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How many horses are there in the European Union?


The variety of ways in which horses are used means attempts at an equine population census is tricky, a new report finds


Dartmoor ponies are one of several wild or semi-feral populations listed in the report. Photograph: Alamy


For those keen to know where wild horses roam, the members of Eurogroup for Animals’ equine working group gave the suggestions featured in the map below.


All over Europe, horses, donkeys and others in the equine family are used for labour, sport, as food – whether labelled correctly or not – and also as pets. However, that very versatility makes an equine census difficult.  Nobody is sure exactly how many horses live in the fields, meadows, paddocks and barns of the EU (despite European commission regulations requiring the identification of kept Equidae).

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  1. Shhh! Don’t tell them or the population will drop to nothing. Those crazies who eat horses will eat them all up. Oh no, they prefer our drugged up horses and more so our mustangs, aka feral horses. I hate that term.. I wonder of the kill buyers and BLM the world horse advocacy pictures and posts to decide what hers to go after… Like the birth announcements of particular herds… I don’t tell people when i see certain wildlife around here because the him tooting


  2. Yea…they would rather eat our equines which are NOT meant to be eatten. They freak out at the thought if horse meat in the micro dinners. However, think nothing of eating the cancer causing tainted meat from the US. I wonder if the governments are telling them the meat is safe. I wrote the EU and asked them who certifies the health certs because most of the info on the Kill Pen horses indicates they have no info on the horses. So who is not telling the truth???


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