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Federal Court Gives Thumbs Up to Wild Horse Suit

Advocates Hope Precedence Aids in Other Cases

Twin Peaks Wild Horses prior to the terror of the BLM ~ photo by Terry Fitch

In a precedent-setting decision issued Wednesday in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, Judge Morrison C. England, Jr. rejected the Department of Interior’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit challenging the roundup and removal of nearly 1,579 wild horses and 159 burros from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA) in northeastern California last year.

Judge England also ruled that the plaintiffs – In Defense of Animals (IDA), ecologist Chad Hanson, Ph.D., wild horse sanctuary founder Barbara Clarke, DreamCatcher Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary, local resident and wild horse enthusiast Linda Hay – have standing to challenge the action and that the case is not moot, despite the fact that the roundup has already taken place. In past litigation, courts have dismissed claims as moot because the roundups had already concluded, never ruling on the merits on the case. Click here to read news release, and click here to read the AP story.

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  1. HugeTHANK YOU to Judge Morrison England Jr. for realizing the extreme importance Our Wild Mustangs …………..FINALLY!


  2. Finally a case gets to go forward and be reviewed on the true merits of the case instead of just tossed out due to BLM shenanigans. Perhaps we will get a ruling that will make certain that something like Owyhee never occurs again. And our horses get to go back home and be free once again.


  3. BRAVO!

    “In addition, the plaintiffs have appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge England’s denial last year of a preliminary injunction to halt the Twin Peaks roundup. The remedy of returning horses to the range was also a critical issue of discussion at a hearing before the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco earlier this year”


  4. Praise God! Miracles do happen. Now we pray for these captive beauties’ release to their rightful home. Press on, freedom fighters, and may God continue his blessings on our magnificent wild horses and burros!! Thank you, R.T., for keeping us informed.


  5. “DITTO, TO ALL!!” Good, WILL triumph over evil, but, never let your guard down. I’d like to share a poem I wrote:
    The Horse
    You drink the wind, devour the ground
    Your thundering hooves make a mighty sound
    You fly as if on eagle’s wings
    As you cvover the ground, the wind sings
    Your manes & tails like banners fly
    Your power & beauty make nations cry
    You are wild, yet tame
    Your warm breath is like a kindling flame
    You are wise & fierce, yet loyal & gentle
    Your creation was not accidental
    Your spirit & presence are an awesome force
    You are God’s gift to man, you are the Horse!


      • Thanks for the compliments on my poem. Sorry about the typo on the line: As you cover the ground, the wind sings. Wish I could have it published, especially if it could in some way, help the wild horses!


  6. This is HUGE news! I’m curious as to why it’s mentioned as almost an afterthough among other articles, as I’ve noticed in several blogs and publications. If this judge rules in favor of the horse and burros, it could start an avelanche of positive legal actions that could result in major progress in the restoration of ‘what was’, and of ‘what should be’ for the wild ones.


  7. Judge Morrison England Jr, has the power to make the BLM return all our mustangs back to the land that truly belongs to them……………..I am hoping that he rightously excersizes this power in all dicisions…………………………for the Wild Mustangs…………………………..


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