Day: December 4, 2011

Pasture to Plate: Congressional Christmas Gift to the U.S.

“Warning – this report and associated videos included are graphic in nature. This Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant has been touted as the most humane plant in the world. It is what several rouge politicians and big AG lobbyists want to see on U.S. soil as they brainwash the American public. Lies, corruption, falsified paperwork and blatant inhumanity surround the predatory business of horse slaughter and there has been, is not nor never will be anything “humane” about it. We are smarter than this and better than than this. This brand of cruelty cannot be allowed back onto U.S. soil. The sold-out politicians have to go. Again, proceed at your own risk!” ~ R.T.

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The Force of the Horse: Because of Love

It is Sunday and once again time to catch our breath and reflect on why it is we do what we do as we charge forward in our battle to better the welfare of our equine companions, both domestic and wild. And being that we have rushed into the Holiday season, with little fanfare or warning, I would like to submit for your reading refreshment a story that appeared in my inbox, this morning. Likewise, we published this story last year and it, too, was submitted by another kind and caring reader.

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