Breaking News: Slaughter Plant in NM Plans to Butcher Horses

Information supplied by Front Range Equine Rescue


April 10, 2012 (Larkspur, Colorado) — Through its own investigation, Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has discovered that Valley Meats Co., 3845 Cedarvale Rd., in Roswell, NM, has applied for inspection of horses to be “custom slaughtered” and “processed” for human consumption.  According to the facts uncovered, the facility has been involved in extended discussions with the Denver office of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  The FSIS inspects animals and meat in American slaughterhouses under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Horse slaughter for food is a national disgrace, given the iconic nature of American horses and the especially brutal methods used to kill them.  FRER has mounted an extensive legal battle to keep American horses from being slaughtered for food, in or out of the country, in light of last November’s Congressional appropriation of funding for horse meat inspections.  In the last three weeks, along with the Humane Society of the United States, FRER has filed two Petitions for Rulemaking [hyperlinks], asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FSIS to enact rules and regulations which would prevent American horses from being slaughtered.  The Petitions have gotten significant attention, and FRER intends to continue to amplify its legal strategy for as long as it takes to eliminate the possibility of horse slaughter in America.

If it is allowed to open, the Roswell plant would be the first U.S. horse slaughterhouse opened since horse slaughter in the U.S. ended five years ago.  A recent poll shows at least 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter. Valley Meats and any other horse slaughterhouses must be stopped, and the USDA and FDA must see the danger and illegality of producing horse meat from American horses.  FRER calls on all concerned citizens and groups, in and out of New Mexico, to support its efforts by contacting state, local and federal officials and voicing your strong objection to the resumption of this horrific practice in America.  For more information on how to help, contact

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    • Custom slaughter is not the slaughter house that buys animals and markets meat. It is not an assembly line type slaughter. This is not a “horse slaughter plant”. This is where an animal owner brings the animal to be butchered for their own use. If it is inspected, that could be a farmer having meat packaged to sell at the farmer’s market. It is the kind of place a game hunter will bring their kill to have it processed. They will buy a few animals to slaughter for their meat case. They butcher by appointment and never know what kind of animal will be booked next.

      This is going to be a big test of the property rights issue. It is not the wicked corporation selling undocumented meat to the unsuspecting consumer. It is Joe farmer deciding to take his own horse directly to the butcher to have it processed. It is not going to be the inhumane assembly line kill. They probably kill up to a half dozen animals one day a week. It is done carefully and quietly. Please keep this in mind when you are forming your arguments against this.

      • Is that how they are going to do this, to create phantom horse owners, I wonder how many farmer John’s will be registered. Oh yea and these will be like government records that you can never get?

      • What if Farmer Joe wants to sell this meat for human consumption? I knew before inspections were reinstated that horses could be slaughtered but not sold across state lines for human consumption. These horses will STILL be infit for human consumption, whether they’re inspected or not. If Joe wants to eat them himself, that’s one thing, but selling them?

      • If this is the case, then FSIS would not need to be involved. In January of this year the Supreme Court reconfirmed the Meat Safety Act. It denied states rights to have their own system or special regulations for animal slaughter in favor of federally inspected meat. It said that no state could have its own laws that differ from federal laws, but as I understand FSIS only applies to Interstate commerce. The involvement of FSIS inspectors suggests something else. It suggests that this horse meat is going to be sold across state lines or that the horse itself will be sold for slaughter across state lines. If this flies, this might mean more than a one day a week business.

        Furthermore, without veterinary records there is no way to know from such a business if the horse meat would be safe for consumers. I can see how this could become something else without a big stretch.

      • But isn’t it illegal to sell possibly contaminated meat without some kind of safeguards, records of something? Even for products that do have withdrawal times, there is no way of knowing what a horse has been given and if the withdrawal tune has elapsed.

        I guess what I’m trying to ask is – to whom do they plan to sell these horses, even with inspections? Not to Americans. Everyone here knows of the contamination.

        I guess I just find this puzzling.

      • Diane,
        you’re kidding yourself if you think this facility is better than a horse slaughter plant. Horses will suffer despite your description of “carefully and quietly” when describing the killing. You also state that “it is not going to be the inhumane assembly line kill.” No horse that is slaughtered goes without suffering, especially for human consumption! I guess you think being killed while still alive and being bled to death is humane. Never in my book. The argument you make of private owners bringing their former pets (with a life of medications in their systems) to be slaughtered, likening it to a butcher where a hunter can bring a deer is completely devoid of reality, not to mention compassion. I only hope your elderly parents are not reliant on you for their care in their golden years.

      • to Diana, my other reply to your post is awaiting moderation, so I will rephrase it; bull$hit.

      • Diane,
        Are you for or against horse slaughter? Do you really think that this “custom” butchering is legit for horses? I think it is a sham and a con for people who want to introduce horse slaughter back into the U.S.A. We aren’t fools, quickly and quietly, BS, it’s still horse slaughter and 99% of the horses today have some kind of antibiotic or drug in them and are not legal for human consumption, so how do you think this is going to play out?

        The citizens of Roswell will have more than aliens to worry about, instead, if they let the Pecos Meat Co. start processing “private” horseflesh, they will indeed see an alien that grows from one or two “private” butcherings to hundreds of horses trucked into Roswell for those “Private” appointments, Private property question is also BS.

      • Curt, no matter what label is put on it, I believe that it is a smokescreen to introduce full scale horse slaughter in New Mexico.

    • Custom is just another word for free reign, once they get the go ahead what is to keep this facility from taking in hundreds of horses a week with the excuse they are custom butchered?

  1. This really makes me mad, i was always under the Impression the American people run the US majority rules ?????? Where did and who give these Morons any permission to just egnore 80 % of Americas people ……………….. And to squander our hard earned tax money !!!!!!??????? I think Americas people need to let them know that we DO NOT want Horse Slaughter In America ????????????????? And that is FINAL!!!

    • Money talks…votes do too but too many people do not vote. Don’t like,,,write letters..sign petitions,,,protest..spread the word or ….coming to a town near you…and near YOUR horses.

    • The problem is the BLM is rounding up horses & now burros & in Calif , in the Plute Mt. area & Chocolatle mule mt. they intend to round up & kill every last animal. I just read this information. Go to oppose extermination plan of Burros from southern California Desert. e mail is The more e mails the more he will love it.
      Carole King is very against this as well.

  2. I was waiting to see where this would happen. Slaughterhouse and her pet were just pulling our chain to throw us off. Great to see we are on it. We need to know where to go from here.


      • When did this become a place to say vile things about our president? I object to the language and the sentiment expressed towards Barack Obama, everything in the world is not his fault, grow up.

      • Greyfel: I voted for the jackass president Obama that allowed this to happen again. He deserves everything bad anyone wants to say about him. Every day that he does nothing about Salazar and the BLM, more wild horses and burros are being rounded up and killed. He has made A LOT of enemies with his stand against horses and I am one of them, even tho I’ve been a democrat since 1965, will never vote for him again. And, yes, the republicans are not much better but there will be no vote for obama from me unless he starts growing some balls.

      • Barbara Leonard,
        I admire your passion and determination to fight the evil that is BLM and all of the other cretins who are practicing cruelty to animals.

        I am on the same side as you, and do not want to fight among us. We all need to stick together for the larger goal of preventing cruelty,neglect and abuse.

        Friends as Horse Warriors, for the horses,

        Kathryn Baker

      • Greyfel, Peace….you’re right, we have to stick together. Just really can’t stand anyone who doesn’t honor their word and Obama promised in his campaigning to protect the wild horses. How stupid of me to believe anything that comes out of a politician’s mouth!

  4. We need the 80% to get involved NOW!!!! Start calling Congress and make them pass HR 2966 and S1176. They have no choice now.

    • yes please get involved and call congress to pass HR2966 and S1176 it will stop all of this for the horses the war on them will be over. Please get involved they need your voice not your money please!!

  5. Well, then we have to tell local people what it means to have such a hell hole in their midst! After somebody posted the Dennis Chavez story in the local Craigslist of Albuquerque , the story got legs so that’s what I will do: post Paula BAcons story on the Roswell Craigslist so local people there can see …

    • This horse slaughter business is corrupt all across the board. Every American that loves horses should stand up for all the horses, they will all go to the slaugther houses if we are not careful. The proposed New Mexico slaughter house will be a nightmare if it is allowed to open. Horses owners will be missing their precious horses because the horse theives will come out of the wood work and try to make a buck. These people are heartless and cruel and don’t give a shit about anything but their own pockets. Horse slaughter from Our Wild American Horses to our prize pets, to horses that nobody wants anymore. Horses are not machines they are breathing and have hearts and feelings.

      • In my constant efforts to stop the round ups, I went to a BLM meeting in my town, the people who wanted to make a comment had a mic, I DID. I asked Ken Salazar why the BLM was doing these roundups chasing the horses & colts with a helicopter for a long time, & the horses were exhausted. Putting them in SMALL pens, with not enough room to turn around. He shut me

        down & interrupted me & said he couldn’t talk about this!!!!! The audience boooo d him & my friend & I left, right then, & everyone in that row stood up to shake my hand. He didn’t want to look bad so he ignored my comments. Write, call, e mail him & Congress. . for Salazar. I do this every day, but disappointed that it’s obvious they don’t care.

    • Great idea…post Paula Bacon’s story where ever you can. That’ll really open people’s eyes and hopefully their hearts. This whole farmer Joe’s story sounds pretty strange to me. Could it be another ploy, brought on by slaughterhouse Sue? They don’t give up, do they, but neither will we!
      As suggested, make those calls, be heard and be seen! Our horses, domestic and wild, need protection…please be loud and clear..horses are companion animals and deserve the love, respect and dignity to live out their lives in peace and freedom.

    • Please give us that Craigslist link after you post it, Sabine.

      Is FLER (or anyone else) going to call the Roswell Daily Record ( editor, ask him to report this story, and send him Paula Bacon’s damning report?

      I couldn’t locate the newspaper’s contact info on the website, but on other sites it looks like these are the numbers: Phone (575) 622-7710 and Fax (888) 842-4102

      Or how about contacting, the TV station covering Roswell, Clovis and Alamogordo (the latter town is where primates retired from laboratories live)? KOB’s contact info (including phone numbers and links to report breaking news and give anonymous tips) is:

  6. Time for everybody to go to action NOW. I’ve shared this on my facebook page and will write to Valley Meats in Roswell.

  7. The proposed New Mexico slaughter house will be a nightmare if it is allowed to open. Horse owners will be missing their precious horses because the horse theives will come out of the wood work and try to make a buck. These people are heartless and cruel and don’t give a shit about anything but their own pockets. Horse slaughter from Our Wild American Horses to our prize pets, to horses that nobody wants anymore. Horses are not machines they are breathing and have hearts and feelings. This proposed slaughter house must be stopped. Also, the shipping of horses to slaughter to Mexico and Canada.


    • What can we do ???? Just sit here and do nothing , letters, petitions ,phone calls all a waste of time, must we just sit and complain????

      • to Kathy H,
        yes, from your description it looks like more than just a “boutique” butcher. Pen after pen of cattle waiting for slaughter doesn’t sound like a small operation. Pools of blood and waste. The town of Roswell already has resigned itself to slaughter operations.

        I don’t know how much weight the anti horse slaughter arguments will have since they are already used to the blood, stench, and all other accompanying horrors of slaughterhouses. The cattle and pigs, etc. bleed just like horses, and so we are preaching to people who have already accepted this nasty business in their midst.

        The only thing we can do is to appeal to their sense of outrage for the business of horse slaughtering, and hope that we can strike a nerve there.

  9. Yes! We need more GIANT billboards all over the entire country! We need to do what I & many others have felt for a very long time, get up & DO something, physical!! No more “Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy”! The only way it seems the government & all the idiots that “run it”, will listen to us is by force. Seriously, they don’t give a damn what any of us want or think, that’s pretty obvious. So, whether people vote or not, they’re not going to change. We have to get them out, we have to take charge, we have to take back what is ours. If the majority rules, then why can’t 80% of the people take a real stand, & STOP this insane animal abuse? Like banding together, making a show of non-violent force, let them know we mean business. We can still attack the out-dated legal way, by fighting in the courts, calling, writing, signing petitions; that should never stop. But, we need to attack & hit them on all sides! If we’re mad & fed up enough, we’ll do something about it. This is our country, our children, our futures, & their futures, is this what we want to leave for them, is this the role models we want to be for our children? If you don’t agree or like something, just turn the other way? I don’t think so. I want my daughter to fight for what she believes in, to have the strength & courage to stand up to injustice & wrongs, & to work together to make changes. How can such a great & proud nation such as ours, even think of allowing this, especially knowing full well the very possible dangerous outcome of selling & eating poisonous, toxic horse “meat” to consumers, in this country or abroad? That’s completely brainless, that’s worse than desperate. If the world was ravaged, & there was some horrible food shortage, I could see some fearful, desperate people resorting to eating anything. But the world has plenty of available food, if only we would share it with those who really are in need. Instead of feeding so much corn & grains to livestock, they could feed entire nations instead of also causing enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to be emitted by the animal slaughter facilities. We don’t need to eat horses, tainted or not, they are not food animals, there are already enough animals who unwillingly give their lives to feed humans.

    • Dear valerie , You are so very right !!! The only way to stop this is to take what belongs to us !!!!! This government is not going to stop they see dollars signs in their eyes, it is all about money, greed nothing about honor and graditute……………..or respect they have none to give , what they are doing to our horses is complete edadication, except for what they will GROW for profit , it is ugly but the truth , when will we realize this, when its to late?????????????/

    • Valerie;
      you make very good, logical and moral points…the only problem is “blood money” doesn’t have any of these attributes!

  10. The same problems would be imposed upon people in the community, regardless of how “they” hope to skirt the issues:

    Documents regarding Dallas Crown horse slaughter plant in Kaufman, Texas.
    (The Cave documents were recently found on 04/06/2012)
    The Cave documents are a timeline and journal entries from the time soon after Dallas Crown was allowed to reopen in 1986. The journal describes police advising that “several thousand gallons of blood had run,” “blood running down the road,” an attempt to cover up blood with a bulldozer & sand, and that everything from the plant flows down to the creek to Ft. Worth’s water supply.

  11. I smell a rat……..softening the blow…..Can’t wrap my head around This fictional farmer Jor stocking his freezer with the horse……Will farmer Joe please come forward and explain why he wants to eat his horse? Is it object poverty with no other resources options available for food?
    I feel like there is some point bring made , was farmer Joe paid by somebody or government agency to make this a story? I am suspicious.

    • If you go to Diane’s fb page she has a picture of Sue Wallis (who was the main cheerleader for horse slaughter) on it! You smelled a big greedy rat alright!

    • Key pro-slaughter players in DC: Charlie Stenholm – former TX rep lobbyist, Tom Lenz – DVM PRCA (pro rodeo cowboy assoc), Bill Brewer – Exec Dir National Cutting Horse Assoc (X-VP of AQHA), Peter Cofrancesco III – Pres AQHA

      By the way, horses have 60% more blood than cows…….

  12. This does not look like a small mom & pop custom slaughter operation googlemap it. Appears to be substaintial acreage with large lagoons/waste ponds which appear to be blood filled..others filled with green & brown waste.paddock after paddock of cattle..operating under various dba names ,Pecos Valley Meat Co., Dairyland Packing Inc,Meat Plant Holding LLC..this is a worrisome threat.

    • Diane’s post suggesting that is a lie! Check out her face book photos where she has a picture of Sue Wallis on it!

  13. It must be THE top priority to prevent the opening of the first slaughter facility. It will only get easier to open more after the first one. The town needs to be innudated with information on what kind of hell town they are about to become if this is allowed. Crime, pollution, lowlifes, and nothing positive to gain at all!

  14. Think you need graphic billboards around the town saying welcome to Roswell-home of UFOs and the only horse slaughter plant in the country. Aren’t we special?

  15. Does any one find Diana VerHoef Bodensteine’s comments on this page interesting? I noticed she gives a place on her Face book photos to Sue Wallis, who was the ring leader in getting the bill passed enabling horse slaughter! People’s greed never cease to amaze me!

  16. We, the 80% of the American people, we HAVE to do something. This can, and this may NOT go on. If I had a Helicopter, I would have 1000.’s and 1000’s of fliers going down. So many people still do not know, what is going on with our beautiful Horses. Please, send me fliers, so I can distribute them . I realy want to do this.. Every voice counts! Who can I ask, to send them to me?. . 511 W. 235 st. #4D. BX. NY 10463 Solvejg.Z.

    • Solvejg,
      you can make up your own flyers, don’t need people to send them to you, just print out what you want to say and distribute them. Good luck.

    • Solveijg,
      go to
      click on the how can I help at the top, it will take you to a place where you can print out brochures against horse slaughter and you can print them out yourself and distribute them. Keep up the good work!

  17. if it is indeed a “custom slaughtering “facility the person who owns said animal yes can have it slaughtered to eat it themselves or feed it to friends but note they cannot sell that meat in stores to people that indeed is illegal.

    • But according to the report they have put in an application to slaughter for human consumption didn’t they? So then that means the meat will be sold and it is not just for Farmer Joe to bring in his old, sick, cancer filled, drug over loaded horse to be killed for his own consumption. Smoke and mirrors again people!

  18. When those three trolls in Congress lifted the defunding language, they KNEW they wouldn’t get funding at the legislative level. Their plan has ALWAYS been to get the Secretary of Agriculture, Vilsack to find and move DISCRETIONARY funds for HCHS at a plant somewhere (a backdoor, executive branch method)…..apparently Gov Susana Martinez of NM is more than willing to oblige.

  19. I’m amazed no one has posted on sue Wallis’s facebook page, as she is the one who has led fellow legislators in getting horse slaughter (FDA funding) approved. She also personally is lining up the investors to build the slaughter houses. Not surprising she has fb friends from New Mexico on her fb page. I find her videos eating horses really disturbing and offensive!!!!!!!

    • Key pro-slaughter players is DC: Charlie Stenholm – former TX rep lobbyist, Tom Lenz – DVM PRCA (pro rodeo cowboy assoc), Bill Brewer – Exec Dir National Cutting Horse Assoc (X-VP of AQHA), Peter Cofrancesco III – Pres AQHA

    • see key players in DC below – SS is just a fly on the pile, her alleged investors are no where to be seen as they have seen this fat slob flee from one failed attempt to the next

      • More than them darlin’….more than them.

        Look at Cargill, NCBA, Farm Bureau (the wh#res of big ag) etc. (you mean the local list of meat packers below?…check out who really owns them and like they will read [or could read] anything someone who doesn’t tote their party line would read).

  20. This sounds like a lot of BS to me, just like the Dregs company. It the first blogger thinks for one minute horse slaughter is EVER KIND, GENTLE OR HUMANE, this blogger better think again. Horses are not raised as a meat source, they are raised for companionship and competition. I want to thank everyone out there who has their eyes and ears open to this. Oh, and lets all send a letter to the tourism bureau of New Mexico. I always thought it might be a lovely place to visit, but now if this ever happens its curtains for this state! How family oriented is this..My vision of New Mexico was always the ballon races…your right, its time for a huge bill board to be put up by the
    airport as all the people fly into the state capital..Have the Aliens taken over the brains of the Legislators and citizens of New Mexico? Hummmmmmmmmmm, are they alive and well….I found an old newspaper clipping from the Chicago Tribune dated April 15. 1991 regarding the Archway Packing company in Desloge, MO, same issues as today. The article indicates a group called MASH was also fighting the slaughter issue. It states this company was forced to shut down temporarily because of a European ban on horsemeat imports from the US. The nations of the
    European Economic Community imposed the ban on March 20th after 17 people were reported to have been hopitalized. So whats new from 1991? Not a thing.. The article is old, but the same questions and concerns are certainly the same…If any states allow this it will be damning to their
    communities and businesses within the state..How sick..once its in your state it will be hell to get rid of. We need to start lighting the fires under the feet of all of the Legislators and President Obama.

    • Hi Gail, I live in Santa Fe, NM and have spent the majority of the day emailing officials & news reporters to get this story out in the open! I’m APAULED that this could happen in my beautiful state!! I am an advid horse lover, used to show them, volunteer at Challenge New Mexico where we use equine therapy for mentally and physically disabled kids! There will be more information coming to us tomorrow afternoon as far as the petition, etc. I agree with you that it could easily hurt our tourism industry and plan on sending them a letter as well!! Please send letters asking the local news channels to report on this!!


      Look for the investigative reporters names and send emails directly to them!!

  21. If the community already has so much sloughter, blood, and waste, they are already compromised. I wonder if they have any idea how a horse slaughter plant could tilt them over the edge.

    I don’t know if any of you read the actual petition that HSUS and Front Range Rescue put out yesterday, but they have done an excellent job laying out the case about the potential harm to human health that slaughtering U. S. horses brings. I simply cannot imagine how any responsible public official could allow a slaughter plant to open on his or her watch. The evidence is damning in multiple ways, and after reading the petition filed by HSUS and Front Range Rescue, it may be very well illegal as the FMIA is written and interpreted.

    The Supreme Court ruled that no state can operate a slaughter facility by its own rules. All slaughter facilities must comply uniforming with the provisions of the FMIA..

  22. Reblogged this on Downtown Local and commented:
    Welcome to the American Slaughter! Who’s next in line for the slaughter. We slaughter our cats, dogs, cows, chickens, pigs, horses, innocent people in other countries, and any other helpless people or animal that we can control or overpower. This country has a real sickness festering inside of it’s self. People really need to open their eyes as to what kind of world is being created here, and what they are being conditioned to except. Where does the slaughter end…and with who?

  23. I hate the idea of slaughtering horses..I love horses..but what I hate worse is the thought of horses staying in homes where they are starved because the economy has choked families so badly that they cant feed their horses and they cant sell them because everyone is too broke to buy horses or feed horses..I have neighbors right next door who only feed their horses every third day…and they are skin and bones…it is sickening to watch them wither away..I have contacted animal control but they dont have the resources to do anything about it other than harrass the horse owner…which has not made any difference at all…cant squeeze blood out of a turnip right…its all just sad

    • Sorry….more than respectfully disagree. They can put those equines humanely to rest and that doesn’t include HCHS.

      You should either help them or report them.

      And, AND….starving is just as disgusting and immoral as HCHS with one exception…..the perps aren’t peddling contaminated meat to unsuspecting humans as food.

      p.s. ask the operators of southern border h*llholes (aka export feedlots[that really don’t feed or water for that matter]) if Mexico takes skinny equines.


    • You could do a local fundraiser to buy food for them maybe? Or just sit there and do nothing and watch them wither away. You act like you have no choice in the matter. You do. It’s your neighbor. Do you ever talk to them and ask how you can help? It is time to stop blaming the economy at this point. And anyone can save or borrow money to euthanize a horse if needed. Or set up a payment plan with their vet. But you are right, it is sad. Go feed some horses. You’ll feel better.

      • Many people, like myself want to help people keep their horses. I do not own horses but I do ride them and assist with chores around the stable. I also give to local horse rescue groups when I can. I am sure if you are honest and the money is really going to help with the horses so many horse lovers will give. I want the horse owners to keep their horses that they have and take good care of them. If you are in actual need seek help and don’t give up.

    • if you’re uncaring neighbors can’t afford humane euthanasia by a vet, ever heard of bullets? starving horses are not going to slaughter so I don’t see your point

    • Nooooo Lisa!! I’ve contacted the news stations to try & get them to report on this! Please, everyone else do the same!! The local stations in NM are:

      Gadi Swartz at KOBTV is the best investigating reporting, so I sent him an email! Please everyone – we need to get this in the news and not just on FB!!

  24. It states above that there are two petitions – where are they?! I know a ton of people who will sign! I have contacted our local news stations (I live in NM) to cover this story. Please give us a link so we can post on FB and get even more signatures!!

  25. What a shame that such beautiful and healthy horses have to die for measly few
    bucks profit! Can someone get them out of there please?

  26. Please post this on your house and senate reps facebook page. Check if any of your reps are on any committees getting this bill to the floor for vote of on the President’s desk for signature~FYI, American Horse Slaughter Prevention act 2011 H.R.2966 has 160 house cosponsors and S.1176 has 26 senate cosponsors. We need 58 more House cosponsors and 25 Senate cosponsor to be majority!

  27. I have been in contact with a couple of the NM news stations who are now investigating this! Please everyone we need to keep the buz going on this topic & we need to keep it strong! Please post this site on your FB page – power in numbers!!!

    • Thanks for the link Natalie! I’ve written to my Governor and I also have 2 TV stations investigating! The last thing I want in our state is horse slaughter!!

  28. This smells like a back door angle to get a slaughter plant established in Roswell. Custom slaughter is still slaughter. Private owners are going to haul their horses to Roswell to have them killed and slaughtered? Really? If they don’t want to or can’t continue to take care of their horses, then have them humanely euthanized by their veterinarian? Or just shoot them and bury the carcass or have it hauled to the local dump. That would probably be a lost cheaper than hauling the horse or horses all the way to Roswell. Doesn’t make any sense! Do they really believe that private owner are going to take their equine companions to be slaughtered so they can eat them?

    The comment about horses coming up missing is probably legitimate…..people will be stealing horses and taking them to slaughter in order to make money….same as cattle thieves have been doing for centuries!

    And that lovely SW Livestock Auction in Los Lunas, owned by Dennis Chavez, which is the recipient of hundreds of horses hauled in from out of state on semis from as far away as California, can now sell them to meat buyers who have to option of taking their “goods” to Roswell as well as the slaughter plants in Mexico. Their next advertised auction is scheduled for May 29th. Come on down and take a look in the pens to see which are the unfortunates, destined for the long trip to slaughter houses in Mexico.

    – When Horse Slaughter Comes To Town-March 28, 2012

    Source: Press Release

    Rick Santos,
    Valley Meat Company
    ‎3845 Cedarvale Rd
    Roswell, NM 88203-9020

    Mayor Del Jurney
    425 N. Richardson
    P.O. Box 1838
    Roswell, NM 88202-1838

    Roswell Convention Center and
    Roswell Visitors Bureau
    912 N Main
    Roswell, NM 88201

    Roswell Chamber of Commerce
    131 W 2nd Street
    Roswell, NM 88201

    Roswell/Chaves County Economic
    Development Corporation
    P.O. Box 849
    Roswell, NM 88202

  30. Think I saw this on NM Equine Action Group FB page, but it showed a letter from Wallis’ International Equine Business Assoc. to Gov. of NM saying how great Chavez treated the horses and then there was a letter from Chavez saying how great he cares for the horses. A great place to keep up with what’s happening in NM re the Roswell plant and Chavez is the FB page New Mexico Equine Action Group. Letters made me so mad I tried to email Wallis’ Internat’l Equine Business Assoc. but there’s no place on their website to comment. That figures! But I did get an email address for Bill desBarres who is co-chair with Wallis. His email is

  31. Hey! What happened to the “gotta have HCHS” Gina Bobina?????? Hit and run?

    This starve versus HCHS is such a cunnard. Evil is evil and she wants (like Berman’s humanewatch.fauxorg, slimy politicos and USDA, breed associations, etc) to butcher equines cruelly, peddle bad meat for humans and put a slime dime in their pockets.


  32. Found out that the reason for all the roundups & potential slaughter, & also for Burros, is the g o v
    wants the land for resource extraction. Oil, Gas, Mining, etc. The animals will be in the way.
    They want to turn Nevada,, Montana, Wyoming, into Big machines, that remove everything from the earth. Have you seen pic’s of the tar sands or mining areas ? Look sometime. It looks like someone took huge amounts of dynamite & blew the land to smitheens. Not a pretty site. Greed Greed & Greed has taken over Congress. By the way a herd of Baboons is called”””’ Congress”” Fitting don’t you think?

  33. I hate the thought of a horse being slaughtered or killed just because its over populated or not wanted or old. Isnt there any other way to handle these situations?! Is there an option to control the population without killing. We have birth control, why cant we create a birth control for horses and dogs. Put it in their food.

    We need something to manage the population of horses, and slaughtering and killing them should not be an option. People are over populated, and we dont kill people, we are the worse species for this planet. So many people go to church, pray to their God, then turn around and destroy his world, with their polution, cruelity to animals, self rightousness attitude, that God gave them this world to do whatever they want, so this is the choice they made, kill animals and destory the planet.

    So fustrating that so many people think this is an option, and we need to do this to keep the money in US. US needs to be the country to step up and make an example of how humane, decent, moral people can make money, without sacrificing the animal to make money for the country.

    • Dear Greyfel, It dosnt mater who voted for Obama or who didnt the fact remains, he lied If i remember correctly he said before being elected that he would protect our Wild Mustangs … There has never been a viable reason to round up or slaughter our Wild Mustangs other than Greed !!!! To all of us here we believe that a President should always protect what is and has always been America one of those things is the Wild Mustangs, there is nothing here that is more beautiful or more American than The Wild Mustangs, they represent Americas Freedom, they built America…………..The President is who he is , he has the power to stop the round ups and stop the slaughter, if he does not do this , i ask what kind of a True American whould allow the descimation of the Horses, some things automatically remain saced and the Mustangs are one of them…………Anyone one who condones this action is not a True American , and alone the most Un American Act is to destroy Our Wild Mustangs !!!!!! Name calling is a release of the frustations we have had to endure , clearly the Mustangs belong here free to roam that is the main fact here , our Presidents refusal to protect them and to sell them down the river in this fashion clrearly speaks for itself !!!!!!!!!! He signed the Slaughter bill therefore he alone is responsible for it !!!! When 80% of the people speak he is suppose to listen and act , he acted with the signing of the Slaughter of them I am sorry all creditability has been lost !!!!!!!!! Where is the Honor, respect for Our AMERICAN Mustangs in this there is NONE !!!!! SHAME ON MR> PRESIDENT !!!!!!

  34. This is in response to Greyfel who took exception to the bad names people are calling Obama. Yes, Greyfel, he does deserve all the bad names because IT WAS HE who signed the legislation to allow horse slaughter again, not to mention his guy Salazar, who I feel should be tarred and feathered. I, sorry to say, voted for Obama. Even tho I’ve been a democrat since 1965, that will not happen again. And, yes, the republicans are just as bad, so don’t even go there.

    • In reply to Barbara Leonard,

      Yes I took exception to using some of the names that were used in connection with the president of the United States. I am one of the staunchest supporters of the anti-slaughter of horses movement, but I don’t think those names were necessary.

      Obama should realize his mistake and hopefully, rectify it if he gets another chance. I will definitely email the White House and voice my displeasure as I have in the past (without nasty names).

      I have been moved to use such names, and more, in the past, particularly to describe “Monty”, who ran the Bravo Meat Packing, and happily for horses, died of cancer.

      However, before he died, he was one of the most evil and grotesque men alive. He was a bigoted, evil, and cruel man and deserved the death he got and more.

      I do however, realize that the use of such descriptive language doesn’t get us anywhere, it only turns off some people, and so I try to be civil in my postings.

    • If Obama hadn’t signed that bill – it was the Budget for the entire Federal Government – the government would have had to shut down – there was no time left to bicker, those Three made sure of THAT. The Government shuts down and lots of bad things happen to lots of people.

      While this is very important to US, we have to remember that the US Government is HUGE and the Budget covers many things. Let’s get real. You can’t expect the entire government to shut down over this. That is just not realistic.

      Since this was done at the last minute and very hush-hush, Obama might not have known that one little bit had been removed from the Agriculture Budget.

      Yeah, we can complain to the roof tops about Salazar, but we really can’t expect anyone to shut down the entire shebang for us.

      • Suzanne,
        Thank you for your comment on the signing of the budget bill. There are many tactics used to conceal items in larger items in Washington. It is a huge shell game practiced by experts.

        What a shame that the game playing takes place in the name of “legislation” on our behalf.
        The politicians should be ashamed of their back room antics, but they are not. It takes a keen eye and a sharp mind to keep up with all of the crap that goes on in D.C.

        Sometimes it seems that everything that happens gets blamed on the President. It is a job that is so arduous and nerve wracking that I am amazed that anyone wants it.

        Even the men who basically have good intentions get sabotaged by the D.C. game.

      • You are SO right. I also agree on what a difficult and thankless job the Presidency has become. No wonder we have so much trouble finding qualified and principled people to hold office.

      • Suzanne, maybe it would have been good to shut down the government for a GOOD reason for a change instead of just because dems and reps can’t get along. Obama is not keeping his word when he was campaigning to protect the wild horses. He and his Salazar deserve each other. Obama has been sitting on his hands since Nov when he signed this into law. Shame on him.

  35. Barbara – You CANNOT bring the entire United States Government to a halt because of ONE item in a huge Budget Bill, I don’t care what it is. Our horse loving Senators and Representatives signed it too, because there was NO other choice by that time.

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