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Legally Troubled Wyoming Politician Slapped Down Twice This Week

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and Director of HfH Advisory Council

Wallis Cannot get Traction with Extremist Policies

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – Wyoming House Bill 51 sponsored by Rep. Sue Wallis, currently under investigation for alleged fraud, ethics violations and battery charges, died a quiet death in the house committee last Wednesday.  Dubbed the “Industrial and Energy Development Protection Bill” it would have required taxpayers and organizations that wanted to question an industrial or energy development permit to post a bond to satisfy any delays or loses that the defending company might incur during the legal challenge.

The concept of this bill was not original on the part of Wallis as it was crafted to quite closely match the Montana Horse Slaughter bill supported by her pro-slaughter associate former Rep. Ed Butcher of Montana back in 2009.  Butcher’s bill required any challengers to companies building horse slaughter plants to put up a bond in Montana, a controversial measure questioned by legal authorities.

The failure of this bill brings Wallis’s weekly tally of political loses to two(2) as her “Wyoming Food Freedom Act” was voted down by a majority in the Wyoming state Ag Committee this past week, also.  This act was touted to be an act which would allow the sale of homemade foods without any requirement for proper inspection.  Many allege that this was a thinly veiled attempt, on Wallis’ part, to circumvent current inspection regulations regarding the transport of meat so that she could profit from her proposed horse slaughter plant.

Wallis has drawn international ire over her said plans to build a horse slaughter plant in the state of Wyoming while ignoring U.S. federal law and regulations.  Her growing list of political failures continues to underscore her disconnect with the will and morals of the taxpaying public and her total disregard for the true pressing issues which confront voting Americans today.

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  1. Well, at least something good for the horses happened this week but it certainly was not the BLM’s fault as they are plunging right ahead and beginning the Antelope Complex stampede, apparently TODAY!


  2. WOW, this broad never ceases to just humor me on the brink of having a potty accident and she has the minor upperhand on how to leave me speechless, which is a feat uneasily accomplished by most !!!

    Liars, Thieves and IDIOTS !!!


  3. This is a link to the latest on the Antelope Roundup and Laura Leigh. Laura has been there for days taking photos and assessing the number of horses and the good condition of the range. BLM may end this roundup in a zeroed out herd if they stop only when the lower number of horses is run out.

    Please read what is going on with the wild horses in their confrontation with the BLM
    removal squad. mar


  4. The next 2 losses needs to be in a court of law–her ethic violations and her assault of Simone. The next loss would be her seat in Wyoming.


  5. Saw this news a couple of days ago. Immediate thought: Rep. Ed Butcher (real wacko) tried this same “blackmail” tactic, Montana, March 2009. A last ditch effort by Butcher for a very, very, controversial horse slaughter plant in Montana. Butcher went through hoops & loops. But this bond imposed on anyone challenging was the end of Butcher and his killing house. Public went ballistic. So! One would think Sue Wallis would have researched all this?! Been informed?! Hmmm…maybe she felt the Wyoming taxpaying public was different than Montana’s ~ BTW, I wonder if Ms. Wallis has an original thought. And clear-cognitive-reasoning ~ ~ Ha! Nope.


    • Wallis doing research? Becoming informed? COGNITIVE REASONING? Wow! Aren’t you setting the bar a bit high here? I mean, we ARE talking about Sue Wallis!


  6. Marge, I’m with you. I’m glad this idiot is getting what’s coming to her. I hope it continues until she’s forced out of office for her despictable antics. She’s getting all that’s coming to her. In fact, she deserves more punishment for all she’s tried to do to the horses.


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