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We All Do What We Can, When We Can for the Horses

Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“You ALL are Making a Difference!”

Terry and R.T. FitchIt’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and a mixed barrel of emotions for me as I am bubbling with information to share and news to spread but I cannot, not now, not yet and I actually don’t trust myself at the keyboard and will probably have to run what I write past a few folks before publishing but “stuff is happening.”

We have worked and gotten a lot accomplished, this past week, but it is going to have to keep and simmer a bit if it is going to produce the results that we really want it to accomplish.  (Never strategize in public as all who visit here are not friends of the horses)

Also, I am regrettably taking a lot of heat for not sitting in front of the keyboard and minding this, normally, gentle beast of a blog 24/7…but there are several important reasons why that does not happen:

1.)  As I type, we are in the field working for the horses in an effort to make a difference on a calculated, structured global scale.

2.)  I do have a paying job that actually pulls me away for weeks at a time yet we still manage to keep our readers abreast of breaking news. (Thanks Deb)

3.)  We, Terry and I, have a private life that includes our horses and barnyard critters who I love so very much and cherish the limited time I spend with them.

So today, I am not taking the day off nor are several other crazy advocates but instead we are working for the horses and for you who give whatever time you can for the cause as each voice is so very important and critical.

Please remember, it’s not about the people but instead about the horses as we revel in the honor of being graced to speak on their behalf while they cannot.  It is sincerely a blessing that we should embrace and draw sustainable strength from.

Time to hit the road; ya’all enjoy the day and check back in with us tomorrow morning, we are just “flat getting it” on behalf of the horses.

Keep the faith

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    • Thank you all for all that you do – everyone knows how exhaustive it is & we love you for it – most of us wouldn’t know about atrocities like this, if it weren’t for people like you & all the other horse advocates out there – God Bless & Be Careful!!


  1. Thats why often my posts are upside down weird times. The horses in our area Need us and more often than not we go where the need is and sometimes get a thought in between 5 am and midnight. So truly understand your position. We are daily fighting from our post in Illinois contacting people across the USA asking for their word they will help any horse in need and they will raise their voices against this. My latest campaign involved emails to breed registries pleading with their sensibilities and asking for them to ask their membership to assist. However not getting a blanket help we have instead recieved over 2000 emails from members who are walking away from slaughter, signing petitions and asking where to helpost effectively! People inside these registries have some red blooded American in them, ive gotten emails from Canadians, Swedish, Danish, and Ireland who want their countries to stop this practice. We have a voice and even from home if talking politely but with a passion people will listen. I have contacted many people via facebook spreading this dilema asking them to promote petitions, offer donations, help local horses to. Everyone no matter where you are can do something, i couodnt be happier your not always posting RT affirmation action takes persperation, passion, And due diligence. As for the work though time consuming is worthy of happening. These horses have been talking all over the world as we are communicating training techiques and yet just now they are finally saying stop slaughtering usOUT loud! If you only post once a month we all would hang in there and keep talking for the sake of the horses. So you do your work and no worries. We will kept vigil, meanwhile i hope each person, each heart, each voice, and each moment thry can use everyone visiting this blog will save lives. Horses are connected to people so as we save the horses we save the.American Dream! May the wind always be at your back.


  2. Since i am Not a rescue we ask people send donations to FRER. Spread the word they need help, reminder to all give only when your sure who you are giving to. Donate hay, feed,.or services to those yoi know are in real need, make sure you go SEE the situation like we do. We love to help and make a difference.


  3. All of your efforts, are very much appreciated!!! This gal spreads the word, about the plight of our horses/burros. Many of your posts, are placed on Animal Rescue sites on Facebook, by myself. So many people, who do not live in the Western States, are unaware of the dire situation, which is facing our beloved horses/burrows. There is so much which is “wrong in the USA!!”


  4. Many many people care about and work for the horses and burros – both in front of the public and behind the scenes. We may never even hear the names of many of these big-hearted people and yet every single good deed by every single good person is of the greatest importance to our horses and burros. Thank you ALL.


  5. Yep RT you are right…this is about the horses and not egos….I have always said and continue to say “This is the horses story”


  6. RT you are right. It’s also the method by which I try to donate a few funds here and there. It will never be enough. It will never pay for our legal fees and court fees. But I have to acknowledge that I am but one. I hope others can help pick up the slack where and when they feel they feel its appropriate.

    It’s about belief, its’ about the horse. It;s not about egos. Whether you make more money than I. I don’t care about other people’s checking account. TMI and NOYB. I want to know when my time comes that I tried. I may not have succeeded but I’ll have stepped outside my front door and tried to help in whatever small way I can.


  7. So far this past week there is more cosponsors for the anti-slaughter bills. One is Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Org) and to my surprise a senator. His name is Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) this makes 2 Senators that have signed on in the past two weeks.
    We need every senator we can get because with out them these bills sitting in committee will die there.


  8. I can’t thank you both enough for all you do, in sooo many ways for our wild/domestic horses. Their right to remain free, free to roam and free from slaughter is truly paramount and one that must be won! We are so blessed to have you and others who have given so much in the pursuit of justice for these magniicent creatures. You can be sure, we will, “Keep the faith”! (-:


  9. someday may we all be blessed with the sound of silenced trucks …. rusted locks holding gates permanently closed..and driving miles into the desert and mountains to see the wild herds……a they were created ……


  10. Thank you R.T. and Terry to inform the public to the plight of Americas’ Wild Horses and Burros. Without this website many people would not know the true facts. To all others that work so hard to help all these wonderful horses. Thank for your dedication and hard work. God Bless.


  11. No explanations are necessary RT – I think all the “regulars” here are so grateful for all that you & Terry have done and are doing. Like Margaret (above) my small donations aren’t much but combined with others hopefully it will help. I’m a little behind today – had my right eye “done” (cataract). But did want to comment here before I hit the sack!


  12. This is a GLOBAL mission:
    Call for cull of wild horses in Australia’s Kimberley region
    By Horsetalk.co.nz on Oct 15, 2013 in News
    Farmers are calling for a cull of wild horses living around Lake Gregory in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
    A long-time campaigner for the horses, Libby Lovegrove, described the plan as barbaric.
    The horses in the region have lived under a cloud for years, with advocates, pastoralists and state officials at odds over the best way forward in managing the animals.
    The Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia is now calling for Lands Minister Brendon Grylls to immediately start an aerial cull of the horses on two pastoral leases, Lake Gregory and Billiluna, in the east Kimberley.
    “The Kimberley pastoral industry is facing an economic, environmental and animal welfare catastrophe unless there is an immediate cull on feral horses at Lake Gregory,” association president Rob Gillam said.
    “The high number of feral horses, which some have estimated is as high as 9000, is impacting on the biodiversity and cultural values of the Lake Gregory wetlands through overgrazing, trampling and nutrient runoff.
    “And with the upcoming wet season there is a major risk of these horses being bogged and suffering a slow and agonizing death, as was the case last year when more than 100 feral horses perished on neighbouring Balgo Downs under similar circumstances.”
    Gillam argued that aerial culling was the most humane way to deal with the issue.
    “Previous decisions to initiate such controls were stopped through ministerial handballing following pressure from animal rights activists, many of whom may have never set foot on a pastoral station and seen the damage that these pests do.”
    Gillam said Lake Gregory and Billiluna were active pastoral stations under the control of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. As pastoral lessees, they had a legislated responsibility to control declared pests on their property, he said.
    The minister in charge of the leases had to arrange an immediate aerial cull “before this situation becomes uncontrollable”.
    “The pastoral industry, the environment and most importantly the horses can no longer afford to suffer through continued ministerial indifference.”
    Gillam said his association supported an aerial cull by professional aerial platform shooters in accordance with strict conditions and monitoring.
    However, Lovegrove, from the group Wild Horses Kimberley, told ABC that the proposal did not make sense.
    “It’s just a barbaric act of cruelty.”
    She said stallions could be gelded and mares treated with long-term contraceptives.
    “Nobody’s tried to manage them. They’ve just let them breed up and breed up, and then they go out and shoot them. It’s just totally barbaric.”
    Lovegrove has also called into question the number of wild horses in the area, telling local media the numbers described by the association were “wildly inflated”.
    Lake Gregory is a 100km-wide freshwater lake formed from the Sturt Creek, which has its origins in the Northern Territory. The area is considered a wetland of national and international importance.
    Advocates had hoped that preservation of the lake, as well as management of the horses, would create interest from eco-tourism companies to invest in the area, using the horses, remarkable birdlife, Walmajarri history and culture, and the lake as tourist attractions.
    The wild horses include palominos, paints and cremellos; and there are Arab bloodlines.


  13. It is all about the horses, I want the horses to have what was promised Freedom to Roam , it is priority one here , being with them is being allowed to to dream with your eyes wide open, to see all things in the true innocent beauty they were created ……………..


  14. Thank you so much for all you do for the horses and for keeping us all informed on what’s going on so that we can lend our voices in support. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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