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Craig Downer, author and wildlife ecologist, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed. 11/2/16)


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Craig Downer (photo by Rona Aguilar)

Our guest tonight is Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist and author of the book “The Wild Horse Conspiracy.”  Craig is the Founder of The Andean Tapir Fund, the Wild Horse & Burro Fund, and has a website called The Wild Horse Conspiracy.  Craig will be talking about his observations of Herd Management Areas, the Brumbies (wild horses in Australia), the Wildies (wild horses in Canada), the fertility drug PZP and many interesting stories about the history of wild horses in the American West.

This show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585–craig-downer-author-and-wildlife-ecologist


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6/22/16 – Charlotte Roe, Founder of Wild Equid League of Colorado, on BLM’s cruel experiments on wild horses and burros, including sterilization of pregnant wild mares, that are a launching pad for widespread use as “population suppression.” Listen HERE.

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8/31/16 – Steve Hindi (President and Founder) and Janet Enoch (Investigator) of SHowing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK) on rodeo cruelty and more. You can see all of SHARK’s rodeo exposés on YouTube by clicking here. Listen HERE.

9/7/16 – Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation , on BLM plans to remove all wild horses from three of the largest remaining herds in Wyoming. Listen HERE.

9/14/16 – Susan Wagner, Pres. & Founder of Equine Advocates, on how the upcoming Presidential election can affect the fate of wild and domestic equines and horse slaughter. PLEASE SIGN EQUINE ADVOCATES’ PETITION HERE. Listen HERE.

9/21/16 – Mae Lee Sun, co-author of “Brumby: A celebration of Australia’s wild horses” and Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist and the author of the book “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” on the culling of the brumbies (wild horses) of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Listen HERE.

9/28/16 – Laird Lucas (Executive Director) and Talasi Brooks (Staff Attorney) of Advocates for the West, a public interest, nonprofit environmental law firm with an 85% record of legal success protecting the wildlife and wild places of the American West. Listen HERE.

10/5/16 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (TMR Rescue) & founder of Wild Burro Protection League reports on the 2016 Donkey Welfare Symposium. Listen HERE.

10/12/16 – Nancy Watson, President of SAFE Food SAFE Horses Coalition, has been raising worldwide awareness to the loopholes in U.S. legislation that allows U.S. equines (horses, donkeys, mules and burros) which are laden with pharmaceuticals, into the global food supply. Listen HERE.

10/26/16 – Hilary Wood, Pres. and Founder of Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) and Bruce Wagman, a partner with Schiff Hardin law firm in San Francisco, talk about the BLM, horse slaughter and more. Listen HERE.














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  1. Is he going to explain how well the leave them to self manage worked for his good friend Karen Sussman and the International Society For the Protection of Mustangs and Burros horses in the Sanctuary breeding program worked? Or why there were over 800 horses on less than 700 acres, starving, injured and neglected to the point that two sheriffs offices in South Dakota had to get involved. And sadly it is still trying to be straightened out and rescues and good people take horses to rehab. Unfortunately Ms Sussman has initiated a contract that allows her the right to reclaim any horse for any reason at any time no matter how much the adopter has invested in rehabbing the animal or quality of care given by the adopter n


  2. BLM Concludes Pancake Herd Emergency Water Trap Gather
    November 1

    The Bureau of Land Management Ely District has concluded the Pancake Emergency Gather. The BLM removed 297 excess wild horses from the Big Sand Spring Valley portion of the Pancake Herd Management Area located about 30 miles west of Ely or 80 miles northeast of Tonopah.
    The BLM removed the horses due to ongoing drought conditions. Without emergency action, the condition of the horses was expected to deteriorate and potentially result in the death of some of the horses within a few weeks. Hay and water were used to gather the horses.
    A veterinarian was on-call during gather operations, which were conducted by a contractor. Horses removed from the range were transported to the BLM’s Indian Lakes off-range corrals, in Fallon, Nevada, to be prepared for the BLM’s adoption program.
    Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Pancake HMA is 240-493 wild horses. The current population is estimated at 1,800 wild horses, based on a March 2016 population inventory.
    Gather reports are posted on the BLM Ely District website at
    For more information, contact Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely District public affairs specialist, at 775-289-1842 or by email at

    302 Wild Horses captured and removed from their Legal Herd Management Area
    5 Wild Horses returned
    4 Wild Horses killed


  3. Triple B HMA Emergency Gather

    The BLM Ely District, Egan Field Office on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015, ended the Triple B HMA Emergency Wild Horse Gather due to recent, intermittent rains that have scattered the horses. The BLM gathered 53 wild horses
    The BLM utilized the services of Cattoor Livestock Roundup, Inc., of Nephi, Utah, to conduct a bait/water trap gather. The gather was expected to take from one week to a month to complete

    53 Wild Horses captured and removed from their Legal Herd Management Area
    0 Wild Horses returned to the range


  4. Another 290 Wild Horses captured and taken from the Public’s Land
    290 Captured
    200 Taken to Litchfield facility
    What happened to the other 90 Captives?

    Wild Horses of Modoc National Forest
    November 1st, 2016

    In late September the Modoc National Forest conducted a six-day helicopter roundup and captured 290 wild horses.
    The Devil’s Garden horses are known around the country for the type of horses it produces. They even have a dedicated Facebook page. Wild horses, also called mustangs, are known for their sure-footedness, strength, intelligence, and endurance.

    At the end of each day, mustangs age five and under were shipped to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Litchfield Facility near Susanville, CA.
    A total of 200 horses were brought to Litchfield to be freeze branded, vaccinated, and put up for adoption


  5. Please address the upcoming removals in the Sand Wash HMA, which are to remove 50 adoptable horses in what seems to be a model program. EXCEPT, however, the earlier description I read said “bait trapping” and now it seems this is a “bait/water trapping” plan, in which the BLM has already begun cutting off water sources to force horses to artificially congregate, and presumably fight(?) at fewer water holes. This HMA is easily accessible via dirt roads which loop around most of it, so the plan to cut off water supplies seems only for convenience but which will surely cause unnecessary disruption and stress, despite not using helicopters. The gather contractor was to be selected/awarded yesterday but I have no further information on that.

    “Wild horses from the Sand Wash Herd Management Area, about 40 miles west of Craig, will be gathered beginning Oct. 21 by the Bureau of Land Management.

    A bait-trap will be used to collect about 200 horses in order to administer fertility control treatments and allow the removal of up to 50 young horses. Horses removed from the basin will be placed in the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary training and adoption program.

    The BLM manages the area for up to 362 wild horses, but the current population exceeds 600, a number that poses a serious risk to the area’s ecological balance, according to the BLM.

    BLM hopes that treating mares and removing some young horses should help check the growth of the Sand Wash Herd.”

    The BLM decision and associated environmental assessment are available at


    • You hit the nail on the head, Icy regarding withholding water from the wild horses. I have documented photos (via FOIA) showing BLM contractor trapped wild horses (adults and foals) with their flanks sunken in due to what clearly appears to be advanced dehydration. That is exactly what they do – withhold water from them in order to make it easier to entice them into the traps.


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