Equine Rescue

Cactus Fire Threatening AZ Salt River Wild Horses

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  1. Are there any (livestock) fences in this area? If so, I hope they will be cut/removed and gates opened to allow the horses to move away from the fire and not be trapped – as has happened in other fires.

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  2. Hopefully this wont create an opportunity or excuse for some person or group to go after these horses once again!
    And by the way – did anyone else receive an “urgent request” for donations from ISPMB? Seems they are almost out of hay – had a spring storm – I thought they only had about 20 horses left there.

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    • No recent news on the ISPMB website or FB page that I can find, though they do feature some stallions and pregnant mares, so it seems clear the unrestricted breeding continues. Curiously they also declare stallions don’t “take” mares until around age 10, which may only be realistic in severly overpopulated herds. It would seem with their herds reduced to around 20 animals that will now reproduce freely, that age will decrease dramatically as studs can be fertile quite young, often before age 2. I suppose all this will be the basis for more “research” in the future.


      • And I got another request today -seems they have raised 1/2 the money they needed for hay – still looking at the other half. I assumed that with just a few horses remaining there that there wouldnt be a problem for some time. Guess I was wrong.


  3. I’m starting to think these fires are being set on purpose! There’s been a rise in been fires KILLING many horses all over.
    I can’t help Notice how many!!! & I’ve seen stories where GOV. Officials went in on property/LAND w/ these flame throwing guns..And started the fires on PURPOSE!!!! THIS ISN’T COINCIDENCE!
    & it must STOP!!!!


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