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Radical Wyoming Politician’s Horse Slaughter Plans Challenged in Missouri

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Equine Author and President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Missouri Towns say No to Wyoming Horse Eater’s Slaughterhouse

Wallis Dream Horse

Virtually within hours of notorious Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ announcement of plans for a foreign owned horse slaughter plant to be built in the community of Mountain Grove, MO the local citizens have mobilized though the Community Preservation Project (CPP) to stop the plant’s approval and what would be the resulting destruction of their community.

Wallis, the former VP of the anti-horse and slaughter endorsing United Horseman group, has been an outspoken yet unqualified mouthpiece for the return of banned horse slaughter’s return to the sacred shores of the United States.  The last of three foreign owned slaughterhouses were shut down in 2007 with both the host states, Texas and Illinois, banning any further companion animal killing facilities from rebuilding within their borders.  A recent broad and in-depth survey conducted by the renowned Lake Research Partners and sponsored by the ASPCA clearly found that over 80% of the American public is opposed to horse slaughter for human consumption within the United States yet the likes of Wallis continue to beat their broken drum and subversively attempt to drive a poisoned and deadly point down the throats of unwitting Americans.

In an open letter to the citizens of Mountain Grove and neighboring Cabool, MO, CPP’s representing attorney, Cynthia MacPherson stated:

“I represent the Community Preservation Project with regards to the destructive impact that will occur as a result of a proposed slaughter plant to be located at the Ayers Industrial Park.  As a local citizen, you should be apprised of the significant negative economic impact a facility of this sort could have on the immediate area and surrounding communities.  Your property values will plummet and your town virtually destroyed.”

MacPherson supplied a compilation of issues to both the community and the press,  click (HERE) to download in Word Format:


There are serious efforts underway to build a proposed horse slaughter facility within the Twin Cities Industrial Park.   The following information is provided to educate the community about the proposed operation and how it could impact the local environment, economy, job market and community in general.


  • The Lamson & Sessions building, which is situated next to S & H Farm Supply and owned by L & R Industries of Cabool, is the proposed site of the processing plant.  Additionally, investors are seeking to buy 30-40 acres from the Industrial Park to be used for lagoons and holding pens.
  • Current plans for the plant’s waste include a “three-tier” lagoon system utilizing salt and chemicals to treat eviscerated remains and blood, with the final lagoon using clams as a filter system.  There is no current waste and sewage infrastructure in place that could accommodate a 2800 horse-per-week load.
  • The proposed facility will breed horses on site as well as import horses from across the nation to be processed into meat for overseas human consumption.  Horses will be trailered in 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Investors project the regular slaughter of 200-400 horses per day, seven days a week.
  • Because the meat is intended for human consumption, it is estimated that a minimum of 90% of the horses will be in excellent health at the time of slaughter.  Many will be bred specifically for slaughter and genetic engineering and cloning will likely be utilized.



  • The Plant will be owned by Chevideco – A Belgium based European company which specializes in the processing of horse meat and purchase and sale of live and slaughtered horses.
  • Chevideco will have a minimum of 50% investment in the proposed facility, thereby ensuring it a controlling interest.
  • Chevideco is the parent company to Dallas Crown, the controversial horse slaughter plant in Kaufman, Texas, which was permanently closed in 2007.
    • City officials from Kaufman, TX have been very outspoken regarding the damages caused by Dallas Crown to their city’s economic growth, sewer system and health of its citizens[1].
    • Coincidentally, horse slaughter is now illegal in Texas and Illinois, the locations of the last three horse slaughter plants in operation in the United States before they were closed in 2007.

Unified Equine, LLC

  • Through partnership with Chevideco, Unified Equine, LLC coordinates and manages the operation of slaughterhouses in the United States.
  • Sue Wallis, the chief executive officer for Unified Equine, LLC, is a resident of Recluse, Wyoming, where she is a member of the state legislature.
  • The website for Unified Equine can be found at  The site, however, is carelessly designed and contains little to no useful information regarding the company and its practices.  Is this who we want doing business in our state?
  • An article regarding Unified Equine’s questionable business tactics and a complaint from 2010 can be read at:

Dan Erdel

  • Chevideco and Unified Equine, LLC, have solicited Attorney Dan Erdel from Mexico, Missouri, as legal counsel and a potential business investor.  No other names have been publicly released.


  • By the use of Economic Development  programs, the Belgium based company, Chevideco, seeks to take advantage of a $750,000 loan serviced through Intercounty Electric from USDA and reap the following rewards[2]:
    • Tax credits for  “new Investment”
    • 50% Income Exemption (this means virtually tax free income for half of their earnings that will go overseas with the meat).
    • Tax reduction on improvements.
    • $1,600 in employee credits for each qualifying employee for ten (10) years.

Environmental Impact

  • One of the main concerns posed by this project is the unlimited possibility for groundwater contamination due to the proposed lagoon systems.
  • Tom Aley has independently owned and operated the consulting firm Ozark Underground Laboratory since 1973.  His credentials and educational background along with his business information can be found at
  • Aley’s expert opinion is:

Lagoons do not work well in Missouri karstlands. They are very prone to leakage.  Past examples include multiple lagoon failures at the city lagoons serving Republic and West Plains.  The last sinkhole collapse failure of the West Plains lagoon resulted in about 750 cases of waterborne illness.  I did a case history study of a previous failure of that lagoon system in a 1972 publication by Mo. Div. of Geology and Land Survey on catastrophic sinkhole collapses induced by leaky impoundments in karst areas.”

  • Work by the Ozark Underground Laboratory is focused primarily on land and water use issues in karst and fractured rock landscapes. Emphasis is placed on interactions between surface activities and resulting subsurface impacts.
  • The laboratory has conducted this type of work in 35 U.S. states as well as in Australia, Barbados, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand and Peru and has conducted numerous investigations and projects for various federal agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the Corps of Engineers.
  • the Laboratory has also conducted work for numerous state, municipal, corporate, and private clients.


  • Another main concern that must be taken into consideration:  The increase in crime.
  • Using Kaufman, Texas, as a model, it has been clearly documented that the increased traffic flow, felons and migrant workers that follow this type of industry have a direct correlation on crime statistics.
  • Statistics showing crime rates in Kaufman, Texas, before and after the closing of the horse slaughter plants in 2007 can be found at


  • Poorly operated corporate slaughtering facilities have posed similar concerns and prompted numerous lawsuits in other rural Missouri towns.
  • Members of the Milan, Missouri community felt so strongly about the lack of social responsibility and professionalism of the local pork processing plant that a 12-member jury awarded more than $11 Million in damages to plaintiffs due to the “nuisances” caused by Premium Standard Farms, LLC. Owens, et al v. Contigroup Companies, Inc., Et al., WD72560. 

Migrant Work Force

  • Importing a workforce will add another tier to the social structure of both communities and schools.  We need jobs, not the social burden of importing a work force from outside the area that needs jobs.
  • Terry Spence, a citizen of Putnam County, Missouri and member of CLEAN (Citizens Legal Environmental Action Network), has been in litigation against Premium Standard Farms of Milan, Missouri for the past 17 years (including six federal lawsuits) due to issues with water contamination and excessively foul smells from the facility.
    • Mr. Spence, a farmer himself, has spoken candidly about the impact this type of operation can have on local farms, schools and hospitals.  He has witnessed the local school systems struggle to overcome the language barrier between students and instructors where nearly 50% of the surrounding school populations are now Hispanic speaking due to the immigration of Hispanic plant workers.  Mr. Spence also explained that local hospitals were labored with outstanding debt due to caring for ill and/or injured plant employees who were not covered with health insurance and were unable to pay their bills.  The natural consequence of this outstanding debt was increased healthcare costs for the community.
    • Mr. Spence welcomes questions or concerns regarding the issue or his personal experience in Milan.  He can be reached at: Terry Spence, Putnam County, Missouri – (660) 947-2671.
    • The road ahead for Mountain Grove has been paved with past experiences of other small towns in Southern Missouri.  Look at what has happened in towns such as Milan and Noel, Missouri.
    • If the slaughterhouse is opened as planned, it will be the first of its kind in the nation since the plant in Illinois was shut down in 2007.
    • As a result, the communities of Mountain Grove and Cabool can expect a lot of attention ~ THE WRONG KIND.
    • We will also undoubtedly see the loss of other businesses coming to this area.  This hot button issue has the potential of driving other businesses and industries away from our communities.
     Cynthia MacPherson

    MacPherson will be making presentations at the Mountain Grove City Council on March 6, 2012 at 7:00PM and at the Cabool City Council on March 19th, 2012 at 5:30 PM where she will address these issues.

    The staff of Straight from the Horse’s Heart and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation pledge their support to the CPP and will render as much assistance to Ms. MacPherson as required.  This will be the first battle, and hopefully the last, against predatory horse slaughter returning to the United States.  It’s time to make a stand.

    Further updates will be forthcoming!

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  1. “Because the meat is intended for human consumption, it is estimated that a minimum of 90% of the horses will be in excellent health at the time of slaughter. Many will be bred specifically for slaughter and genetic engineering and cloning will likely be utilized.”

    Are these people ON CRACK? 90% of the horses will be in EXCELLENT health? Says who? Honestly, their GREED knows no boundaries.

    And, “due to issues with water contamination and excessively foul smells from the facility.” WHO in their right MIND wants this in their community???????


    • Again the comment is from McPherson not Sue Wallis. It is intended to let the citizens know that perfectly healthy horses will be brought in and bred solely to be slaughtered in their community. She is hammering home the fact that the community will have to watch perfectly healthy horses being sent to slaughter. Which argues against Sue Wallis who says most of the horses sent to slaughter are old, unwanted, and unhealthy horses


  2. Good See this Town taking aggressive action to block the opening of a Horse slaughter plant, I just wonder how many other towns in the US will be forced to follow in their footsteps..what part of 80% opposition does the pro-slaughter industry not comprehend..Guess this is not the “welcome to the neighborhood” Sue Wallis envisioned , So much for Her claim of 100% support in Missouri. ~Go CPP!~


  3. Honestly, MO may wake up and stop these cretins, but somewhere they will find a place that has a small and bullied citizenry to build this h*ll hole. Ask North Carolina about “lagoons”! A euphemism for cesspools of pig sh*t. Ask them how well they work. Ask Smithfield why they moved to Mexico…I know why.

    Excellent synopsis and facts….thanks RT for posting and those that contributed the guts of this post……literally, metaphorically and figuratively.


    • I live in North Carolina, about 50 miles out from a hog processing plant. I can back up Denise’s post. We have had illegal immigrant problems (raid after raid), crime, and environmental nightmares. The environmental issues are so bad that they have been the subject of legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly for years. Everyone should be on their guard and stand up to any of these horse slaughter advocates’ plans for our towns. We must stand up and support the anti-slaughter activists in Missouri now!


  4. The Center for Health, Enviiroment, and Justice (Citizens Clearing House for Hazardous Waste was established by Lois Gibbs that brought Love Canal to national attention and created a movement. It is an invaluable group to obtain information on community organizing and participation. It is no accident that these types of enviromental disasters are located in poor communities where the local people have no ability to fight the big corporations. I was involved with community activists that actually won a battle aqainst a giant waste corporation. The Center gave us much needed backing and lots of great info that kept us in the battle. Check them out


    • Yep, that is my point. The butchers will find a strapped state with a poor town that will have this shoved up their butts and sewers and water system.


  5. This is excellent information and should be forwarded to the newspapers, officials and citizens of any towns where slaughter plants may be proposed.


    • Agreed. I am going to send it everywhere I can and I hope all those that read it will also. I thought I knew a lot about horse slaughter but this letter taught me many statistics and facts I did not know. I can’t imagine any town wanting to have a slaughter plant after reading this.


  6. As I keep saying their real goal is to breed horses as meat. This must not be allowed to occur within the US. A cleverly caluculated plan to enagage the support of mindless followers who wish to sell horses they no longer want then to begin their real plan. The raising and breeding of horses for their meat. No bute problems.


    • I hope their mindless followers will now wake up and realize that Sue and her minions were NEVER about saving horses nor saving the horse market. They are all about horses as meat animals. If there are so many unwanted horses why would they have to raise and possibly clone more? According to all the lies they have been spouting there are enough “excess, unwanted” horses in the US already. It was always about farming horses. Now that Sue is showing her real colors how exactly is this going to improve the horse market? 90% are going to be healthy horses, just as they are now. You see healthy well-fleshed horses going to slaughter, they don’t want the skinny sick ones. That’s why there is so many turned away from Mexico that have been abandoned to die in the southwest.

      I hope the blind followers of Sue wake up and feel embarrassed at being duped and then join in the fight against her and her filthy business. If you can’t see through her now then you are just as blind and stupid as they come.


  7. Wallis states, “90% of the horses will be in excellent health…” Well now, one of her reasons for horse slaughter is the so-called large volume of “Unwanted Horses,” i.e., the old, sick, infirm. And what about the abuse, cruelty, the horses go through en route to the slaughterhouse? The ‘pipeline” from auction to slaughter causes a majority of horses to become ill, disabled, dying, dead. Kill buyer electric prods, gouging out eyes, no food, water, crammed to make a truckload quota. Arrive in “excellent health?” And multitude of drugs in the horse’s body ~ ~ BTW, Wallis is supposedly having a “Town Hall Meeting” in the area, March 5 or 6…but a “maybe.” However, she is again stating Temple Grandin will be designing the “humane’ slaughterhouse. Grandin cannot be reached for comment.


    • Didn’t Grandin design a slaughterhouse for equines in Canada that had video showing it was anything from scientific and/or human?


      • Sorry, “….anything from scientifically verifiable and/or HUMANE?”… guess it depends on who you ask.


      • Yes, there is no such thing as humane slaughter. She designs slaughter houses that make it easy for cows to maneuver through the process in a quick and expedient manner. Therefore eliminating the need for so much human intervention due to the cows becoming scared and nervous and stopping and balking and causing a blockage in the process. Her whole system is based on the fact that she can think like a animal and if the process leading to the slaughter is run seamlessly it must therefore be humane. Well it does not take into consideration the animals are not deaf and can hear the animals screaming, the gunshots, the yelling, and the choas. It does not take into account that the animals can smell the blood and see other animals being slaughtered right before them. They can see the still being hoisted up alive in many cases. Just because she can make the maze to get them to the slaughterer easier for the animal to maneuver does not mean she takes the fear and anxiety of the out of the process. They most assuredly know when they are next and what is happening. In fact it has been proven even in her scenarios that the animal knows almost from the beginning what is happening especially horses and try to turn around and get out. The only reason is has been deemed “humane” is because the cows are used to being herded in and out or corrals for innoculations, castration etc. and they have no idea that this what is occuring again until it is too late. Horses are no longer herded as such and know from the minute they begin something is amiss and they are literally frozen in fear, try to get out, try to turn around, scream, squeal, hurt themselves, and are scared upand beyond the time they are slaughtered because many are still alive. Every slaughterhouse has to allow for a certain percentage of the animals to be vivisected (cut up alive). The percentage is much much higher in horse/equine slaughter houses. So Temple Gradin makes it easier for the humans but never can she or anyone else for that matter call it “humane” by any means.


    • I believe that Dr. Grandin knows full well that slaughter is a particularly torturous way to end a horse’s life. In her book ANIMALS MAKE US HUMAN, she discusses the difference in the way horses and cattle handle their fear. Cows cluster, horses flee. Her design of cattle slaughter plants is based partly on the idea that cattle be allowed to have the sense that they are clustering, thus her design of a more circular as opposed to a linear structure.

      Her chapter on horses and their psychological needs and behavioral traits is pretty much on the money. She discusses how important an understanding of the way fear influences horse behavior is to proper training and handling of horses. She also discusses their “seeking” behavior which is the basis of their curiosity and their social needs which is related to their ability to form trusting relationships with humans.

      It is easy to make her a villain and think that perhaps she lacks empathy. Given her struggles with Autism, she is an easy target. However, after reading this book which focuses both on companion animals as well as food animals and slaughter (she does not include horses in this section), she is both informative and critical of the way animals are raised in large agricultural operations.

      It’s just my opinion. but I don’t think she could have written as accurately about the needs of horses without really understanding them. I think she may be involved because she thinks maybe she can design the facilities more humanely than someone else. Of course, it would quite profound for her to come out and state that she designed one facility using the best ideas that she had, but after having had the change to see it in operation, has decided there just is no way to make it humane.


    • Grandin does not work with Wallis according to a statement she (Grandin) made. Wallis is a despicable person who is only interested in $$$$$$. Everyone ought to screen shot this page in the event that they try to get a slaughter house in your neck of the woods. Good info here.


  8. But the 90% will be “factory farm” raised on acreage adjoining the slaughter house. So here is the underlying reason for Wallis’ slaughter house plans. Not to get rid of the “unwanted horses” and do a “service” for the horse industry but to BREED meat animals for a foreign company. Big money corporation+$$$.

    Genetic engineering was also mentioned–probably to develop a horse that would put on the most pounds in the least amount of time just like a prime Black Angus. I also remember that the guy who runs the BLM Broken Arrow holding pens was into genetic engineering with cows and horses. Not sayng he is the culprit in this case but investigation needs to leave no stone unturned.


  9. Just to Clarify….Unless I read the above incorrectly the letter above is from Cynthis McPherson representing CPP. The letter above and it’s contents are not from Sue Wallis. It’s purpose is to educate the community with all the facts and information regarding the proposed plant. Therefore the “90% of healthy equine” statement is NOT from Sue Wallis. It is from McPherson telling the community that most of the horses will be healthy horses that are slaughtered. Especially if they are breeding onsite. This letter I believe was very well thought out and fact based. I felt it was easy for the citizen to read and comprehend the severity of impact this type of plant would have in their community. Also by providing all the references to factual material let’s the citizen realize this is not “just” opinion based. Distributing this type of material and speaking before the council gets McPherson out in front educating the citizen and the community early. As stated above anyone who has lived near or has done research on any type of slaughter facility knows it is extremely unhealthy for the surrounding community. R.T. thank you for sharing this letter with us. I hope all will post on facebook and websites to continue to educate those in other communities where these plants may be considered in the future.


  10. As I stated in other posts – I knew our government would sell horse meat to foriegners in this country via specialty shops – knowing that blue blood Americans would not eat horses. Look at the tax credits -Missouri and the United States will not make money from this, just big corporate interests and we will again foot the bills. And they will be raising and cloning thier own horses, so the 100,000 horses slaughtered in Mexico and Canada each year that are full of bute, etc. will not be good enough for them and those 100,000 will still be shipped to these other countries for slaughter. And the plants will be up and running soon? Where are they going to get those first healthy and bute free horses? I can bet you it is going to be our wild mustangs. Our government is spreading our advocate resources thin with the roundups and these horse slaughter plans, but there are a lot of horse organizations represented on this site alone, these people have the knowledge and the resources to get something up and going to stop this – like no body else I could think of. People post on here all the time, we are ready to get out there and do something we just need someone with the knowhow to get us going in the right direction, we need to start a movement~~~~~~~~~~~~people if we don’t stand up for our horses now – our cats and dogs and our country as we know it is next on the chopping block. Our government is letting outside interests take our country to a third would status and only the American public can stop this from happening – if not I fear all is lost.


  11. While the rest of us have always known Wallis and Duquette’s true motivation($$$), their pathetic and undereducated followers still haven’t gotten a clue that they were merely used to further their agenda. It’s stupefying to still hear them going on about “starving and neglected” horses, property rights and/or the equine market; when NONE of it has anything to do with slaughter…clearly, they have been taught well to parrot the standard mantras of Ms Wallis and her hopeless dimbulb, Mr Duquette.

    Ms Wallis has jumped the ship that was ‘United Horsemen’ – a thinly veiled attempt at a non-profit, for the (much) greener pastures of horse $laughter. How long do you think it’s going to take her disciples to figure out that they have been kicked to the curb?


  12. Over the past few years I have written countless intelligent, logical, and educational comments on many of these anti-slaughter blogs, but for today, I just want to write this……
    Sue Wallis is an unethical, putrid, slovenly, money-grubbing, misguided, corrupt and disgusting human being. She is what’s wrong with the world. She is the epitome of cruelty and callousness. I hope she and her kindergaarten buddy Dave get what they deserve and more. And what they deserve…. well, I’ll just stop typing now.


    • It is very hard to see someone with the kind of character these people have being so successful at perverting the system. Heck, they pervert everything they touch. But this is not because they are talented, smart, altruistic, well-connected, financially successful, hard working, or anything else. It is because they excel in sleaze. The people behind Dave and Sue are the Public Lands Council and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association. That is why Dave and Sue started the United Horsemen’s Front—as a way to disguise what were once considered the semi-respectable faces of these ranchers.

      Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette are like foot soldiers leading a calvary into battle. They are the sacrificial lambs (hard to think of these two in these terms, but this is an analogy). They are going to draw the fire away from the people who are really waging the war. These ranchers.

      For the longest time, I thought they just wanted more land for grazing, especially now that the price of beef is so high, and you can make a good profit on 500-600 pound calf without worrying about feeding it over the winter. But I have revised that thinking to include other more ominous possibilities.

      The fate of our wild horses and burros as well as the fate of our domestic horses and the health of the people who consume them are inextricably tied together in the single issue of horse slaughter. We must pass The Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011.
      Call your representatives and ask them to support H.R. 2996 and S. 1176.


  13. If they are going to raise horses for slaughter what happens when they have to treat some of those horses with medications that eliminate them from the food chain? Will they withhold needed medication to make sure the horses are still slaughter eligible? Will they pretend the horse is still eligible and slaughter him anyway? Will they cull those horses from the food chain and put them into the companion animal market which already has an over supply of horses and a depressed market?

    Wallis seriously does not care about the “unwanted horse” problem. She’s going to add to it.


  14. Even though its bad news lets try to look at the bright side of this.
    1. halleluja for new heros rising to the cause, and that that will happen in each town that they are going to try to fool.
    2. It will be so much easier for everyone to see that they are not about caring about horses, or the horse industry or any exagerated “unwanted” horse problem. Their true colors are going to be so much more obvious to everyone: doing anything for a buck regardless of how much suffering it causes to any horse, or any person, or any community.
    3. They will soon realize that they will get opposition everywhere they turn, that people still have morals, that people will still rise against evil, that the more effort they do, the worse they look, the more money they spend the more they loose, and that karma is a bitch. (and so is SW)


    • Karen, I’ll finish it for you. Wallas and buddy Dave need to go to Canada, better yet Mexico, and receive the supreme ending that she so desires for our beautiful horses. She is the ugliest, stupidest, non-caring sob that God ever put on this earth. Along with all the killer buyers that should accompany her, the PA idiot that just off for sending 120 beautiful equines to slaughterk including Jacques Beau, they all should die in the way they envision all their monies coming in. R.T. also, what about Cynthia MacPherson showing graphic images of the slaughter of these horses as they appears at these council meetings and all meetings. THat 80% I’m sure would end up close to 100% and maybe our mass strike against slaughterhouses and transportation of these animals across our borders would pass and put an end to this subject forever. TOGETHER WE WILL STAND TO SAVE OUR HORSES, DOGS,A ND CATS FROM WHAT IS HAPPENING EVERY DAY TO THEM.


    • Simone, truer words were never spoken. Let’s hope all of the above you mentioned will come to pass and they will all want to crawl under a rock and I hope starve. We must not forget the idiot that put the slaughterhouse issue back on the table. He is just as bad as Wallis and buddy Dave. May they all end up dying like they hope our fabulous horse companions will do.


  15. I know that Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette are usually portrayed as the central villains in the mistreatment of American horses, but there’s also another very bad man who has played a central role in the proposal of this vile plant in Missouri, and that is Roy Blount. Blount was one of the three Congressmen who slipped through the bill returning horse slaughter to legal status in this country. He is from Missouri. My bet is that he has a financial interest in this plant and is probably closely connected to Sue Wallis. I hope that if you know anyone in Missouri, you will urge them to campaign against Roy Blount, who comes from a prominent Republican family in Missouri. I grew up in Missouri but have not lived there since 1960, so I cannot campaign against Blount, but I sure hope that he is defeated. I just want to spread the word that Blount should not be re-elected because he is toxic for horses and probably people too.


  16. Christy Lee,
    I went to the site and read the comments, as some people on here have stated you just can’t fix stupid,
    Yes it will bring jobs, but they will be low paying jobs that Missoui people would not do (and if they did – not for long). That means it will be illegals that will come in to do that job and with them come their families and all the welfare problems they bring, that will not be good for a failling economy and will cost tax payers (them) in the end.
    It just never ceases to amaze me how backwords and ignorant people really can be.
    Besides they are only saying 40 or so jobs, excuse me but that is not an economy maker, when you put that with all the bad it is going to bring.
    I was planning on Springfield, MO to move my business and that would have ment half that many jobs and no bad side effects and a job that anybody would be proud to do~~~~~~~~unlike slaughtering horses.
    So I ask Missoui just how that helped their state —— it didn’t, just the horse slaughter interests.


  17. Gee, I still don’t understand why Sue Wallis isn’t opening a slaughterhouse next to her home in Recluse. She could invest, her kids could work at the slaughterhouse and they could all listen to horses screaming all day and night long. No more wild horses in Wyoming…just ones waiting to die.


  18. Did you catch that ? Here is the proof that it never could be about reducing the numbers of”unwanted’horses! Please pass this on and spread it around!
    Quote: The proposed facility will breed horses on site as well as import horses from across the nation to be processed into meat for overseas human consumption. Horses will be trailered in 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    THERE you have it! It needs to be known far and wide!


  19. It’s simply horrific what the pro-slaughter people have planned for horses. HORRIFIC. My God… are these people human?? Do they have any sense of right or wrong or humanity ?? Do they have feelings?? I’m blown away at their agenda. It’s SICK. Breeding horses on site to be butchered for human consumption?? Horses trailered in 24/7…slaughtering 200 to 400 a day?? This can never be allowed to happen in the USA.


    • Karen, in answer to your questions above, NO. THey are not human, they have no sense of right, wrong or humanity. They have no feelings or compassion. And, yes it is sick to breed horses on site for the purpose of slaughter. And having them come in 24/7, with eliminating 200-400 a day. These people are vulchers and they don’t deserve to breathe another day, but God can only give them the true punishment they deserve. We can wish that they get the same that they are forcing these glorious animals to endure but we need God to do it for their misdeeds. This should never have reached what it is today. It should never have started to begin with. It should have been NIPPED IN THE BUD at the very beginning. Unfortunately, no one had the GUTS TO FIGHT IT on behalf of the horses and that is why we are fighting it today. In addition, we now have SOBs at the Dept. of Agriculture, the BLM and in the government that is turning their back on our icons and that is only making it harder. I don’t understand how God could continue to let this happen. I just don’t understand it. These animals were put here by God for us to enjoy and why he is letting this happen to the horses, dogs, and cats is beyond my understanding. May it all change real soon.


      • Yes, May it all stop soon. But I have a feeling it’s not going to stop soon. I believe people let this happen, not God. But… I totally honor what you believe too. I think that if God is responsible for this then it would be almost impossible to fight. I do think however that Godless people are behind this kind of horrific,barbaric, heartless cruelty. It’s all about the money for them. I’m sure they see nothing but dollar signs. You know the saying God helps those that helps themselves…well I believe all of us anti-slaughter “protesters” have a duty to stop these heartless creeps and protect our horses.( and all the animals that are being exploited ). I’m just going to keep listening in to this website and others and do whatever I can to get the word out. I don’t know what else to do! If you have any suggestions please let me know!!


      • Karen, I honor what you believe as well. I keep hoping that with our support of R.T. and his website, the organizations like the Cloud Foundation and all those keeping watch on the “bad”, example Sue Wallis and Buddy Dave, we in quantity will hopefully turn the tide. The only other thing I could think of, with legal advise, to advertise all auctions and their addresses that sell to the killer buyers, their owners with their addresses, and a listing of all killer buyers and their addresses and see what the public will do to humiliate them and their families for what they make their living doing. If this person has children their children will bear the blundt of their horrible actions. Maybe when they see their children paying the price for their indisgresions (sp), they might come to their senses. I, in my heart, believe we are the right ones to feel as we do, and as such, we will be the victor. I only hope it happens before all of our beautiful horses are down to nothing.


  20. Thank God for R.T. and ALL the folks fighting for this cause!! I have to say that I’m a new-be to all of this and I’ve learned it all by being on FB. I hadn’t a clue that this stuff was happening….the BLM round-ups, the slaughter houses…the starving horses…all the wonderful rescues. I started learning this about stuff last summer and honestly, there have been many nights where I couldn’t sleep. It’s made me so sad and now I’m mad. I guess what I’m trying to say is that FB really works to get the word out and I re-post in hopes of educating others. I’m so damn upset, mad at Wallis and her group and everyone involved. It’s so wrong. I’m with you, I believe that somehow we all will work together to stop it once and for all. Thanks for chatting with me.


    • Karen, I like you are damn upset and all those that harm our beautiful horses, dogs, and cats. I firmly believe that we are the ones with the right choice, we love these animals, we have compassion, and we only want the best for them and we, when we can, work to save as many as we can. I know in my heart that this is with God’s guidance and we are doing it for him. I believe it is only a matter of time until we will see what the result should be, no more roundups by the BLM, no more slaughterhouses, and no more transporting our horses over our borders. We will win because we are the ones with the right attitude, love, and caring for our companion animals. I enjoyed chatting with you and I know we will WIN.


  21. Here’s the proof that there is no surplus of “unwanted horses”: “The proposed facility will breed horses on site as well as import horses from across the nation…” The Unwanted Horse Coalition is just a front for the slaughter industry and claims that we need slaughterhouses to dispose of surplus horses are bogus. Claims that horses are starving and that slaughtered horses are usually old and infirm are also proven false: “it is estimated that a minimum of 90% of the horses will be in excellent health at the time of slaughter. Many will be bred specifically for slaughter.” Sue Wallis and her cronies have pulled the wool over the eyes of Congress, not that this isn’t easy to do. I am heartened that Mountain Grove, MO, hasn’t fallen for the lies. I think Slaughterhouse Sue will discover that towns aren’t going to welcome horse slaughterhouses with open arms. What town would want “a “three-tier” lagoon system utilizing salt and chemicals to treat eviscerated remains and blood?” They won’t want any part of these foreign-owned plants which pollute the environment, depend on low-paid Mexican immigrant labor, and escape paying income taxes in the U.S. And it’s not “coincidentally” that horse slaughter is now illegal in Texas and Illinois, the locations of the last three horse slaughter plants in operation in the United States before they were closed in 2007.” It’s illegal because the residents of those states don’t want it, after having experienced it.


    • In Sasketewan where Natural Valley slaughter plant was closed down due to enviromental concerns the lagoons are STILL full of horse blood. They were caught dumping blood into rivers and spreading on land to try and get rid of it!


  22. While they have everyone watching Missouri, be careful that they’re not trying to quietly slide one through in another state.


  23. SW is a cancer to American horses. She’s probably being paid a pretty penny as a consultant from Chevideco, and Sen Blunt’s connection financially I don’t know but, he’s got one to I’m guessing. Everything about money. The people of Mt Grove, MO are gearing up (with a little help from unknown advocate friends) to stop SW & Chevideco in their tracks. Horse slaughter is a filthy industry to bring into a community relying on a fragile ego system of 3 lagoons, no town wants horse slaughter! Simone is right, this evil axis (BLM, Chevideco, & Pro-Slaughter’s) will fail every turn they take. Out of all bad comes good, eventually.

    Thank you RT and your staff for keeping us ‘in the know’ and all of you also for fighting the fight because it ain’t over folks! A quote from Wild Horse Annie, Christmas 1970: “It’s political now, but I will not quit”.


    • Ummmmm…Sue Wallis, Representative for the State House of Wyoming is the reality with regard to this batle. Shut her down and the equines have a breather….shut down the superpac equine killers and it is done.


  24. Here is the phone number of the station that is following this story KY3. 417-268-3200. I called and asked that they also report on the fact that horses are not raised as food animals and thus receive drugs which animals such as cattle cannot. etc etc. Talked about how much money 50 MILLION the race horse industry spends each year monitoring the horses on race days to ensure they do not have a unfair advantage same as human athletes and that race horses make up 20 % of the horses sent to slaughter to be consumed by unsuspecting consumers overseas. He seemed interested. I also thanked the station for doing the story. maybe other could also call with more facts, politely of course.


  25. Thank you R.T.!! Thank you & Bless everyone out there supporting Missourians against horse slaughter! We do NOT want it here in Mo., or, anywhere, especially in America. I pray that all these facts mentioned above will, indeed, stop this insanity from ever becoming a reality. As far as Temple Grandin, well, I’m sorry, while I do respect her position on “humane ” slaughter, NO slaughter is “humane”, at least, not as of this writing. Webster’s definition for slaughter: 1. kill animals for food 2. kill people brutally (a slaughtering). slaughterhouse: place for butchering animals. The ONLY way killing animals can be even remotely “humane” would be instantaneous, immediate death! Not lingering in intense fear & pain while being butchered alive. And, the idea these people have about raising horses as food animals, & cloning as well, is just pure disgusting, sadistic evil. If these morons want to eat horses, keep it in Europe & leave America’s horses out of it! I’m sure the dear BLM is watching all this very carefully, after all, if we allow this practice to return, they’ll be able to dispose of our captive wild mustangs, & continue until there are no more left in the wild, all out in the open, instead of behind closed doors!


  26. For an interesting reading of our country’s past history of using wild mustangs to feed the pet food industry in the 1920’s…check out this true story from the Long RidersGuild Academic Foundation:

    About a greedy man, Phillip Chappel (think of Sue Wallis) who operated the most ruthlessly efficient equine slaughter operation in North American history. He made a fortune, not only by killing and canning as many American horses as he could lay his hands on, but actually releasing larger stallions (like Clydesdales) into the wild herds so as to ‘grow’ bigger horses with more meat on them.

    History about to repeat itself…the horse deserves better than this. Nancy Taylor Rojo


  27. Just read this interesting quote from Temple Grandins book Animals in Translation hard cover page 179 “If I had my druthers humans would have evolved to be plant eaters, so we wouldn’t have to kill other animals for food. …I’ve tried to eat vegetarian myself” Then she goes on to say that she thinks because she is autistic that she has a different metabolic system than non autistic people that prevents her from being able to be vegetarian. Found this interesting, that if her dietary voyage into being a vegetarian,had been successful, her mantra might be entirely different!


  28. If she is autistic, she is quite high functioning but obviously severely deficient in the distinctly humanizing capacity for compassion. I do not believe that she ever considered becoming a vegetarian. It’s really not hard. This is just her effort to paint a pretty picture of herself to cover up the moral depravity at her core.


  29. Here is a letter I wrote the Springfield, Mo. Nws Leader about this fiasco that might happen in the Mtn. Grove/Cabool area. What a disaster if this is allowed to happen.

    I notice you came out in the News-Leader for the horse slaughter plant in Texas County. How sad and what a mistake you have made.

    Let me tell you, my friend, I lived in Cabool and was mayor when Cabool had a poultry processing plant. This plant provided employment for lots of local people, however, it was not without its problems.

    Blood, guts, feet and heads (called offal) was a constant problem. When blood got in the sewer system, it was difficult if not almost impossible to deal with. Keep in mind there is no municipal large scale sewer collection system in Dunn. This plant hopes to process 200 horses daily. Now this is a gut pile! The offal from the poultry plant was trucked out to Springfield. Some citizens will remember a truck spilling its contents under the Fordland underpass at one time. Lets face it folks, guts stink and will attract flies.

    Look around Southwest Missouri at poultry plants, you will find few “local” folks doing these jobs; they are mostly Hispanics. Sad, they are terrible jobs and low paying jobs. An employee knows every morning at 7 a.m. just exactly what he has to face and smell all day. Chances for advancement … none!

    So my friend, Mr. Editor, if you are so in favor of this horse slaughter plant, lobby for its placement in Springfield, preferably near Battlefield Mall or better yet, put it in Southern Hills. See what kind of reception you get.

    You subscribe to the old “it’s fine long as its not in my back yard” theory. A theory that all Springfieldians can surely understand


  30. Are we becoming a nation of barbarians? It’s not just about horses, it’s about who we are and what we stand for. Its extremely important that we put an immediate halt to this hideous torture of one of the most beautiful creatures. History shows what man’s greed can lead to – the almost complete extinction of the great buffalo herds that once freely roamed the southwest – puppy mills that sell diseased animals to unsuspecting buyers – cattle crowded together in feed lots constantly stepping in and laying down in their own fesces. Now we must ask ourselves: is this the future of the American horse? I sincerely hope not!!!


    • Agree with you Simone. Idiots have no conscience.
      And they seem blind to what these slaughterhouses
      can do in the way of toxic waste to the people that
      live in such areas. This majestic animal carried man
      from the east to the west… and now he has been
      brought to the point of dog food or even more
      disgusting… human consumption. Humans have no
      values anymore. No wonder the entire globe is
      upheaving the wrongs against it.


  31. United States Bankruptcy Court of Wyoming

    Case Location Information

    Court Location: Cheyenne, WY
    Debtor Name(s): Rodney Louis McQueary, Sue Ellen Wallis
    Case Number: 00-20848
    Transfer Number: 021-01-0056
    Box Number: 73
    Location Number: 248887

    *this is public information


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