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CA Piute Mountain Wild Burros in BLM Sights for Removal

Unedited, less header, Press Release from the Needles CA office of the BLM

Wild Burro Herd Slated for Destruction in September

Baby Wild Burros Captured and Imprisoned by the BLM ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management will begin roundup operations to remove wild burros from the Piute Mountain Herd Area, approximately 25 miles west of Needles in San Bernardino County, in which herds of wild horses and burros are not managed.  Fenner Spring is the only water source within the Piute Mountain HA that burros have access to. Due to the unpredictable variations of the water output of the spring, expected drought conditions, and the burros dependency on this sole water source to survive, continued efforts are being made to remove the burros from the Piute Mountain HA.

Planned Operations

The action would utilize helicopter assisted gathers and bait trapping. Captures would be conducted by BLM in-house or by BLM contracted vendor. The capture methods could be used singly or in conjunction with one another. The first phase of the operations is planned to begin in September 2012 and is expected to continue for approximately two days. Subsequent actions may occur at any time during the next five years to address the need for burro removals from the Piute Mountain Herd Area.

All removed burros will be placed into the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. The health and welfare of all the animals will be given the highest priority.

An Environmental Assessment is availbe for the Piute Mountain Herd Area burro removal.

For more information on the Wild Horse and Burro Program, call 866-468-7826 or email

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Needles, CA 92363
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  1. Another lie.

    Good Lord, they are in the freaking desert! They know where the water is and don’t need any interference, err help from nasty humans.

    Haul water if it is so bad……lieing. immoral idiots.


  2. Yes More lies , Like this one………..All removed burros will be placed into the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. The health and welfare of all the animals will be given the highest priority……………. Isnt this insulting to our intelligence ?????? Really I would like to believe they will treat them with the highest priority, but I know better !!!!!! or at least they have repeatedly maimed our horses and burros relentlessly………….Why should anyone believe them now?????? I do believe they really have no idea the harm they are doing ……………………… They need to get a glue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted on August 9, 2012
    Solicitation Number: L12 PS01179
    The Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake City, Utah has a requirement for the holding and feeding of up to 500 wild burros for approximately 10 and 1/2 months with an option of two additional months if the governments needs dictate. Facilities must be within 30 miles of Gunnison, Utah or Delta, Utah. The full solicitation will be posted on or near August 24, 2012.


    I DON’T LIKE THIS! To my knowledge they have never had a LTH facility for burros – they mostly stayed at Litchfield and Ridgecrest – although we know that some “disappeared” from those two places – many Twin Peaks HMA burros are STILL at those places after two years (look online at those facilities for TP burros). I have seen them standing in corrals with no future and it is very sad and very wrong – they follow you with their eyes and ask “WHY”.
    The So. Cal/Arizona border area has become a hot spot for solar and wind power and the gather schedule (recent and near future – including Cibalo-Trigo and China Lake military base etc etc) shows a high gather rate for burros. Their desert land that nobody wanted is now very valuable.
    We know that the burros are not highly adoptable (from memory – less than 20% adoption rate after one year) and the STH facilities are clogged with them – but WHY is this contract for only 10 1/2 months (two month extension)? What are they going to do with them after that? LTH for horses has been historically yearly but with a five year (and usually more years after that) extension. We know that 500 burros will NOT be adopted within the next year.
    Does this contract point to large scale sale without restriction in about a year? And to top it off the majority of the horses will be captured by trapping and helicopter by then also so assume the same fate for them. That gives us about a year from now to save them all and return them to their home land.


    • I have 2 questions for you:

      (1) with solar/wind energy development, why can’t wildlife like burros and mustangs be allowed to stay? They don’t remove any other animals, do they? I understand the extraction removals (in violation of the Act because of pollution and water contamination)? and,

      (2) has any advocate, covertly tried to bid on these roundup and/or holding contracts? If not, why?




  5. The BLM knows exactly what they are doing–wiping out our wild horses and burros. What BS about giving their health and welfare the highest priority.


  6. Let me tell you how I feel about them…….

    BLM is out to scalp anyone–horse/human/elk/fish–that stands in its way–they are ruthless/godless/inhuman/unholy–a scourge in the biblical sense.

    Evil– right out of hell.



  7. Could this be the reason for BLM’s intended removal of America’s Federally Protected Wild Burros from their Legal Herd Management Areas?
    Walker Ridge Wind Project (CACA 51667)
    Alta East Wind Project (CACA 52537)
    Granite Mountain Wind Energy Project (CACA 48254)
    Tylerhorse Wind Project (CACA 51561)

    Desert Harvest Solar Farm (CACA 49491)
    K Road Calico Solar Project (CACA 49537)
    McCoy Solar Energy Project (CACA 48728)
    Ocotillo Sol (CACA 51625)
    Mount Signal Solar Farm (CACA 52325)
    Stateline Solar Farm Project (CACA 48669)
    Campo Verde Solar Project (CACA 53151)
    Palen Solar Power Project (CACA 48810)

    Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project (CACA 11667
    Haiwee Geothermal Leasing Area
    Barren Ridge Transmission Project (CACA 48871)


    • I still don’t understand why the wild equines need to be removed. I know they want them gone in extraction situations because the mining is toxic and uses tons of water, but I don’t get the removals for solar and wind.


    Why Do Solar Power Stations Also Need So Much Water
    A lot of water for cooling
    Solar-thermal power plants, like those operating in Spain and the USA, cannot work without efficient cooling. Steam, superheated to several hundred degrees Celsius, is used to drive a turbine, which in turn drives a generator.
    The efficiency of this process (the Clausius-Rankine cycle) is inversely proportional to the pressure downstream from the turbine, since lower downstream pressure generates suction that draws the steam through the turbine faster.
    The system designer lowers the downstream pressure by cooling the steam exiting the turbine, which reduces its volume. The steam pressure at the turbine inlet is around 100 bar, compared to less than 0.1 bar at the outlet.
    Dry cooling for desert power plants
    Cooling towers are used to discharge the heat generated by the condensation of steam in coal and nuclear power stations to the environment. A typical solar-thermal power station using wet cooling towers consumes about 3800 litres of water to generate 1000 kWh of electricity.


  9. It could be all of the above plus….. because they are Federally Protected? IF they are all removed, then what’s to stop the rest of Public Lands from being sold to corporations for pennies on the dollar.


  10. This is so wrong and so illegal. There are so few burros left. And this is a seriously endangered species, one and the same with the African Wild Ass. Read my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy on this.


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