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Inspired by Current Events, the “Bone Trail” Tackles Tough Issues in the American West

“It’s rare for an author to plug another writer’s book on the very blog meant to promote his own, but in the case of Nell Walton’s “Bone Trail” I personally know the key characters and have lived many of the pages, myself.  A must read.” ~ R.T. Fitch author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Ripped from today’s headlines, The Bone Trail tells the story of journalist and horsewoman, Kate Wyndham, who is sent to northern Nevada to do a story on the disappearance of two wild horse advocates. When Wyndham attempts to gain information from the FBI and government authorities she is stonewalled. She turns to Jim Ludlow, a local rancher who lives on an Indian Reservation near where the advocates disappeared. Ludlow, a Shoshone Indian horse “whisperer” agrees to try to help Wyndham and they begin a search for answers that may cost them everything the hold dear – it may even cost them their lives.

“When I became aware of how our wild horse herds were being mismanaged by the federal government, I immediately saw a parallel between this and the holocaust that has been perpetrated on the Native population in this country. Several shocking events happened in northern Nevada during the time I was researching these issues for my online news magazine, and the story just fell together, ” said Nell Walton, author of The Bone Trail.

Nell Walton is an avid horsewoman and also owns two wild horses, both of which came from a herd near Elko, NV. She is also the founder and managing editor of the online equestrian news magazine, The AllHorses Post ( She lives in East Tennessee on a small horse farm with her husband, four horses, one donkey, two cats and two dogs. The Bone Trail is her first novel.

The Bone Trail is available online at

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  1. “It’s rare for an author to plug another writer’s book on the very blog meant to promote his own….

    It takes a certain magnanimity of spirit to do this RT, something which I think you have proven you have. It also shows how we are family, a very large family, who pulls together for each other. Oh sure sometimes we have our spats, but let’s face it, we’re stuck with each other. Who else but another horse advocate would put up with hours of talk about nothing but the horses? Anyone else’s eyes would start to glaze over. But a horse advocate, we understand.


    • Right, Morgan! 🙂 Horse advocate or just a plain old Equine Addict, we HAVE to talk to each other, because everyone else tunes us out, just like you said. I can’t understand it. Why would ANYONE get bored talking about HORSES! 😉


  2. That is a real life – viable senario, that is why it is not a good idea for Laura to ever be out there by herself, even three people are not safe. History does always repeat itself and if ranchers feel threatened in their business dealing. Well, lets say ALWAYS BE PREPARED-AND QUESTION EVERYTHING AND NEVER TRUST ANYONE. Because there is no accountability anymore.


    • True words….We must look through jaded eyes at everything relating to the proponents who are trying to sweep the wild horses and burros off public lands. This is the agony of another extinction in the works for special interests again and again. There has never been accountibility – in the past they did this privately. It is a different now, it is GLOBAL AWARENESS. Everyone working in the front lines must always let everyone know where they are, and who is around them, any information even if it doesn’t seem important.


  3. Laura’s work in the field will be ongoing… and she is about to organize that effort… keep an ear out for projects and wish lists…. Check with Maureen, too.

    Fiction is an effective vehicle for truth and I do hope your book will open some eyes, Nell. Good luck with it.

    RT has enough fodder for a reality TV show!! Not that I like them but I would have loved it if we could have Mustang Wars on TV much like Whale Wars… it would have amazed the nation we are as bad as the Japanese…. with our own horses…

    I do hope you will do a book soon, RT… if you have the time, that is! mar


  4. Even if your legislator is NOT on these committees–CALL ANYWAY! Tell them about the Foal with the Umbilical still attached being chased by wranglers in the BLM round-up–send photos and documentation:

    Beginning tomorrow, and over the next seven days, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Bob Abbey will testify before the House and Senate Natural Resources committees regarding their Fiscal Year 2012 budget requests. The BLM is again asking for a $12 million increase for its Wild Horse and Burro Program, boosting the program’s total budget to $76 million a year. It will use this funding to underwrite the removal of 15,000 wild horses from the West over the next two years.
    Your legislator might be on one of these two committees. If you live in one of the states below, please click here to take action:
    Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia.
    It’s time for Congress to say “No” to business-as-usual at the BLM.
    Note: if you do not have a representative on one of these committees, stay tuned, as we will be asking for your help as the budget makes its way through the various committees and onto the floor of the House and Senate for a vote.


  5. Nell, I have one Congressman that does care(or at least appears to care) and two that don’t. They will when it endangers their political careers.


  6. BONE TRAIL is getting some Good reviews:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling story ripped from news headlines, lead characters that give Jamie and Claire (OUTLANDER SERIES) a run for their money, January 4, 2011
    By Betsy-2010 – See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Bone Trail (Kindle Edition)

    Wow! This book manages to educate the reader about the wild horse roundups on BLM land and the issues surrounding them while introducing you to one of literature’s hottest new couples — Kate, a journalist with a Washington, D.C. newspaper sent to investigate the probable death of two wild horse activists who haven’t been seen since they were spotted en route to a helicoptor roundup near a Nevada mine … and Ludlow, a Native American attorney who has worked the ropes as a lobbyist in D.C. but who moved back to his childhood Reservation to work with his sister on her horse breeding farm and to train the occasional wild Mustang. The descriptions of the scenery are breathtaking, the love story will leave you wanting more of Kate and Ludlow and the determination of the people who work to protect these marvelous horses will leave you motivated to get involved and heartbroken that you can’t do more, at the same time.

    The character development is amazing – you feel like you KNOW Kate, Ludlow and all the rest. The story arc is suspenseful and based on events that are taking place today. I usually have a few books going at the same time, but once I started reading this book, I put aside two new bestsellers from my favorite authors that I had already started and finished THE BONE TRAIL, cover to cover.


  7. I can hardly wait to get The Bone Trail. Jaime and Claire, The Outlander” series were my all time favorites. I even wrote the author, Diana Gabaldon, to ask her to hurry with her last book as I was 80 at the time and didn’t know if I would make it. LOL. She even answered me.
    It will be great to read something that might make folks more aware of what is happening in Neveda and all.


  8. Thanks, Louie. This was a great review, that’s for sure. But Kate and Ludlow are SMOKIN’ – I will say that………………;-p

    Everyone tells me that they can’t put it down. I am just so thrilled to get that kind of feedback from my readers…………

    And – they learn something. Thanks again. (((embarassedly pleased)))


    • I published it myself Laura – couldn’t wait the 2 years for the agent/publishing process. Not on this issue. The full manuscript is out at some agents, but I have stopped sending it out. About a half-dozen authors (including a pulitzer prize winner and NYT bestseller) told me not to go the traditional route.

      That’s why any reviews/shout outs are TOTALLY appreciated!


  9. Nell, I started reading the first chapter online, and couldn’t stop. I went and ordered a hard copy and am eying it like candy to be enjoyed later. (I can’t read more now.)


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