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Madeleine Pickens Responds To Obama’s BLM Slap In the Face

From Madeleine Pickens Saving America’s Mustangs

Pickens Calls Bob Abbey out for what he is – a LIAR

On behalf of America’s wild horses, American taxpayers, and my Saving America’s Mustang Foundation, I would like to express my deep disappointment in the BLM’s late Friday (January 21st) evening press release announcing its rejection of my proposal to create a eco-sanctuary for wild horses in Nevada.

Not even one month ago, on January 4, 2011 in Las Vegas, BLM director Bob Abbey stated publicly that my idea “has merit and deserves serious consideration.” Today, he has rejected the project, notifying the media, but providing my foundation with no explanation, despite our three years of hard work on the plan.

My eco-sanctuary proposal offers a cost-effective solution to the problem of the BLM’s roundup and warehousing of as many as 40,000 wild horses in off-the-range holding facilities. It is exactly the kind of public/private partnership solution that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has stated is essential to reform of the wild horse and burro program.

So imagine my astonishment when I read in the news release that my plan didn’t save money.  During our three years of work, BLM officials at every level acknowledged in meetings with me that the eco-sanctuary plan saves the taxpayers money.

Mr. Abbey’s suggestion that the area lacks enough water or forage to support wild horses is also perplexing. I’m puzzled by his statement to the media that my proposal seeks to place 10,000 horses on the Spruce Ranch, site of the future eco-sanctuary. In fact, our most recent proposal to the BLM was for approximately 1,000 horses on the approximately over half a million acres encompassed by the Spruce. This was made clear in numerous meetings with the BLM, and is explained on our website as well. (See Sanctuary Q & A #19, November 2010.)

The target number of 1,000 horses is consistent with the number of cattle the BLM has consistently authorized on the public lands portions of the ranches I purchased. It seems that the BLM believes there is enough forage and water for cows, but not enough for horses on those same lands, from which the cows have been removed.  In addition, in every meeting we’ve attended with the BLM, we’ve been consistent in agreeing that the BLM would ultimately determine the number of horses allowed on the land.

We have presented a plan to take care of the 30,000-40,000 wild horses that are currently being warehoused by the BLM. The additional horses would, of course, be housed on land purchased in the future. The Spruce is a pilot program, undertaken with the intent of showing the BLM how this proposal will be possible. It was never intended to put 30,000 -40,000 horses,  or even 10,000 horses,  on the Spruce.

-Madeleine Pickens




Jan. 21, 2011 8:09 PM ET
APNewsBreak: BLM rejects Pickens horse rescue plan

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A proposal from the wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens to create a sanctuary in Nevada for wild horses removed from public rangeland around the West has been rejected, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Friday.

Madeleine Pickens’ plan wouldn’t save taxpayers’ money and doesn’t include enough water and forage for the mustangs, agency Director Bob Abbey told The Associated Press.

He said the BLM spent considerable time with Pickens on her proposal, and is committed to pursuing public-private partnerships to improve its management of the symbols of the West.

“However, despite numerous requests from the BLM, (her) foundation has not provided a formal and detailed proposal so that the BLM can properly analyze and determine its feasibility,” Abbey said.

Pickens said the BLM failed to clarify what details it wanted, but she was not giving up. She bought two ranches in northeastern Nevada last year to serve as a sanctuary for mustangs captured from the range, instead of in government-funded holding facilities.

“I’m going to keep working with the BLM,” she told the AP. “It’s like your children. You just have to keep working with them until they get it right. To me, it’s sad we don’t have the leadership to fix the issue of these poor American mustangs.”

Pickens first proposed establishing the sanctuary in 2008 after the BLM said it was considering euthanasia as a way to stem escalating costs of keeping animals gathered from the open range.

The BLM rejected her initial proposal, saying it involved the use of public land where wild horses did not exist when the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was enacted in 1971.

While Pickens’ latest proposal addresses that issue, Abbey said it would require an environmental analysis to transfer title of wild horses to her and change the class of livestock authorized on several Nevada grazing allotments from cattle to horses.

Among other reasons, existing law also would need to be changed to give the BLM the authority to reimburse a private party for grazing wild horses, he said.

Under Pickens’ latest proposal, a nonprofit foundation would care for the animals with a government stipend of $500 a head, per year. Abbey said that exceeds the BLM’s existing long-term holding cost of $475 a head, per year, in Midwest pastures.

“Her prospectus, as presented, does not demonstrate an obvious cost savings to the American taxpayer,” he said.

But Pickens said her proposal would result in “huge savings” because it would involve the government initially turning over 1,000 wild horses in short-term holding facilities where costs run $2,500 a head, per year.

Eventually, Pickens wants to return all horses in government-funded holding facilities to natural habitat elsewhere after purchasing more property.

“I don’t think the BLM quite grasps that our country is in a financial emergency,” she said. “You can’t keep spending the money they do to put horses in holding. They have a program that doesn’t work, and they’re trying to save face.”

Last year, Pickens purchased the 14,000-acre Spruce Ranch and the adjoining 4,000-acre Warm Creek Ranch to serve as a horse sanctuary. The Elko County ranches, which she renamed the Mustang Monument preserve, come with grazing rights on roughly 564,000 acres of public land.

Abbey also criticized Pickens’ media campaign supporting the sanctuary, saying some of the information requires clarification and context, and that other information is “just plain false.” Pickens defended her statements.

The BLM rounds up wild horses to limit their numbers, saying it is done to protect the herds, rangelands and wildlife. Activists maintain they are being conducted to appease ranchers and make room for cows.

About 33,700 wild horses roam freely in 10 Western states, about half in Nevada. The BLM set a target level of 26,600 horses and burros in the wild, and removed 10,637 of the animals from the range in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

Of the $63.9 million designated for the BLM’s wild horse and burro program in the last fiscal year, holding costs totaled about $37 million.

More than 40,000 horses are in government-funded holding facilities, BLM spokesman Tom Gorey said.

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  1. As underhanded as blm has been I see an immediate threat that they are about to become worse. Seems they are aligning their evil forces for a move that none of us are going to like. Shivers are going down my spine thinking of the possibilities.


    • BLM was in VT a few yrs ago w/ a load of mustangs they were trying to place for adoption. I was interested in a young colt, but was not set up to meet the criteria for adoption, primarily wooden fences at a certain height. The BLM rep said that he would make me an offer I couldn’t refuse…..$25 for the colt, including delivery to my farm the next day. I did not have time to construct a 3 sided shelter & put up wooden fencing. The BLM rep told me that they would “work w/ me” and told my husband he would “overlook a few things”. We were told that we keep the colt for one year…..still property of the BLM, and in case there were problems, they would take him back. After one year, ownership papers would be given to me. Is there a way to “overlook a few things” so that these horses can be adopted and then turned over to the sanctuary without having to wait for one year??


      • This is an example of the ways that BLM “lies” and changes the rules to fit their agenda. Granted I am assuming in your case, it resulted in a positive outcome for a horse, but in many cases I have observed at BLM adoptions in Texas, the rules are waived and the horses are given to very questionable people without the proper facilites
        and certainly without a clue about how to gentle or care for a wild horse.

        I used to go to adoptions with my store, Forest Horse, to try to help educate adopters. I would leave the adoptions just feeling sick about many of the situations the horses would be entering–lifetimes of neglect, starvation abuse at the hands of ignorant adopters.


      • This is a cautionary article about what can happen when wild horses are adopted by inexperienced people and those who think they can turn a quick buck on a $125 horse.

        Very sad, especially comments in “The Adoption Option” by rescuer Jennifer Williams and trainer Joe Andrews.


  2. I figured the BLM had shot Madeline’s proposal down when I received her post about the ad in Politico. I’d like to see Bob Abbey refute her proposal point by point (Which we all know isn’t going to happen!), especially his “just plain false” allegations.

    I don’t understand the water issue, since the ranches had run livestock and the animals obviously had to drink. I don’t think Madeleine would have bought any ranch unless it had adequate water rights on both the private property and allotments. She planned to grow hay on one ranch, which means it must have irrigation rights.

    Madeline was putting forth a new model for wild horse management. It’s almost impossible to convince the government (especially the DOI/BLM) there’s a better way to do anything when there are so many massive egos and millions to established contractors involved (which I think was another factor).

    And if her ecotourism plans had been successful, the wild horses could have been considered a “beneficial use”. Ranchers in Nevada and other states can’t have that, because they might have to permit water.

    Winecup/Gamble tried for a LTH contract a couple of years ago, and that ranch has plenty of water, including a pretty big lake, and many acre feet of irrigation rights. They felt the ranch/allotments could support over 8,000 horses, based on their cattle operation. They were denied, because the backward-thinking “Elklodites” didn’t want to allow a precedent for keeping wild horses in “cow and sheep country”. They opposed government funds being spent on wild horses, which I find interesting since the funds are being spent anyway – just in other states.

    The Elko County Commisioners also had a fit about the W/G property taxes, which I don’t understand, because I think W/G would have paid taxes as a working ranch. The tax issue may have contributed to the decision about Madeleine, because her foundation is non-profit, but I think her “good neighbor” attitude would have overcome that if she’d been given a fair hearing.

    Madeleine’s a feisty lady with passion for the cause and the money and contacts to make things happen. I don’t think she’ll be giving up on this any time soon.


    • Linda said; “Madeline was putting forth a new model for wild horse management.”

      I never knew this was what she was doing! I do not consider removed and gelded horses to have a natural place in any ecosystem. The mares, yes, if they can conceive but not geldings. The removed horses Madeleine wants to contract for will never be free again unless they are taken from BLM control. This can only be done if they are purchased away from BLM through adoption or sale authority.

      Madeleine has no program to manage wild horses on wild lands. This issue has confused so many people into thinking she had ‘the answer” for our wild horses…. she does not and did not. She wants to keep removed and captive horses in the West on so called ‘sanctuaries’ (the definition of sanctuary in this case should only apply to wild horses still able to reproduce!) where there will be no reproduction and no future. mar


      • I have also said that BLM was leading Madeleine around and this did not show any confidence in what she had proposed. BLM does not want the public involved with LTH or STH horses. That is why we are not seeing them, regardless of their reasons. The 1st Amendment fight for our right to see our STH and LTH horses is the key to this dilemma. Support Laura Leigh and Grass Roots Horse… mar

        Do I need to be moderated??


      • You are exactly right Mar !!!! I have not agreed to her plan…. We need producing Stallions protected !!!!


    • “Madeline was putting forth a new model for wild horse management.” Wild horses need management and captive horses need care. There is a difference. I never heard that Madeleine was putting forth any kind of management plan that applied to wild horses on their range. This has confused many people. mar


      • Mar, you got me on that one, since MP would be holding a non-reproducing herd. I was thinking more about the potential for transparency and ecotourism. Maybe I should have said, “… a new model for WH&B holding facilities.”, or something like that.


      • No, her plan has always been to help some of the thousands in long and short term facilities live out their lives as naturally as possible on lands similar to where they have always lived and to allow these horses help educate the public on why the remaining free wild horses must be saved.


      • Madeline has always had the option to purchase these horses and then she can implement the plan she has without the OK and interference by the BLM that comes along with signing their specific contract..go for it madeline, save the horses..BLM does not want the wild horses anywhere near the west..that should be the one thing that is obvious by now..if they had room in Guitonomo? thats where they would be..or Rikers island..The fact is most people in Nevada despise the wild horses..why on earth put them in that environment? just about any other western state would have been better for the welfare of the horses..even the state run org and administration is opposed to the wild horses and denying them water..I would turn those ranches into giant hog farms as a reward to the state of Nevada


  3. This is not the country I know, and I think it is not the country I want to know. Simply said, we are the taxpayers and citizens of this country who pay the salaries of those who have been torturing, destroying, and running our horses to death with helicopters. These heartless and pompous employees of a government department have run the hooves off helpless foals, then shot them, and they have shot mares and killed Stallions, and caused the death of many horses who should have been left to continue their healthy and happy lives. I have never witnessed such horror in this country, and I am appalled, sickened and ashamed of a government that allows this to happen. There must be much underlying duplicity which benefits persons who are greedy and vile for something this evil to continue..

    Madeleine Pickens offered a paradise for horses, who will suffer and die otherwise under the auspices of those whom we, as citizens, despise and hold in contempt. The mustangs belong to us, the citizens of this country, not to the abominable persons responsible for their deaths.

    The government serves the people as public servants, and a government agency has no right to continue the uncivilized atrocities against our horses and to refuse Madeleine Pickens’ offer of a happy refuge for them . This is not a communist country —– yet.


    • this is the best letter i’ve read about this problem. i am so upset to learn the update. i wasn’t aware that the blm had denied her last year. i thought she was trying to establish the sanctuary this year. it appears i am behind on the news. couldn’t she buy the horses outright and then put them on her land? this is very disconcerting, and i concur completely with what t. boyd has stated!


  4. I sent Dateline an email telling them a few facts and asking them to check this as a possible story..or followup story. I hope they do it and tell everyone in America what is going on. We are trying to save the horses and burros and a bunch of asses in Washington are blocking any progress.


  5. I heard a repeat of an interview with Sarge Shriver last week; he was an inspiring human being and advocate in so many projects. But he summed up Washington so well when asked why some of his own party didn’t go along with him on things like the war on poverty. He responded that politics are too full of politicians, and he said particularly men whose life is dependent upon power over power and power over money. This translated too well with me when I translated it to the BLM. Madeleine is recommending tampering with their money and their power. They’ll find any excuse available to retain that power with smokescreen and mirrors.


  6. It’s kinda funny how Bob Abbey seems so worried about “saving taxpayers money,” considering he’s throwing millions of dollars at private contractors to round up the horses.


    • ya really! what a jerk. i am disgusted with the blm and wish i could buy all the horses myself! isn’t there a way for her to adopt them as personal property??? then couldn’t she do with them as she pleases? why can’t she buy them and put them with established horse sanctuaries throughout the country? i give what i can to many of them and they do fine work!


  7. Go to the White House fb page–they are taking questions for Pres. Obama’s State of the Nation message next Tues. Be polite –but ask WHY– he won’t address this situation on TV –but a few thousand WHYs might get some attention in the “back” room. Rattlesnakes. TBoyd–I totally agree with you.


  8. I think we all need to buy a horse in holding for $125 and send it to Madeleine’s. I think the BLM even had a blue light special on the gorgeous Adobe Town horses last week because they rounded up so many.

    For them to turn down this offer is odious and doesn’t bode well for the future of our horses both on the land and overcapacity in BLM holding facilities. I wonder what the BLM is so afraid of? An educated public maybe and a woman who loves wild horses. She doesn’t quite fit the bill of their usual multigenerational cattle ranchers contract holders.


    • I will buy a wild horse! If someone will be the go between. I do not have a place where I can put a wild horse but I will sponser one. If the BLM would just let us buy them with someone authorized to buy and remove the horse for us then this would be do-able and a great idea. But the applications ask where you are going to house them and what kind of trailer you have all sorts of stuff. If you find a way to get around this then I would be willing to buy one and give it to Madeleine since I can’t take him/her myself.


  9. I am disgusted by this turn of events. And I got more disgusted by reading what David Duquette and others are posting on the FB page Summit of the Horse.!/pages/Summit-of-the-Horse/157825167593101

    To clarify – These are not my words down below! But I feel it is important for us to see what they all are saying. These are just some of the comments.

    Summit of the Horse This would actually seem logical if the statements she has made prior to this one weren’t so conflicting. She can’t remember what she says from one day to the next. How about the more than 2500 head already on this allotment?

    C.J. Abby gave it thought and it was not a workable plan…..nuff said!

    Billie If she wants them so damn bad,why dont she just adopt them or flat out buy the damn horses.

    Lona If she TRUELY wanted to help, she could purchase outright the Sale Authority mustangs or take some in from Long Term Holding, thereby making room for new ones that will innevitably come in the future.

    Summit of the Horse The problem for her is she knows if she purchases them she will get NO government money to take care of them. This is not philanthopy like she touts. It’s business.

    Billie your absolutly right. she wants them she just dont wana spend her own money to take care of them.

    Ingrid Blame the cows? OK, so the cows are there for an specific period of time. Does anyone know how many months the cows are there? 3, 6, 9, 12? Those horses are going to be there all 12 and i would bet that’s one small reason her plan was r…ejected. We have a small BLM allottment and they make sure the horses or cows don’t have access to the land except during the 60 days we can have them there. What would we do with them the other 10 months if we were depending on that BLM for feed? People don’t understand that just because a piece of land will feed 100 cows for 3 months, the same land won’t support 50 or even 25 horses for 12 months.

    Sherrie This my opinion on it: Madeleine Pickens decided she wanted to get involved in a worthwhile cause, so she came up with a plan to take a large number of horses and put them on a huge ranch in Nevada. That’s great!
    She submitted a plan to the…… BLM and it was missing some pieces so she went back to the drawing board and while crunching numbers decided that it would cost “her ” money to keep the horses on HER sanctuary, so she repurposed the plan to include; the government pay her $500 a year, per horse that she takes and puts on her land. She has no planning for birthrate growth, food, water, shelter. All the while she used her clout to get people riled up to get behind her.
    When you take 1,000 horses off the land where they have an HMA of, say 500,000 acres of rangeland and throw them onto 1,000 acres, you have do a lot of supplemental feeding. At least 1 bale of alfalfa per every 10 horses two times a day. And once you start getting them crowded like that, you have more disease and injuries. Every time you have to move them, they have to be gathered in some way or another.
    The birthrate in the wild can be and exceed 20% per year. You have 500 mares and you got a lot of babies! She planned to keep the studs and mares separated but planned to use cattle grazing allotments to graze her horses. She’s going to let the boys go first, then the girls? She’s looking at a number of gathers herself, which she vehemently opposes. She’s talked about gelding the studs, also. In my opinion, when do they become unbroken domesticated horses with mustang heritage that are no longer the responsibility of the Federal Government to pay out our tax dollars?
    In order to change the grazing rights from cows to horses, laws have to be changed. There is NO way the law could be changed to satisfy all parties since cows are only allowed to graze a couple months a year on any area.
    So, the BLM did their research and crunched the numbers. It costs them $475. per horse, per year in long term holding facilities in the mid west and they’ve done it for years and pretty much have an idea after all this time what works. Why pay more, for a private party who’s never been around wild horses in her life, other than a completely trained one for a photo opt, or a helicopter ride over a gather, take a bunch of horses to put on a ecologically fragile range, to charge the public to go see “wild horses” that are not in their natural state, but just moved to a private sanctuary? They’re on a sanctuary; it’s called “long term holding pastures” that are run by the BLM. There’s no difference in where they are now, than where they would go with her except that she makes $25.00 more per head per year.
    Talking out of boths sides of her mouth on this one, me thinks… jus sayin’

    Summit of the Horse Sherrie you should go on her page and post your last comment, Virginia and Carla also.

    Summit of the Horse!/mustangmonument

    Summit of the Horse IMAGINE THAT!!!!! Sorry Madeline. The truth finally came out about your plan.

    From his page:

    Dave Madelines plan never would have worked, now she claims she never said all the things that she has, maybe a little Ginko Biloba would help her remember.

    This is just so snarky.


  10. I just had a similar thought as “savewildhorses”. Adoption requires you to own the horse for a year before you can sell it or give it away. However, three strikes horses can be purchased without the same requirements as adoption. Get 1,000 of them and put them on the Spruce and SHOW them how it’s done. Its only $50 a head for three strikes horses and it will keep them OUT of long term holding.
    Three strikes horses have been offered three times at adoption events and have not been adopted. I saw one that was a roan yearling and so sweet he let anyone scratch him through the panels. Lots of great horses can be purchased this way.


    • At $50 dollars a head I bet a lot of us would take at least 4 for Madeline’s Sanctuary. A permanent Adoption site located there would help more these horses out so more could come in. But of course, it’s the BLM we are talking about here—

      BLM Adoption is a big mess. Here in the East I have attended 3 adoptions and all 3 times the horses were not in the best condition being hauled around in a truck from god knows where. They were only at the location for 2 days. The second day that I went I adopted for the “reduced price” of $75. They forced the poor filly into a chute, threw a halter on her head, and ran her into my stock trailer. They never checked out my facilities. I still have her 20 years later but I wonder how many of these poor animals get dumped. Just recently a BLM mare from Oregon about 10 years old showed up at a kill buyers(New Holland PA) Thank heavens she is safe with an Advocate today.


    • Buy them by the semi-load @10 a head..3 strikes become SA no matter their age..buying them 1 head at a time $75..almost all of us could swing $350 for a semi load a piece, freedelivery by the semi load..adopters get deals on multiplehorses up to 4 head..there are no limitations on how many semis you can are not adopting- you get the bill of sale for the horses when you pay


      • Remember congress decided this SA program and they set the “rules” BLM sets policy and we must hold them to the rules..this is not arbitrary..make all communications by e-mail or written.


  11. I appreciate the way that Madeleine doesn’t mince words when talking about the BLM and attempting to shed the light on their actions. She does not suck up to them and their lies. Let this be more ammunition to show the public what the BLM is doing to our horses and burros.


  12. Not that we all know what Ms. Pickens officially submitted, but I will say this is just more factual evidence that the DOI/USDA want to kill wild equines….not protect them. I’m still reeling from that superb report on budget, etc and the monetary increase Congress gave to DOI.

    Anyone go to FHOTD and read the recent animal/equine massacre in Montana?…it will make you ill…seriously! And no, this isn’t about the “sanctuary” Jerry is working on. In fact, I’m trying to wrap my head around the numbers and questioning it’s validity and it includes leases with the Crow Nations. If it is true, wanna guess that DOI/USDA is somehow involved?


  13. That would be Bob Abbey at his finest. Says what you want to hear to your face and then does the 180. Sadly it isn’t him who gets hurt its the horses.

    Time to write a letter of disgust to our leaders who don’t really lead but are out there on their own agendas.


  14. The BLM does not care about anything we have to say…writing to them is a complete waste of time.

    Bob Abbey is a very vindictive man and is not going to change his mojo.

    What does make sense is for all of us to band together and buy as many of these Mustangs as possible and then putting them on MP’s land.


    • If we did buy the horses, who would pay to take care of them? Is Madeline only able to do this if the government subsidizes? The sanctuaries I know are all run on donations and private funding.


  15. First, buying the wild equines sounds like a good idea, BUT………

    many will be murdered in the continuing roundups, short-term and long-term holding.

    Secondly, these people are sterilizing the males at rates that will not sustain any breeding or herd integrity.

    Any one know if you can buy an intact elder stallion or youngster colt that hasn’t been butchered by BLM/USDA/NV Ag? Anyone know how many wild equines have been butchered for meat in the last 15 years?… you Killtoor and Kookem know.


  16. It would seem to me if they were serious about creating these sanctuaries that THEY would have been determined to get the answers they needed to place the horses on this beautiful land and FIND A WAY to make it fit the needs of both the taxpayer and yourself Madeleine. Their track record and lack of SERIOUS response to saving these horses makes me very uncomfortable for our beautiful wild creatures that are beyond the value of the dollar but they evidently don’t value what they are suppose to be protecting…rather ironic.

    Thank you for your persistence and diligent work Madeliene.


  17. i WANT TO know WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE MEDIA COVERAGE ON THIS, OMG PEOPLE THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE OUR MUSTANGS>>.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA THIS NEEDS MEDIA NOW !!!!!! Its the only way to tell Americas People PLEASE……………… WE need to get this out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Just cuz I never miss an opportunity to stick it to ’em:

    Mr. Abbey declared last year there were 38,400(a) Wild Equines on the range.
    The Bureau sez they removed 10,636 (b).
    A minus B = 27,764 which is nowhere NEAR 33,700 which would also be off if you took 20% ‘foaling rate’ into account and subtracted PZP limitations.

    Oh, wait!! It’s a pretty fair assumption one or two horses or burros died on the range last year from natural causes (8% mortality probability) that just never seems to make it into the equasion.

    How many folks do you s’pose read this AP-generated, BLM-certified crap and believe it without question? Too many, perhaps. That’s why it’s our job – a privelege and a pleasure – to question everything.


  19. This is where the BLM needs to be sent–with its ARMED GUARDS and HELICOPTERS. Put this agency where it is needed, as it apparently has too much time on its hands and too much taxpayer money to squander.

    Live Link: Tom Tancredo

    December 18, 2010

    Another Border Patrol agent on the Arizona border was shot and killed by Mexican drug smugglers last Tuesday. Of the eight attackers, four are in custody and a fifth is under surveillance by Border Patrol Blackhawk helicopters as he tries to make his way back to the Mexican border.


  20. This is disgusting there is enough land in america for the horses i think of america as being the home of the cowboy natural horsemanship but what america stands for and what america does is a different story as we all know the one reaon i would lie to visit is to see the wild mustangs why dont they use them as a tourist atraction? Everything they do is dumb !




  22. Madelienes plan is not the answer unless she want to free them on this Land and have a viable plan to control them without sterilizing them all , unlike the BLMS death wish and eradication methods, a plan to just let them be what they have always been and deserved to be Free


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