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BLM Appoints Another Slaughter Supporter to Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

Wild Horse Freedom Federation Joins Cloud Foundation in Protesting Appointment

BLM's Wild Horse Harvesting Machine ~ courtesy of John Holland

COLO. SPRINGS, CO (Feb. 8, 2012) – The Cloud Foundation strongly protests the appointment of another pro-slaughter member to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. On February 5, 2012, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, named Callie Hendrickson of Grand Junction, Colorado as the newest member of the Board. Hendrickson will fill the General Public position, replacing Janet Jankura of Ohio who applied to serve another term but was denied.

“I am wondering what general public Ms. Hendrickson represents? Certainly not the vast majority of Americans who oppose the slaughter of wild or domestic horses,” states Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. “It’s troubling that in the past nine months the Secretary has chosen two members of the Board who appear to have little problem with lethal management of our wild horses.”

Ms. Hendrickson is the Executive Director of the Colorado-based White River and Douglas Creek Conservation District, an organization which intervened on behalf of BLM in a lawsuit brought by the Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER), Habitat for Horses, and The Cloud Foundation (TCF), organizations committed to protecting the West Douglas wild horse herd on Colorado’s Western Slope. Hendrickson and her group support the removal of all the wild horses in this small herd.

“BLM’s appointment of Ms. Hendrickson as a representative of the general public is severely misguided,” states Valerie Stanley, attorney for wild horse advocate organizations. “Her organization is working to eliminate wild horses and Ms. Hendrickson, herself, has indicated that she supports horse slaughter. BLM’s appointment signals that it only wants advice from people who support the agency’s own agenda.”

In October, Hendrickson spoke before the Board on which she now sits, arguing that “excess animals… shall be made available for sale without limitation, including through auction to the highest bidder…”

“The hypocrisy of the BLM Advisory Board continues with the appointment of Callie Hendrickson,” states Hilary Wood, President/Founder of FRER. “This isn’t a case of the fox guarding the hen house. It’s the fox in the hen house about to cause more death and destruction.”

Hendrickson joins James Stephenson of south-central Washington, a consultant for the Yakama Nation who, in June of 2011, was appointed by Secretary Salazar to represent Natural Resource Management on the Board. At the October Board Meeting, Stephenson spoke in favor of horse slaughter for the Yakama Indian Tribe and for wild horses removed from their homes on public range lands in the West by the BLM.

“Is BLM paving the way for the massive destruction of wild horses in holding?” asks Susan Sutherland, economist and wild horse adopter. “It appears they are stacking the Advisory Board with people who may be quite willing to support the killing of healthy animals currently in holding areas. It’s clear they’ve been thinking of doing this for years.”

Sutherland refers to the minutes of secret meetings held by BLM officials in 2008. Minutes of these meetings came to light in 2009 when Dr. Pat Haight, President of the Conquistador Equine Rescue and Advocacy Program, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to acquire the documents.

BLM officials talked of ways to avoid NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance, clean water standards, and Congressional oversight. The need for psychological counseling for employees ordered to kill healthy wild horses was raised as well. When asked about these meetings, BLM denied any plan to destroy wild horses in holding.

“Instead of releasing wild horses back to their legal homes, BLM seems to be setting the stage for a lethal solution,” states Craig Downer, lifelong wild horse advocate and author of the just released book, The Wild Horse Conspiracy. “The agency needs to stop the senseless and costly helicopter roundups of the last of the mustangs and come up with a sustainable plan that includes the return of horses in holding to areas emptied of all horses over the past 30 years.”

The Cloud Foundation has long advocated for maintaining genetically viable populations of wild horses and burros on their legally designated home ranges in the West. Less than one-third of herds are large enough to sustain themselves into the future without suffering irreparable genetic degradation. The Foundation has suggested that many of the healthy wild horses in costly holding pens be returned to western ranges allocated for their use but zeroed out by BLM. Director Bob Abbey acknowledged the availability of 5-7 million BLM acres for wild horse release, but there appear to be no plans in the works to accomplish this cost-saving solution.

“With the Board’s anti-wild horse members in place, it’s hard to imagine that this type of action will be recommended,” states Kathrens. The nine-member National Advisory Board is charged with making recommendations to BLM concerning their management of Wild Horses and Burros on publicly-owned lands.

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  1. So frustrating how they get away with this crap and we the people, the alleged voice of government, have no say whatsoever.


  2. There must be somewhere bring attention to this lop sided stacking of the BLM board. This is a really dangerous happening for our horses.


  3. It never ends, does it?! They’re not willing to work with anyone, in my opinion. They have an agenda and it ‘s certainly not to benefit our wild ones. In spite of all the protest, facts, costs and legal actions, they continue to create havoc, by their own actions. Appointing two pro- horse slaughter members to the board speaks for itself. It’s very concerning….We The People should have a stronger voice on this issue…the wild horses and burros belong to the American people, as well as; the land on which they roam! Enough is Enough!!


  4. Only confirms that the BLM WH&B Program is not a stewardship and conservation program, but an eradication program. Severe conflict of interest that they voted for consciously and deliberately. Dereliction of duty and corruption by a governmental agency. Can’t tell me they couldn’t find a person who actually is FOR saving the wild horses in their natural habitat like the law mandates they must do.


  5. From what BLM stated and published in a recent EA comment response, the congressional LAW does NOT pertain to THEM! Per BLM’s attitude and actions and now these words, the law is only to protect the WH&B from the public and has NOTHING to do with THEM!

    EA Comment to BLM:
    The Stone Cabin/Saulsbury Complex EA violates the WFRHBA. BLM policy to capture and remove wild horses is contrary to the Act which requires protection from capture, branding, harassment or death.

    BLM response to comment:
    The portion of the Act cited by the commenter is not pertinent to the overall management of the wild horse and burro populations by the BLM and USFS. In general, it protects the wild horses and burros from such actions by the general populous.

    Click to access FinalVersion_EA.pdf


    • He appointed the people who are making these appointments and he signed what needed to be signed to allow funding for horse slaughter inspections.

      He has allowed thousands upon thousands of more horses to be removed during his administration and has used mega millions of our tax dollars to continue these atrocities!

      He continues to ignore the citizens of this country and is a puppet for the corporations who paid for his campaign. Why are wild horses so important to him, or not?!

      Yes he did!


  6. Unbelievable!!!! I think every advocate needs to call or write all their Legislators in Washington and share their dismay. This woman does not represent my views and IS NOT and SHOULD NOT take the seat away from a member of the public. I guess I will be back on the phone and emailing about
    this idocy..Obama needs to stop this..Salazar has been worse than any Republican every appointed to this committee. The signs are clear unless there is some way to have the billion mile march for our Wild Horses & Burros. Protests these days are the only way to have some attention paid to serious issues. The same with the slaughter issue. Lets say bye bye to our horses, but it will be in approved death traps. Nothing is going to change one way or the other if that trailer bill is passed. The humane laws have been on the books and there was no enforcement unless they were stopped by very knowledgable law enforment officers. Where do the employees of the BLM think that their salaries are coming from? Are they brain dead? We need to get our Legislators off their butts and start working harder to get the slaughter bill passed..ASAP!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I knew it I knew this is what they were going to do as soon as Obama passed that bill, not only did the rate of horse thefts increase at home now other people (BLM) want to cash in while they can to line their check books. When I talk about horse theft, a week after Obama passed that bill, four horses from a farm close to where I live were stolen and they weren’t high pedigree horses or anything they were just pets, and you can guess where they ended up, not only has the bill threatened wild horses, but those at home as well, so Obama just created a new crime, nice one jerk.




  9. We need to mobilize and call our Representatives including President Obama. But I’m very dismayed that Obama sacrifices our wild horses to gain the vote of the Cattlemen’s Association and all those who supply Omaha Steaks and other outlets.


  10. The senators and my representative here in Texas do not give a darn about the wild horses or the domestic horses being shipped to slaughter. I have written time and time again, all to no avail. One of the senators is not running for re-election so she could care less about the plight of our horses. Our congress could care less as does the president. It is all about the money to those people.


  11. Regardless of who BLM appoints to these boards, all is NOT WELL between BLM and the American Public. As has been stated by many, this agency has been used as a “land grabbing machine” and people DON’T forget.


  12. Callie recuse yourself off the board!

    Kennie Salazoo go buy that land that you wanted for the horses and build yourself your own zoo that you can live in! And then leave the rest of humanity alone! We promise to throw you a pile of dog bleep every day for dinner!


  13. Definitely agree that Obama is worse than most Republicans. Bush senior wasn’t THAT bad. Sure he wasn’t squeaky clean but who is? Bushie Jr.? I was singing “Goodbye Bushie” as Obama took the Oath. What was I thinking when I voted for this slime ball?

    We all got had by him and that stupid signature on HR 503. We honestly thought he’d stand up for the horses. Slime ball. Lower than a snakes belly brat Pres.

    I heard last week that Roseanne Barr is jumping into the Presidential Race. Say what you want but she just might sneak in under the radar. Folks are so steamed at Obama and they can’t bear the thought of Romney–every dog’s worst nightmare for Pres. Roseanne might be the happy medium so many are seeking.


  14. Margaret,
    I disagree about Governor Romney. The Romneys had five sons riding in a Chevy station wagon to a family vacation with their luggage. They considered their Irish Setter Seamus a part of their family and wanted to include him in their vacation. The Romney family considered Seamus a member of their family and wanted him with them to enhance their vacation. They could have left Seamus with friends, in a kennel, hired a dog sitter or relied on people who may have been employed to handle the running of their household. They didn’t.

    I think that Seamus may have had a much better life than your average dog because he was important to the lives of the humans in this family. Animal welfare depends on the essential goodness of the humans who care for them. Why in the world would you eliminate Governor Romney who is the only candidate who has a family with a long history of caring for animals on a personal level. Ann Romney has been riding horses since a brush with death nine years ago. Is there anyone running for President who might have had the opportunity to observe the healing power of horses in a very personal way.

    We don’t need to judge people by every bill, policy, or program with their name on it. We need to observe how people have lived their lives. We could have read between the lines regarding Obama’s failure to vote for or against bill after bill and asked why he didn’t support or oppose legislation that could have revealed the nature of his true positions.


    • I suspect Seamus had a well known and long history of car sickness; ergo the crate on top of the car.

      I would have gone to the vet and asked how to make the journey vomit/diarrhea free.

      Yes, I am sure the family dog was treated very well, most of the time.


    • I have owned Irish Setters my whole adult life and know if your family loved their dog so much as to include him in their vacation, fit him in the car in between the people, don’t strap him on the top of the station wagon in a crate to fear for his life, alone, and left lying in his own urine or feces!

      Hire a secondary vehicle to transport him! Leave him home in a safe environment, not traveling 55+ miles an hour down the highway atop a vehicle for hours on end!

      I hate this man! And, I hate Obama! Neither have any true intelligence, care or integrity!


  15. If you want to understand who is behind the twain where the BLM and horse slaughter meet, look at the Public Lands Council. go to their web site and peruse their recommendations for the wild horse and burro program. Almost everything they propose, including the make-up of the National Research Center’s NAS team reviewing the wild horse and burro program. They either dictate BLN policy or dictate to politicians.

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised that Obama is favoring the meat industry over our wild horses. Horses don’t vote. It is highly unlikely that Obama will win some of the swing state’s that he won the first time. He won this state last time around. While he won this state last time,


  16. It is more evident then ever they are stacking the deck for slaughter, I think we all now know that there is only one way to save them, all of our efforts have gone totally ignored to date, they are going to slaughter them all unless we get off our asses and stand for them ip close and very personal, we can talk , talk talk , send letters to no avail spin our wheels and go no where , when is it time to just cut the crap and take our horses, time is short I see this clearly………they are a bunch of cold blooded murders, and will stop at nothing till they slaughter them all, they have been setting the stage for there last murdering event… they throw us curves and all kinds of deterrents when in fact behind our backs there plan is in motion………………… We cannot stand idle , or we will certainly witness the end………………………………… there will be no recourse then……………..


    • It is true, what you are saying is completely true. It’s probably been going on all along.

      What form of inventory and care is in place. Numbers and money and keeping the truth out of sight…. that’s what it’s all about.


  17. how can someone from ohio possibly have a better grasp on wild horses than someone who actually lives where there are numerous HMAs?? pro or not, thats beside the point.


    • Dear Jaunita, I am from Ohio , I may not be familiar with the hands on of the problem , but i have been with this horror for 8 years, just appoint me to that board , I believe that i know all I possibly can about the Wild Mustangs I would fight for there Freedom like no other with knowledge to back me up…………….I believe that anyone who knows their plight doesnt matter what part of America they are from, If the passion is there and believe me it is………


  18. Poseidon it was who created me

    I am vast and changeable as the sea

    My four legs have carried much of Mankind

    In victory and defeat, time after time

    I see the truth in the hearts of men

    My kind will be known someday and then

    Our gifts will be honored and understood

    Our service willing and all for good

    In myth and lore our tale is told

    The purity of our hearts and souls

    Our wellbeing will be the measure laid

    By which Mankind’s debt will be repaid

    ~ Kim McElroy


  19. Once again those with money, power and an agenda to climb the govt ladder to further pad their fat cat pay checks, could care less about the plight of our wonderful living history an heritage, the wild mustangs. The foals born an yet to be born, have little chance to survive. These doomed beautiful horses aren’t bothering anybody and will most likely end up on a slaughter ship of which I’m sure will make the. almighty dollar for those who hate all animals. We must.all speak up for those that can’t speak for themselves, cats dogs,


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