Day: December 1, 2011

Call President Obama on Promise to Stop Horse Slaughter

Here at WHFF volunteer headquarters we are besieged with emails, calls, press interviews on the atrocity of 3 Congressman covertly working to bring foreign owned horse slaughter plants to the United States and we, have had enough. To echo our good friends at the Equine Welfare Alliance we are tired of mailing, faxing, calling our legislators only to get back canned and condescending responses, we are MAD and mad enough to do something about it, TODAY!

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Equine Advocates Take Horse Slaughter Debate To Air Waves

HOUSTON – The horse-flesh back of the Fitch’s Magnolia home is considered “family”.

No question about it.

“All four of these guys were throw away horses,” said Terry Fitch as she kissed a nuzzling gelding.

Even the possibility their “friends” could some day reach a dinner table in Belgium or France has spurred a need for the Fitch’s to fight.

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