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Sue Wallis Legal Woes Come Home To Roost

from the Pages of Wyoming’s Gillette News Record

From Fraud, Ethics to Battery, Wallis is in Trouble

Rep. Sue Wallis under investigation ~ Photo by Pam Nicholes

Campbell County prosecutors have launched an investigation into whether state lawmaker Sue Wallis has abused her power by promoting horse-slaughter legislation.

The probe stems from an ethics complaint filed last month by an animal-rights advocate from Cody.

In the complaint, Patricia Fazio alleges that Wallis, a Campbell County Republican, has sponsored and voted on bills in which she has had a financial interest and tried to defraud supporters out of $30,000 in a bogus raffle. Wallis has denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusations “laughable.”

Fazio has called for a thorough investigation. Campbell County Attorney Jeani Stone said her office is handling the probe and has asked the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office to look into the allegations. It’s unclear how soon a decision from local authorities will come.

The case was turned over to Campbell County prosecutors after the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office determined that the complaint fell outside its jurisdiction.

Ed Buchanan, the incoming speaker of the House, said he only has seen parts of the complaint. He expects lawmakers to take up the matter when the Legislature convenes later this month.

The 14-page ethics complaint centers on:

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Fazio says Wallis has been on a crusade to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption. She says the lawmaker has profited from this legislation because Wallis is involved in an animal-processing company and several lobbying groups that promote horse-slaughter interests.

Wallis has said she is not paid for her work with nonprofits like the United Organizations of the Horse and United Horsemen. She also wasn’t paid for helping Unified Equine LLC, an animal-processing company, get off the ground.

Wallis said her legislation was meant to restore “humane and regulated” animal processing. Too many unusable horses, she says, are being abandoned in the wild where they starve to death or are killed by coyotes. She says these animals cannot be given away because many horse rescues already are full.

FRAUD: Fazio also says Wallis sold $30,000 in raffle tickets for a new pickup, then later wrote a letter saying she didn’t have enough money to buy the pickup.

Fazio says Wallis asked supporters if she could keep the proceeds as a donation. Wallis has denied the accusation, saying the pickup will be raffled off this week at a summit in Las Vegas.

SFTHH Notes:

Click (HERE) for actual press release on Ethics and Fraud allegations

Click (HERE) to view actual complaint

Click (HERE) to encourage Wyoming authorities to investigate complaint

Click (HERE) to read SFTHH report on Wallis battery allegation and (HERE) for Horseback Magazine Coverage

A year late the Dodge truck was awarded to a personal friend of organizer Dave Duquette

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  1. I hope they conduct an honest investigation and that charges are levied. This woman has seemingly been walking a thin line for a long time.


  2. I viewed parts of the scummit on the internet(and no–I didn’t pay to do it!)One of the “participants” in the scummit advised those attending to “make friends with the local sheriff”.
    I don’t hold much hope for dealing with the “locals” in Wallis’ county. Hope I am wrong and Patricia Fazio can get this to a higher level.


  3. I once read Sue Wallis had people from China visit her home state to try to sell her horse-slaughter-501c charity to them as a business deal? Sue is trying to find ignorant countries like china or russia to eat americas pet toxic horses.

    Not sure exactly of the is very expensive to flyin and vacation a group from China…did Sue Wallis’ charity pay for the Chinese group or did the state or county pay for the expenses?

    Just the airfare alone is thousands of dollars!


  4. The slaughter fest is over and from the reports a sparsely attended flop. It seems as if Abbey is bending somewhat to public pressure. I say lets move forward in a positive manner to make the American public aware of the majestic creature that the horse is to all of us who have shared our lives with them. The fate of America’s horses lies with the American public so our goal should be to introduce them to our beloved horses. Believe me alot of American do not even know that we have wild mustangs or of the rancher and breeder subsidy.


    • Actually, the Federal killing machine got their toes whacked off when they tried to dip their tootsies in the push the slaughter option for our wild equines pool. That creep would never admit or publically agree to such an option (which begs the question: why did he show up there in the first place when it is known that slaughter was the focus? Also, did anyone from DOI show up at the Unwanted Horse Forum back in 2008 (USDA hosted, but was sponsored by AHC)?

      He says one thing and covertly does another….no reasonable, accessable friend of wild equines (sorry Simone…wolf in sheep’s clothing?).

      He went to talk outside of the public scummit to continue or establish contact with those that surrepticiously (sorry about the spelling) scoot the wild ones to the meat man/rendering via the SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT.


  5. Since sue posted all this and sent it out to subscribers of her website, about the dodge truck and not getting enough tickets sold, and asking for people to just consider it a “donation’ to her cause..its a matter of public record…and no way to deny it..She is just a ‘babbling brook” of twisted lies..think she found a corner-she cannot get out of this time.


  6. The only satisfaction I take from SS being investigated is that it will cause some level of discomfort for her. I am not, however optimistic.

    And I don’t appreciate the term “animal RIGHTs advocate”. Yeah, I’m thrilled they didn’t write “terriorists”, but they (the ag hags…those that think change is evil and everything is OKeyDohKee) still label everyone concerned about ethics, morality, following laws, regualtions when it comes to animals as “rights”; it is meant to label and pigeonhole us.


    • I dont like the name they label us with either, but i really dont care what they call me , as long as the Media keeps covering The Wild Mustangs Plight and I know they will get the help they need to be FREE……………………….so they can call me anything they want !!!!!!!! As long as our Mustangs are FREE………………………………………….


    • I’m tickled about the ‘environmental extremist’ label; that, along with ‘activist’ & ‘radical vegetable-terrorism-ist’ paints me as a whole bunches of excitement much more capable of burning off excess calories and body fat than the REAL ME!!

      Whoda thunk at my advanced age and/or income group, I’d be striking fear and economic disaster in the heart of an entire industrial complex that has yet to come into existence??

      My kids and grandkids will be AWESTRUCK; to them I’m just ‘Ma’ & ‘Grandma’!


    • I think Animal Right’s Advocate is a wonderful label. As living, sentient beings, animals absolutely deserve to have rights, with increased legislation concerning their welfare. I also love “tree hugger.” I most certainly do love trees, for the forests are the lungs of the earth, and without them, humans and mammals would not breathe. Do not be offended – it is an accurate, noble, life-enhancing term.


  7. I’m a proponent of facts, data and interviewing all sides of an issue…using the term “animal rights” or “animal terrorist” is a cheap shortcut used by lazy, uninformed, special interest driven journalists. A good journalist follows a code of behavior…using monikers, especially without reference to an organization of record is a cheap, garbage shot at the opposing side.

    And wild equines will be continually brutallzed by the killers if we don’t speak up about proper names, citations, data and flip use of “terminology”. They call us improper names and manhandle legitimate journalists and citizens NOW. So it is important.

    They aren’t allowed to call me anything they want; it lacks intelligence and most of all, accuracy.


  8. But anyone with differing opinion(s), is certainly entitled and allowed to openly disagree….which is more than the killers afford their opponents (or the BLM for that matter).


  9. legal woes don’t ‘roost’ as vultures..they fly overhead like a flock of seagulls and you know what that means!


  10. I’m glad B. Abbey was there–and now we have it on record that euthanasia and slaughter are not options that BLM wants to use to control the wild horse populations–although he does not define the “other alternatives”. ( And those other options are still options–so we must watch BLM –never trust–the horses never trust.) It must have been extremely interesting to see Sue’s reaction to his statement–thanks for such great reporting — Simone and RT. So where does Sue get support now? What’s the conclusion of this scummit? I have a big heehaw inside that wants to get out.


  11. just found a news story about the first person to sue for atempted murder for contaminated food animals.

    the veggie oil used in tons of animal feed had industry dioxin oil mixed in and many animals and eggs are contaminated.

    ……….current German law, offenders who use harmful or banned substances in food and animal feed can be fined or face up to three years in prison.

    Regional agricultural ministers plan to meet later this month to discuss the consequences of the dioxin scandal.

    “There is an urgent need for much stricter penalties against those who break the law when it comes to food and animal feed regulations,” said Juergen Reinholz, agriculture minister for Thuringia.

    Such “charlatans” can only be swayed by strict, deterrent sanctions, he said
    …………..””” doctor from the town of Havixbeck, near Munster, has lodged a criminal complaint of attempted murder and severe injury against Harles und Jentzsch, saying the company had acted out of greed. “”………….

    Sounds familar the “greed” word horse-eaters??

    ref articles below..there are a ton more as it seems the UK and other eurpoian countries are taking very serious the knowingly feeding of TOXINS that cause cancer to their people! (like you people sending horses to slaughter for people to eat!)


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