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Treachery of Congressional Horse Slaughter Cabal Exposed in Ad Campaign

Information Supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance

Pro-Horse Advocates Strike Back at Bloody Politicians

Sgt Reckless the real War Horse

Chicago (EWA) – Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) launched a major campaign on December 30 to expose the underhanded move by Rep. Jack Kingston (GA) and Sens. Kohl (WI) and Blunt (MO) that reinstated horse inspections and opened the way for horse slaughter to return to US soil.

On a must pass bill, the three legislators in a tiny committee, quietly removed the language that prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to fund horse inspections. The action effectively legalized horse slaughter in the US without a debate in the full house and senate, where a straight vote would have failed.

The ad campaign was launched in major theaters running the War Horse film in the legislator’s districts and also reached out to Montana and Wyoming to cover Sen. Baucus and state Rep. Sue Wallis who has become the face of horse slaughter as well as Wallis’ Representative Cynthia Lummis of WY.

Featured in the ad is a remarkable Korean War hero; an equine named Reckless. The ad uses this one remarkable equine and her war time heroism to make the point that horses are our animal partners and not just “livestock”, explains EWA Vice President Vicki Tobin.

Sgt. Reckless hauled supplies to Marines, carried wounded off the battle field, was wounded twice, and performed many of her duties without a handler. Staff Sergeant Reckless was a beloved legend of the Marine Corps. She was promoted to sergeant in 1957 and then to staff sergeant in 1959 by the Commandant of the Marines. She was retired in 1960 to Camp Pendleton and when she died in 1968, she was buried at Camp Pendleton with full military honors.

Rep. Jack Kingston excused his action saying horses were “just like cows”.

If the funding move was designed to deal a death blow to the anti-slaughter movement it appears to have had the opposite effect. “We were able to raise the funding for the campaign and produce it in just two weeks”, explained Tobin.

The move has not been popular with Congress either. With an all time low approval rating, members did not need such a blatant example of pandering to special interests. Over 50 Congressmen and Senators signed on as cosponsors of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 2966 / S. 1176) after the language was removed.

John Holland, president of EWA stated “This is not the end. We want to send a message that if you betray our horses we will haunt you to the ends of the earth. We will continue to attack these individuals as long as we have resources and they are in office.” When asked why the EWA was attacking Senator Kohl, given that he has announced he will not run for reelection, Holland said “We want his successor to have an example.”

The funding action is seen by the EWA as just one more example of how special interests are running our country and through the ad campaign, the EWA is joining the growing chorus shouting “enough is enough”. Legislation should be enacted because of its merits, not the deep pockets of Big Agriculture or any other special interest group. Our horses belong in the horse industry, not a foreign meat business.

EWA and equine advocates across the country are calling on President Obama to stand up against special interests as he promised and issue an immediate executive order to ban the slaughter and transport to slaughter of America’s domestic and wild horses.

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  1. I am so proud of the work u are doing. Everyone ahould beaware that these horsees will be buthcered while still alive.How sick. This is because of their skul and the amount of time to kill them. Please everyone…help them. LetSs all get together nd stop this. Keep up the good work..God Bless


  2. The criminal elements that has saturated our government has becomes so blantant and disrespectful towards its citizens that we should march on th steps of Congress like hoards of ants and shut them down , insist on staying until all the cruel bad apples are thrown out.
    lease everybody commit to the Beef Boycott below but only if you can and spread the word!
    Thanks.To view post below press on left side of mouse and scroll down as if copying.
    National Cattleman’s Beef Association.
    1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, D.C. 20004
    (202) 347-0228
    Fax: (202) 638-0607
    Send e-mail:

    To the National Cattlemans Beef Association,

    We .the undersigned , are commited to joining onto this beef boycott in order to support all the wildlife throughtout America that is being killed because of the all out attempt to kill ,maime,poison all competive lifeforms on public lands that threaten livestock either through competitive grazing or predatorship of livestock.
    The removal of wild horses from their lawful designated Herd Management Areas, as well as the natural predators that keep their populations under control is no longer acceptable to me as a consummer and therefore I commit to boycotting all forms of beef (except small ranchers who keep their herds (and are certified of doing so) within their privately owned properties).
    As your foundation states below you are suppose to be committed to Environmental Stewartship.
    This is clearly not being done and as a result Americans must use whatever non-violent means to stop the distruction of our wildlife populations now being witnessed from the removal of bison ,wild horses and burros to every other life form that competes with grazing or livestock encroachments.
    Your organizations do this through heavy lobbying reaping a favortism of our public representatives of which we the public cannot compete with.
    We commit to the keeping of this boycott until our wild horses are returned to their rightful HMAs and predators that keep their numbers controlled are allowed to dwell amoungest them as is required under The National Environmental Protection Act and The Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act.
    Therefore be it known to all concern I sign my name and honor to this petition.
    I withhold the right to privacy in regards to my address for fear of reprecussions it may bring forh from any angry members of your organization but I want it to be known that I shall boycott all forms of beef except that stated above until a visable change is made and our wildlife is allowed to return to their rightful places upon our public lands and your commitment to your pledge below is fulfilled.


  3. I think Kingston would be in for a very big surprise. Most horses respond favorably when you scratch them, feed a treat or spend time reading a book to them. They love the attention.

    Cows couldn’t give a whit.

    His saying that horses are just like cows is like comparing fruit to vegetables.

    I can’t think of a better ad campaign than to show Sgt. Reckless who put her life on the line many times. And this was when women weren’t allowed to be on the front lines. Sgt. Reckless in her own way is a great role model for girls!

    I think these folk are in for a rude awakening. I guess they’ve been asleep while OWS was going on. I see the tides moving and people are fed up.

    I just wonder if Obama has the courage to stand up and do the right thing. So far he’s failed miserably in my book.


    • Kingston is a meat totin’ toadie.

      He doesn’t know squat about equines.

      Watching the Rose Parade and I know the history…don’t see cattle, but a ton of equines on floats and equestrian units.

      The Marines that brought Reckless back are the cause of hate for killing equines personified as the hate people that care and recognize contribution….screws up their DUMP for pay concept.


  4. Happy New Year people and horses!

    It’s good that the political people who want to ship cheap tainted meat to the ignorant people of russia and china have people going after them. perhaps we can post the risks on the craigs list or other messageboards in those areas and tweet info to them.

    1)suggest some kind of free bute program to area vets. perhaps a cost reinbursement. or some other commen medication that is on the lifetime uk ban list. progressive countries know the low-class american horse traders cheat the system.

    2)need to question Vets of some kind of totally non-toxic dye that can be injected right into the live horses meat with a simple freeze brand noting the meat is ruined. Also think people with companion horses need some kind of method to keep their horses away from the slaughter houses and from being stolen.

    3) need to totally check everything these horse killers do as far as their business dealings, home animal care,and charities they have set-up. If they are willing to lie, cheat, steal,poach and overrun wild horses and deceive horse people they probably cheat in other ways too.

    Our horses need our help more than ever.


  5. Whenever language is stripped or riders inserted, it always seems to occur quietly, in the dead of night or on the down low in some manner. It’s hard to fight an ‘enemy’ you can’t see. It astonishes me how often people of this ilk get away with it and the repercussions for the Public last for years.
    Slimy things that grow under rocks wither in the light of day; probably why terminal legislators do riders and back door deals in the dark. It’s disgusting.
    One of the best things we can do is make it as difficult as possible for processing plants to be built or become functional. Much as our ‘leaders’ would like to believe it, we aren’t helpless (and there is that 70 to 80% who don’t support horse slaughter) and since I became a vocal advocate for equines, I’ve come to realize – there are powerful, frustrated and fed-up people within our ranks who are very good at what they do.
    I’ve offered this cautionary before and I will say it again here: TRY and build a ‘processing’ facility in MY backyard!


  6. Random thoughts: Don’t feed the machine. Don’t sell your horses for the next 5 years.(At least know where they’re really going.) Protest any plans for a slaughterhouse in your area. Don’t vote for Obama. Don’t elect/reelect the cretins. Support grain/hay merchants who are pro-horse. Be vigilant and wary. What’s up with the race-track contingent–silence? (and the over-producers,too) Keep an eagle eye on the BLM horses. When the people-in-charge don’t get the difference between a cow and a horse, then we have a problem. We have a problem.


    • Ann, Our only hope is to re-elect President Obama. You must have another issue than horses if you wish to elect one of the Republican candidates… Certainly not to protect animals. I would love to see any information that you have that shows how they stand to improve the plight of animals. They all praise big corporations…not big government. Government is our only hope to protect animals… it always will has been and it always will be.. Read Black Beauty. We certainly can’t count on corporations to protect animals..especially horses. Corporations (and their big money) are exactly the foe that we are fighting. I am an animal advocate. I will do my best to persuade President Obama to issue the executive order that all horse advocates wish him to do. The one that will prevent any American Horse from going to slaughter anywhere, here or abroad. I do not see any Republican least from the current group, doing that. If you have different concrete information, please let us know.


      • Animal welfare is not a democratic or republican issue, it is politics, plain and simple. Some of our best supporters are republican (i.e. Kirk, Whitfied). Animal welfare is worse now than when Bush was in office and our bills haven’t fared any better with a democratic congress. Our wild horses are almost gone. He’s allowing delisting of endangered species. He has not responded to one animal issue. Not one. In fact, he is siding with the meat industry on their law suit on the treatment of downer animals. If he doesn’t issue an executive order to ban horse slaughter, he is going to lose the vote of animal advocates.


  7. Are cows in war? Are cows in U.S. military Afghanistan terrain? Do cows provide therapy for soldiers, disabled, children, elderly, with more positive results than doctors? Are cows in parades in perfect formation? Do police ride cows in cities across the nation? Are cows beautifully dressed with mane braided? Are cows in the Olympic parade? Do cows honor the dead by carrying the coffin? Is a cow the “riderless cow” with boots backwards for a President of the U.S.? Are cows the main feature in thousands of books? Are cows in statues all over Washington, DC.? Are cows depicted in a massive bronze statue at the United Nations in NYC? In Italy? In all nations? And on & on. Horses are our majestic icons. The horse should replace the U.S. eagle! And all said, I do respect the cow. They are beautiful and intelligent. But Rep. Kingston, a horse is NOT like a cow. Dung!


  8. I believe that Kohl was able to do what he did precisely because he had chosen not to run for re-election… his true colors came out and this means he was for sale to the highest bidder. Big Ag – who would profit from horse factory farming? PMU ranchers who want to keep those mares cranking out foals so they can piss profits for Big Pharma? Cattle ranchers (BLM in their pocket$) who want federal land for their cattle and their profits??? Foreign companies who want re-entry into the tax-free American slaughter markets? Our elected pols are the soft white underbelly of life and the sad fact is that they do not care a whit that they have been elected to represent us. They use USA to further their own personal agendas. They do the Devil’s work. However, WE THE PEOPLE can prevail and we must keep on working for the horses. Doing what’s right isn’t necessarily easy!


  9. Just to add to Ronnie’s comments which are so true. If Representative Kingston were to peruse current book titles regarding book title with equine subjects, he would find such titles as “The Soul of a Horse”, “Souls of Horses” “Saved by a Horse”, “Horses Never Lie”, “The Tao of Equus”, “Riding Between Worlds”, “Straight From the Horse’s Heart”, “Equus”, “Shy Boy”, “She Flies Without Wings”, “Horse Soldiers”, “Changed By a Horse” …and on and on… story after story of how horses and humans have connected in remarkable ways.

    And Jack, this is really just the beginning. If you think horses and cows are just alike, I have some cattle I’d like to sell you in the marsh at Tybee Island at high tide. Wear an old pair of shoes you won’t mind losing if you lose them in black mudd.p


  10. When Zenyatta lost her first pregnancy last spring I went looking for vet books. I wanted to know how and why. I still don’t have all the answers but my my reading did expose one thing.

    When a maremfoals out YOU DO NOT TREAT HER AS YOU WOULD A COW. They are not the same animal. I’ll see if I can find the exact quote but it was something to the effect that you can do a whole lot of permanent damage by pulling the foal out. One treats cattle in one way but horses have an incredible sensitive reproduction system.

    Besides let’s say for fun a horse and a cow could reproduce. Would you get a baby horse that mooed like a cow or a baby cow that neighed like horse?

    Cows in of themselves are a great animal. I enjoyed being awakened at my sisters last summer by the cows across the way mooing like crazy at 7 am. Seriously. I like cows more than cats–but then I’m not a cat person. But I wouldn’t try to spend time training one to ride them. And I wouldn’t spend time teaching one to go for long walks with me.

    You want to know what is fun? Going to my sister’s and having the horses next door looking over at me. They seem to know everytime I come home or leave and they look over to me like they want me to come for a visit. I hear a nicker and I’ll nicker back. They’ll just look over to me like–no one ever tries to talk horse to us!

    Yup, I’ll take a halter and a nice quiet gentle horse, a pair of good walking shoes and I’m good to go. I may not be able to ride any longer but a horse can befriend you like no other animal.


  11. EWA! Great Job. I just love this. When I saw the movie, I wanted to stand up and make a speech.. instead of listening to the insipid ads that we were forced to watch. I wish we could have put your ads in every theater. Cows are not horses.. Kingston and Blunt (I really can’t stand him) they must be Greedy would be the word. And Kohl..doesn’t even need money..he’s a multi-millionaire. Owns Kohl Department Stores..among other things… Why would he agree to Blunt and Kingston’s murderous pleas.. Just Stupid.


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