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The Media Adores Ranchers. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t. [Part I]

SOURCE:  The Daily Pitchfork

by Vickery Eckhoff


The US livestock industry has enormous economic and political clout. But news reports consistently highlight a small segment of it — ranchers grazing livestock on federally-managed western grasslands — as news sources, granting them undue influence on policy issues in which they have a large economic stake.

This bias has occurred despite a decade’s worth of empirical evidence showing that public-lands ranchers — who rely on hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies but represent only 2.7 percent of the nation’s total livestock operators — fleece US taxpayers, public lands and protected species in order to graze livestock (mostly cattle) on the cheap.

The media bias seems endemic. Whether discussing wild horses, bison, predator species (wolves, coyote, cougars and bears), sage grouse or desert tortoises, livestock operators and lawmakers from western states are consistently allowed to present themselves in news reports as stewards of 230 million acres of grasslands, forest and wildlife habitat that nearly everyone agrees have been compromised.


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  1. Shame on you the media for being bias and not investagating the other side of the issue.
    These horse’s belong to all Americans and Our Public Land’s belong to all Americans.
    We have been paying taxes on these land’s for decades.
    Politicians in Washington who oppose and want Our American Wild Horse’s removed from public land’s. These politician’s backgrounds are ranchers, drilling contractor’s and sit on Board of directors for mining companies.
    Harry Reid groomed Neil Kornze for BLM Director was all preplaned to evict these horse’s.
    Neil Kornze was Senior Advisor for Harry Reid and Neil Kornze sits on Board of Advisory for Tribul affairs dealing with gas, oil drilling and mining. On Board of directors for several mining companies and his father is or was Exploration Manager for Barrick Gold Corp.
    Tell me that this is not corruption in our US.Government.
    Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming is a rancher and she wants these horse’s removed more than anybody.
    Senator Murkowski of Alaska is know as the Drill Baby Drill lady.
    Drill for oil public land’s to build up the U.S.strategic oil supplies. What is goin happened when a Fracting well blows a head. They catch fire and burns the grasses on public land’s. How are they going to graze all that livestock then. How are going to and where the hazardous waste water from these Fracting wells. Or a oil spill that leaked 50,000 gallons of oil into the Yellow Stone River.
    Our American Wild Horse’s did nothing wrong they are not the villains.
    If you have did both sides of the story you would know.


  2. These Wild Horses were captured and taken to BLM Litchfield Holding Facility due to a rancher’s complaint/request
    Why were they not returned to their Herd Management Area?
    Why did they leave their Herd Management Area in the first place?
    Were they looking for food and water….why?

    Surprise Field Office
    The Surprise Field Office manages nearly 1.5 million acres of public land straddling the border of northeast California and northwest Nevada.

    DOI-BLM-CA-N070-2014-0016 CX Wild horse and burro removal of wild horses from private lands Mosquito and Long valley nevada Steve Surian
    530-279-2712 pending 03/03/2014 09/17/2014 NAE

    Surprise nuisance Horse Removal
    Oct 23-30
    Because They were off the HMA
    Water Bait trap by BLM
    Near Boyd Springs
    10 captured
    4 Mares 14yr, 6 yr, 8 yr, and 1 yearling
    3 Foals
    3 Stallions 9 yr, 7yr and 3 yr
    Taken to Litchfield


    • Louie,
      I have seen with my own eyes that water sources in the middle of a Herd Management Area normally used for private domestic cattle and wild horses and wildlife were turned OFF in an area where the domestic cattle were temporarily off-limits. I can only assume that the water sources (troughs from springs) were turned OFF (by BLM or ranchers?) so that the wild horses and burros could NOT have water. These were not turned OFF before and all animals had access but since the domestic cattle were restricted I guess the BLM and/or ranchers thought it would be a great idea to remove access to the natural spring water fed into the troughs – and could be stopped in hopes that the wild horse and burros would die? Sorry for being so negative … but I have seen way too many actions by the BLM and/or welfare ranchers to think otherwise.


  3. The fate of these Wild Burros, which have been dubbed as “Nuisance Burros”, is unknown at this point in time.
    Are they still out there, in the wild, or…
    have they already been captured and removed?
    If so….where have they been taken?

    Eagle Lake Field Office

    Public lands managed by the Eagle Lake Field Office cover approximately one million acres in northeastern California and northwestern Nevada

    CA-N050-2015-03 CX Wild horse and burro Removal of Nuisance Burros on Private Land Stony Creek Ranch Farris, Patrick
    530.252.5319 In Progress 10/14/2014 NHA Eagle Lake 2015


      • From what I have personally seen and researched, the wild horse and burro legal HMA land is fenced and crossed fenced over and over for the sake of welfare cattle ranching and this along with the low populations is causing an unhealthy genetic bottle-neck of our wild horses and burros within their LEGALLY designated land.


  4. Notice the CX on the above “Nuisance” removal notices.
    CX stands for Categorical Exclusion.
    That means that the Public does not have to be notified nor is an Environmental Assessment required.
    The liberal and questionable use of Categorical Exclusions seems to be the most recent means of removing Wild Horses and Burros from the public lands and public view.

    The following excerpt gives an excellent example of how it has been misused by agencies that are SUPPOSED to be protecting our natural resources.

    Categorical exclusions were intended for purposes such as mowing lawns at ranger stations or painting outhouses, not logging over 17,000 acres along 575 miles of roads.
    Had Avey followed the law, the public would certainly have raised questions about the proposal. For instance, environmental analysis would reveal that massive infestations of noxious weeds such as thistle, knapweed, and hounds tongue already exist along these roads.
    The Forest Service admits it can’t control them now, but didn’t want to admit that logging will only make the situation worse.
    Or how about the fact that Canada lynx, wolverine, black-backed woodpecker, Northern goshawk, Western toad, and Northern three-toed woodpecker are all known to occur in the Little Belts and that their numbers will be further reduced by these massive clear cuts?


  5. Update
    Surprise Field Office Wild Horse capture and removal
    WHY did they leave their Herd Management Area?
    How many permitted livestock were on their Herd Management Area?

    Litchfield Ca. BLM Corrals Offering Wild Horses For Adoption
    December 18, 2014!Litchfield-Ca-BLM-Corrals-Offering-Wild-Horses-For-Adoption/c1q5o/9C4C18B9-71DE-42AE-ACA4-0B5F5BB57029

    The California BLM Litchfield Corrals are now offering for adoption the following, bait-trap captured wild horses. All 16 mustangs are listed as being from the
    Carter Reservoir HMA (Herd Management Area), but were off HMA and captured on private lands at the request of those land owners.

    Because of the severe drought, and the lack of forage many wild horses have strayed off their HMAs. 5 were captured east of the Carter HMA and 11 were trapped west of the Carter HMA. It is not known if all of these branded wild horses are from the Carter Reservoir herd or migrated from adjacent herds as no DNA testing has been done and at this time none is being scheduled.

    We will update photos and try to add better ones as we get them. The weather has been a huge obstacle, with wind, rain & snow plus trying to schedule to get photos taken between all the projects going on there at the corrals, like gelding the stallions has been difficult.

    If you would like more photos please go to the JOIN page, and fill out the contact form requesting more photos or go to and send us a private message.

    Contact the Ca. BLM Litchfield Corrals phone: 530-254-6575 for adoption information.


  6. How many media are actually t he cattle industry? How many own ranches even for just vacation? How many invest in beef?


  7. If you buy a ranch you too can be a rancher. If you buy a cow…you too are a beef baron. And if you write for the media against wild horses You too can be a rancher. Just sayin. I know an Illinois fella recently bought a ranch in Wyoming and suddenly in foyr months on the range hes a wild horse expert. That man never saw the west but moved into it and suddenly knows everything. I want to note this man lived next door to a horse farm for 23yrs in illinois and never rode a one. Now hes a public land wild horse expert. Welcome to the fight that doesnt make sense?


    • Yes Colts—- I know a state full of those experts, bought a belt buckle, a cowboy hat, a pair of boots (that have never stepped in sh!t.) and now are experts, and will argue every point with you. And to boot most have only lived half as long, but know twice as much.


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