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Chief Wyoming Horse-Eater Pawns Alleged Horse Slaughter Plant Off onto Missouri

by Linda Russell, of KY3 News

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, Again, Goes on Record Spreading Unsubstantiated Rumors on Slaughtering/Eating Horses

“True to form, Wyoming’s Renegade State Rep. Sue Wallis has launched a rumor in the news that she is behind the opening of a predatory horse Slaughter plant in Missouri before the people of the state, and local community, are even aware of it.  We have all heard the assumptions and false predictions in the past but what is amazing is that anyone in the media community would actually pay attention to her miscues and innuendo.  Wallis even goes on to expound about how the bloody meat will be distributed, within the year, within the U.S. full knowing that the meat of US horses is banned in the EU due to drug contamination and that the overall all public consensuses is 80% opposed to the killing and feasting upon flesh of companion animals.” ~ R.T.

Horse meat processing plant proposed in the Ozarks

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. — A company called Unified Equine wants the Ozarks to be home to its first processing plant for horse meat for human consumption.  The proposed plant would be just east of Mountain Grove near the Wright-Texas County line in the Twin Cities Industrial Park.

Unified Equine has been working on its business model for two years.  When federal legislation in November brought back the ability for the USDA to inspect horse slaughter plants, the Wyoming company got serious about finding its flagship location.

“We wanted a state that was supportive of our efforts, and the folks in Missouri are 100 percent on board with what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to do it,” said Sue Wallis, chief executive officers of Unified Equine, as well as a Wyoming state legislator.

“Oh, I think it would be horrible.  People would be moving out,” said Mountain Grove resident Danita McCaig.

Many shudder at the idea of horse meat production in their back yard, but others in the agricultural area are showing support.

“If they got a problem with it, they can go somewhere else, I guess,” said Nathan Kelly, owner of Wright County Livestock Auction.

At the monthly horse auction, Kelly says horses often go for only about $50.  He believes a meat market would increase their value and lead to fewer horses living neglected and malnourished.

“If you have an owner who can’t give an animal away, can’t afford to feed it, if they’re working for $10 or $12 an hour, they can barely afford to feed their own family, much less their horse, so they’re going to take care of their family first,” Kelly said.

If the plant does come to the spot between Mountain Grove and Cabool, the horses would be slaughtered and processed all at the same location, about 200 a day in one shift, or up to 400 a day if there were two shifts of workers.

“The horses that are processed — it’s just like cattle or hogs or sheep.  You don’t want starving, abused horses.  You want horses that are in good shape,” said Wallis.

“Everywhere you go, everybody’s talking about it, the slaughter plant coming in.  It’s sad they picked Mountain Grove to do something like that in, because basically, we have a good little town here, and I’m not originally from here.  I’m a transplant, but I still have pride in the town, and I don’t want it abused,” said McCaig.

Wallis says the plant would initially bring 40 to 55 jobs to the area, with possible expansion to more than 100.  Some welcome the jobs, but others can’t stomach the idea.

“I don’t want it to be produced anywhere,” said McCaig.

Unified Equine and Unified Meats would distribute the horse meat to domestic, ethnic, specialty and gourmet markets here in the United States and across the world.  In some countries in Europe, Asia and South America, horse meat is commonly used for human consumption.  Kelly says some American horses are currently purchased for slaughter and trucked to Mexico or Canada.

Unified Equine is in a feasibility study now, but Wallis says, so far, all indications are the plant will be a go, and she hopes it will open this year.  KY3 received no comments Thursday from the Chambers of Commerce in either Mountain Grove or Cabool, or the owner of the industrial park where the plant would be established.

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  1. The Ozarks are beautiful and quite a tourist attraction in Mo. There are enough people against horse slaughter to put a quick damper on this ugly plan of Ms. Wallis’. Silver Dollar City would lose a lot of business. ugh I would never, ever go to the Ozarks again if this nasty business was done there.


    • What is with Missouri??? They are number one in the meth lab industry. Rate in the top 5 for puppy mills. Rate VERY LOW in animal welfare issues. Will override and rewrite a bill voted on and passed by the residents of Missouri, to fit their own agenda, and now they want to slaughter horses here????

      This isn’t going to be allowed to happen!! Our voices need to be loud and clear to our representatives (who by the way, haven’t been representing us), and let it be known, we Missourians will NOT stand for this!!

      Sue Wallis needs to stay out of our state, and our affairs, and tend to her own in Wyoming!!

      Let’s vote all of these self righteous people out of office, who refuse to do the job we taxpayers are paying them to do!!!

      WE THE PEOPLE run this country….NOT the government!!! Let’s take back our country!!!!


      • Thank you, &, Amen, Shelly!! I’m with you & all the other horse lovers here in Missouri!! Maybe we should all get together & go down there to protest, &, to tell the citizens of that area the TRUTH!!


  2. $10 an hour?! Wouldn’t that be nice!!! After 5yrs. with a major corporation, $!0 an hour would be a dream…..

    I have no horse, may never be able to afford one, but don’t slaughter my horses!!!


  3. That town needs to all get together and say HELL NO to putting a horse slaughter plant in their town I am sure most of them would object they say it will bring jobs those jobs don’t pay anything and I would tell them NOT IN MY TOWN THANKS!!!! NO WAY!!!!


  4. Gee how nice of Wallis & the reporter to mention they aren’t out to help the neglected horses as they first claimed. Now the spin is it will prevent them. Pardon me while I puke. Then the complete oversight of how this industry is the only one providing meat that is not regulated and horse meat inspection to qualify horses given bute is not feasible nor will it happen. It will still be forged documentation and folks now in the US being fed bute filled meat. After all Wallis has already said feed it to our children on free lunch programs, our homeless and our prisoners….after all poisoning them won’t matter will it? I guess to Sue Wallis those who are with limited means in life deserve aplastic anemia, leukemia, auto immune disorders and cancers eh? Lord give me the strength to fight this fight to victory.


  5. Well, lets connect a few dots. Mindy Patterson of the Calvary group of 2 and her political strategist, an attorney, paid lobbyist for the Defense Department Frank Losey are no doubt connected to this announcement. Of course, Losey begged the Future Horse Slaughterers of American to help him bring Wayne Pacelle, the most dangerous terrorist in the U. S. down. Come to think of it, if a paid lobbyist for the Defense Department thinks that Wayne Pacelle is the biggest threat to freedom this country faces, maybe he needs to lobby for Russia, China, or Iran.

    Sue Wallis and some of her followers are bilingual in parseltongue. Maybe her potential investors are getting nervous about her inability to get this off the ground. If the U. S. Department of Agriculture spends money on this enterprise with the challenges FSIS is unable to meet without adding this additional border to its program, then we all need to go back to that very flawed GAO report and help Congress find the other two best two out of three conclusions of the study.

    The Ozarks are the location that the livery stable operator who gave her personal testimony at the Summit of the Horse Slaughterers that she had never heard of the Humane Society of the United States when they came WITH THE COUNTY SHERIFF that she thought that they were a government agency. They seized her horses and said that Dave Duquette came to her rescue by making sure that her horses remained in the county. Of course, she didn’t know any different, and it is hard to say whether Dave Duquette did either, but he took credit for her horses being kept in the county. This is what usually happens until a hearing is occurs. HSUS had county law enforcement there telling her to follow HSUS instructions.

    What a collection of users! You have attorneys knowing full well that they are talking to a mix of not really well educated people that can be easily scared to death. They don’t have any idea what the law in their states is regarding animal welfare. They don’t know what questions to ask. All they know is that they don’t want anyone telling them what to do with their animals on their property. It’s just about property. No one gives a flip about equine welfare. These ne’r-do-wells don’t care who they exploit. I bet most of the people there wouldn’t sell one of their own horses to be slaughtered; they have been scared and intimidated. I felt so sorry for the woman who owned the livery stable. Dave Duquette made her look like a blubbering illiterate in order to make himself look good.

    These people are predators. They prey on animals and they prey on people who lack savvy and sophistication because they have spent their lives working by the seat of their pants and the sweat of their brow. They think that that are respected by the forces that run UH, but instead they are just being used.


  6. Introduction
    Horses are a food producing animal. In the United States, the pressure to ban killing horses for
    food because it considered “inhumane and un-American” has gained strong momentum. The
    resulting horse welfare and economic impact is already significant in the US. This same pressure
    to implement such restrictive legislation may take a foothold in Canada, with the same resulting
    consequences. UNQUOTE…..This document explains a lot about why this industry is so lucrative Sue Wallis just thinks like all the people in the government in Canada. 2 billion a yr says my MP.


    • Horse slaughter and horse welfare are two entirely different issues. Horse slaughter is about food. Horse welfare is about the quality of the conditions horses live it.

      It has to do with whether the owner is able and willing to provide appropriate amounts and kinds of food and clean water. Making sure that the horse has vet care at least once a year for required vaccinations, following recommended protocols for parasite treatment, and having teeth floated when needed. It includes creating an environment where a horse can be a horse, and respecting species specific and idiosyncratic needs of the horse.

      Horse slaughter is legal for horses owned by U. S. citizens. There is not nor has there been a ban on horse slaughter, so to imply that any increase in neglected or abandoned horses due to a lack of the availability of horse slaughter is to admit that you, frankly, do not know what you are talking about. Any horse in this country can be slaughtered tomorrow—in Mexico or Canada.

      There were no unintended consequences from a ban on the funding of U. S. horse meat inspectors. The ban on horse meat inspectors did not result in more horses being abandoned and neglected. It’s the economy as it has been in every down cycle in the history of the U. S. And it is not just horses. People all over this country have lost their homes. Many have not been able to take their pets with them when they moved. This economy has been devastating to humans, and therefore, to animals.


  7. An article from Missouri…………..

    Thursday, 23 February 2012 09:26

    The Missouri House has endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment barring voters from enacting laws that affect the raising of livestock through initiative petitions.

    The proposal would add a “right to raise livestock” to the Missouri Constitution.

    Sponsor Tom Loehner, of Koeltztown says initiative petitions affecting agriculture should be restricted because farmers have little money to educate voters, while outside groups can use television ads to persuade urban voters to pass laws that hurt farmers.

    Loehner cites the 2010 voter-approved laws regulating dog breeders as an example.


    • As we’ve always known and as Sue herself confirmed in a radio interview, it has always been about the money, why else would they do this. It was never about unwanted horses, that was the koolaide they got their followers to drink.




    • So, it truly would be blood money. It looks like she’s in great shape to be the first in for the plant – no lack of fat there!


  9. Sue Wallis is an as_ho__. I’ll let all of you fill in the blanks. Oh, great idea — she has lots of fat on her, let’s send her to Canada. THey would pay pretty pennies for her, and we will be laughing with our four legged icons as they do it. May they get DUbette as well and all her cohorts. THis woman, did I say woman, she’s a disgusting idiot, and she should be kicked out of her position. She stinks and is getting stinkier all the time. All of her killer buyers can also go with her.


  10. Someone put this brain dead psycho in the nut house fast where she belongs before she starts making people open up their homes to her too. Stupid woman is on a major witch hunt against the horses and the wolves. Maybe she wants to build a freakin’ subdivision but stop this nut job already.


  11. By the way R.T. they have had an “error server” message on comment section since the story went up. Personally with this kind of irresponsible reporting, I would say this is on purpose. Maybe the reporter is a member of UH eh? That would explain his need to not report that our horse meat is toxic and 80% of Americans are against it. They do have a facebook page. and all are welcome to go there and let them know how biased and irresponsible this report was.


  12. I would love to know who this Sue lady thinks she is speaking for the state of Missouri, I live in Missouri and no we are not 100% on board with anything she says or does, I along with many many friends are fighting with everything we have against horse slaughter so how dare she speak for me,I personally think she is an evil women with nothing but money signs in her eyes, you see no compassion when she talks of slaughtering our gorgeous companion animals, and its not her alone its the industry as a whole, they care nothing about anything but money, Its sickening to me to think Im going to live in a state where are war heros, police officers and friends are going to be tortured and slaughtered, my heart is broken


    • We don’t have to allow this to happen! Someone needs to put a bounty on Sue Wallis’s head, she needs to be on America’s “Top Hit List”, the sooner, the better! They don’t care about horses, or the well-being or welfare of these beautiful animals, they don’t really care about “helping with the supposed abandoned, abused, neglected, or unwanted” horses, that is their made-up story, they want to also breed horses on site to slaughter as well!!


    • Mindy Patterson lives in Missouri. She is a dog breeder and a member of the Calvary Group, whatever that really is. She took credit for almost defeating the legislation to regulate dog breeding in Missouri. Her coach is an attorney, Frank Losey, a paid lobbyist for the Defense Department. He claims he has lost to HSUS 30 times, but I know he has had another loss. It is hard for most animal lovers, and even those people who make an honest living through animal agriculture to relate to how these people think. They have Wallis and Duquette in front to take the heat, but the people behind them have their own agendas. They don’t all have the same agenda, but without making this a property rights battle, an urban (not the legislator’s language) versus dual, Republican versus Democrat, vegan versus omnivore, states rights versus federal rights, issue. There would only be Charlie Stenholm, Sue Wallis, Dave Duquette, and a handful of public lands ranchers in the room.

      By the way, did anyone mention that this is about horses?


    • They forgot to poll me & all the other horse lovers in MO. that don’t want this! I will personally stop them if I have to! I’m against horse slaughter, for any reason, anywhere, but, since there are already billions of “food animals” in this world, why on earth do they need to eat horses too!?, &, if that’s what they like to eat (may they all choke & die), then eat their own horses, not OURS!!


      • They want to eat U. S. horses so the ranchers who get to graze a momma cow and her baby (two for the price of one) for $1.35 a month can have even more land than the BLM has already given them to graze their cattle. The people behind Sue Wallis are the members of the Public Lands Council and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association. They have created a couple of front organizations like United Horsemen, United Horsemen’s Front, and Organizations of the Horse.

        They are politically connected, and one of their main strategists is a former employee of the Department of Interior. This is about horses, but it is also about how a small number of people with special interests tied to an industry that tortures horses by insisting on transporting them and killing them by methods designed for other species. The people who are associated with horse slaughter lie, steal, commit fraud, sell animals whose meat is contaminated with chemicals that can kill suddenly or incrementally, and what is worse, influence others to commit crimes.

        There is nothing good about horse slaughter. The people trying to push this down our throats are the dregs of society. I always thought the idea of Leper’s colonies seemed cruel, but for this group of people, I could support boating them one way to an exotic island like Alcatraz where they could never hurt another animal again, and leave them there.


    • Exactly. $UE is 100% for it, therefore SHE THINKS everybody else is! People in Missouri should stand up and let their feelings be known about this horrible practice. Really, do you think THEY want this in their backyard? I think not. $ue does, however…


  13. OK, people of Missouri, let’s “show” them that the “show-me state” means business, & that business is stopping them BEFORE they can even start! I personally have already written to HSUS, PETA, & my state rep. I have heard from the HSUS so far, & they are already investigating the matter. I’m also planning on writing to the ASPCA, & to my local APA. The people of Missouri do NOT want that horse death camp here. We need to get some environmental groups to come in & inform this community in the Ozark region of the negative impact on the environment, &, that this will NOT “help” the economy in any way, except for the ones selling this to the foreigners. I also “heard” talk that this proposed slaughter facility intends on buying enough acres to actually breed horses on site to be slaughtered, as well as shipping horses in from other areas. They plan on processing 200-400 horses per day!! We WILL stop them, one way or another!


  14. I will do whatever I can to get everyone riled up and ready to run-off this Wallis woman. Her disgusting company is not welcome in MO or any other state. Everyone please write or email everyone you can think of that might help make this horse slaughterhouse go away.


  15. Valerie, you are right. These people do not care about horses or equine welfare. They do not care about jobs (except for the one they are doing on their true believers), they do not care about the environment. They do not care that someone’s mother, child, brother, grandmother will die because they consumed residues of drugs banned for use in food producing animals. They do not care that they had to make the office of Government Accountability look like it couldn’t research its way out of a paper bag. This, however, is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I hope all those people, including the involuntarily retired by his constituents Charlie “Packerman” Stenholm, are ready for the wrath of the American consumer.


  16. Well-Well-well

    Thank you the state of Missouri, since I sold my home in the Denver, Co area, I have been actively looking at 3 states as a possible new location for my family and my business. And since I was looking in the Springfield area~~~~and I just went online to discover that Springfield is only 30 miles from Mountain Grove~~~~ you can kiss my money and business goodby, I will be now only be looking in the other 2 states, and I hope other people will be thinking the same way, since a lot of my age are on the move, I will be sure to let them of your states latest business venture.


  17. In the Community Preservation Project statement, this proposed plant would be owned by Chevideco, the parent company of Dallas Crown, from Kaufman, TX, fame. Also this document states they propose to breed, and use genetic engineering and cloning horses specifically to slaughter them to be sure they are healthy.

    This is just evil. Hopefully, Missouri wakes up and gives these people the boot.

    Yep, Sue Walrus, ‘er Wallis, like all her UH cronies, have no redeeming qualities whatsoever and from the looks of things, she should lay off eating any kind of meat…



    SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– KY3 News first reported Thursday that a Wyoming company has a proposed plan to open a horse slaughter and processing plant for human consumption near Mountain Grove.
    It’s a proposal that’s finding controversy. Those who work with horses agree their value has gone down significantly in the last several years, and that horses are a luxury. In a poor economy, many owners find they can no longer afford to care for their horses. Some turn to places like sale barns, others to horse rescues.
    Some in the Ozarks are outraged. Others believe a horse slaughter and processing plant near Mountain Grove would be a good move. “The best thing that ever happened to horse welfare was human consumption of horse meat,” says Sue Wallis, CEO of Unified Equine, LLC.


  19. that evil woman had no buisness coming on and speaking for our state, for Missouri being 100% on board there sure is alot of us going to Mountain Grove meeting to fight this, anyone who wants to join us, Its March 6th at 7 pm, we will be speaking right after the attorney fighting this, It would be great to show up and have alot of Missouri support, Its the Show me state so lets go show them..


  20. HUMMMM I would like to know why she didnt chose her home town for a Horse Slaughter Plant …………………………………………..


  21. I too am originally from Missouri, and I’m also horrified about this vile proposal. But I also must alert you to the fact that Congressman Roy Blount is from Missouri, and i’m pretty sure that he has a hand in this. Roy Blount is from a very prominent Republican family in Missouri and was recently elected as a U.S. Congressman representing the state. He is one of the three Congressmen who slipped through the bill that make it legal again to slaughter horses in this country. Please, please do whatever you can to defeat him for re-election. You need to add Roy Blount to the list of people who are enemies of horses. I do not know but I strongly suspect that he has close ties with Sue Wallis. Especially if you live in Missouri, please work to defeat him.


    • Dear Goodlady Thank You for bringing this to our attention once again, what we need is a written list of all the Politicians who are against our horses , it is time to remove them from office……………Please anyone have a list please post it here in printable version , so we all can see right up front who they all are!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Well, a good start would be with Sen. Roy Blount, MO, Rep. Jack Kingston, GA. Sen.Herb Kohl, WI…the three who removed the Moran Amendment (defunding slaughter) How pathetic of them to establish funding for meat inspection, another huge cost to the American people, while paving a way for the extreme inhumane treatment (slaughtering) of our equines and causing environmental damage to communities, in the process. Disgusting!


      • The government has many horses I use the term many because they lie so much ) that they contemplate how to get rid of, isnt this convenient for them???????? That is why all the deception behind closed doors removing important information from documents…………….. just another conspiracy against the horses!!!!!! They must be stopped………………..They have us all busy makings phone calls , faxing, emailing while they continue to deceive American taxpayers………………….


  22. Thanks for this link, Suzanne Moore. I have three questions. First, is it Roy Blunt or Roy Blount? Second, do you know whether he or Sue Wallis has a financial interest in this proposed plant? And third, is there anything that people who do not live in Missouri can do to help oppose this plant?


  23. It’s Blunt, you know, like not sharp – and he isn’t. I’m quite SURE Wallis has a financial interest or she wouldn’t be doing it, believe me.

    You can send the citizens info and post info in comments or discussions. Don’t know about contacting MO legislators directly though. Last time they were discussing horse slaughter and people from out of state wrote them they had a hissy-fit.

    I see you’ve found the Missourians Against Horse Slaughter on Facebook already, Ellen. 🙂


    • Thanks, Suzanne. Do you know whether Roy Blunt also has a financial interest? Seems to me that these two and others like them are basically financially corrupt, and that this may be one point that could be used in exposing their larger moral depravity.

      And, yes, Suzanne, I do think it can be counterproductive for people outside of any state to make direct contact. Didn’t the Missouri legislature vote to support puppy mills when they felt like too many outsiders were pressuring them to outlaw puppy mills? I love Missouri and it is a spectacularly beautiful state, and it has lots of great conservationists and conservation programs, but Missourians can be awfully stubborn and resistant to outside influence. I still am too.


      • Blunt may well have a financial stake in this. It’s all so convoluted it’s hard to tell what’s going on. I’m not sure if it was puppy mills or horse slaughter – they’ve tried this before – but boy, did they hit the ceiling! However, horse slaughter IS a national issue because of horses being stolen from everywhere. They can’t see that.

        I’ve been to Missouri, and it IS beautiful. Well, we Texans can be pretty hardheaded too. 🙂


  24. Blunt is also the sponsor of the new bill that cuts women out of insurance coverage for birth control, I think. He is like a cancer that is now spreading from Missouri through the U.S. And he’s a total embarrassment for Missourians. I would so much like to help defeat him for re-election.

    Yes, Suzanne, I’ve run across some mighty hardheaded Texas with big, tender hearts for horses and burros. I’m a big admirer of Marjorie Farabee’s.


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