Month: November 2016

Public Lands Livestock Grazing Got You Down? TAKE ACTION

Most Americans are shocked when they find out that ranchers are allowed to graze their private livestock on our public lands – including deep within protected Wilderness areas – for literally pennies on the dollar.

In fact, the federal public lands grazing program is among the most wasteful, environmentally damaging and economically inefficient uses of our public lands, costing U.S. taxpayer a whopping $120 million annually! When you consider additional direct and indirect costs, it’s estimated that the federal public lands grazing program on just national forests and Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered lands may costs as much as $500 million to $1 billion annually – all to provide only 3% of all the beef in the country.

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A Horsey Halloween Ghost Story: The Tale of Charlie Feathers

“I know that it is the day AFTER Halloween but yesterday we were ate up with the injustice and corruption of the BLM and roared right by the holiday with out a word; today we will attempt to make it right by sharing one of the better equine ghost stories that we have read. As I type, it is still dark, still Halloween night so all is good with this editorial decision. Please enjoy, and don’t always fear all that goes bump in the night. Be safe.” ~ R.T.

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