Day: December 16, 2011

Italian Horse Group Exposes Dangers of Imported U.S. Horse Meat

In the USA there is no differentiation between FPA (Food Producing Animal) and non-FPA equidae; horses are simply not considered as part of the food chain. US’ horses are slaughtered in Canada and Mexico (and perhaps in the USA re-starting in 2012). Horse meat is exported primarily to Europe (France, Belgium, Italy and Germany are the main horse-meat eating countries). The significant point here is therefore that any horse, not being considered part of the food chain, can be treated with any and all drugs which the vet – or indeed simply the owner – considers necessary, with no formal requirements to observe or fulfil.

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Wild Horse and Burro Prayer of Thanks

Yesterday, December 15th 2011th, was the fortieth year anniversary of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burro Act and thousands, if not millions, of compassionate equine advocates were lighting candles in memory of all the wild horses and burros who have lost either their lives or their freedom since the law first went into effect. Diluted, twisted and bastardized by multiple administrations for the sake of special interest profits the very horses and burros that the law intended to protect are now hunted, abused and removed from their rightful land by they very federal agency that was charged to protect them. How have we gone so terribly wrong?

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