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Wyoming Equine Terrorist Quits Horse Eating Cult

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Resigns from Slaughter Lobbying Org.

Sue Wallis at BLM meeting attempting to figure out ways to eat wild horses and burros

On January 1st alleged horse trainer and President of the front for horse slaughter lobbying, United Horsemen, issued a communique to their handful of cultist followers stating that Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has resigned her post as Vice President effective immediately.

With the organization and it’s leadership’s history of dancing with the truth and coming up short on facts it’s difficult to ascertain exactly the reasoning behind the biggest mouth in the horse eating business making such a rapid departure from the questionable organization.  The only reason given during Duquette’s rambling is that the infamous horse butcheress is going to utilize her ample free time in studying new ways in which to kill, mutilate, desecrate and eat equine companion animals.

The upbeat news of “Slaughterhouse” crawling back into her hole in Recluse, Wyoming comes as somewhat of a disappointment to compassionate horse advocates from around the world as Wallis’ flawed logic, ignorance of established science and propensity to make up rules and laws on the fly gave credence to the fact that the beleaguered, rural politician was the very best advertisement for the pro-horse movement as Wallis embodied all that is wrong and false from the horse eater’s perspective.  Allegedly funded by the Canadian slaughter industry and the Big US Agriculture machine Wallis’ cartoon type caricature was an easy target for reporters, editors and news writers across the country.  Her departure now leaves only Duquette at the helm of the sinking ship of an cardboard organization and rarely does the horse BBQ-er make any news or statements that are intelligible and worthy of print.

Mainstream America will sorely miss the verbal antics and misrepresentations of the disposable mouthpiece for the predatory business of bloody horse slaughter.  Her rants will be missed by few and her 20 year old press release photograph will be laid to rest until the demonic demon of death rears her ugly head in another distasteful and decadent cause or operation in the future.

May the horses of American breathe a brief sigh of relief as Wallis retreats to her Wyoming commune where she will allegedly spend time on figuring new ways in which to bring her curse of black death upon the horse industry and smear a black stain upon humanity, overall.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!



“One big change is that Sue Wallis, our intrepid and dedicated Vice President is resigning as of today. Sue will remain a trusted adviser and confidant for all of us who have benefited from her tenacity and political savvy over the last five years. This year and into the future Sue will be focusing on the business of humane horse processing, and helping those who seek to develop responsible and successful business ventures. There is no one in the country who has the level of knowledge and expertise, or the ability to pull together a dedicated team of horse industry professionals, meat industry professionals, local, state, and federal agencies, scientists, veterinarians, and business development specialists than Sue.

United Horsemen’s educational and charitable mission remains the same. We look forward to continuing our efforts to inform Congress and the American people of the value and merit of the U.S. horse industry. We also look forward to fully implementing programs like our holistic system to rescue, retrain, and resell horses with potential; rejuvenating those horses that come to us in very poor shape; and doing our part to ensure that horses are handled humanely at every step including if they are processed”

Gag me with a spoon!!!

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  1. It is gastly! Just gastly that these people can be so disgusting inside and so cruel to horses. I am stunned. Simply sickened and stunned. Don’t they know the essense of these animals? Don’t they know they have a brain and are not fools? Don’t they know that when they kill a horse it is just like killing a human being? One of the best loved animals in the world and these morans want to destroy them. It makes no sense. I guess it is true…money is the root of all evil.

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  2. Follow the Money. One of these days, the mainstream supporters of Slaughter, those who feel it’s a necessary evil and have been woefully misinformed by Slaughterhouse Sue, will realize this has never been about the welfare of the horse, but about bloody money.

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  3. I am sure that with the Summit of the Horse coming to Oklahoma City on April 2nd, that there will be many behind closed door meetings about opening a plant in Oklahoma (my state by the way). Perhaps Sue will be here to orchestrate those meetings and move into the role of consultant? Is her only self appointed “job” to kill horses and eat them? Is that all a Rep. does in Wyoming? I would also say if one more pro slaughter person talks about feeding the poor, they need to just take a look at the amount of grain grown in this country that goes to feed CATTLE and not people. 47% soy and 60% corn….all to cattle.

    Reading a lot of the pro slaughter comments here and there, they think that those against slaughter are living in an apartment in Manhattan and have never ridden a horse before.

    How wrong they are.

    I read a comment by a woman who is pro slaughter the other day stating that when the slaughterhouses closed the horse industry was “brought to it’s knees” and how the kill plants needed to open to bring balance and profit back to the industry.

    Let’s see…life is not going well and I am on my knees. Hey I know…let’s go kill some horses to make it all right again.



    • “Reading a lot of the pro slaughter comments here and there, they think that those against slaughter are living in an apartment in Manhattan and have never ridden a horse before.”

      Ditto. I read the same talk on the AQHA FB wall. I posted pictures of my two AHQ’s and then cancelled my 8 year membership to the AQHA. .

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    • If they are sending 60% of the corn to cows ,then that is truly sad and a huge mismanagement as cows cannot even digest corn! No true cattleman would feed their cows corn because unlike horse there is no way for it to be utilized in a cows systym! I am not a cattle man or person well I like all animals but my grandparents and uncles have always had them so I have learned how to feed and doctor them and trust me if they are saying that is where the corn is going the nation is being horribly misled! As to SlaughterHouse Sue I would say thank GOD,but I have a horrible feeling that ,that snake will be rearing it’s ugly head again very soon!

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      • Hey Pam. Yeah 60% of corn goes to feed cattle. The majority of our grain grown in this country feeds cattle at feedlots. I am adamant about researching before I post percentages. I have also spent a lot time in the last 20 years researching agriculture particularly when it comes to animals. Like many Americans I grew up eating cows, pigs and chickens. Later however during a career that involved intense travel (a new country every 7 days!), I had to change, so I cut out everything but cheese and fish and then…10 years later I took out dairy and only eat fish about once every 6 weeks. I did it for health first, then later as my own investigations grew I did it for the animals. I refuse to use my money to promote killing an animal. FYI: Diet for A New America is a good read for those who want the facts on grain and cattle, pigs and chicken but that is not the only resource out there. 🙂


    • OK Dept of Ag said No to a slaughter plant. They said didn’t want the negativity. Also, Laura Allen found a law on the books that would prohibit horse slaughter – it’s not a ban on horse slaughter and I apologize because I can’ remember if it was the sale of horse meat or what it was but it is a valid law. They may also be one of the states that prohibits the slaughter of horses in the same plant with other animals which would mean a new plant.

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  4. Sounds like a PR firm wrote this for Dave. RT, have you ever read anything Dave has written using words like “business development specialists” or any big words like “rejuvenating” horses?

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  5. I can only say one word to sum these “horse BBQ’s” up, GREEDY! Have they never seen the mustangs run the hills and feel the sense of freedom it gives? Have they given any thought to us who do love our horses that if this bill goes into effect we won’t even be able to tie our horses to our trailers out of fear that some thieving S.O.B. will steal our horses and take them to slaughter for a few measly dollars? I have never been so opposed to something in my entire life! May they all rot in hell…


  6. “…will be focusing on the business of humane horse processing,”

    I am literary going to be sick! This is like the pure-evil propaganda my Grandfathers fought to end in WWII.


      • I could NOT agree more! I have been saying that for weeks. I know it is easier said then done but surely the major players in our anti -slaughter (oh sorry “Humane Processing” war department could get a poll going to see if there is enough interest in attendance. In a perfect world, we would stand in mounted silence at the national mall but, standing on our own two-feet is good enough. We need to march. We need to stand as one. This would get us on the major news channels as well.


  7. In my humble opinion, with 2012 bringing elections for her position again, Wallis is simply stepping away from the 501 (c) that is questionable at the very least, in it’s behavior. Her stepping away from UH affords her more time behind closed doors to keep her goal of slaughtering and lining her wallet. It also makes her less viewable to us. She will be less likely to open her ignorant mouth in public chat forums and more likely to do quiet harm. It needs to be a stead fast goal to wake the citizens of Wyoming to the abuse of her position in politics and make sure she is “retired” from her political position that has been long abused at the expense of tax payers. There is no doubt in my mind, that she will still hold influence in UH and this is merely to put her out of the public eyes connection to their “charitable” organization.


      • I would have to agree Denise, this isn’t as “innocent” and what we would consider a win-win for the anti slaughter side. There is something much bigger and messier being plotted here and it’s a little frightening to say the least. If I were a gambling type, I’d bet the farm on a couple of possibilities…#1 she’s trying to protect her very rotound and oddly shaped back side being she is a politician and #2 she is planning and meeting with investors on opening a slaughter house and her involvement with this pro slaughter sleeze would be a “conflict” of interest to some investors which would most likely mean that some of those investors could very well be very big players in the US Ag market. I’m leaning towards option #2…money and greed, both are things that feed the pro-slaughter people. This wreaks to high heaven!!! Be prepared for the next turn of events….

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      • Joanie….BINGO!!!!!! WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS!!!!

        I was thinking that it has to to do with getting a “real” job that rates a regular paycheck and being on a special interest, corporation/faux corporation layered entity that is putting in a slaughter plant for equines, ergo conflict of interest big time. But it will always go back to some money thing.

        BTW…anyone know if state reps in the WY state house run every 2 or 4 years?

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      • Thank you, Rose T. I thought she/it ran every 2 years as a rep in WY (like Congress).

        As for someone running against her, she has big Ag money behind her and a district that thinks she’s fine. I think they are all drinking from the same poisoned well. Last folks running against her didn’t do so bad….considering.

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      • WY is a mostly Republican with a few token Democrats. I’m guessing that Sue’s district is Republican so she win again no problem

        If you look at her resume that Debbie Coffey provided it shows she’s worked with horses before. Not sure why she went so polar opposite…

        I think she finally became aware of the liability that Dave is. It finally wasn’t worth it to her to him be her sidekick. While I’m not sure of her motives I can only hope that she”has seen the light the light”.

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  8. Take a look at the trend. She got all kinds of heat from United Orgs of the Horse – a c6 with a donate button that bounced to Duquette’s c3. Now she is getting all kinds of heat for lobbying full time with a c3 and voila, we have yet another new organization and she escapes once more.


  9. My impression is Wallis was FINALLY recognized as a major liability for pro-slaughter with her crass, non-sensical comments, untruths, conflict of interests, etc. The praise of the young woman all bloody inside her horse, just one example. The general public horse eaters were getting nervous. And I presume so were U.S. legislators, notably, (dingbat) buddy Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY). Also Temple Grandin. She was feeling the heat, although she tried to stay out of it. High pressure from the $$$$ backers of U.S. horse slaughter plants could sure do the trick to boot her. However, all said, I see no way Wallis is going to take a back-seat. Sociopaths with an agenda always find another way to do their evil. She is probably running around state-to-state and Indian reservations on her soap box. Or just maybe on the construction team building a killing plant!! That’s not all folks~ Stay tuned. Will be interesting. But sooner or later, Wallis will learn that her voice and persona no longer hold credibility. Anti-slaughter can take her on point-by-point as well as the new, “polished” PR propaganda that is for sure, forthcoming ~ ~


    • Wallis doesn’t DO equines….she just wants to kill them freely and make them into meat for humans. She is not leaving;she is moving to another cesspool.


      • I agree. She is not leaving until she “gits er done god dammit”. She has plans…but why when everything is falling apart? Published proof of people dying from eating horse meat by getting parasites, Canada is close to closing the plants there, the EU mandating stricter and stricter regulations with passports and they must soon do drug testing to make sure the meat is not toxic. Why would anyone be so hellbent on killing horses when there is proof demand is leaving? The costs of opening a plant and the negativity surrounding where ever it is built is astronomical because you know the whole country will boycott that state. NO vacations or monies will be spent there. Is a small special interest like horse slaughter really worth it to a state? Why is she doing this because it just doesn’t make sense on a losing prospect? Is she that bullheaded to plow forward just to do it no matter what?


  10. While I am against horse slaughter, some of these articles seem “immature” and over-the-top in their rhetoric. I don’t think you will get as much respect out there in the real world with articles written in this vein. “Disposable mouthpiece,” “demonic demon of death” ??? It’s fun to use alliteration, but this sounds like something a 10-yr-old kid would come up with. It’s not professional, and I think aligns the writer and possibly this site with extremists. I own a kitty who was a stray, I’ve had cats my entire life, and taught riding and still ride and have been absolutely horse CRAZY since I was 4 or 5. I want to stress that I love animals and am against any kind of brutality against them, But I think it is better to sound intelligent and even-minded, too. You have to be, to outfox these people. In an editorial you can let fly, but if you are trying to organize and gather supporters from all over the States (and the world ?), and be taken seriously, I think it pays to sound strong/intelligent/aggressive, not punitive, Just my two cents, Sue


      • Denise – I figured I’d get flamed here. I’ve written numerous letters to the BLM and follow this issue. I fell in love with horses as a child and wrote directly to and received newsletters from Marguerite Henry. I’m a fan of Ginger Cathrens (sp? Kathrens) and I think her program about Cloud and her photography has done a lot to unearth what these sick people do in places where few can follow them. What these people do is obscene – did I ever say I disagreed with you about that? I’m a writer/editor, maybe that’s where some of my opinion comes from. I’m just thinking of ways to get the word out there. I’ve also posted articles trying to educate people about what is going on with horses and our government, who has done things quietly and behind our backs. It was just a suggestion….


  11. I agree with F. Bela and Todd. We need to march on the mall. Do you guys remember when the Tea Party brought in 10,000 people on the mall over the public option in Obama’s healthcare plan? And, do you remember what happened to the public option after the 10,000 people spent the weekend at the mall? The public option was removed….We do need to march and soon.


  12. I agree with Todd and F. Bela. We do need to march and soon. Do you guys remember when the Tea Party dumped off 10,000 people in 2010 over the public option plan in Obama’s healthcare bill? And, do you remember what happened to the public option after all of the media coverage of 10,000 people in the mall over the weekend? The public option plan was removed from the bill. We do have to march in large numbers to get Congress’s attention that we mean business.


  13. ASKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO JOIN ME A OTHERS IN OK City April 2nd thru the 5th as we set out to PROTEST the untied horsemen (united horse killers) annual slaughter conference!



    WE NEED A NATIONAL SITE (like this website or another to organize this so Mr. Fitch if you can Sir help us organize this! Thank you



    • Hey Todd:
      Sounds good to me. Will be happy to join the gang..Lets see how many are interested? As a past union person, don’t know if they have any union groups, but they are always ready to help the oppressed..I can check that out. I do believe we have some support/classified groups there who might be willing to help out. Lets find out who is intetested in going and from what area of the country. I’m in the Chicago area. Also, we might want to contact the folks who put up the bill boards to see if they would be interested too. If we can get this going we have time to make some plans.


  14. ASKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO JOIN ME AND OTHERS IN OK City April 2nd thru the 5th as we set out to PROTEST the untied horsemen (united horse killers) annual slaughter conference!



    Mr. Fitch can you help??? We need a National website, like your, to organize this or if you know someone who will help out! THANK YOU

    They only had a thousand people at their Conference last year from what I heard ( I could be wrong) so i am sure we can get more then their attendance if so we can OUT SHOUT THEM and GET OUT POINT ACROSS TO THE NATIONAL MEDIA!

    LET’S DO THIS!!!!

    My FB group is or if you are not on FB my e-mail is


  15. The so-called Slaughterhouse Sue is probably a more genuine horse lover than she will ever get credit for. Horses who are unwanted are going to die; the problem is whether they will die gently and quietly near home or suffer days and weeks of starvation, dehydration and terror being taken to where it is legal. And unless everyone commenting is a vegetarian…. have you ever met a cow? They’re very sweet. Pigs are said to be smarter than horses or dogs, but we don’t like to sit astride them. Horses aren’t going to go to heaven, they don’t need their bodies after death. Shouldn’t their bodies be used, after a quick and kind death, to feed your dog? What do you think is in that can of dog or cat food?

    and, by the way, “gastly” (sic) has an h in it. Just saying.


    • And kool-aid drinking IDIOT is spelled as posted.

      I personally like it when SFTHH lets the trolls in; won’t get that with the killers.

      Yea, Liz O…Sue’s a keeper………..NOT!


    • Liz O. Horse meat was banned from being used in pet food in the 1070’s. Turkey, chicken, beef, lamb and fish are the primary sources for pet food companies. You are right, cows are sweet, and pigs have been shown to be just as intelligent and sensitive as companion animals, such as horses and dogs. My father is a veterinarian. I grew up working in this clinic and still love reading research journals to this day on nutrition, medicine and animal behavior.

      The thing I take heart in for the planet we live on, is that there is great diversity in both thinking and doing. Just think if the whole world only wanted to play tennis, and eat Aspen trees? (joke by the way).

      I am grateful there are folks pulling all of their resources to save our rivers, lakes, streams and our life giving ocean. I am grateful we have folks that work day and night to save what Tigers we have left in the wild.

      I am also incredibly grateful for those that are passionate about saving our American horses, be they wild or domestic, from a slaughterhouse.

      There are 7 billion people on this planet as of 2011. There are MANY homeless men, women and children. So why not slaughter them? There are many dangerous criminals taking up space in prisons and being fed by our tax dollars. Okay…why not slaughter them?

      WHY? Because humans don’t eat other humans, and yet we feel we have the right to abuse, exploit and consume other species because “they are not like us”.

      I grew up eating dead animals and did not think anything of it. Pork chops were my favorite growing up. For health reasons I gave up meat and dairy and later I stayed away from animal by-products due to overwhelming evidence of the cruelty, negligence, and abuse that goes on in factory farming.

      Horse slaughter and the environment and activities that surround this industry are inherently cruel and ignorant. Without 3rd party oversight and cameras on 24/7 horse slaughter will never even come close to the 1% margin of error that is allowed in slaughter by the AG Department. And without 24/7 cameras and 3rd party viewing? US plants will just go right back to where they were in 2007….violation after violation on every level.

      I will not have my tax dollars pay for animal cruelty or the death of an animal so someone can eat them.


    • Just a cursory peek at USDA’s 900 page investigation of their industry–slaughter plants right here in the good old USA you referred to–will prove beyond any doubt that gentle and quiet are no part of slaughter. That is self delusion, denial, or ignorance on your part.


    • Right out of the shoot you show your ignorance on the topic. There is NO horse meat in our dog and cat food. Want to know why? Because it is toxic to our pets. It hasn’t been allowed in our pet food since the 70’s. So smack your lips on that one Liz O. If it’s not safe for a dog or a cat, then what on God’s green earth drives you to want to feed it to innocent folks across this globe?


    • O Liz, the question is whether a bunch of unskilled slaughterhouse workers will attempt to put a captive bolt in a horse’s head and miss a half dozen times, or they will be properly euthanized by a veterinarian. There would be no unwanted horses if irresponsible people wouldn’t keep breeding them in the first place. Proactive is always better than reactive. Oh, and one more thing, your last sentence…. you ended it with a preposition. That’s poor grammar. Just saying.


  16. This tidbit from Sue’s hubby, Rod McQueary on Facebook; providing the public a glimpse of what Sue will be doing with her spare time:

    “We are party-ing our guts out, at home with a little merlot and oysters. We might stay up until 8;30…..Breaking commandments like crazy…I have already turned on the mattress heater…smart lovers plan ahead….”

    Oh gawd. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…


  17. How crass. Never any class with Susie and now her husband. Even if meant to be a “joke.” This woman is a state Rep. Can you imagine any other legislator and/or mate writing such, such, such…. really, filth. True low life.


  18. Really, you all (with the exception of Liz O. and Sue M-G) sound as if you are foaming at the mouth! I don’t wish to eat horsemeat though I probably did in France when I was younger. Nevertheless, I cannot tell someone else they can’t, considering that I eat cows, chickens, lambs and pigs. If people would channel their energy and time and money into making the transportation to slaughter houses humane, and the method, it would be a lot more productive.
    I do not think starvation is a preferable death to slaughter for a horse and that is what has happened. When it comes to wild horses, I love to see them running free but they are multiplying too quickly and something has to be done or more will starve. There is a finite amount of grazing for them and when their numbers are too high they will starve.


    • @Annie, in most states it is NOT illegal to eat horse so please do so if you would like, come to South Dakota, it’s not illegal here to EAT horse meat…it is illegal to SLAUGHTER horses. With that being said of course, since no one is telling you that you can’t how about we whip you up a nice Bute Burger?!?!? Some things are made illegal to save humans from themselves, much like disclaimers and warning labels on many products like bug spray, do not ingest, do not spray directly into eyes…oxymoron things that make you go, HUH?!?!? Not only are horses not slaughtered legally anywhere in the USA because it is inhumane and will never be made humane but because the horse meat is not a viable product for ANYONE not even our pets!!!! And for a very good reason, it is filled with toxins…cancer causing toxins and there is plenty of research to show this…and the truth is spreading through out these countries that do eat our slaughtered horses so ultimately they will ban our slaughtered horse meat from entering into their markets as well and then where will horse slaughter be? Not an option at all so that leaves only a couple of options, responsible horse ownership…if you can’t afford to care for your horse find a different home for it that can afford it or euthanize it, which it is the last resort but it is a responsible thing to do and responsible breeding. Too many people think that just because their mare or stud has Poco Bueno or Dash For Cash 7 lines back and twice removed that their babies are going to the next Grand Champions…wrong!!!! Those champion bloodlines have been so watered down and inbred that they don’t mean anything anymore especially when the guy next door has Dash for Cash’s quadruple Great Grandson twice removed which supersecedes yours by 2 generations…common sense, it’s a valuable commodity when it comes to horses. If your babies didn’t sell last year what makes you think they are going to sell this year, why keep producing more and more and watering down valuable bloodlines?!?!? If people actually channeled their time and energy and money into educating, gelding and rehoming there would be no talk of horse slaughter!!!! Now how about that Bute Burger, who’s foaming at the mouth now?!?!?!


    • Annie:
      The animals you listed are raised to give their lives to the human race. American horses, ponies, burros and other equines that we love are not. There is and WILL NEVER BE a humane way of transporting horses to slaughter despite the comments from the USDA that there are regulations in place. The same as the slaughterhouse. The underworld of Killer Buyers always sees to that. Many people have had their horses stolen right off their property and at boarding barns. I know of at least 5. One was able track the horse to Cavel, Intl in Illinois and retrieve their horse before it was slaughtered. However, not until the poor owners agreed to pay double or triple for their horse. This horse came from Canada. However, the others parished and left their owners grieving because their was nothing that they could do to save them. Please understand that many of these horses were and are not meant to be there. Killer Buyers will say anything to close the deal on a horse. Some horses purchased are also left in lots without proper feed and water and suffer weight loss. There is nothing humane about slaughter or the transportation to slaughter for Ameican equines. Its all about the$$$$$$$$.


    What’s Left?
    As the united call to stop BLMs unchecked assault on the American mustang & burro continues to gain momentum, with over 180 organizations and celebrities now supporting a moratorium to halt any further removals until key issues can be resolved, here’s one more reason to demand a “cease and desist” until a full scale investigation can be conducted on the Wild Horse & Burro Program to determine what’s really left out on the range.
    Since 2001, BLM has reported removing over 80,000 wild horses and burros at an average of 10,000 animals per year. Despite these aggressive efforts, they continue to report little to no impact has been made on reining in their “excess” populations, a nebulous term BLM continues to define and an even more elusive goal they never seem able to achieve.


  20. More excerpts from AMERICAN HERDS:
    After BLM receives the Tri-State area’s “direct count” data from the July 9, 2010 aerial census, less than a month later they issue a Preliminary Gather Schedule for Fiscal Year 2011 on August 5, 2010, which includes a tentative plan to gather some of the HMAs inventoried in the Tri-State Survey.

    Here we watch BLM mushroom the 172 wild horses from the Fox Hog HMA to an estimated 726 – and this was before USGS made the little “tweak” to revamp the estimate to 300 wild horses.

    But it doesn’t stop there. The High Rock HMA goes from a direct count of 300 to BLMs “new” number of 747 and Massacre Lakes jumps from 148 to 220 as well. All totaled, BLM reports they are projecting to gather 1,735 wild horses from the High Rock, Fox Hog, Massacre Lakes and Wall Canyon HMAs next fall.

    So, I tried to see if there were any way to make BLMs numbers work with real world math and big surprise, no matter what I tried, it just didn’t fly!

    First, I totaled the Tri-State wild horse population (just from the July raw count data as BLM had yet to see the results of Program MARKs estimation when they released the Preliminary FY11 Gather Schedule). The results from the survey of the four HMAs were merely 707 wild horses.

    So then I padded the “official” HMA populations by adding the entire 430 wild horses the Tri-State Survey cited as “outside CA HMAs” to this total. Yes, all the wild horses from the entire CA area. This brought it up to 1,137 wild horses.

    Next, I subtracted what BLM was projecting to gather (1,735 wild horses) from what the Tri-State Survey had counted for these same HMAs (but also included all wild horses reported in the survey as “outside” now totaling 1,137 wild horses).

    Then I tried adding a 20% reproduction rate to the original raw count of 1,137 wild horses because next spring will cause populations to go up – but the 20% reproduction rate couldn’t even come close. Okay, how about a 25% reproduction rate? Still not even in the ballpark. The fact of the matter is, the only way BLMs numbers would “jive” is by adding a 52% reproduction rate to the wild horses found in the Tri-State Survey. And don’t forget, BLMs estimate includes foals and weanlings that aren’t even capable of reproducing yet!


    • She was great, wasn’t she? I don’t think there is anyone that has come forward to replicate her work. I keep hoping she’ll come back from “retirement” and continue with her analysis.


  21. Joanie, Learn to read the whole sentence. I said I don’t wish to eat horsemeat. I also cannot tell others they cannot smoke or drink. As far as Bute? I know there are lots of horses treated with it at times, but many others are not, so don’t generalize. I absolutely agree more horses should be gelded, fewer should be bred and more people should make an effort to find them homes, as I have done many times. Nevertheless, there are more unwanted, unwell, or failing horses who will never find good homes, especially in this economy.
    My horses and the ones in my care have always been euthanized, but sadly, no matter how well we know that people should only have horses who can afford them, things happen and circumstances change and the horses suffer.
    In a perfect world we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but…..


    • Annie, I read your comments fully albeit no horsemeat on your plate but you support horse slaughter???? Contradicting to say the least…What do you propose to do with the remains of the horse that was just mudered? Horse meat in the USA has been deemed not suitable for comsumption…PERIOD!!! Not by humans and not by pets…so what you do with the remains!?!? Unless, you are proposing to fuel a car with an alternative fuel source such as horse meat…You can rest assured that at some point in the near future when the Europeans wake up from their Bute induced slumber that they will not want the meat from the slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico so exporting overseas will not be an option, then what? You say that there are many horses that are not treated with Bute, maybe the wild horses but once they reach captivity then what about the vaccinations, the dewormer, the supplements, fly spray, etc…Bute is not the only toxin that horses ingest or are administered but it is the one with the shortest number of syllables for pro-slaughter people to choke on. And if you have done ANY amount of research on horse slaughter, you would know that the vast majority of horses headed to slaughter are healthy horses that just came off the race track, the riding trails, the show circuit, etc. Slaughter houses do not want the sick horses, the old horses many of those horses are left in holding pens to die, if they even make it that far. Before you make a stand to support something make sure you know exactly what it is that you are supporting…


  22. Slaughter Alternatives

    1.Many folks state that selling a horse to a local livestock auction (frequented by kill buyers) are an owner’s only viable option for someone who can no longer afford to keep their animal due to financial hardship. I disagree with this statement.
    I support humane euthanasia as an alternative to horse slaughter. A great example of this is NorCal Horse Rescue in California. NorCal offers low cost euthanasia clinics for horse owners who are no longer able to provide care for their animals. The cost is on a sliding scale based on the owners ability to pay

    2. The Unwanted Horse Coalition, a broad alliance of equine organizations that have joined together under the American Horse Council, is concerned that some horses may slip through the various safety nets within the equine industry. Too many owners are unaware of, or do not give enough thought to, the available options, services and assistance available in the industry to help them ensure that their horse has caring and humane support throughout its life.”
    The members of the UHC are educated people (vets, college professors, etc) from broad backgrounds who are interested in working together to help horses. They have a lot of information about horse slaughter and other euthanasia alternatives, as well as uses for unwanted horses.

    3. Front Range Equine Rescue in Colorado offers a 50% reimbursement for all costs of euthanasia and body disposal – whether that is calling a rendering truck or hiring a backhoe.


  23. So Joanie, what is YOUR solution to the “excess” horses? I mean the ones who are already here? I imagine (or hope) that you have adopted at least four or five of them. Realistically, some horses (and dogs and cats) are not adoptable because of temperament or previous treatment, so euthanasia is the ideal solution, but not always affordable for some owners. I don’t like slaughter but don’t like to see starving animals either. I would guess from your posts that you don’t eat meat, which is your choice. Some of us do and those animals do receive medicine and use fly repellents etc. I am a healthy person, apparently in your eyes, in spite of all those.


    • I eat meat…actually very picky about grade and origin. I always buy US, truly graded beef. It ain’t vegans bringing down HCHS…it’s people that know and care about equines.

      What to do with “excess” equines? Euth them humanely via gunshot or vet chem and all the disposal carcass requirements…….YOU LYING CHEAT!


    • @Annie, who’s the one generalizing now…I eat meat, I am a proud meat eater, I LOVE a nice slab of juicy steak, I like Denise, am EXTREMELY picky about where I purchase my meat, preferably from a meat locker where the cows are generally free range “organic”…but define the word organic for me and I will prove you otherwise because nothing is trully organic these days. And once again Denise has hit the nail on the head, if a horse cannot be re-homed into a loving forever home then do the responsible thing and put them to sleep…it can be done and if people were not lazy looking for the easy way out by dropping them off at the sale barn for a quick buck and their freedom from horse ownership, there would be more people putting their horses down instead. I have rescued of my own 2 horses, a mare and her colt. I raised that little guy from 1 month until he was 3, then I lovingly placed him into the home of a high school friend who’s girls are very active in rodeo and 4H for their project horse. I still have my mare, she is the light of my life and would NEVER ever think of selling her even though all she has ever been in a broodmare, she will never have to worry about that again and in my care will be the only way I can guarantee that she will never meet a horrible fate. I also work with a local rescue and the ranch where my horse is kept is full of rescues because that is what my friend does, she saves horses from ignorance. All of the animals I share my life with are rescue animals, cats, dogs, horses even the hermit crab. I have had to make the decision to end a pet’s life because it was the right thing to do…that is part of being a responsible horse/pet owner. Was there a vet bill to go with, you betcha there was, did I pay it, you bet I did and I even said Thank You to boot because that is a hard job for anyone with a heart. EDUCATION is the key, if you can’t afford to put an animal down you have no business being a pet owner, plain and simple, it is part of the job description. What you done out of compassion and kindness for animals?


  24. Denise-the beef you eat still gets treated with various meds etc., regardless of origin. If it is organic that helps but if a bovine becomes ill, it gets treated.
    I assume when you said “YOU LYING CHEAT” you were referring to your husband, otherwise it makes no sense.


    • No…I was referring to you. It makes a ton of sense if you would educate yourself.

      And yes, I know about the TRASH that has become the US food system and I don’t like it. Throw equines into the mix and you make the broke system more BROKE…YOU LYING, STUPID, CHEATING POS.

      But thank you for posting. Have a great day.

      p.s. You are screwing with the wrong person when it comes to food and equines. But please, continue to bring it on.


    • Annie you don’t know much about organic beef. Once an animal becomes sick and is treated with drugs that animal is not eligible to be sold as organic. If a cattle producer doesn’t have a system in place to manage the records and segregate the treated animals from the rest he cannot be certified to sell organic. Would he cheat and sell organic anyway? I very much doubt it. If he got caught with residue in just one animal he sold as organic he would loose his certification and loose a huge premium market for the rest of his cattle forever.

      In addition to being drug and hormone free, organic beef is raised on an organically grown diet. This means forage and feed raised with no chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide. Even the pastures where they graze are organic. The only weed control used is timing mowing, to break the life cycle of the weed, and mechanically removing weeds, as in digging up by the roots.

      Seems like horse slaughter isn’t the only place where you haven’t got your facts straight. This know-it-all attitude, where fiction is stated as fact is one thing most of the pro slaughter side seems to have in common.


  25. Denise, I really wouldn’t lower myself to your 6th grade rhetoric (look that up) as it would be a waste of my time. It seems to me that people like you are part of the problem. So far, you have not been able to articulate your solution but I will wait hopefully for that.
    And Joanie, all my dogs and cats are rescues, as well as some of my horses, and I have found homes for about 20 other horses, so don’t assume I don’t know what I am talking about. And yes, I have euthanized plenty of my animals over my life-never easy but a privilege to be able to end their lives with grace.


  26. Diana, I have to say your post is easy to read, with no ranting. I am aware of the requirements for organic beef and know well several farms in my area. I also know that many organic farmers are struggling as much as the others. If a calf becomes slightly ill and requires minimal treatment it is probably doubtful that the farmer is going to put that on the books as any effects from medication will clear the system long before slaughter. An older steer or heifer would change things. I am only “pro-slaughter” as we do not live in an Utopian society and reality rears its ugly head way too often. I have saved starving horses and given them a home for life, and as I said, I have euthanized my animals whenever necessary, but some owners suffer reverses beyond their control and simply do not have the money to take that route. What do you feel is the best solution?


    • I have an ongoing “discussion” with a friend of mine (horse/livestock owner, whose children ride/event, etc.) in Colorado and he says the problem of owners abandoning their horses due to the economy is severe. They are sometimes even injured on the roads…. I have found that many people who run working farms are more “pragmatic” (hard-hearted 🙂 than I could ever manage to be. I would be glad if horse slaughter for any reason was outlawed in the US (and elsewhere) – in an ideal world….. A good friend of mine who has had horses all her life says “bullet to the head” is next best, if one cannot afford a vet’s care.
      I’ve always been of the opinion that if you cannot afford to take care of an animal (cats and dogs, too), then do not own one. However, I’m well aware that in the past few years the economy has hit people really hard, and they couldn’t see it coming.
      It would be wonderful if there were enough people that we could rescue all of them, but the rescues are strapped right now, and it requires a certain amount of $ and knowledge to rescue a horse.
      I don’t know the answer, but I think monitoring (ie, filming) of BLM round-ups (such as Ginger Kathrens has done) and also any slaughter-houses would be a powerful first step to outlaw slaughter, or severely damage any demand for the horse meat. It’s more popular in Asian countries – and then you’re talking trying to change an entire culture, too. All of this takes time – years.
      It would also help, if the horse racing industry cut down on # of mares bred, but you’re going to have an uphill climb with some of those people, too.


    Slaughter not driven by unwanted horses – study
    “The study was recently completed by researchers working with Animal Law Coalition, examining trends in horse slaughter in the US, Mexico, Canada and other countries. The study relied on data available from the US Department of Agriculture, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government and private sources from 1989-2008.”
    “The findings contradict horse slaughter industry claims that horse slaughter controls the numbers of unwanted horses. Proponents of horse slaughter have insisted that if horse slaughter is banned, there will be large numbers of abandoned, unwanted horses. The study concluded, “Slaughter … is useless as a tool for controlling the unwanted horse population and instead simply creates a … market that competes with potential buyers of …horses and encourages a continuous supply.”


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