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Breaking News: Summit of the Slaughter Horse Canceled

Information supplied by multiple sources

Horse-Haters Run from Pro-Horse Counter Conference

Simone Netherlands, organizer of the Summit of the LIVE Horse to be held in Oklahoma City, April 3rd

In a vague and jumbled press release, Quarter Horse trainer, Dave Duquette announced that the 2nd Annual Summit of the (Slaughter) Horse, which was touted to be held in Oklahoma City next week, will be “rescheduled” to sometime in January of next year.  Doubt and defeat of Duquette and Sue Wallis’ attempts to reintroduce foreign owned horse slaughterhouses into the U.S. have dogged the duo as they try to convince a doubting American public that butchering and eating companion animals and pets is a good thing.

In defiance of the “Summit” equine advocates from across the nation have organized several counter conferences in an attempt to get the “pro-horse” message out to the American people.

Simone Netherlands of Respect4Horses and lead promoter for the Summit of the Live Horse, to be held in Oklahoma City next week spoke with SFTHH early this morning:

“We received a heads up, late yesterday, that horse slaughter promoters Dave Duquette and Sue Wallis had called off their “Summit” so we called the Embassy Suites to confirm and indeed it appears as if they have decided to put their tail between their legs and give up! I believe that all of scheduled impressive speakers, the equine welfare community working together and the confirmed press coming to our summit has scared them off and they realized they were better off NOT being there.”

Netherlands continued:

“By no means does this mean that we will cancel anything that we have planned. Our Press Conference in Oklahoma City on April 3rd and live Web broadcast will move full steam ahead. Fox25 is planning on doing a segment about racehorses and slaughter tomorrow and also announcing our press conference. I will be on the Robert Dover Radio show tomorrow at 6 pm EST advertising the live broadcast.  We have a message to get out to the American public and now that the horse-haters have gotten it we need to ensure that everyone is aware of the plight of the American Horse.”

“This sort of behavior is nothing new for Duquette and Wallis,” said R.T. Fitch, co-founder and volunteer president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, “they have operated under several different names in recent years and ran their finances into the ground with their first attempt at a slaughter summit last year.  Meanwhile the Equine Welfare Alliance held a multi-day event that attracted leading scientists, scholars and equine subject matter experts from around the world.  In the end, the truth will always rise to the top it’s simply a matter of getting it out to the public.”

To learn more about the Summit of the LIVE Horse visit Ms. Netherlands Facebook page by clicking (HERE)

Click (HERE) to attempt to decipher Duquette’s press release

More news to follow.

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  1. They plan on sneaking around promoting Slaughter another way, they are diabolical , they must be watched every minute !!!!! Never believe for one minute they dont have something else up their sleeves……………….They always are thinking of ways to push Horse Slaughter be aware to their tactics , i am sure they are up to something else !!!!!!


  2. Yes, They know they are done, no slaughter houses…for now. In addition, I imagine no $$$$. However, Wallis & Duquette will never be finished trying to butcher horses. I agree, the press release is “vague and jumbled,” but between the lines is the message: kill, kill, horses. In the 3rd paragraph Duquette states, one of two of his NEW programs, the United Horsemen’s Rescue and Rejuvenation Program, “…will provide a second chance for horses with potential for on-going service and for those neglected and starved.” Aww, sounds good & humane, doesn’t it? A second chance for horses to LIVE a good life. But then in his 3rd from last paragraph, one reads this same program will be all about horse slaughter. To bring horses back to health (aka, fatten-up), for “service potential.” But this “service potential” will be “….under IEBA protocols for processing …marketing for other purposes…Horses that cannot be sold for some other purpose will be humanely processed.” So here they go again, trying the spin double-talk, wherein those not-in-the-know will think these programs will humanely help their horses *LIVE. Wallis & Duquette will settle down in Oregon. The communities will see they are no threat…for awhile. Then after confidence is established, HERE-COMES-THE-SLAUGHTER-HOUSE. The purchased Oregon land will basically become a feedlot, waiting…with maybe some horses slipped through the night over the borders to slaughter. And I imagine the American Indian reservations will be coerced and manipulated into horse slaughter with this Oregon program close by. For they also have sooooo many wild horses in their territory, ruining all, as it is said, but NOT. The EVIL have one thing going for them, they never stop…and neither will we….FOR-THE-HORSES ❤


  3. Maybe their backers are losing confidence in their ability to shove equine slaughter down the throats of the American people? Good riddance!


  4. It is no secret what their plans are… the plans were laid out very clearly in their IEBA (International Equine Business Association) statement several months ago, and then again briefly in the 4th paragraph of this PDF press release.

    First, they will push legislators (the ghost of NAIS by a different name) for microchipping all horses, supposedly for their protection through the EOAP (Equine Owners Assurance Plan)… probably state by state… to include horses in the food animal livestock chain… in this way they can track every single horse in the nation and theoretically have a record of medications, wormers, etc. ready to hand to the USDA and EU inspectors.

    Then they will influence legislation as to who will be allowed to rescue horses and how they will be evaluated for reuse, trainability or “processing”. They have stated more than once that existing horse rescues are overflowing and not able to take any more horses and don’t take care of them… almost implying that rescues are actually hoarders in disguise and need to be regulated and penalized. It is clear that they intend to have a national program which only allows them and their “approved” franchises to seize horses and determine what is to be done with them.

    Beware of changing zoning laws in communities where you may be able to keep horses, but not other livestock… they will change that… minimum acreage is one way to do it. My community is going through this right now. Then they will limit where you can keep horses based on the manure, etc., especially near natural water sources… they will ultimately limit keeping of horses to large commercial facilities… might even put a “green” label on it (it’s good for the environment)!

    Since they did not say exactly WHY they are postponing the Summit, I would guess that they are busy lining up legislators to accomplish these goals PLUS probably trying to kill the anti-slaughter bills in committee right now. After the elections they will emerge victorious with new legislators giving them new tools to implement their plans.

    Finally, they are probably in the process of setting up a “model” rescue/evaluation facility and a horses-bred-for meat-facility to “show” how sanitary the whole concept is. I love this line from their mission statement:

    “All proceeds from the sale of horses in United Horsemen programs will be used to further the non-profit purposes of the organization.”

    ??? Meaning??? Rescued horses will not be up for ‘adoption’… they will be sold… once sold, anyone can sell them to a killer buyer… Also, the United Horseman Rescue facilities will have a direct pipeline to slaughter houses and not have to bother with public auctions and those pesky horse rescuers.

    Pay attention to what is going on locally and state wide. They are going underground for a while.


    • I agree that these two are diabolical as are the Public Lands Council and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, the BLM, and those in Congress and the Administration that should have reined these people in long ago.

      However, our nation is reading, viewing, listening, thinking, writing, and speaking about a subject that a lot of people simply cannot allow themselves to think about. Every day more people become educated about the issues surrounding the BLM’s wild horse program as well as the relationship between the anti-wild horse people and the pro-slaughter people. If each of us educates just one person a day, or gets someone to reconsider his position, and then that one person educates another person, our momentum builds slowly but it is building on the side of the horses.

      If Congress passes H. R. 2966 and S. 1776 into law, it will be illegal to sell and transport any U. S. horses to slaughter anywhere. The passage of these bills into law must be our ultimate goal because this will be the only way any of our horses are safe. It is the only way those of us who are concerned about broader equine welfare issues will be able to free up the energy and resources to solve the problem of skyrocketing hay and feed prices.

      We do need to pay attention to what is going on in our communities and state offices. All federal and state legislatures will have members running for re-election or first time election. We will have people running for state agricultural commissioner in some states. We need to carefully scrutinize those closest to where we live. Everyone who is running for office should have a copy of Paul Bacon’s letter and information about how having a horse slaughter plant in Kaufman negatively impacted that community. Town, county, and state government officials should be well educated about the negative environmental, economic, and social impacts of having a horse slaughter facility in their town.


    • @ Margo — agreed. This is not the time to be sitting on any laurels. Horse advocates should be working even harder right now to get the anti-slaughter bills in front of legislators.
      It is important to remember, that “Keystone-Cops” Wallis and Duquette ARE NOT the ones running this show. It is a mistake to underestimate the driving forces behind the efforts to reestablish horse slaughter — it is the powerful animal agriculture industry, in particular the Cattlemen’s Assoc. and Beef Producers.
      They have deep pockets, and a tremendous amount of political influence — and they will do ANYTHING to regain what they see as ‘lost footing’ when the courts ruled to defund the USDA horsemeat inspections back in 2006. Know thy enemy.


      • Margo, you covered the subject well and we need to expand all this information to more people as soon as possible. These people are greedy for their pocket books and their evil thoughts are diastrous to all our beautiful wild horses. They are slowing receding underground for a period of time and will then come out from under their rocks again. We have to get the no slaughter bill passed and the no transportation bill across our borders passed and then we will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We need to win for our horses and I firmly believe these evil people will bury themselves — oh how I wish they would bury themselves in our horses muck and not be able to get out. MEanwhile, we’ll be standing there grooming our horses and laughing that they are getting what they deserve.


    • I agree with you. But I think this is all smoke and mirrors so these two can get to their final destination. They are telling everyone who will listen that they are doing the right thing. They are making it all rosy with sweet butter cream frosting on it all. They will try and convience everyone that they are doing this for the horses. But mark my words, the horses will suffer more and these two will be laughing all the way to the bank with all their little lemmings right behind. I hope that we can make the 80% come out and fight this. And I hope that we can show all horses owners that they are losing their property rights because of these two. We will no longer have rights to our horses, our homes, water, food or anything as long as this administration is in charge. We need to take back our America. We need to take back our rights to own horses and care for them and treat them with love and respect even in their death.


  5. I agree, since they have not been effective in gaining public support (which would have made their objective much easier to attain), they will still continue their nefarious dealings with like-minded politicians to push horse slaughter through. They have big money behind them AQHA/Rodeo Assn. so will likely not give up. I personally am happy that these two, apparently, are the best that the pro-slaughter side could come up with. Not to toss them aside, because we must take them seriously. They are so flawed and ridiculous that if the anti-slaughter movement can be kept united and debate the issue with facts, integrity and intelligence we’ll be the stronger opponent. We must come up with a variety of real workable solutions to control the wanton breeding, abuse and neglect…..and we must educate and pressure the lazy media to correctly report the facts.


  6. 80 % of Americans are against horse-slaughter. 80% will stand up against it–plants,feedlots,trucking,water contamination–am I getting too complicated for anyone? It’s easy–NO ! We do not want horse slaughter. I am glad to hear that the “Summit of the LIVE Horse” will go on as planned. 100% of the people here “get it”.


  7. We The People Of The United States Of America..aka the 80%!We are so happy and juvenated by this out come and yes Simone we will push forward and make sure that a Horse Slaughter Plant never opens up in our Country,,these haters have awaken a sleeping Giant..we LOVE Horses and will defend them…they stand for us a Free Society and people that would do such Horrible crimes against..beware we are watching!!And the lawmakers need to enforce the brutalities that people across the Nation are inflicting upon them and jail the abusers!Good Day for all….


  8. It was made fairly clear that they needed the financial backing of the NW TRIBES, But when it was mentioned that the Tribes could face loosing Millions in Casino Revenues because of the American Peoples disapproval of horse slaughter suddenly the house is falling down… mmmm Maybe we all hit a nerve with that one. 80% disapprove of Horse Slaughter because it simply can NOT be done humanely and Duquette CONTINUES TO FAIL to offer up “What he would do DIFFERENTLY” in his “Processing” to make it HUMANE !!! The devistation to communities who were forced to host such a disapproved tragedy historically also offer up a big Reason for Opposition !! And then there is the Idea that it’s OK to Poison other “Countrymen” specifically the wide use of BUTE which is DEADLY, somehow Dave thinks it’s ok to send the meat to foreign country’s what’s his plan to poison them all so he can become president of the WORLD ???


  9. I am so happy the the Summit will go on as planned, we cant let them win, the american people will not allow it. Thanks to all who are doing a great job, as i will continue to love and cherish all horses. NO HORSE SLAUGHTER, and next we can all work on the sale barns that mistreat the horses and then export for slaughter.


  10. This is indeed EXCELLENT news and I am glad we are not cancelling our event, as I am delighted to be able to meet R.T., Simone, Ginger Katherns and the other speakers; people I have admired for a very long time now. However, I do think we would all be wise to heed Margo’s comments. They are no doubt going underground for now. And unfortunately, they will be able to find legislators to support them. It is our job now more than ever to not let up, not for one minute!


    • Rhonda: I wish I could join you. I would love to meet R.T.,Simone, Ginger and the other speakers as we all join hands to unite against the disgusting Wallis and DUbuque team. May they find that the rock is too heavy and that they can not emerge from under it. What a wonderful thought. Good luck Simone with the event and I hope we get many more out of it to join our horse cause, for the wild as well as the domesticated, that end up at the auction houses. We need to close these auctions as well. May God be by our side and helping us win this for our horses.


  11. Yay very happy right now !! Even if they choose to fight back, so well we !! Because our horses matter to us and are a symbol of freedom, spirit, the wild west..ect. !!!


  12. One small victory…..lots more hurdles to overcome. A big thanks to Ms. Netherlands for continuing her conference which will help to get the word out about protecting all horses from a terrible death.


    • I totally agreed and we must all be on our toes for the innocent horses. You can not let your guard down at all. The horse killers will be trying to trick us while we are sleeping.


  13. What a fascinating turn of events. After watching the patterns of Unified Equine LLC, Unified Horseman and the other nefarious non productive titles that hard core pro slaughter folks hang on their door, I have to wonder. Is this truly a fall from “grace” with folks that previously bought into their “wolf in sheeps clothing” mentality on horse slaughter and serious lack of funding for even their annual Summit of the Horse?

    Or are they planning something more in depth in Oregon? Missouri? Tennessee? Or wait…I know…how about Kathmandu, Nepal? Oh yes that must be where they are headed next! Now THAT would be an expensive trip!

    I find it so hard to believe the erratic and spastic dance they are doing all over the country to try and open horse slaughter plants, “community killers” really. All this unorganized and unprofessional behavior coming a state representative and supposedly solid business people? Would love to know what Unified MEATS is thinking on all this. Wonder how Olivier and his “4th generation horse slaughter family” feels after the debacle in Missouri?

    Originally the Summit of the Horse was planned FOR Missouri. So I would not put it past them to have rescheduled for Missouri with their speakers on the hush hush?

    But again who knows. Between Dave, Sue, Mindy and the other hard core pro slaughter, pro puppy miller supporters, they don’t seem to have one true decent upstanding business person among them.

    Well whatever they are up to or planning now or down the line. We are ready for them and will continue to advocate for responsible horse partnership in America.

    Now let’s keep our eye on the ball. S1176 and HR2966. It’s time.


  14. Reading Doink’s comments I gather he bought land on which to build his horse slaughter plant. Not sure how he’s gonna deal with the toxic run off. Which if he even gets an okay from locals now–they could change their minds after the fact when they see how bad the toxicity levels are.

    Also NOT ONE WORD was given about who’s gonna pay for inspections. USDA has to inspect (not that do a fabulous job in the first place…). And so far no one’s applied–at least USDA has released that info. Wonder if we’d have to FOIA that? Would they release it? And how long would it take????

    Who is gonna design this hellhole??? Temple Grandin’s name is been thrown about and she said that she didn’t know a thing about it until it was brought to her attention. If it’s gonna be built on the plant in Canada’s design well we know how HUMANE that one is. NOT!!!!


    • I think he is only going to open their “sorting” plant, rescue and raising for slaughter facility there. I think they are still looking for a slaughter plant site. Just think, trainer Dave won’t ever have to look for clients again. They will be coming right to his door step and he can play God. I can just hear him now, “That horse is too fat to work cattle, he goes in that pen. That horse is too skinny for jumping, he goes in that pen. That horse has Champion bloodlines and will be great in my barn.” I can just hear him now. Sickening! We must stop them!


  15. One of his selling points, is that horses wouldn’t have to be hauled “”clear to Canada or Mexico”..Well, it’s 3000 miles from New Holland to Hermiston, and even more from some points of auction. The hauling is just as cruel as the slaughter.


  16. What??? Dave Duquette, Quarter horse trainer, is pro horse slaughter??? A horse trainer advocating for horse slaughter? Well if that don’t beat all. What a joke! This is the easy road…eliminate the horse….don’t bother to take the TIME and figure out other ways of dealing with horses who would be going to slaughter…just dispose of them, like old shoes, empty boxes, cans and bottles. Oh and how ‘kind and thoughtful’ of these people to say the horses won’t have it ‘so bad’ because they won’t have to be hauled anywhere…..just take them down to your local slaughter. Gee, now if that isn’t a kind, humane, heartwarming gesture I don’t know what is!!!!! These are cold hearted people…hey maybe we could have a slaugher house in every neighborhood…just think how easy it would be then…just walk your horse over to be murdered.


  17. BOTTOMLINE HERE IS Slaughter and Slaughter houses are totally unacceptable and 80 percent of the American Public say no to Horse Slaughter !!!!!!!!!!!!……. Can we be any more specific than that to get the point across?????????


  18. I don’t trust them for a minute, but nevertheless, this is good news for now! Glad to hear the Press Conference is continuing….keep at it, because the knowledge you’re providing, along with the truth of this nasty business, will prevail. You’re all doing such a great job! Thank you for never giving up on our equine friends. Good luck at the conference.


  19. Dear Dave and Sue (yes, Sue is still very much organizing everything, she was the one arranging the hotel conference rooms etc, not Dave)

    I suggest you take your deceptive name, your deceptive propaganda and your deceptive agenda far away and go pretend somewhere else that you love horses and horse people. (Preferably the moon.)

    Your lies are so easy to see through, do you really think anyone still believes you? Do you think anyone who was going to come to your expensive Dead Horse Summit, will still have faith in you next year?

    Oh by the way, I heard from the Embassy Suites that they wont be refunding any of your down payment. Sorry.


  20. It is all about money for Wallis and Duquette. They don’t give a crap about horses. Why don’t they focus on treating their cattle better and work on that. Why pick on horses right now with all of the other problems that horses now face. Wild horses or pet horses can end up on the slaugther truck on their way to Mexico or Canada. This is heartbreaking and it needs to stop. Look at what is happening down at Dennis Chavez’s death ranch in New Mexico. The horses are just dying from mistreatment. Look at the report 3/10/12 from Animal Angels it is heart breaking. Our government needs to take a stand to help what is right. This is America not some third World country.


    • Patty, you are so right. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. And, this character in New Mexico should be get the same treatment he has inflicted on the beautiful horses. When is this nation going to return to the loving, caring, nation it has always been. We need to get rid of all those that perpetrate harm and suffering on our family four legged members, dogs, cats, and horses, and our wild horses as well. It’s about time that we take back our beautiful United States of America and see that those killer buyers and those that let their horses starve receive the ultimate as punishment.


  21. Oh happy day the Scummit of the dead horses is cancelled! SSue & DDDuquette figured we’d stolen the press away with a live conference with the American people but if they had an ounce of honesty in they’re pro-slaughter bones they would have planned a similar event. We need to keep an eye on Duquette’s movement’s in OR as he involves the Yakama, Navajo and any of the other 3 tribes in that area because he wants to make them 51% owners in that proposed slaughterhouse. The land he purchased is NOT on Indian ground.

    For now we can each lobby our own states for changes at the state level to the auction market. Laws in PA haven’t been changed since 1996. We all know what few regulations are in place aren’t enforced. It’s time for new laws that hold killbuyer’s accountable for backlot deals, etc fines, etc but lobby your state and then we’ll take it federal. Same every piece of documentation after you send it to your lawmakers


  22. Amen, the Dregs have slipped under some other rock to regroup somewhere else. I for one am glad to see it was cancelled. I pity the poor citizens who support this because they have NO IDEA what would be in store for them should one open. It is demoralizing to the city, containminates the the environment, tortures to death our beloved horses. I was surprised to see Tribal leaders supporting such a business. What happened to their spiituality with the horses? Or are they not true American Indians. They were the best educators of all when it came to the breeding of horses. Again, I WOULD NEVER visit a casino run by American Indians if they also opened a horse slaughter plant. They need to think this one over and very quickly, There is money and happiness in visiting casinos with existing hotels and theme parks. My advice to them is to NOT EVER GET IN THIS business because you lose customers to your casinos. None of my money would go to support an equine slaughter plant. All of the above comments are right on target…We all need to not leave one stone unturned…if you hear of something going on in your it quickly so we can respond…We in Illinois got rid of our Chamber of Horrors after many years of court battles and fights!!! Again, we need to send emails to some these companies who are trying to open their businesses here and take our horses. Message to them should be:
    Take Your Business Packing – WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE NOW OR IN THE FUTURE! Keep up the fight all you Warriors – Let the “Force of the Horse” be with you!!!


  23. We need to get some country entertainers like Reba MacIntyre, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban…tec involved. These are country folks and most of them were raised with horses. I know Carrie is a vegan and has rescued animals before. I would like to see Reba step up to the plate. Just her presence could make some noise.


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