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Men in Surveillance Photos not Involved in FL Horse Slaughter Case


The Sheriff’s Office said the investigation will continue…

– Two men seen in surveillance photos released by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office are not connected to a horse slaughter case.

The horse was found slaughtered on a Palmetto farm on Oct. 25. Authorities believe the horse was targeted for its meat.

On Nov. 5, investigators released photos of two men and their modified van at a convenience store in hopes of identifying them.

Deputies said Sunday the men had been identified and it was determined that they did not have any information and were not involved in the case.

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  1. Obviously, these folks are not talking because they are involved and they know they can easily get away with it. They need to pull foresincs from the site and put surveillance on them. Sooner or later they will made a mistake and that’s the way to catch them all.


    • I’m being (a little bit) facetious, but you’ve got to wonder what they were doing there. That poor horse, if he had to encounter these thugs.


  2. Meet the Incredible Group of Women Who Are Fighting Poachers and Saving Animals in South Africa

    Two years ago the head warden of The Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa sought to address the poaching crisis by bringing together individuals from local communities to form a group that could effectively protect the rhino and the other species in and around the reserve. In doing so, the groups could not only protect the species but educate other locals on the importance of preservation, many of which were hesitant to engage with foreign park officials and quick to succumb to the profit that could be earned from poaching. Today, they’re known as the Black Mambas


  3. Thinking back I believe my horse was taken from me just a month before going to Madison Square Gardens. She was the top Junior Hunter Champion in Florida


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