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Nevada Continues to Promote Equine Abuse

Update from Vicki Tobin ~ Vice President of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Nevada Politicians Fail to Pass Anti-Horse Tripping Bill

Horse Tripping in Sacramento - photo by Karen Tapia-Andsersen

Unfortunately, the bill did not make it out of committee on Friday. I listened to the live stream and we owe a huge thanks to Senator Manendo who gave a very compelling opening when bringing the bill back for one last effort. Even Lee, who opposed the bill said his words were the most convincing he’s heard but said he had already committed. What was odd or perhaps a cover your you know what – was that he did not want the committee to take a vote so it wasn’t killed. He also said if there is any evidence of horse tripping in the state, he would support the bill next session. So we have to wait until a horse is injured or killed before he’ll support banning the practice.

The slippery slope argument is so lame but Lee and Roberson bought it and Rhoads, of course, wouldn’t support it no matter what was presented. Texas is a perfect example. One of the largest, if not the largest, rodeo states banned horse tripping and there has been zero impact. We hear from good sources that Rhoads, the cattlemen associations and farm bureau [once again] were also a driving force behind the opposition. It is mind boggling how they oppose every piece of legislation that is for animal welfare.

Below is a note from Eric Mills as well as the letter he sent. In addition, you may want to write other NV officials. I’ve heard from a few people already that said they would not be vacationing in NV this year because they are not going to give their hard earned money to a state that condones equine cruelty. As with all correspondence, please be polite and stay focused on the facts. You have a much better chance of being heard and taken seriously.

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Greetings, all –

 I sent the below Letter to the Editor to a bunch of Nevada newspapers.  I’m hoping each of you will do something similar.  AND A SUGGESTION – You might want to throw in a couple of lines about the opposition to the bill by the Reno Rodeo Association, and how this will NOT help them sell rodeo tickets.  Indeed, it implies that the Reno Rodeo condones horse tripping.

I’m including the email addresses for a number of papers, just to make it easy on you.












Subject: The Death of SB 364 (Copening) – to ban horse tripping

April 16, 2011

Letter to the Editor


A sad for horses, the people of Nevada, and the democratic process.

On April 15, the Senate Natural Resources Committee let die SB 364 (Copening), without even taking a vote.  The bill would have outlawed the brutal practice of “horse tripping,” a standard event of the Mexican-style rodeo called “charreada.”  Only Senators Mark Manendo and David Parks supported the bill.  Senators Dean Rhoads, Michael Roberson and John Lee opposed it, despite overwhelming evidence of the need for the measure.

Charreada features nine events, three of which involve the roping of running horses by the legs, either front (“manganas”), or rear (“piales”).  Can you spell “insanity?”  This is not a standard ranching practice anywhere in the U.S., nor is it sanctioned by any American-style rodeo association.  Horse tripping is already banned in eight states:  California, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, Illinois, Maine and Florida.

Reportedly, Senator Rhoads and the rodeo/ranching community, in their paranoia, lobbied heavily to kill this bill, claiming it was a first step toward outlawing all of rodeo.  Nonsense!  All the horse pucky is obviously not in the arena.  The bill had NOTHING to do with sanctioned rodeo events.

Some media coverage might have made the difference.  Maybe next session.  Meanwhile, there’s to be a charreada in Winnemucca on April 30-May 1 (#50 Winnemucca Blvd., 11 a.m.)  Check it out.  And take a legislator with you.


Eric Mills, coordinator


P.O. Box 20184

Oakland, CA  94620

tel. 510/652-5603

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  1. I believe that those who profit from rodeo are afraid to allow any new laws related to being humane to be put in place because they already know that a number- if not all, rodeo events are quite obviously inhumane and they don’t want to start a ball rolling that they can’t stop. In spite of its’ long history and deep connection to the ‘cowboy’ way of life, everyone knows that the sport of rodeo is brutal for the animals involved, but they turn a blind eye to that aspect of the sport. As humans evolve and become more empathetic toward other living creatures, rodeos will at some point, cease to exist. It’s just a matter of time.

    I loved participating in rodeos when I was young. In college, I was elected the Rodeo Queen of my university in NM, and later was runner-up for Miss Rodeo USA. I eventually realized that I could no longer participate in- or even watch rodeos, because of the abuse of the livestock. Hopefully the views of others like me can also be corrected as we strive [gently, please] to educate and motivate the public to ‘see the light’. It is a difficult task- for there are none so blind as those who will not see.


  2. Nevada Chamber of Commerce should have something to say about the negative image that is being given to Nevada due to the interests of a few. Post cards with pictures of helicopters harrassing Wild Horses, Horses tripping, and to top it off–the Broken Arrow concentration camp for America’s Wild Horses.
    There are also many Horse-related activities in Nevada that bring money into the state. Horse groups around the country can also apply some pressure and NOT participate in any Nevada functions until it cleans up its act.


  3. The Equine Welfare Alliance Announces Conference

    This conference would be a good place to bring up the horse tripping in Nevada as well as the legislators and associations that blocked the bill.


  4. Sadly horse tripping may already be banned in CA but that isn’t stopping it in the least. Ask Joe from TBFriends. He gets horses ALL THE TIME from the killers if not the abusers themselves AFTER THE HORSE IS HURT.

    If the horse refuses to run into the arena he is brutality whipped until he does so. Doesn’t matter how hurt he is or if he knows what is going to happen. These people have absolutely no compassion in the least for the animals.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what the novelty of this gruesome sport is. But tons of money passes hands during all the wind up.

    I can still remember shouting at some Mexican in 1971 in Mexico about running his horse not only uphill but on cobblestones too. He just turned at me and flipped me off. Those streets were bad enough that a person could twist an ankle without blinking and these people didn’t give a second thought to the horses. Not sure that image will ever leave me.


  5. Unfortunately, &, I do not mean to sound so negative, just giving my own personal opinion, humans are not “evolving”, but rather, we seem to be “regressing”. We, as a species, are not becoming more “empathetic” towards other living creatures, if anything, it seems as though most humans are becoming more “apathetic”. They show no feelings, no remorse, no compassion, no concern, more defensive, more greed-driven, more “me, me, I, I”. Hence, being “flipped off” for something as minor as honking at another driver, &, so on, or, for stating your opinions. Yes, humans will come together to help during natural/unnatural disasters, but, is that just because we need eachother, or is it because we truly care?? Look at photos of deserted places in Japan, but, notice all the poor dogs left behind to fend for themselves. How do they protect themselves from radioactivity? Here in St. Louis, Mo., an innocent elderly couple were walking home from the store, when they were brutally jumped & beat up, as a result of hoodlums “playing a GAME”!! The elderly man died. And, those humans who can point a gun or other weapon, point blank, at fellow humans, &, innocent animals, without even a second thought. In a perfect world, we would ALL live together in peace, man & animal, but, I don’t think it will happen in our lifetimes, that’s why we should never give up on our causes, our pressures on those who cause harm, our dreams for a better world. Happy Easter to all, including all of our beautiful equine & other animal friends!


  6. Valerie, SOME are evolving–the ones that don’t will extinguish themselves:

    Volunteers feed dogs
    In this April 10, 2011 photo released by animal rescue group Sheltie Rescue, volunteers feed dogs before they rescue the stranded dogs in Minami Soma,Fukushima prefecture, northeastern Japan in a zone that was off-limits to people because of radiation fears. The group rescued a pack of shelties after seeing an Associated Press photo of them roaming in the abandoned town of Minami Soma, near Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear plant.;_ylt=AkS7mJpwSvKF.WLL1c.7KSfjOrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTBuMzc3aW1xBHBvcwMyMQRzZWMDZXAEc2xrA2ltYWdl#photoViewer=/110414/481/urn_publicid_ap_org_f4675d734b3f42c7a09fbefbd31e88cb


    • Thanks, Louie. Ok, “some” are evolving, but not all. As long as humans continue to mistreat eachother, they will continue abusing & harming animals as well. That, is the point I was trying to make. Those rescued Shelties were among the lucky ones, not all the abandoned pets, & strays, were, or, are, that fortunate. It is the same here, yes, there are good, caring people who rescue animals everyday, but for every good person, there is an equal number(if not more!) who are not.


  7. There is just so much that is dark and ugly that we need to be reminded to see the Bright and the Beautiful–keeps us all going


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