Call President Obama on Promise to Stop Horse Slaughter

Wild Horse Freedom Federation Joins Equine Welfare Alliance in Push to Call Obama Daily to Stop Horse Slaughter

Occupy Obama's Phone

Here at WHFF volunteer headquarters we are besieged with emails, calls, press interviews on the atrocity of 3 Congressman covertly working to bring foreign owned horse slaughter plants to the United States and we, have had enough.  To echo our good friends at the Equine Welfare Alliance we are tired of mailing, faxing, calling our legislators only to get back canned and condescending responses, we are MAD and mad enough to do something about it, TODAY!


We ask all able bodied Amercians to pick up the phone and call the, Animal Friendly, President to do something to head off this inhumane and un-American action NOW!

Spread the word to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo, Google+ and all the social networks to call the President’s comment line at 202-456-1111 and give just one simple, to the point line that addresses the issue such as the following suggested from EWA, in your own words, of course:

– As a Senator, Obama cosponsored legislation to ban the slaughter of American horses and to stop their transport over our porous borders.

– During his campaign Obama promised to be a voice for Americans and our animals

– Ask/demand an immediate Executive Order banning the slaughter and transport to slaughter of American horses.  Obama has the power with one stroke of his pen to end it.

And we at Wild Horse Freedom Federation will be asking the President to also, in seperate messages so as not to blur the intent:

– Declare a Moratorium on the deadly roundups of our native, wild horses and burros until an accurate accounting can take place and humane management practices can be implemented.

Our federal government has not only made it easier for foreign mercenaries to come upon our American soil and prey upon our U.S. horses for their flesh, the Feds are also killing our national icons out west as we speak.  It must come to an end.

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Equine Advocates Take Horse Slaughter Debate To Air Waves

Story by Greg Groogan, reporter for Houston’s Fox 26 News

Anti-Horse Groups and GAO Muddy Facts on Horses

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HOUSTON – The horse-flesh back of the Fitch’s Magnolia home is considered “family”.

No question about it.

“All four of these guys were throw away horses,” said Terry Fitch as she kissed a nuzzling gelding.

Even the possibility their “friends” could some day reach a dinner table in Belgium or France has spurred a need for the Fitch’s to fight.

“The concept of killing your friend, your loyal friend and eating him just doesn’t sit right as a Texan, as American and a self-actualized human being,” said author and horse advocate R.T. Fitch.

By withdrawing funding for USDA inspectors five years ago, Congress effectively shut down American-based slaughter houses processing horse meat for export.

But in the latest budget, that money slipped back in and opened the door for what equine advocates call, “the renewed butchering of an American icon.”

“It breaks your heart, it’s repulsive,” said Terry, R.T.’s wife. “We can humanely euthanize our horses. We don’t do this to dogs and cats.”

But a good many folks don’t see it that way.

At a recent Austin county livestock auction, ranchers told FOX 26 News that without a slaughter market for what they called “marginal animals”, many horses were simply starving because of drought or because financially hard pressed owners are unable to feed them.

A report by the General Accounting Office came to a similar conclusion, noting that since the cessation, tens of thousands of American horses have been shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

Even People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is supporting the return of for-profit American horse slaughter as the lesser of two evils.

“The amount of suffering that it created exceeded the amount of suffering it was designed to stop”, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk told the Christian Science Monitor.

R.T. and Terry Fitch contend that if decency doesn’t work to save horses, maybe science will.

Many American horses, they claim, are treated with anti-worm and anti-pain medications containing cancer-causing agents.

“The drugs we give to these animals is carcinogenic to human beings. We are better than that. We shouldn’t be poisoning foreigners with our meat. Animals were not raised for slaughter in this country. If they want to eat horses let them raise their own animals. These are companions here,” Terry said.

While horse slaughtering plants have been located in Texas in the past, state law now prohibits the re-opening of those operations.

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