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BLM’s SE Oregon On Again Off Again Helicopter Stampede Rips Over 150 Wild Horses from Rightful Home


“Under the guise of an ‘Emergency’ roundup the BLM side-steps the law and gains ‘fresh’ mares for gruesome sterilization experiments…”

VALE, Ore. – The Bureau of Land Management Vale District said Friday it has successfully concluded an emergency gather of wild horses in the Three Fingers Herd Management Area.

Between August 29 and September 1, a total of 155 horses – 33 foals, 55 mares and 67 studs – were gathered.

BLM Vet: "Come here little horsey, horsey girls."

BLM Vet: “Come here little horsey, horsey girls.”

All gathered horses were transported to the Oregon Adoption facility near Burns/Hines, and will be offered for adoption later in the year. For viewing,, the public may visit the Corral Facility anytime between regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“This gather was safe and successful for the horses,” said BLM Vale District Manager Don Gonzales. “Our overall goal is to maintain a thriving ecological balance of the Three Fingers HMA and surrounding rangelands, and to preserve the health and well-being of the Three Fingers herd.”

The Cherry Road Fire, which started August 21, burned about 90 percent of the Wildhorse Basin pasture in the Three Fingers HMA, where more than half of the estimated 279 horses in the herd reside.

Most critically, the fire damaged the mature seed heads needed to sustain the horses through the coming fall and winter months. The remaining 10 percent of the Wildhorse Basin pasture has limited water resources or forage.

The Vale District BLM initiated this emergency gather due to the fire’s impact on forage and water resources.

Each horse gathered underwent a veterinary assessment upon arrival at the temporary holding corrals. Pre-existing conditions and burn injuries were noted on three animals, and one foal with a severe hernia was euthanized.

Located 25 miles south of Vale, the Three Fingers Herd Management Area (HMA) is bordered on the east by the Owyhee Reservoir, on the south by the Leslie Gulch Road, and on the north by the Owyhee Dam. The herd population is currently estimated at 279 — the Appropriate Management Level for the area is 75-150 wild horses.

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  1. I thought these horses were protected; and they weren’t going to round them up by helicopter. Am I mixing this up with another herd. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach so I guess it doesn’t matter to me where or who they are. All that matters is that it is another roundup. :’ (


  2. I now see that my comment on this page was wrong; and that the roundup was different than the brutality at the Mustang Monument.

    I haven’t didn’t read my mail yesterday so I was unaware of what happened on Madeleine Picken’s Mustang Monument. I now see that this roundup and not there. The carnage that I saw at the Mustang Monument was beyond my comprehension. WHY?? Why are they doing this. Those horses had nothing to do with the Ranchers. They were on a protective private property. The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.

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  3. May i suggest a BLM roundup where they personally are sterilized? Im just making a suggestion. It would be to show how safe it is if they were to volunteer to have the procedure on themselves. However, a roundup would be more scientific. You know just so they get the feel for the entire process the horses endure.

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  4. BULL CRAP ! This makes me Sick ! Poor Poor Horses. They are being Stolen along with all Wildlife, to fill your shameless SCAM ! You can take your GREED somewhere else . . . . not on my Turf ! Save the Horses ! Fire the BLM and Remove them.


  5. We should hold them accountable to the quoted statement “all” those rounded up will be available for adoption soon. If any are used for the sterilization debacle any survivors most likely won’t show up on the adoption lists. How could adopting them out allow followup to verify the “research” results? We must insist on ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY.

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  6. If the moderators could delete my misplaced comment above if they would like? But I will say, what is happening in Nevada, the flat-out admission that the commissioners do not want horses, I think applies unfortunately everywhere wild horses are. ‘Adoption’ and ‘good homes’ and all the rest of it are just pretense. The criminal element in this agency needs to be routed out, and all of their activities disseminated to the public. The science is ignored and swept under the rug by the DOI, and the scandals are not prosecuted by the DOJ.

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  7. The PEOPLE are not in the mood for playing games and they’re fed up with corruption.

    Former Army Official and Contractor Indicted for Bribery Scheme Involving Contracts at Aberdeen Proving Ground
    July 2016

    Baltimore, Maryland -A federal grand jury has indicted John Kays, age 42, of Bel Air, Maryland, and Matthew Barrow, age 42, of Toledo, Ohio, on conspiracy and bribery charges related to contracting at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), in Harford County, Maryland. The indictment was returned on June 21, 2016, and unsealed on June 24, 2016.

    The indictment was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Special Agent in Charge Kevin Perkins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Baltimore Field Office; Special Agent in Charge Robert Craig of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service – Mid-Atlantic Field Office; and Special Agent in Charge L. Scott Moreland, Mid-Atlantic Fraud Field Office, Major Procurement Fraud Unit, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.

    In March 2006, the U.S. Army Contracting Command at APG awarded a 10-year, $19.2 billion contract to seven prime contractors to provide technology services to support the integrated engineering, business operations, and logistics needs for the Army. Kays had a number of leadership positions related to this contract. In April 2011, a task order for services pursuant to the contract was placed.

    According to the three count indictment, Kays was a civilian employee of the Army, who represented the Army on these types of multi-year contracts. From January 2011 until his resignation from government service in July 2014, Kays held the position of Deputy Project Manager for Mission Command, in effect the number two position for Mission Command. Barrow was the President and owner of MJ-6, LLC, a company which he and his wife formed in Ohio in 2008 to obtain military subcontracts.

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  8. It would seem as though this agency has enough problems already

    August 16, 2016
    The Pipeline and the Short Seller

    Emails show a federal regulator shared non-public information with an investor.

    Wall Street Journal

    Trust in Washington has hit a historic low, and one reason is the sense that government regulators favor some people over others. Consider an email trail that reveals how a federal employee shared inside information about regulatory approval with a short seller.

    The emails concern a water pipeline in California that is stuck in regulatory limbo. The story begins in 1998, when the Los Angeles-based land management company Cadiz Inc. began plans to develop a groundwater bank on private land overlying a watershed in the Mojave Desert. Cadiz proposed building an underground pipeline along the Arizona & California Railroad’s right-of-way to transport 50,000 acre-feet of water annually to Southern California.

    On Oct. 2, 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) informed congressional staff-who tipped off Cadiz-of an imminent adverse ruling. A letter circulated by the bureau noted that the pipeline “does not derive from or further a railroad purpose” because the fire suppression system was “an uncommon industry practice,” among other complaints. The kicker was that the ruling could not be appealed because it “is not a final agency decision.” Thus the pipeline would have to undergo a formal environmental review. Ms. Feinstein has attached riders to every Interior appropriations bill since 2008 barring a review.

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management soliciting more information about the correspondence. The bureau should explain whether Mr. Pignata’s communications comport with a 1990 executive order forbidding government employees from improperly using non-public government information to further a private interest.

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  9. it wasn’t a selfless act, it was a selfish act.
    BLM working with Ranchers to use public land for their own Livestock. Many horses have to suffer due to GREED. SHAME ON YOU BLM, SHAME ON YOU! Why aren’t the Ranchers paying back the GOVERNMENT LOANS given to them to improve their own lands?

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  10. Please leave them horse’s alone, they the only part the wild west left, you are trying to make them extinct, please leave alone, they can not pay run free, like cattle men can. They are beautiful in the wild, seen them near pahrump NV, walked right up to them, they were so gentle, they did not even move.


    • Yes they are beautiful in the wild! But a wild animal that is so gentle they allow people to walk right up to them? Those are the ones that get removed for being a “nuisance”! Not to us – but to the people who want to get rid of them. It does no wild animal a favor when they can be coaxed closer or fed – it almost paints a target on them. (Like the little herd that was removed in NM!)


  11. I think this whole business is deplorable these beautiful sensitive creatures deserve alot better this is needless animal cruelty


  12. Since the BLM revoked their plan to do this “research” where are those mares now? And equally important, where did the already appropriated funding for this go also?


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