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Horse Slaughter President and Buddy Reporter Concoct Another Story of Misinformation and Untruths

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Duquette, Walli$ and Cockle Missed Their Calling as Writers of Fiction


Jealous and incensed by all of the press (bad) and attention (negative) that his partner in horse killing, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$, has been getting United Horsemen president Dave Duquette once again collaborated with his good buddy Richard Cockle to put together a misleading, inaccurate and despicable article so that the bloody spotlight of horse slaughter could once again shine beet red upon Duquette, facts and honesty be damned.  The article speaks to a supposed Horse Slaughter plant to be built in Duquette’s home town Hermiston, Oregon and lists all of the bogus and outrageous standard lies that Duquette uses to justify butchering horses and then feasting upon the companion animals flesh to feed the greed that has eaten away his soul.  But here is the REAL kicker, Duquette is the owner of the land that he is selling to his OWN organization and backers.  How is that for honesty and transparency?  United Horsemen is a 501(c)(3) and perhaps the IRS would be sincerely interested in this little shell game!

Duquette pulled this same bogus stunt back in July of 2009, with the help of Cockle, when another outrageous article circulated that stated the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon would be building a Horse Slaughter plant, soon.  I personally contacted the tribe and received this reply.

“No, we are not making any plans to build a horse slaughter plant on any reservation”, stated Tim Outman, field representative for the Warm Springs Tribe’s Department of Natural Resources.  Putting all cultural and moral conflicts aside, Outman said, “Who would invest 8-10 million dollars into building a facility where there is absolutely no market?  Shipping horse meat is against Federal Law.  We have no idea what, where or who, is perpetuating this misinformation.”

“This sort of journalism does nothing to further the cause and public relations of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs”, stated Outman.  Click (HERE) to read the SFTHH article.

Cockle went on to build a fairy tale story about Duquette and then butchered quotes from Chris Heyde of the Animal Welfare Institute; back in ’09 Hyde responded:

Richard Cockle has again written another poorly researched and unsupported article on horses. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with him providing facts and evidence dismissing the misleading claims put forward by individuals more interested in abusing horses than advancing the truth.  However, what does he do? Prints rhetoric. It is a shame that Mr. Cockle, Sue Wallis and others continue to exploit the truth and suffering of horses just to make a name for themselves nationally”

“It is amazing how sloppy reporters have been on this issue.  The tribes are smart enough to see a scam and this is one of the worst.  The misinformation on this issue seems to be radiating from a very pro-horse slaughter vet from the region who just happens to be a leader of the so called “Unwanted” Horse Coalition.  As we all know this is a front group for the horse slaughter industry.”

Duquette responded to my article with a series of emails loaded with expletives and open threats, so much so that I asked for his physical address for lawful service, his emails to me were then discontinued.

But the simple minded only repeat the same mistakes and lies because they lie so often that they can’t remember what they said in the past.

Chris Heyde has responded to the most recent Duquette/Cockle Collusion Fest with the comment:

Once again Richard has written a creative and pro-horse slaughter article. He gathers facts only from a guy who has misled folks on the issue for several years. In fact, Big D’s cohort in slaughter was just soundly rejected in her attempt to promote a plant in Missouri. The American public is tired of those working to abuse horses for a profit. There is also a growing anger among the horse industry at these horse slaughter promoters because it will turn the billion dollar horse business into a million dollar meat market thus destroying a very large industry.

So who are these “Slaughter advocates and critics alike mostly agree that the ban flopped, causing steep declines in horse prices and widespread abandonment of horses” Richard talks about. AWI started the national campaign back in 2001 and so far I am unaware of any slaughter critics who think the USDA defund effort “flopped” as he suggested. The USDA ban was never the final goal, it was a step along the way. As Cathy Liss noted, who would be foolish enough to spend millions of dollars to build a plant only to have Congress shut it down yet again? I promise you, that will happen. If these folks have so much money why don’t they use it to help horses instead of waste it buying abandoned buildings?

You can read the article by clicking (HERE) as we at SFTHH won’t soil our site with such poison.  But I highly suggest that the public stop by and visit the article for two major reasons:

1.) to Comment

2.) to view a picture of Dave Duquette with a LIVE horse, a sight that is rarely seen.

Keep the Faith.

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  1. I saw where their “meeting” at the auction house in MO is closed to press. Guess they don’t want their lies recorded for posterity. I still don’t get that we even have to spend time and effort fighting this issue. Rather go watch a real clown show.


    • I am not a fan of clowns, but I respect the art they attempt. They can be funny, poignant and an expression of the human condition.

      Sadly, Doink and SS are not anything close to clowns because they are not trying to be funny….plus to become a clown requires great thought, training and effort. DD and SS are the furthest things from thought, training and effort.

      They are entrenched, antiquated opportunists for a very base and cruel industry. The only clowns I know of that behave that way were the clowns in the fictionalized movie “Clowns from Space” (?)….that movie creep’d the Hades out of me. (RT…get a pic of those clowns in that movie and you got the equine slaughter industry).


  2. I did see the picture of DaveMonsterDuquette with a live horse!! The horse looks terrified. I hope he hasn’t gone down the slaughter chute. Let Dave Duquette and Sue Wallis keep talking. If you give them enough rope, they’ll hang themselves, as the old saying goes.


    • I think they may have already done that. Dorothy. They sure didn’t fool the people of Missouri! Can you imagine a Q & A meeting with the press excluded? I wonder how many of the citizens will be excluded too? All known anti-slaughter inclined citizens? You can bet on that.

      These idiots don’t seem to realize how BAD this looks to normal, reasonable people. I guess it just goes to show how far removed they are from the normal, reasonable category.

      Great post, R. T.! Can’t wait to see IRS response!


      • If you KNOW you are going to lose the issue and still want to win, control the debate and facts/truth…..that is what they are being instructed to do by the lobbyist(s?) crafting their efforts.


      • I would REALLY like to know who is bankrolling both Wallis and Doink. WHO believes these two fumbling nut jobs are worth the huge amounts they are certainly getting? Personally, I wouldn’t pay these clowns a dime. They are obviously doing more harm than good.


    • I have said this before; I will say (ask) it again…..what is Duquette’s training success record? He says he is a horseman, said he didn’t breed (I think that is a lie) and only trains other folk’s equines (mostly QHs for Western reining, etc). How good is he? What and where are his awards for training for “other” people? Where does he stand as a trainer and owner in the analogous breed and performance associations?

      Seriously! Put it out there Dave….show everyone how good you (and your entire operation) really are.

      Dave spends soooooo much time on equine slaughter for human consumption that he, HE must need it for some reason. I think good ol’ Dave must really be breaking them so much and wanting a do over, that he and his supporters or clients, must use HCHS as a management tool.

      Just my opinion.


      • OOOOoooooooppppps!!!! Went to the Oregonian, read fa”cock”tah’s carney ride called “mega-spin” and low and behold, what is the photo? Well it is Doink with his enabler and a palomino mare that has made them over a quarter of a mil in foals for “shows”.

        Gee, guess that “I don’t breed” is out the window and down the kill chute.


        Tell me how someone doesn’t breed (but trots out a broodmare that looks to be for color, maybe breed [fa”cock”tah left that out) and makes money off of yearlings (etc) for SHOW???? Halter and confirmation classes? Gee…lots of work required there!

        I think I know the answer, but would love to hear from smarter people (especially Western or breed specific folks) than me. I know how it works in TB and Sporthorses….reasonably well.

        Got to back and read the rest of the manure.


    • The ONE horse is alive for now. As to the beard, I am more concerned about the heart inside the man, under the beard. The beard, however appears to be sustained by the flesh, hide and hair of all US equines sent to HCHS.


  3. That explains it. You are right that the problem is not the beard, but with the heart. I am being petty, but honestly…horse hair and pony hair are rendered. Anyone who do all the things he has done would paste a beard of horse tail on his face just to be an exclamation “in your face”.

    I don’t like being mean about people’s appearance, and I don’t know if I ever engage in this, but honestly that beard—it is almost a symbol of everything about this group whose beliefs and actions are so. Reprehensible.

    The beard looks false. It looks like a mask, a mask worm to prevent the viewer from recognizing the true identity of the wearer. It is a mask in the truest sense of Greek theatre. What does it mean to wear a paste on identity?

    Methinks the mask belies the missing heart. It tries to say “I am a man” when no man is in the building.


    • President Lincoln grew a beard after the suggestion (supposedly) from a letterby a child/young girl. The beard was a function of style and custom for the 19th Century.

      It is not in the 21st Century, although Duquette seems to be a prisoner (like the equines in his charge) of the past.

      The man is false; that is his problem. I know more than a handful of men that have facial hair and are sincere advocates for equines.

      It is not the fur on your face; it is the fur on your heart (soul?)….goes for women too.


      • I did not mean to imply that all men who wear beards are false. Nor did I mean to imply that men who wear beards are less attractive than men who do not wear them. The presence or absence of a beard is a personal choice. My brother wore one for years. Most of the men with beards that I see, show a similarity between their hair color/texture and their bid. My point about Dave Duquette’s beard is that it doesn’t seem natural. It enhances his image as a caricature rather than as real person. You question his heart because of what he stands for. I mocked his appearance because he appears to be trying to0 hard to be real—a real person, with a bearing heart and feelings—empathy.

        I’m a literature person. I look for symbols, patterns, traits that recur and recur throughout literature because they recur throughout life. I know not everyone gets this, but it is my frame of reference. Their are traits authors use to suggest characters have certain traits, and Dave D’s beard —-which appears photoshopped—would be just one more piece an author might choose to make him the obvious villain he is. The point is not that it is a beard, but that it does
        looks like Palm Tree in Tundra.


      • I wear a beard for a reason…it disguises the fact that I don’t have a chin…haha.

        But the horses like it a lot and the new kitten that Terry rescued finds it particularly appealing, I think they believe that I am one of them. In fact, I once heard the horses discussing it behind my back…but that is another story.


      • Whoa!

        What I said is that Duquette is false and brought a little history into the mix. We…err the equines have good men on their side with facial hair. I don’t get it and it never flipped my switch….BUT some women love it. BTW…in the case of Duquette, either he is just F****’ lazy or thinks it makes him more of a man.

        I vote for lazy and he will never be a man when he supports beating up equines, lies and peddling dishonest “meat” to humans for consumption.


  4. Is the twenty year old Palomino mare that they are pictured with destined to be slaughtered at the proposed plant after producing six prized mares?

    How sad to use this mare to advertise their plan.


    • Dorothy…it goes back to the number of equines he takes in, foals and how many can still be found walking the right side of the dirt.

      Depending on who owns the mare…she is headed to the meatman; that is their method of disposal. Nice thank you, right?


  5. As a recent resident of the lovely State of Oregon, I can assure that NO city in OR will allow a horse slaughtering plant. Hermiston is on the great Columbia River. Yeah, I can just see the residents allowing bloody contamination of their river.
    He’s not even a GOOD liar..I can’t understand how he has followers.


  6. And the lies roll on………..the noose around their necks gets tighter ……….we wait……… not so patiently for the final kick of the stump they stand on. The final words out of their mouths that hang them once and for all. Their doing a pretty bang up job, all on their own 🙂 Keep it coming R.T.!


  7. R.T. : As always, another good article. And, that kitty knows a good man when he/she sees one. This Dave Duppy character has no character. I only wish that beautiful palomino he is with does not nor ever will be his. This is a man with no character, no conscience, no compassion, no sense of reality and a lier to boot. HE and his cohorts represent the worst of society and the human race. May they all join each other in HELL. And me hopes it is soon.


  8. In addition to above. I truly believe that there are too many people in Oregon to ever let a slaughter plant be an addition to any of their communities. I understand the state is beautiful and hope later in the year to go there, hoping to rescue two horses that I saw a year ago — need to find a reasonable place here in California to keep them as everything is sooooooo high, boarding and hay, etc. And, I will be looking to see how I like it as a retirement area.

    Laurel, where in Oregon are you? It does sound like it would be a great place. My problem is with too much heat and too much cold. BURR! BURR!


  9. Also, in addition to above, the beard does look fake. It looks like he is trying to disguise what he really looks like. It looks like one you would buy in a Halloween store or such. And, why is has even found a girl to marry is beyond me. Was she desparate. That she would want to have anything to do with a “KILLER” is beyond me. She better watch her back as she may be in danger later on. Anyone that likes to slaughter horses is deranged and needs a shrink.


  10. To perpetrate and aggrandize an institution of horse slaughter for personal material and egotistic self aggrandizement — epitomizes a type of perversity that cannot be abided! It would only snowball, like other forms of animal abuse involving other species. And we see where this has led! See my article Overgrazing is By Humankind, and also especially my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy which describes the inhumanity in detail of horse slaughter. this is available on, Barnes & Noble website or though me.


  11. Thank you for outing Dave Duquette’s dishonesty over and over again. Also for exposing reporter Richard Cockle of La Grande, Oregon. It’s surprising to me that the Oregonian allows Mr. Cockle to report – where is the fact checking.

    The article was very disturbing and particularily this comment:

    “A revived industry is certain to renew a clash over how to deal with aged or lame horses and what to do with the country’s burgeoning wild horse population.”

    As I wrote in my comment on the article: “there is a sickening ‘gold rush’ mentality to cash in on the blood of our horses by building horse slaughter plants.” …..and that most certainly includes our wild horses.


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