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To Kingston, Kohl, Blunt, Baucus, Wallis; “…as long as we have resources and they are in office.”

Editorial by Steven Long ~ Publisher/Editor of Horseback Magazine

Congressional Cabal Targeted in EWA Ad Campaign

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance continued its national assault on five politicians the day after New Years with a strongly worded press release targeted toward the national media and members of Congress. The release went out under the names of EWA President John Holland, and Vice President Vicki Tobin, the day after the resignation of Sue Wallis (R) Wyoming from the group she helped found. “This year and into the future Sue will be focusing on the business of humane horse processing, and helping those who seek to develop responsible and successful business ventures,” the pro slaughter group said in a statement.

The EWA has often alleged Wallis was instrumental in founding the United Horsemen and other groups to make money.

The release explains the EWA motive for release of an ad linking the Steven Spielberg Movie “War Horse” and a clip shown before the feature on 90 screens in the lawmaker’s states and districts to  a horse loving captive audience. EWA dubbed the top secret campaign “Operation Doolittle.”

The Alliance also demanded the President Barak Obama issue an executive order banning horse slaughter as part of its new hardball overtly politically aggressive stance in the 2012 presidential election year. Sources inside the EWA have told Horseback Online that since the screenings first aired, funding has come in from all of the states and districts of the politicians under attack from horse lovers hoping to unseat them.

The five all have received strong support from members of agricultural groups and the lobbyists for The American Farm Bureau and equine breed associations such as the AQHA, which has been under scrutiny for encouraging excessive breeding of horses thereby contributing to the slaughter problem. Half of all American horses going to slaughter are “unwanted” Quarter Horses according to government records. For decades polls have shown the public is 70 percent against the slaughter of horses.

The EWA press release reads: Click (HERE)

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  1. Interesting. Maybe the heat is really on.

    RT, thanks for letting the proslaughter post. It is way more than they giver us and the equines they butcher.


    • Yes, but the four letter words have to stop on their end, it is always the same…four letter words and threats when they are cornered with the truth.



  2. After reading Wallis’s announcement tonight of rehabbing and slaughtering folks horses under the guise of a 501(c) rescue I am feeling beyond disgusted, sickened to my stomach literally and angry beyond description. We have got to stop this madness.


  3. A spoke person from United Horsemen spoke at the AHA convention. Again under the disguise of the care of the horse. AQHA has been able to convince the boards of the other breeds that slaughter is the answer. I can’t help but to think that there are alterior motives here. All convincing delegates and members that there are hundreds of horses left to fend for themselves. I find it interesting that many of them did not do their homework. Maybe the directors cannot think for themselves. However, when registrations and memberships are down, they can’t understand why.


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