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Nebraska Takes Lead in State Anti-Animal Welfare Legislation

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Senator Tyson Larson Proposes Eating Horses/Suing Rescues

Chicago (EWA) – Each year, as state legislatures start their new sessions, there is a rash of new state bills. Invariably, many of these are ill advised, unconstitutional, or even irrational.

Early indications are that this year will prove to be record setting. Not only does much of the proposed animal related legislation violate federal law but it is a clear message from extremists in the Agricultural community of a total disregard for animal welfare and a deep vitriol for organizations that promote it.

The most glaring demonstration is two pieces of legislation introduced by Senator Tyson Larson in Nebraska. One bill, LB 305, calls for state inspectors for horse meat so the meat can be transported across state lines. Larson is a newcomer to the legislature and is probably not aware that his bill would be in violation of federal law.

The purpose of Larson’s bill is to bring back a slaughter market for the horse industry which he feels was lost when the US slaughter plants were closed under Illinois and Texas laws. Larson is apparently unaware that the horse market was not affected by the US plant closings since the same volume of horses is being exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

This type of legislation demonstrates the lack of understanding between the horse industry and the meat industry. The horse industry earns its billions from live horses doing what they were bred and raised to do. The income the industry receives for horses sent to slaughter is less than .03% of its revenues.

Moreover, these animals are not food animals and are not raised with the proper controls for human consumption. Rather than address the excess breeding of excess horses, the extremists advocate slaughter.

Yet, Larson’s second bill, LB 306, sets a new standard for absurdity. The bill would allow humane societies and horse rescues to be charged with a class four misdemeanor for refusing to accept a horse! In other words, it would punish the very rescues who are trying to deal with the problem of excess breeding while leaving those causing the problem to profit.

This is nothing more than a continuation of the attack by Agriculture extremists on the Humane Society of the United States because of legislation they have promoted to make life more tolerable for food animals.

Larson was a speaker at the recent horse slaughter meeting in Las Vegas so it came as no surprise to see this irrational legislation being introduced. The entire purpose of the meeting was apparently to bash such animal protective organizations and to promote the myth that closing the US plants damaged the horse market.

Virginia delegate Robert Orrock introduced H.B. 1541 that would weaken the care of equines and farm animals (agricultural animals) by allowing water and feed to be withheld unless it would cause emaciation or dehydration. This is quite remarkable in light of the fact that medical science has long established that withholding feed and water causes emaciation and dehydration.

In addition, any animal found abandoned, deprived of care or mistreated would have to be sold instead of being placed for adoption or with a sanctuary. In other words, any animal abused by its owner would be guaranteed further abuse at the hands of the state.

Georgia introduced Sue Wallis’  “Food Freedom Act”, also known as the “Wallis Road Kill Utilization Act”. The bill would remove all regulation of food sold by a producer directly to a consumer. Whole milk, for example, would not be required to be pasteurized. In light of the recent increases in food recalls, this type of legislation only adds to public health concerns.

As 2011 unfolds, it is clear that the extremists in the Agriculture community are going to continue to try to blur the lines between food animals and non food animals and display their blatant disregard for both animal welfare and consumer protection.

Equine Welfare Alliance encourages all Americans to contact their state legislators and voice their concerns over the frivolous legislation and to oppose legislation removing animal protections. For additional information, please visit


LB 305 has been assigned to the Agriculture Committee. Click on the names of committee members below for their contact information and politely urge them to vote NO on LB 305. You can also reach the committee:

Phone: (402) 471-2732
Address: Room 1022, State Capitol, Lincoln NE 68509

Sen. Tom Carlson, Chairperson
Sen. Dave Bloomfield
Sen. Lydia Brasch
Sen. Burke Harr
Sen. Russ Karpisek
Sen. Tyson Larson
Sen. Steve Lathrop
Sen. Norman Wallman

If you live in Nebraska, find your state senator here. Write (faxes or letters are best) or call and urge him or her to vote NO on LB 305…and be particularly certain in letting freshman Sen. Tyson Larson’s office know what you think of this travesty.

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  1. This is BIG Ag Hags peddling the time delay strategy via Farm Bureau, NCSL mafia dead head garbage. Those power players DON’T want Americans to know what garbage they do. I will admit, our food system is in the the top ten of decent….BUT, peddling equine meat under these current standards are a big lie….and they know it.

    Bottom line; you got a problem with treating animals with some uniformed level of decency….then YOU are the problem. I am sick and tired of the “too” much government idiots. The country is bigger, the economy, the numbers of peoples, BIGGER….get real you liars in DC. BTW…Cantor (House Majority Ldr) got banged in my Hooterville paper for INACCURACIES!!!!!!! re: Obamacare.


  2. This sounds just like another person that is trying to slip something through into law and staying close to his mission regardless of the anyone else’s perspective! Very familiar tone to his style actually.


  3. This isn’t about some lone wolf (wolves…which they murder repeatedly) screaming into the abiss…this is big Ag using IDIOTS to delay, deflect and ignore the real truth about foods.


  4. I am disgusted by the amount of animal hating legislation that is being proposed this year. How on earth can someone even write that it is OK to decapitate a “feral” animal let alone introduce this loathsome idea into a piece of legislation. If these are the people that represent the conscience of their constituents then I am very, very scared.


    • Hear, hear to Morgan and Margaret’s sentiments. I keep telling myself I’m getting to the age where living “out” is not a great idea, but the more I read about this insanity the more I think how easily I could be the little old lady that has all the animals (big dogs, cats, horses, etc.) that lives way out…and that people are afraid of! LOL


  5. I am sorry but I have read the definition of feral and I will never believe that Mustangs are , to me they are wild, and Free and thats exactly how i love them and want them to remain !!!! To me they are the Icons of America ……….. Feral is an animal who will attack you without warning !!!!! and tear you to shreds , without thought process……….None of the Mustangs I have ever encountered have been in that category.. I am beginning to think some of these people are out of their minds, and maybe feral………… Do they even think how ridiculous they sound with these outrageous bills do they really think Congress is stupid?????? I would not even read this crap they are presenting to them , If I were them I would put it in the trash and forget i had ever read it……………………………………..


  6. Do we really elect these morons????? I think we really need to research our candidates more thoroughly……………… or is it after they are elected they turn into Morons ????????????????????///////


    • Oh, yes…the collective “we”. Here is the cut/difference….many people do not vote for animal abuse when they “CHOOOSE” to relect their reps; the majority of Americans don’t EVER VOTE!!!! How do we fix apathty??????

      Let’s gets get back to the quasi-abuse organizations that always pump the ingorant, special interest party line of CRAP!!!!!!????


  7. Sick, sick, and even sicker. I called everyone on that list and voiced my disgust that these bills would even be considered for voting. LB 305 and LB 306. They couldn’t believe that I would call from CT to voice my urgency to just say no!


    • Thank You Athena C , All of us should make these calls also !!!!!!! OK Guys lets get Busy !!!!!! And make these Calls………………….


  8. This youngster (well hes 20ish in age?) was at slaughterhouse sues horse-eater group in vegas. ? so Sue is telling this guy what to do to squander his states funds?

    Another political person who moved to his grandfathers ranch in nebraska and wants to breed horses to excess and try to pass laws to benifit his own business. I think his grandfather raised black angus.

    Its really a shame someone elected can use state funds and spend their time in office setting up their own personal business. Nebraska people are pretty darn sharp…I bet they can see this new elected person doesn’t have much if any life experience. And now hes wasting time and state funds.


  9. I do not believe I have heard of a sicker law than this one. To charge a rescue for a crime for not taking in an animal that may have been abused by another and the abuser in most cases will not even be charged with any crime is beyond stupifying (hope that’s a word and I’m not pulling a Palin!)

    It is time to call these people exactly what they are; extremists! Do not let up in this definition of them. So tired of people getting into public office to enrich the already powerful and wealthy and working to make the world a worse place.


      • They are the minority, fringe, radical, out of step with society, soulless Equine Terrorists…they want only death, blood and destruction. That is what they have dedicated their entire lives to…what a great story to tell your grandchildren around the fire place when you get old.

        “What did you do when you were young, Grammy?”

        “I tried to kill as many domestic and wild horses that I could and just destroying them was not enough I tried to jam the carcinogenic meat down the throats of all Americans.”

        “Is that why your hands are stained red, Grammy?”

        “Yup, and that is why they did that surgery on my head and removed a part of my brain, when the finally found it…since then I have done real good with making baskets.”


    • THAT is the big question ALL of us have been asking for the last two years!! So far, haven’t heard a reasonable answer from ANYONE! Perhaps it will take a “million animal lovers” march on Washington to get someone’s attention? It’s like dealing with Pod People when it comes to the outrageous things being done to all animals on this planet – circus cruelty, wolves and bears killed, salmon “modified,” dairy cows with udders so big they can barely walk and their tails cut off for the convenience of the milkers, breed discrimination of dogs, the atrocities committed against the wild horses…this planet needs an enema! Come on 2012! (and hopefully I will be out there living with all those creatures instead of having to deal with human’s inhumanity to them)


      • I am beginning to think the “pod people” are alive and well. Right now there is an article on MSN showing a lion and giving a guy in Tuscon(of all places) free advertising in an article about eating “Lion Tacos”at his restaurant.
        What are we coming to in the good ole USA?


  10. ——————————————————————————–
    From: TCourt5096@
    Sent: 1/16/2011 1:10:09 A.M. Mountain Standard Time
    Subj: Article in NP Telegraph on horse slaughter

    “The idea behind closing the processing plants was that horses were suffering too much, but I think they’re suffering more now than they ever were before because a lot of people can’t afford to take care of them,” said University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension educator Randy Saner.

    Dear Mr. Saner,

    In reference to the above article on horse slaughter, I’d like to send you some links as far as your statement of “unwanted” ( I call them at risk) horses goes.

    Many people consider horse slaughter a perilous predatory industry, after they do the research to find out the truth about it. From the standpoint of “welfare” for horses… it is clear that slaughter has and never represents any welfare to the animals, but the agenda behind it, initiated by profit-driven individuals.

    Considering the economy, overload status of rescues, cost of horse ownership are all good incentives, but not to promote slaughter. There are alternatives, solutions other than bringing back the very inhumane practices of horse slaughter. I find it important to educate on the truth. Responsibility is one aspect that must be weighed in. Addressing over breeding. Considering all the industries and jobs that benefit from horses and horse ownership such as feed stores, riding clubs, boarding facilities, trainers etc.

    Two years ago I started to do research on this topic and what I found was shocking. The main stream is cleverly pacified into believing slaughter is necessary to help the “poor starving or abandoned horses”… used as a propaganda gig without disclosing the truth on this. When I one finds out, it is obvious that no one in his right mind for the welfare of the horses, could endorse this.
    Please I urge you to check some links that explain why. With all due respect, Mr. Saner, we must educate – but only on the truth and the solutions we can bring forth to prevent this from coming back.
    The public health hazard of adulterated meat is another aspect that is of great concern, for consumers abroad and here. Horses are not raised for human consumption, even banned from being processed into dog food. It takes efforts to create a different approach than to foster the dumping grounds and promote the continuation irresponsible breeding, yet it is the only feasible solution.
    America must do better than bringing back slaughter.

    I hope to hear from you.


    Monika Courtney, Evergreen, CO.

    P.S. Since you are an educator, you might be interested to share some other findings on this, such as solutions.. I have many to present to you, if you wish. You are in a position to reach out to others and educate on the truth and how we can implement better approaches for our horses to end this cruel business.


  11. Does anyone here have info on how to track Congress to see when the ani slaughter bill Hr503 and S727 are going to be reintroduced and under what number????


  12. Talked to my guy’s staff in VA (House of Delegates).

    (1) he ain’t an idiot( on Ag).

    )2) staff is ALWAYS open, polite, takes notes and I get a written reply.

    (3) solved my simple problems…AND is big time Ag!…a;ways listens and really does something.

    My fed rep (just a reminder, got corrected in my local paper for not being correct and he is the House Majoruty Leader for the House in Congress), spews, trolls and talks trash, does NOTHING for my requests (auto reponse) regarding the technical and regulatory issues about equine slaughter,


  13. Tracking bills……..go to

    Use their search and type in your bill number.

    You can also click on the tab at the top which says “money trail”

    It will tell you who is getting money from whom, and how much.

    You can also track the activity of the bill, if its in or out of committee and what the most recent action is on it.



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