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Equine Welfare Organizations Join Forces to Demand Ouster of BLM Board Horse Slaughter Promoting Appointee

Unified Call to Action from: Animal Law Coalition, ASPCA, Cloud Foundation, Equine Welfare Alliance, Front Range Equine Rescue, Horse Fund and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

National Wild Horse and Burro Protest Day – March 1, 2012

"Callie Hendrickson does NOT represent US or the HORSES!"

Join thousands of concerned and caring Americans around the country.

Protest Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s appointment of Callie Hendrickson to the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board[1] as the General Public Representative.

Background: Callie Hendrickson is the Executive Director of the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts representing ranching interests, many of whom have permits to run livestock on public lands in Northwestern Colorado. The organization successfully petitioned to become an intervenor on the side of BLM to completely remove the West Douglas Wild Horse Herd on the Western Slope of Colorado.


  • Ms. Hendrickson supports the sale without limitation of all unadopted wild horses to the highest bidder (including slaughter buyers).


  • Ms. Hendrickson will speak at the second pro-slaughter conference (Summit of the Horse) in Oklahoma City this spring.


Does Callie Hendrickson represent you? If your answer is NO, then please call, fax, and email Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and politely, but firmly ask that Callie Hendrickson’s appointment to the Advisory Board[1] be rescinded immediately.

Tell the Secretary that she does not represent you or the 80% of the General Public opposed to horse slaughter[2].

Number to Call: (202) 208-3100
Number to Fax: (202) 208-6956
Address to Email:

[1] The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommends management strategies to the BLM. Hendrickson would join Jim Stephenson (appointed June 2011) on the Board. Stephenson openly advocates for horse slaughter. BLM has discussed killing wild horses in holding since at least 2008. With Hendrickson, they may have just the Board they want —a Board that could recommend to BLM that they dispose of the wild horses in holding.


[2] A recent nationwide poll reveals that 80% of Americans oppose the slaughter of U.S. horses for  human consumption regardless of their gender, political affiliation, whether they live in an urban or rural area, or their geographic location. Further, it confirms that a vast majority of horse owners are also against the slaughtering of our nation’s equines. The survey was sponsored by the ASPCA and conducted by Lake Research Partners.


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    • The correct number to Salazar’s office is 202-208-7351. I just called and left a msg with the secretary who said she would forward it to the appropriate department – which I guess means he won’t get it directly


  1. Copy of what I sent to the BLM via email

    I am representing 80% of the American Public who actively protest the hiring of yet another Pro Slaughter person , Callie Hendrickson, an Advisory Board is suppose contain unbiased people to give advise, it is not to be a stacked deck against the very subject they will be addressing, for far to long the BLM has been stacking the deck against the very Animal (The Wild Mustangs) it is PAID BY THE AMERICAN public to Preserve and Protect an we we say WE OPPOSE HORSE SLAUGHTER OF ANY KIND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Further more I am Opposed to Your wasting Taxpayers money on (over 67 million Dollars) on PROVEN needless Round Ups for which you conduct in a horrible Fashion, Get a Clue, Horses are American Icons, they are What America stands for and have always been , they Represent what Freedom is , they fought and died in all are wars, How dare you people disrespect the very Animals that are ecologically needed , and are the reasons you even have a JOB

    at all , you wrongly support Cattle who devastate the Land………………………. I would strongly advise that you people start doing the Job for which we pay you for, and that is PROTECTING THE WILD MUSTANGS……………………………. You people are a disgrace to America…………………………………………….Very Sincerely Arlene Orlando (216-296-9998)


  2. The whole damn board is fixed along with the DOI secretary. What good is it going to do to appeal to Salazar who said “wild horses don’t belong on public lands”? He wants them slaughtered too. Are there other avenues to pursue to disrupt her appointment?


    • We just had a good example of people power in Virginia when our governor had to backtrack on the vaginal probe for women seeking abortions. I can’t believe the republicans are stupid enough to pick a fight with women, but it seems they are. And they are not getting away with it even though this governor is intent on making our decisions for us. Protesting, if it is in great enough numbers, is very effective. But it has to be coordinated, not just a feeble attempt here and there.


    • Ditto. Done.

      This morning I came across this poem. Add “and women” to it as you read it:

      God, give us men! A time like this demands
      Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands;
      Men whom the lust of office does not kill;
      Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy;
      Men who possess opinions and a will;
      Men who have honor; men who will not lie;
      Men who can stand before a demagogue
      And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!
      Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
      In public duty and in private thinking;
      For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,
      Their large professions and their little deeds,
      Mingle in selfish strife, lo! Freedom weeps,
      Wrong rules the land and waiting Justice sleeps.

      Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881)


  3. Horses are not wild animals and are taking up space and resources real wild animals should be using. Space that the hard working class of America in Agro rely on to keep our Ag resources some of the best in the world. The feral hogs, exotic snales & fish, non-native plants, and yes horses are all invassive species endangering our resources and the habitat of real wildlife.
    Callie Hendrickson is a great common sense appointee who will represent logic and common sense in dealing with these issues and she will be professional, sensitive to the out spoken activists, and advocate for humane treatment of all animals with common sense management strategies. She represents my vote 100%


  4. I thought the BLM was for the interest and well being of the horses and adding a PRO-Horse Slaughter AKA Callie Hendrickson- to their board is speaking volumes to me!Where is the balance in that system and my tax dollars do not go to any of them that would do harm to the Wild Horse and Burros..I do not want her on the Advisory Board..ever!I am email them as well…TYS


  5. I posted this blog to a number of horse groups immediately a couple of hours ago, and one response was:
    “These people were not accepting my message and we need a more clearly written and concise messge because when making the photo calls we don’t have time to sort through. We also need a direct line or who to ask to be transferred to, it should be the Secretary’s office. I got bogged down trying to figure out who to ask for, what exactly I was asking and why because there are too many details without a clear message in the EWA’s request. By the time I got to Bridgitte and her garbage spewing I had it and when she started repeating “Perception….” again and again…I think if we all had more time to read and really go through learning the details of this request and were given the right number to call, who to ask for and such then we would not have gotten the run around, transferred to people who ask, “Why are you calling me?” and then transferred to someone else and then getting a voice mail that says I may not return your call…”


  6. Ken Salazar, like Michael Vick, should stand trial and serve jail time for his allowing the abuse, neglect and killing of our wild horses and burros. And now to appoint a pro-slaughter board member just proves how out of touch with the people of America he truly is.

    I can’t call him the names I’d like to because some may be offended. Suffice it to say Ken is a perfectly good waste of air and water.


  7. we have all fought for the horses so how will emails and calls help now that the blm has killers in position of power over our horses? i’m not giving up, but am quite disheartened everytime we take a step forward, then we get bashed in the head! well, our horses do anyway!


  8. No….Callie Hendricksen DOES NOT represent me, nor do ANY of them in the illicit blm! I have sent them emails already on my shock and disgust at them for even DARING to put this woman on the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, as well as the likes of Jim Stephenson! I will also fax a few letters to them tomorrow from work. I am so mad over this I can hardly see straight! I believe we can fight this…if we all keep on them and let em see they haven’t seen our full wrath yet!!!


  9. Montana Grassroots Horse Coalition, fighting by your side for Horse Welfare. Advocating for horse welfare via Facebook, Twitter, and local news media through live rallys, marching with our horses in Downtown Missoula, Montana; spreading awareness to the general public. Thank you RT for all you do for the wild ones !


    • Remind your ignorant citizens and meat producers that equines sent to slaughter DO NOT meet the same safety standards of traditional meat production and jeopardize legitimate meat producers (of course, that assumes they aren’t corporate Ag hag or feeder trolls of same)…..that should bring on the RCA dog look.


      • Denise, this is about the likelihood of wild horses and burros being sent to slaughter…they don’t have drugs in them…so this is really scary, plus some pro-slaughter people are seriously wanting to build slaughter plants with BREEDING FACILITIES for raising horses specifically for the purpose of slaughtering them! Callie Hendrickson is likely good buddies with the people who want to do that…


  10. What matters here is horses are not and food animal , my goodness they have families un like the pigs and chickens………These people are totally out of their minds with greed….THEY WILL EXPLOIT ANYTHING THAT they think can get them the almighty dollars they look for………………As for an Advisory committee Callie Hendrickson has absolutely no business , advising anything she already is totally biased on……………… The Purpose of an advisory committee is to advise unbiasedly ….. How can she do this , when she already is pro horse slaughter??????/ The woman needs to be yanked from that committee immediately………………… Again Slaughter was never for Horses and should never be for Horses…………………….


  11. Appointing Callie Hendrickson to the WH&B Advisory Board is like appointing a child abuser to the school board.


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