Month: December 2013

Carol Walker with Jane Velez-Mitchell

In case you missed this news segment on wild horses, with Carol Walker being interviewed by Jane Velez-Mitchell, we are providing the link so that you can watch it. TO VIEW THIS SEGMENT, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thank you to Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and to Jane […]

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Carol Walker on CNN tonight!

Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, whose photographs and reports from Wyoming and the BLM’s Rock Springs holding facility have documented the Salt Wells wild horses, will be on CNN tonight (7 p.m. Eastern Time) with Jane Velez-Mitchell. Thank you to both Jane and […]

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The Advocate, the Guard and the Force of the Horse® at Christmas

“It is ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and our long term readers have brought to my attention that it is time to dust off some of our formerly published equine Christmas stories and start stirring the hearts over this holiday season; so for the remaining Sundays prior to Christmas, Christmas Eve and the 25th of December will be dedicated to sharing tales (tails) from Christmas’ past. Who knows, maybe even something new will surprise you over this season. So please enjoy and allow these vignettes to sincerely help you ‘Keep the Faith’. Best to all!” ~ R.T.

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Eyewitness Report: Wild Horses – December is the Cruellest Month for Salt Wells Creek Part 1

“Two weeks ago, noted photographer Carol Walker traveled to Wyoming on behalf of WHFF to witness for the wild horses as they were stampeded to capture by the BLM’s helicopter contractor. Unfortunately the stampede concluded over the Thanksgiving weekend when the public was banned from observing but Carol did have the opportunity to view the conditions at short term holding and the release of PZPed mares. Carol’s photos, shown in slideshow format exclusively, here, at SFTHH and later on her Facebook page, created quite a stir within the advocacy and around the world. So much so that Carol will be interviewed sometime next week on CNN so stay tuned for details.

Here at WHFF and SFTHH we shared Carol’s daily field reports and photos but now that she has made it home to a warm abode she has published her thoughts and descriptions of the photos that she snapped on her personal website, Wild We share only the opening paragraphs, here, in hopes that you will jump over to her site to view the photos, read her detailed report and comment with your thoughts.

Again, we want to thank Carol for making the trip, suffering the sub-temps and sharing her observation with this readership as the days ticked by…thanks Carol and to the Cloud Foundation advocates who were present earlier in the week at the roundup! Keep the faith my friends.” ~ R.T.

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