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Feel Good Sunday: Fallon, Bacon Perform New WHFF/SFTHH Theme Song

Many Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon for not only writing but publicly performing the battle cry for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Straight from the Horses Heart, we love ya guys!!!” ~ R.T.

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      • Any mention of free horses is good but it had a feel to it I wasn’t comfortable with. Check out Fallon Show FB page & see the comments. I didn’t get through them all, tried to express the plight on a few. Only one comment I saw mentioned the illegal roundup of the Ruidoso horses. The song also had a sexual tone to it – women > horses. I’m just confused right now. I bet Kevin Bacon would make it right & stand up for the cause though. Either way, TY for all ya do R.T.


  1. How cool is that song!! We need more celebrates to help us with our fight for US horses and other equines. The total enilation of our Wild Horses and Burros is disgusting!! And the number of US horses and other equines going to slaughter each week is devasting! Wonderful well trained and young horses being swept up and hauled to slaughter defies compassion. I will go without a lot and scrafice so I can get to the March in Washington, DC on Thursday September 22nd. If anyone or groups of Horse Warriors can at all make it, NOW is the time. WE have so much at stake here. There are many people willing to share lodging to make slaughter and the roundups.STOP. Folks we need bodies and voices at this march!! We need to kick the lazy asses out of Congress that keep the likes of the BLM from doing any more damage. and the Republicans who FAIL to do their jobs, especially in the Western states and some in the South who have kept the Safe Food, Safe Horse Export Act hostage in the committees they dominate. Thanks.RT for agreeing to come. The line up of speakers is excellent. WE must pass this legislation and get it done our Horses and other equines are depending on US for WE are THEIR only Voices!!, Hope to see some of you in Washington, DC.. Let’s charge to victory all my fellow Horse Warriors and may the Force of the Horse be with you!!!

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  2. I didn’t find it offensive to women in any way. Personally, I’m happy to share a kinship with animals, especially female animals. Our bodies all work the same way!


    • It wasn’t offensive to women to ME but reading the comments on Fallon’s page, it was just a joke. Only ONE mentioned our horses cause! The others laughed & I’m sure thought of the gross reference to women riding. I also love animals with all of my heart. Did you see anything in the video to make people “think” about our horses plight?? Wild or not? Just sayin’


      • Oh, I didn’t read the comments – sorry! I won’t after what you said. But sometimes we need to just step back from all the horror and just smile and laugh. It’s how Tom Petty, who I love, sings the word ‘horses’. And we were all treated s chattel once, so I feel a kinship with female animals. Humans are not always the highest on the evolutionary scale, below pond scum comes to mind when I read some of the things we do. Sorry I misinterpreted you! Have a great Sunday,


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