stanch Americans standing up for your compassionate spirits and trying to do the right thing for the horses of the United States knowing that the issues which plague them are far greater then they are themselves.  You are on a quest for excellence and humanity; both Terry and I are proud and feel blessed to be on this journey with you, it is a spiritual and noble cause that we will see through to it’s conclusion and because we fight on the side that is not afraid of the light, we will ultimately declare victory.

We hope that you are experiencing a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday as we fully intend to hit the road on Monday with the pedal to the metal and the rear tires smoking.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you; thanks for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

You are very special spirits, indeed.

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  1. Thank s be for everyone here you know what they say it is darkest before the dawn, hopefully because it is so dark the dawn will be brightest dawn we have ever seen , I know in my heart we can accomplish the seemingly impossible through are concerted efforts truth , justice and God are on our side we are guided by Love with those combinations, we will prevail it is the American Way and always has been…….Throughout history…………….The innocent will be set free to roam as was always intended…………. We may need to step up our efforts …….There are so many true heros here working together for Our Horses and Wild Mustangs and Burros I am in awe,,,,,,,,,, and so very Thankful, Tomorrow we continue with our efforts into the New Dawn we are looking for, for our horses , we will find it…………..


  2. Thank you, RT for recognizing the voices, but I thank you and John and Craig and Laura L. and Laura A. and Vicki and Cindy and Ginger (sorry if I left someone out) and all the data collectors and all the website presence folks that give us the data and knowledge to comment. The killers hate us because we are becoming more knowledgeable and unified. They HAVE to pay attention to us because of the forums people like you provide.

    Our organized presence is what allows us the opportunity to speak about the outrage and little victories regarding our wild and domestic equines. We are unified because of people like you.


  3. God bless us all and help us overcome might with right.
    Many thanks for this blog, R.T. It’s terrific and is such a big help.


    • magiclady6698 what a Wonderful sight to see,,…..I do not own any horses anymore but I remember that sight how comforting to our eyes and soul……. Thanks to RT for making some sense of all this ………..on a cold rainy Sunday morning….. And Thanks to you for the Mind Visual…….


  4. R.T. Thank YOU for all you do to bring what God meant for our beloved wild horses and domestic horses and burros. The right to be free on their cherished land and be with family. May this be the final push to the end. The end being that we have brought the message to all Americans that our four legged equines deserve the peace and family love that all two legged humans enjoy. May we see the end to this nighmare in the coming year, AND R.T. you and all the people at your end will deserve medals for all the work you have done to achieve it. MAY THE NEW YEAR BRING HAPPINESS AND LOVE AND THE FINAL HOME FOR OUR BELOVED FOUR LEGGED FAMILIES FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. And Magiclady6866, how fortunate you are to be able to go out and watch those beauties of yours eat their first meal of the day. I wish I was able to do that with mine, but they are kept forty-five miles away. May we see hay prices drop and the new year be good to our beloved equines.


  5. I know there are equine owners out there that do the right thing everyday, all day long for their equines. It is a good thing to be thankful for..the good owners. I know there are others that no longer own or never have that still do the right thing by our equines. You don’t need to own an equine to know the difference between right or wrong, but it sure feels good to go out there and see they are still walking the right side of the grass.


  6. As to the ongoing assault on our public lands, wildlife and resources, watch this doozie:

    Yes, it’s a bit off topic re: wild equines, but just watch this Congressional troll get rude, ugly and show just how stupid and arrogant Congress is. THAT does affect our wild equines and human consumption horse slaughter (HCHS-wild AND domestic)….you can’t FIX stupid.

    Just another thing to be thankful for…our leaders don’t behave this way.


  7. When I sit down and fire up the PC I sit here alone but in reality I sit with untold thousands of advocates. I feel your presence, hear your voices and feel your heartbeats. I feel the horses dancing and prancing amongst us, their warm, moist breath filling the room. I hear their squeals and nickers. It is very crowded in this little room, filled with urgency and love. All of you make it possible to go on. To pick myself up after a disappointment and continue to fight on. Thank you all.


    • Oh Morgan! What a BEAUTIFUL thing to share. My sentiments exactly! And thank you RT, for this special post today. I feel like things are getting worse day by day. We get some good news, then we get kicked in the guts again. Well, you know what they say…”WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH (us) GET GOING!” AND WITH A VENGENCE! SomeHOW, someWAY, we will get back for our horses and burros what is rightfully theirs! They are counting on us, just as each of us is counting on each other to keep our heads locked figuring this out. God bless all of you.


    • AMEN, Morgan!! Your elegant words–SAY
      My Very Thoughts of Thankfulness….that
      I Hope will help R.T. , (& others) to Realize:
      How incredibly important HE truly Is !
      To all of US, & to all the Horses!–the free ones,
      the captive ones, the happy & healthy ones,
      & the suffering or old or hopeless/lonely ones, (who may Think they’re Forgotten?- but are Not!),
      Because of him !
      * RT, ETHAN is very very Proud and
      Thankful. for You today!!
      As You are: the 2-legged who Truly
      ‘Keeps his Word & Promises’…& Listens….


  8. As Denise just stated, “they” are getting ugly…..the closer we get to the TRUTH, the uglier “they” get. A small sample of the pro-slaughter group tactics really illustrates that. Those that fight that battle day in and day out get battle weary and truly need a place to come where they can recharge their batteries and be among kindred spirits…AND get a mug of Wrangler Tea.


  9. Yes, the fight will get harder, I think. Are we ready for that? Dig in, organize, find associates to work with and do all you intend to. I am grateful for those I do know who have stood strong so long and learned so much. You are wonderful human beings. There are many out there we have never heard or seen but they listen and call and email and fax and write letters. Thanks for being our backbone! With the deck stacked against the wild horses and the burros we have to create a miracle amid mad greed and selfish cruelty perpetrated by our government. Let’s get that miracle made!


  10. This holiday has been a time for me to reflect on what I am grateful for: Family, friends, my critters, the magnificent place where I live, and particularly folks like you and Terry who work tirelessly to educate, expose, and share the good and the not-so-good about news and information about our wild horses, doing what needs to be done for these iconic symbols of our great nation. Thank you, with a grateful heart, for all you do which serves to motivate the rest of us.


  11. I, too, am so grateful for the many opportunities to communicate with all of the ones fighting for our horses every where. I am grateful that when I feel all our efforts are being ignored, that our government if only interested in making a buck without regard to the horrible, unspeakable hell they cause, I can walk out to my five horses (4 rescues) and my two donkeys. I can love them, tell them how I wish their wild, lost, stolen, abused, slaughtered family could be here too. Their love envelopes me. Thank God, when we all are together in Heaven, it will all be forgotten. No bad memories, just joy to be in green pastures that never end.
    Nothing but joy, laughter, love and freedom. I can shower my little herd with everything I want for all the other precious horses. We all must find the opening that we have to bring to light the realization of what is really happening to our wild horses. My heart is full of love for all of you who care, share, give everything you can to help us all move forward.


  12. Thanks RT–thanks for reporting to us every day–the good,the bad, and the ugly. The TRUTH. Thanks to all the people in the field, in the courts, and on the road with cameras and video. And thanks to all the bloggers here–who share their info,their stories,and their hearts. The horses know we are here for them.


  13. A little late on this one, but Morgan you are so spot on. I sit at my computer reading all the blogs and send my responses to all those legislators who may be in a place to make a difference. What I have noticed is that believe it or not there is a moment a foot also fighting for our horses. I believe this is what keeps the Evil Ones fighting so hard. RT, like I have said before your group is growing and growing. You have educated me through this blog and I feel confident in confronting all those who feel our horses should meet a less than dignified demise with up to date information. But I too, am thankful that I read the responses of others around our great nation who feel the same way as I. I always ask the Guardian Angel Sachiel to help us in this fight. The horse along with several other animals such as the whales and dolphins are his charges. It was a long fight in Illinois, but we never gave up. We do have to be thankful for many things and that includes you RT and your wife, Laura and all the others who give their time to this cause. I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving Day and I know that we will win this battle.


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