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Petition Posted to Stop Children’s Horse Saving Campaign

Story by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of “Horseback Magazine

Horse Slaughter Cultists Sink Ever Lower

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – An anonymous author has posted a petition aimed at stopping publicity about a children’s letter writing campaign to Congress in support of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Children’s petitions and letters have been particularly effective in moving Washington politicians when citizen action couldn’t. In fact, it was a similar movement that resulted in unanimous passage of the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burro Act.

The Equine Welfare Alliance’s  Jo-Claire Corcoran, is running the campaign commented, “How sad certain ‘adults’ would attempt to discredit the accomplishments of the children participating in the Letter Writing Campaign. A project which was started by a child’s simple desire to save our horses. “

The petition opposing children’s activism is an indication of how fearful supporters of renewed U.S. based slaughter of horses have become. A recent poll by the ASPCA indicates that Americans in all demographic segments are adamantly opposed to horse slaughter to the tune of 80 percent, up 10 percent from previous polls. It was conducted by the blue chip Washington D.C. political polling firm, Lake and Associates.

The petition opposing the children’s letter writing campaign states, “I have been around horses my entire 36 yrs of life. The New children writing letters to congress so they can plead the anti slaughter crowds status about horse slaughter is not only sick, but it also prays on those who do not understand what horses are. horses are livestock NOT pets. There is a problem in this country with unwanted horses, and when the ban was passed, the anti slaughter side was upset. So they brought up having kids write letters to congress. This is NOT only sick, but it prays on their minds. Our youth SHOULD not have to fight a battle that does not involve them at all. This needs to stop and these letters should NOT be allowed to be presented to congress.”

The petition mentions a “ban” being passed. No such thing happened. Slaughter came to an abrupt halt when a Texas law banning it, as well as an Illinois statute doing the same forced shutdown of plants in those states. Both laws were upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Congress also prohibited funding for federal meat inspectors in horse slaughter facilities. Again, the courts upheld prohibition of industry funding. There has never been a national ban on horse slaughter. In November, Congress removed the prohibition against funding of the inspectors; however, no appropriations have been made. Moreover, in the face of the likelihood of scores of lawsuits once a plant is open, it is unlikely investors can be found to build a plant.

Moreover, there are few horses in the United States that are would pass inspection for dangerous drugs such as phenylbutazone and scores of other substances. The FDA bans the use of bute in all food animals, and almost all American horses have had the drug at some point in their lifetime.

The petition, fraught with grammatical errors, was started shortly after the Children’s campaign started. A recent post on a facebook page that mocks author RT Fitch’s book, Straight from the Horse’s Heart, appeared on Facebook under the anonymous name “Ranch Barbie”, is suggesting readers report the Children’s facebook page in an attempt to shut it down.

“What does it say about those who promote the slaughter of our horses when they fear the pleas of children?” said John Holland, president of the Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance, the group that launched the campaign.

EWA Vice President Vicki Tobin echoed Holland.

“It is appalling that this misguided group is trying to thwart children’s rights to voice their opinions and thoughts especially since this campaign was started by a child who owns a horse. These children are our future and it is refreshing to see the compassion they have for animals. Children are much more perceptive than this group would lead you to believe and know exactly what they are saying and why.”

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  1. They can write all the petitions they want but it is the citizenry’s right to deliver petitions to Congress. Did they think a petition is going to change the law of the land? Don’t think so. So go ahead and once again show what desperate fools you pro-slaughter people have become.


      • I just checked the main petition page, and there are now 120. 40 is on another page. Low point was 16 signatures on January 17th. It might have been better to let this die a natural death than publicize it. Jus my humble opinion.


  2. I did not think those promoting horse slaughter could sink any lower morally. I was wrong. This makes me even happier that I sent in a contribution so that Declan Gregg, a wonderful young man who is only nine years old, can make a trip to Washington D.C. to speak to members of Congress on the horrors of horse slaughter and why it must be stopped. I simply have no words to describe the revulsion I feel reading this. As always R.T., thanks for keeping us informed.


    • Bravo to you Rhona and the awesome young man going to state his feelings to Washington, He knows also what ever happens here and now will reflect on his life and the other lives in the Future, bless him and Gods Speed for him, he is representing the future to those who only know immediate greed………………………………


  3. You know I really hate to have to have to address this kind of mentality in a Adult, as I think back as a child , my love for all Animals was the same , i would look at them in wonder and felt ever so lucky to have them around….When I saw a horse I was so in awe, I could hardly believe the Beauty I was seeing with my eyes nothing has changed , the horse has taught to me so much , I will never be able to do enough to see that he is honored by all for his contributions to mankind, i cannot believe that anyone to be so callis to be so disrespectful to them, they are a huge part of the development of America , they through all of this have remained proud and can display Freedom like no other, they trust us with being there caretakers and are so very forgiving, and to chastise children from exploring their feelings for the horse is despicable to say the least, horses give so much to anyone who takes an interest in them………….THE BENEFITS CAN FORM A BEAUTIFUL PERSON, WHOEVER WRITE THIS SHOULD STEP BACK AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THEMSELVES, anyone who cannot care about the horse for what he has done and will do , will not like what they are about to see in themselves, I suggest a little horse therapy for them a few sessions could help them………. Children should be allowed to express their feelings, it is a part of their education and development , they are expressing their passion , and i for one cannot think of a better way then to help our Horses……………………….


  4. It figures that the person who would try to do this to the children’s petition would lack the courage to put their own name and do it under a fake, anonymous name. A snake in the grass.


  5. My first inclincation was to say “Unbelievable!!!!!”, BUT, it is entirely believable. There is apparently NO depth to which they will not sink in order to further their inhumane, cruel agenda. I do, however, still find it incredulous there is actually a person out there that would sink so low as to attack a petition begun and carried out by CHILDREN! I’m glad that person is not MY parent! They are basically saying that children are stupid and have no right to weigh in on this subject. How RUDE is that???


    • Love , compassion, spirit pride and respect have never been the problem only the answer, develop in the children and all things are not only possible but attainable……… What better animal can do this , than the horse who has these qualities already in him and ready to give them without even speaking one word………………. I can understand why the person who is doing this petition wants to remain anonymous he or she is obviously a sociopath who cannot feel anything , I am sorry for him or her………………………


  6. Actually, it was put up on Jan. 16th and died on the 18th. Due to our commentary there have been a few more perverted cultists sign on today but the horse-eater’s numbers are beginning to diminish, not good news for Slaughterhouse and Doink.


  7. Honestly, if a human believes the current state of equine slaughter is not only good, needed and healthy, why would anyone think that attacking children is anything different.


  8. No wonder these people think slaughtering horses is the only way to make money from them.

    In more enlightened areas of the country, states’ agricultural departments support 4-H program that introduce children to all difference segments of animal agriculture, including the care and management of horses. Along with teaching young riders the basics, children and young adults participate in horse shows. Pony Clubs encourage children to participate in horse management, riding, creative activities, etc. The way to keep the horse industry vibrant, especially as more people live and work in towns and cities is to get people involved with horses at an early age.

    Wyoming could choose to develop a thriving horse ecotourism industry. If someone with vision not tainted in blood could see the possibilities afforded by living horses to create great outdoor excursions that include activities such as kayaking, zip lining, white water rafting, yoga, the creative and performing arts, Wyoming could have something extremely special.

    Unfortunately, their elected representatives and the Western mafia seem determined to stick to the only thing they think they know, killing the only animals (other than dogs) that are willing to give us their last breath.


  9. Oh so true! Great video! Anonymous petition I think not, more like a coward hiding behind a computer. Just as the serpent was doomed to slither on his belly so be it for annonymous for you are not worthy of anything but the sarrow you shall reap!


  10. The Children’s Letter writing campaign is a great idea. I hope the person who created the petition and others who consider signing it, will refer to the lesson plans. I, too, was concerned about how to present this information. These lessons have been approved by the National Teachers Federation for Humane Education meaning that they have been reviewed for age appropriateness of content.

    Our children will live in the world that we adults are now creating for them. Children are involved with animals and they have a natural affinity for animals. The goal of the lesson plans for the Children’s Letter Writing Campaign is much larger than writing a letter. The goal is to educate the children about the history of the horse, man’s relationship with the horse, basic facts about the needs of horses, etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone who purchased a horse understood what he was committing to before he bought one? One of the products of the lesson plan is the child’s letter, poem, picture, video, etc.

    When I taught, I did an annual unit with my seventh or eighth graders where they researched a problem, searched for solutions, identified what level of government, and who would have be most appropriate to contact. They had to learn to use many different skill sets.

    Empowering children with the knowledge that they have a voice and their voice matters is important training for citizenship in a democratic republic. Far better that children learn how to be problem solvers at a young age than they sit around brooding for months at “inequality” and “injustice” in make-shift tent cities. I would be far more impressed if these OWLS had spent some hours tutoring inner city children or volunteering to run after school recreation programs for them. Elderly people in hurting homes and assisted living centers really brighten up at the sight of young faces. Go run bingo night or lead an exercise class.

    Why not pool their intellectual resources and find a way to raise funds for charities struggling to meet the needs of humans as well as animals and some that try to raise funds for humans and animals such as Horse Friends for Autistic Children.

    This is indeed a new low.


  11. Hurting homes was not a freudian slip but an auto correct that I missed–sorry.

    I’ve been in a lot of them, and most are well run and residents are well taken care of.


  12. Awesome kiddies, do not give in to dumbasses, just keep at it, wear them down, create publicity, and make a fuss! Kids can do anything we can do if not better because their hearts are pure.


  13. My first thought when I see ‘anonymous’, is COCKROACH.
    If it hides in the dark, fears the light, smells like urine, and eats ANYTHING. It’s a cockroach.

    Today’s resources (e.g. horses) belong to the children. Who is more entitled to have a say in their future?
    The petitioner has no idea about the repercussions of trying to stop a children’s campaign! Or, perhaps they do.. and is why they remain anonymous?


  14. Anyone who would try to preclude, stop, or otherwise terminate a children’s letter writing campaign to Congress to stop the heinous, nearly criminal crimes of horse slaughter–––and related suffering of these magnificent creatures should be investigated through all political means. This is abject abuse of the First Amendment, (oh it’s free speech alright), but a Petition of this despicable kind is intended to cause further extreme harm to voiceless equines will cause harm to humans–––not to mention, cynically harming these heroic children who are speaking their Truth to their Congressional Representatives. This un-American “Anonymous” person is below person hood. Whomever you are, you are a veritable miscreant, who should be stopped by Complaints to stop you and your so-called “Petition” which is pure EVIL at the core.


  15. “Our youth SHOULD not have to fight a battle that does not involve them at all” It doesn’t involve them … really?


  16. What a COWARD!! The person doesn’t even have the Kahunas to put their name to the protest. Sorry anyone who feels so strong and hides in the shadows is a loser…It’s obvious this person has no idea about how children perceive our world. These kids know more about the environment, the horses and everything else in our world than people like this do. The people supporting slaughter brought stick horses to hand out to the children on the steps of the capital in Springfield, Illinois when our fight was on. They said they were passing them out in support of protecting the horses. I saw what was going on and stopped a teacher who gave me the scoope. When I explained to the teacher and the children that they were supporting the slaughter or killing of the horses, the teacher was appaulled. ALL of the children took the stick horses back to group and told them that they did not want any horses to be killed. They all made the decision on their own. These kids know better and they know they have the right to free speech, which this petition drive does. What a loser and a coward this person was to be Anonymous!!!


  17. Our Children are so very perceptive they have a awesome understanding of what is happening around them, I can sit with my 7 year old granddaughter looking a pictures of horses and explain to her what is going on she is so very interested and comments very intelligently, never once any negativity, this is true of all the children I have spoken too……… Not let them develop there feelings is a gross neglect , I have heard beautiful innocent statements from them, Example Do you think we can go to these people and tell them the mistake they are making and stop them before it is too late is one …..


  18. The Children are our Future. We may not stop them, let them speak. We should be PROUD of our CHILDREN. ” They want THEIR VOICES beeing HEARD.” LET THEM SPEAK !!!!!!!!! Solvejg P. Zaferes.


  19. i love horse’s, always have and always will, But I am sorry, as distasteful as horse slaughter is, (and believe me, I wish to God there was no need for it!) .. it is a evil that we need, .. believe me, by banning horse slaughter in the USA you REALLY believe that all the horses live happily or be put to sleep with dignity? if that was the case I would be 1001% behind it, but the reality is the horses have to endure a nightmare hellish journey to a mexican slaughterhouse .. it does not prevent the horses from being slaughtered, rather it adds to their distress and there are plenty of videos on youtube of what goes on in the hellish mexican s/houses!

    I have NEVER and would never send any horse of mine to slaughter, they are part of my family, when it is time for them to go, they go at home surrounded by familiar faces and they know they are loved.. if i could save each and every horse, believe me I would. As I can’t, I believe regulated American slaughter houses are in the best interest of the horses that nobody wants. I wish things where different and the world was as rosy as we would like..


  20. The poor grammar in the petition along with the writers lack of knowledge concerning our political system and the First Amendment speaks volumes about the the unknown author. It is just absolutely anti-democratic as well as anti-American. Who would have the power to restrict free speech. Again please lets place our focus on the positive and ignore these idiots.


  21. I have started a campaign on FB called” Ask your children..Is it OK to slaughter your friend” with absolutely adorable heart warming photos of little kids with their horses..It contains all the elements needed for a good ad campaign..anyone running across good using this heading


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