Horse Slaughter

Secretive Slaughter Summit speakers slither out from under a rock

The National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition has released the videos of speakers from their “Slaughter Summit” that was recently held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In a video that initially looks like the speaker is a talking hat and beard, we soon see it is actually John Ruhs, who is the Bureau of Land Management’s Nevada State Director and the BLM’s Acting Deputy Director of Operations.  You can watch this video HERE.

  John Ruhs

 Yes, John, there IS something wrong.  The wild horses & burros wouldn’t cost taxpayers “$50 million” a year if the BLM would manage wild horses and burros on the range, and we can save this money and solve this “problem” if the BLM would give back the 22 million acres of federally protected Herd Areas that the BLM took away from the wild horses and burros, (where they were grazing for free) and return all wild horses and burros that are currently in BLM holding facilities back on this land.  By the way, J.J. Goicoechea, 4th generation rancher and Nevada state veterinarian, is also a speaker on this video, and can be seen about 52 minutes into the presentation.

Well known Wild Horse Hater Callie Hendrickson can be seen HERE, at about 1 hr. and 4 minutes into the presentation.

You can watch Karen Budd-Falen, a prospective Trump choice to lead the BLM, HERE.

Rabid proponent of horse slaughter, The Wildlife Society, claims that “Over 100 groups representing youth, educators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Native American tribes, wildlife management and conservation groups, environmental organizations, public and private land managers, and horse advocates attended…” the Slaughter Summit.

But Ginger Kathrens, Exec. Dir. of The Cloud Foundation and member of BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board, was not invited to attend.

No list has been provided to the public of the “100 groups” that were invited to attend this Summit.  You’d think that if these groups were so proud of what they were doing, they’d be proud to come out from under their rocks.

Here’s a list of the Steering Committee (the group that “invited other parties and helped determine the content of the Summit”):

Arizona Sportsmen
Audubon Society
Beaver County Commission
Berryman Institute
Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus
Idaho Wildlife Federation
National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition
Nevada Division of Wildlife
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Society for Range Management
Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
The Wildlife Society
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
University of Wyoming
Utah Department of Natural Resources
Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
Utah State University Extension
Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
Western Landowners Alliance
White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts
Wyoming State Grazing Board

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  1. I’m sorry. I can’t watch these lying asses! Everything they are doing is anti horse. Their lack of use of pzp is out of laziness not cost. Where is the money going that they can hire these helicopter pilots? They’re talking just about the horses like they just stand around like cattle and shit in the water…yet the talk about their movement. This was just too much.


    • Terri, I have not watched it yet myself.
      Stewart is a liar and should be prosecuted according to section 18.
      Gus Warr with BLM said there are no starving wild horses in Utah. Why can’t he be made to swear to that in a statement to Congress ?


      • I havent watched it yet either – but I do remember listening to Mr. Stewart at the hearing a few months ago. And Yes he sure is a liar. Its a shame that the current BLM employees who disagree with the standard lies arent able to come forward without losing their jobs!!!


  2. It’s important to understand and communicate that even at the $50,000,000 rate (which includes a highly inefficient and ineffective BLM strategy), there are 325,000,000 citizens in this country who own both our wild horses and burros and our public lands.

    That comes to about 15 cents PER PERSON PER YEAR. And even ramping up costs to what the BLM claims is closer to $70,000,000 annual costs, that comes to LESS THAN 25 CENTS PER PERSON PER YEAR.

    Tossing around “millions” is a ruse to get people thinking this is a high cost program, when the truth is in the overall US budget it is so small as to be of almost no consequence.

    For comparison, recall here the grazing permit program goes IN THE RED OVER $100 MILLION ANNUALLY (cost to each citizen around 30 cents annually) yet there is no similar hue and cry from the BLM about these costs — which they already have the legal authority to address but rarely choose to. They are a captured agency, clearly.

    We need to get oversight of our wild horses and burros out of their control before they are gone forever, which looks to be imminent.


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  3. Shared with: More bureaucratic waste of hot air and tax payer dollar meetings. Uh, gee, BLM just can’t understand why it costs over $50 million to mis-manage our wild horses when they could manage them on the range if not for their corrupt political dealings with the likes of #WelfareRanchers, and the Corporate Greed of mining, mineral and gas frackers.

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  4. Just sickening. Surely these bunch of thugs can be stopped. There needs to be a Congressional investigation , and Stewart prosecuted for lying to Congress or a lawsuit. Everybody who belongs to the Audobon Society needs to cancel their membership.

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  5. What is wrong with these greedy jerks…the MUSTANGS. Belong where they have been. I can stand the BLM..& who they truly are..a bunch of killers & destroyers…& This grey bearded fella… GOD WILL DEAL with you all !!


  6. Every member of the BLM WHB Advisory Board was invited to the Secret Slaughter Summitt but Ginger Kathrens, the only advocate. We were there exposing it to the press. But here’s what we need to do NOW: Call/email the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee members & politely ask them to support FY18 budget language that maintains the Congressional ban on killing wild horses & burros in holding and on the range, and to strike any language authorizing the sale without limitation of wild equines, our nation’s heritage. Markup expected next week. Let’s get those lines rumbling!
    Senate Subcommittee on Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
    Republican Members:
    Murkowski, Lisa (AK), Chairman 202-224-6665
    Leg Dir-

    Cochran, Thad (MS) 202-224-5054
    Chief of staff-

    Alexander, Lamar (TN) 202-224-4944
    Leg Dir-

    Blunt, Roy (MO) 202-224-5721
    Leg Dir-

    Hoeven, John (ND) 202-224-2551
    Leg Dir-

    McConnell, Mitch (KY) 202-224- 2541
    Chief of staff-

    Daines, Steve (MT) 202-224- 2651
    Leg Dir-

    Capito, Shelley Moore (WV) 202-224-6472
    Leg Dir-

    Democratic Members:
    Udall, Tom (NM), Ranking Member 202-224-6621
    Leg Dir-

    Feinstein, Dianne (CA) 202-224-3841
    Leg Dir-

    Leahy, Patrick J. (VT) 202-224-4242
    Leg Dir-

    Reed, Jack (RI) 202-224-4642
    Leg Dir-

    Tester, Jon (MT) 202-224-2644
    Leg Dir-

    Merkley, Jeff (OR) 202-224-3753
    Leg Dir-

    Van Hollen, Chris (MD) 202-224-4654
    Leg Dir-


    • BLM/DOI are Appointed by President..Are Not Voted in. Trump is just a $ monger. He does not care about animals!. They are in the way of Gov./ Manufacturer Company’s making huge $$ Drilling, Fracking, to make money on oil and mineral deposits.


  7. The list of invited organizations doesn’t surprise me. They all stand to benefit from getting rid of our wild Ones. It makes me sick at my stomach to see what is happening…their openly arrogant and entitled attitudes toward the horses and burros that actually belong to US. The American citizens.


  8. This is what some of the horse and burro support groups should do . Join together to form strong coalitions .I’m sure they’d have thousands of supporters . These iconic equines are supposed to be protected by law. The BLM is caving into the pressure from these special interest groups that want the public lands.
    Most these orgs listed my guess are probably pro horse slaughter.,, .


  9. This is what some of the horse and burro support groups should do . Join together to form strong coalitions .I’m sure they’d have thousands of supporters . These iconic equines are supposed to be protected by law. The BLM is caving into the pressure from these special interest groups that want the public lands.
    Most these orgs listed my guess are probably pro horse slaughter.,, .


  10. Its obvious They really are lying for their own benefit .The BLM needs revamping and people replaced with ones that care about our wildlife . There needs to be elvaluations and input from the public who are the taxpayers ! If they fall below certAin expectations from the public… the public should have the right to decide what changes need to be done .
    These wild horses 🐎 and burros are supposed to be protected by law .
    But the BLM caved in the pressures for special interest groups who want the public land .for their own.,use
    My guess is that most of those groups listed are pro horse slaughter .
    This is why these horse rescue groups should get together to form a strong coalition ,I’m sure they’d have thousands of supporters .


  11. why is this just coming out now we need to slam these groups? talking pzp is saying u agree they r overpopulated.. and that i hate. it a path to genocide. it is wrong. pzp kills and never ever stops a reroundups ever!


  12. Watched and commented after the ones I could on you tube. How can these Utah politicians and WY lawyers have so much say about our horses, Really the horses are a few on 5% of all fed (peoples) land. I especially puked when I heard the rancher and his resource manager both get up and cry about having to reduce their aum numbers from 26000 aums to 9464 aums because of 202 beaty butte horses on over 400,000 allotted acres. Wow, and the costs : they say 1100 each year, reasonable but go on to say $20,000, $44,000 and one even said $50,000 per lifetime. Do they really think we are that dumb to not be able to do the math? 50000/1100 = 45 years longevity in Holding, even at 20K thats 18 years in holding each? Or are they dumb enough to think that is the case. — I saw a comment that called these entitled morans “Boohooing pajama boys in big hats”


  13. Do I have this right that ALL the WHB Advisory Board members were invited EXCEPT Ginger Kathrens, the Humane Advocate position?

    If so, this happening after the annual WHB Advisory Board meeting was cancelled reeks of corruption and collusion, there is no other conclusion. Even if (as some slaughter promoters claim) mass killing is somehow “humane” they need to square that with excluding the one person whose focus is precisely that.

    That they made no pretense of doing that even for face value speaks volumes. The stench is unmistakeable. That public funds paid for any of this is unconsionable and probably legally actionable.


  14. I’m just beyond speech bcs of the greed & corruption & lack of compassion! It’s not necessary to kill Our Wild Horses & Burros. They’re just looking for a way to justify it to us, since they’re stealing them from us against our will! (80% of the American ppl do not want them murdered!). There’s no excuse strong enough to justify extreme torture & murder of beautiful, healthy horses bcs of greed!!😡


  15. I see no organizations for the horses welfare, meaning Anti-slaughter groups. All these people and their organizations are out strictly to have the horses rounded up and sent to slaughter. These people here are here to voice that killing these horses is for their own good. This is the most preposterous statement that keeps resounding about wild horses and burros lives. The Government has fueled these peoe and helped to further their own agendas while stuffing the pockets of these hypocrites with money. That is what this is all about. All it’s ever been about,using taxpayers land for pennies and getting rid of the horses so all those land-takers can have it. They don’t give a damn about the horses, they just want them dead.


    Critics: Utah horse meeting is secretive ‘slaughter summit’
    MICHELLE L. PRICE and SCOTT SONNER Associated Press

    Utah is spending up to $50,000 from money set aside for horse and burro programs to co-sponsor the summit.
    Utah Department of Natural Resources Director Mike Styler said Wednesday that the state is paying to record the summit and the recordings will be posted online in a few days.–wild-horse-summit-20170823-story.html


  17. ALL about the $$$$$$ ….Wonder what God thinks about this ….Hmmmm!!!! You will regret this…. it will haunt you forever and eternity….. CREATOR help us save and protect the horses…..and open people’s minds and hearts…..💜💕💜


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