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EWA President Clears Air with USDA on Horse Slaughter Issue

Information supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance

John Holland uses Science and Fact to Debunk Wallis Farce

August 3, 2012

To: Secretary Tom Vilsack

Re: Sue Wallis Petition

I am writing you today on behalf of the Equine Welfare Alliance, our member organizations and individual members to clarify the misinformation and blatant disregard for food safety laws provided in the petition submitted by Sue Wallis.

First and foremost, slaughter should not be used for any purpose other than food production. It is very clear that Ms. Wallis intends to use horse slaughter as a disposal service that will be paid for with our hard earned tax dollars. Our country can ill afford another welfare program.

No animal should be “dumped” into the food chain whether in the US or exported to foreign countries. US horses are not raised or regulated as food animals. There is no traceability and it is a travesty, that the US would even consider sending meat to foreign consumers that is known to be unsafe for human consumption. Two EU FVO reports are available [Mexico and Canada] that not only revealed banned substances in US horses but falsified paperwork stating the horses were drug free. Belgium recently released a notification of Phenylbutazone and Clenbuterol that was found in horse meat exported from Canada. Walk into any barn in the US and you will find some form of Phenylbutazone.

The callous disregard for food safety in US horses has Americans questioning the safety of our own food supply. Can our meat industry afford yet another black eye because of the irresponsibility of an insignificant small percentage of individuals that feel the government should be responsible for their horses? Less than 2% of the horse population is sent to slaughter.

Horse slaughter never ended and is as available [with virtually no regulation] as when he US plants were operating. In the decades that US horses have gone to slaughter, it has not prevented abuse, neglect or abandonment. Not only has it not controlled the horse population but encourages production of excess horses.

Horse slaughter is a symptom of an underlying cause. It’s time to end horse slaughter and start addressing the cause of excess horses. Breeders that continually produce more horses than they can sell need to be held accountable for horses they bring into the population and not expect another government hand-out in addition to the tax breaks they already receive.

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  1. Good Gravy…Hey Sec Vilsak! You are backing a dead horse (literally and figuratively).

    p.s. protect my food and agriculture….not scuzzy equine disposal for human scum.


  2. This is a very well written and serious paper.Thank you for your diligence in this. My anger comes from what I consider a serious betrayal of horse owners, that AQHA, AHA, and most other organizations that purport to be a support organization for horse owners and registration, would support the slaughterhouses return to the US. Opening slaughterhouses becomes merely the oil to make raising horses for slaughter common place for those without heart. I know of an auction house owner in WA State, who raises horses for sale, but takes in horses for slaughter. He has no problem with killing those whom he has raised, selecting the mares that might produce foals with color from those slated for slaughter, to keep until they are no good to him, raising more horses than is prudent, or ought to be, for money. This is the mindset of the killer. Thank you for your tough, and determined work on this issue.


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