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Anti-Horse Wyoming Politician Promotes Fraud Against President and Congress on Facebook

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Sue Wallis Plans Deception Against President Obama

Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis asks public to utilize fraud to support unpopular cause ~ photo courtesy of Sue Wallis Facebook page

Long time equine terrorist and pro-horse slaughter extremist, Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis, crossed the line on Saturday when she publicly urged her few Facebook followers to fraudulently use false names when signing a preposterous pro-horse slaughter petition on President Obama’s White House website.  Fanatical while swimming upstream against a 70% public disdain for killing and eating a companion animal “Slaughterhouse” Sue encourages all to use the names of others to sign a petition that fact, science and public opinion stand strongly against.

“This is the WHITE HOUSE petition. If you have already signed to petition to CONGRESS you still need to sign this one as well…If you know people who are supporters but do not have computers or use them much, ask them if it is okay for you to sign online on their behalf.”

The Terms of Participation for the website are explicit when outlining petition policy:

“In order to participate in We the People, you must create a User Account. You are required to use a valid email address when registering your account. Only one account per individual is allowed…Creating and signing We the People petitions must be done by individuals interacting directly with…”

SFTHH and this editor have reported this flagrant disregard for not only government policy but blatant lack of appropriate morals to the Whitehouse staff by accessing their web page!/how-why/other-ways-contacting-white-house

Likewise, we urge all law abiding Americans to alert the office of Matt Mead, Governor of Wyoming, by visiting

Screen shot of Wallis activity can be downloaded (HERE)

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  1. I can’t seem to sign (it’s been a long time since I have been on that site, I was registered)… they sent a temp. password and that does not work. Generally, things act buggy. Pages on top of pages and out of aligned text, etc.

    How are these bogus signers able to register more than one email address from one computer?!


    • Jill I found it easier to copy and paste the link that they will send to your email by changing your password into your browser. It took me a couple of days to figure that out! 🙂


    • Jill….When you set up an account they will email you a link so you can vote. I had a little trouble but not much…It only took me a few minutes.

      On that note I don’t know how it would be legal to sign for someone that does not use a computer. Any email addresses set up in their name would be fraudulent since they would just be doing it just for that single purpose . At least in my humble opinion.


    • Jill, make sure you are using Internet Explorer and not Firefox or chrome, those have seemed to have had a problem.


      • I use Firefox and didn’t have any problems at all. Maybe it’s the version. I’m running the latest.


  2. And I should add, that a group that stands somewhere on the sidelines and permits the eradication of America’s protected wild horses and burros, public lands and devastates the citizens who helped put them in their plush office….

    When it comes to buggy, anything may be possible!


    • I had no trouble at all signing the anti-horse slaughter and the stop wild horse round up petitions. Maybe they are getting overwhelmed with all the petitions out there right now.


  3. Shock of shocks?!?!

    SS asks people to vote for others? My! What is the world coming to? (forget her reckless and insane stand on HCHS and food safety)


  4. Is there NO ONE who can stop her? At what point will she be asked to step down? Can State Reps be impeached for unethical behavior?


    • Ethics charges were filed and the WY state house dismissed….don’t know if it is final or if there others in the chute (pun intended).

      Ms Wallis is in a very small populated district. The joke is the the 23 voters in her district, either live in her house/on her ranch or are adjoining property owners that are cousins.


      • BTW, the small population stuff, but 2 senators for each state becomes HUGELY problematic to legislative progress. Sen Larry Craig held up the slaughter bill, filibusters, committee wrangling continue to stifle the legislative process.

        However, as stated by Moran and Whitfield at IEC…the leadership of the House and Senate (both parties) are our biggest enemies (Pelosi, Boehner, Cantor, Reid, McConnel)….p.s. the reps didn’t say “enemies”, but they did say the leadership is the main block to equine welfare.


    • I still have the personal message she sent me calling us IDIOt’s, is that they way a Legislature is suppose to speak, I think not. No class, no brains and just awful poems


  5. Sue Wallis is a moron and it’s easy to see why she can sleep at night promoting slaughter when she has no moral or ethical compass to be able to attempt to perpetrate fraud on the U.S. government. Isn’t this actionable in a legal manner and doesn’t it come with fines? Obviously she hasn’t embarassed her state enough for them to recall her or ask her to resign. So what does that say for Wyoming? But then, this is one of the states that wants to make wolves extinct again to protect their precious cattle, when there are several environmental organizations that will reimburse a cattle rancher IF wolves actually are the cause of the loss of a cow.
    @Denise I know my state (Kansas) senators just repeat the Republican line on this–equine welfare legislation would open the door for other livestock. They will vote against S. 1176, no matter how many Kansans they hear from to tell them to vote for it. It isn’t just Congressional leadership, it’s the Republican party because they protect businesses, even horrific ones regardless of what their constituents want.


    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      Here is the problem, reps are supposed to represent. You say NO MATTER the input they don’t listen. Well, I know that. That is why we still have HCHS, roundups etc. Your job is to document your attempt to educate those reps (with supporters) and when they don’t behave……vote their F**** ass out. Another thing, I’m getting really tired of Ag Hags (both parties) totin’ the Ag Hag party line. I’m not here for Monsanto, DuPont, ADM, etc. I buy products from hardworking, decent, independent small family farm/ranchers and entrepreneurs.

      Additionally, it ain’t party crap…it’s special interests. They vote against anything that cuts into their contribution and status quo. the soap box. Thank you for reading.


  6. RT….it is not only Sue Wallis that is trying to undermine the integrity of the Whitehouse petition it is also her followers..You may contact me on FB if you would like a screen print proving what I say….

    This is despicable and disappointing to every single one of us that are above board with our morals and our honesty.


  7. Have sent my complaints on this immoral behavior to the links you provided RT. Thank you for the screen shot. Will she endorse the kidnapping of any politician who is likely to vote against her radical and insane ideas next?


  8. I reported it to the White House site. I think that everyone also needs to be aware that her petition to congress contains duplicate and triplicate signatures. Go to the petition and look at signers as you scroll down you will see what I am referring to. I spent many years obtaining advanced degrees and my area of expertise is applied ethics, human rights, theories of justice. I am just so sick of this dumbing of America. This woman is morally reprehensible. It seems to me that truth, justice, and science have taken a holiday in this country.


    • I could not possibly agree more. It drives me nuts. People don’t seem to think anymore – they just pick someone like SS for example and follow them through hell and high water no matter what kind of proof you have that their idol is an idiot.

      Sue’s followers remind me of nothing so much as those people who get “brain washed” into a cult. They seem to have lost – or never had – the ability for rational thought. I had one of them ranting at me that all this stuff about the dangers of bute was just HSUS scare tactics! And here I thought I’d heard everything.

      Denise ~ Glad you liked my take on SS’s followers. 🙂


      • Your welcome!

        I think SS should be a sock puppet too…because she spews the same tripe I heard from Stenchholm back in ’08. I think he lobbies w/Gage and Olsson.

        SS couldn’t come up with an original thought/idea if her life depended on it!…ergo, puppet.


  9. I had trouble a week ago and got bounced off the page each time I got to register, fire fox was the problem. I went through the The American Wild horse and burro preservation campaign website and signed that way. Yes you need a valid web address, Then they e-mail a pass word before you can compete. The pass word is case sensetive. be sure your anti virus is up todate. I wouldn’t put it past this brain trust to obtain the cyber services of a geek to play with everyone.


  10. Denise,

    I believe we learned that Congresswoman Pelosi is anti-slaughter; however, as we know, her agenda during the 111th Congress was to pass Health Care legislation. We have to understand that each person in Congress has only so many political chips to use. Leadership has far more that freshman Congress persons, and committee chairpersons have more influence that other members.

    I interpreted this a little differently. I believe that Boehner and McConnell are indifferent and disinterested which is different than being pro-slaughter. In Boehner’s case, we need the people of Ohio to make it important to him. I have not done much research on Senator McConnell, but it would not be hard to do.

    As a native West Virginian I understand more about the issues in front of Senator Rockefeller who chairs the Senate Commerce, Transoportation, and Science Committee whose committee than was shared in the meeting. I continue to return throughout the year, so I read the papers, watch the local news, and talk to friends there, so I think it is important to understand the pressurues that Senator Rockefeller is facing. I believe that at heart, Senator Rockefeller is an environmentalist at heart, but he has been governor and now a United States Senator from a state whose primary source of wealth has been from the coal industry. Coal is West Virginia. Coal mining is both an economic and cultural force in WV. Revenue from coal production funds everything from road construction to colleges and universities. The Obama administration has gone to war against the coal industry which would essentially shut down much of WV.

    To most of us, it is an odd thing that people willingly enter into a work situation knowing that while they are young, healthy, and strong they are likely to become to get a fatal condition known as Black Lung. So the coal industry has set aside a special fund for widows and minor survivors known as the Black Lung which provides financial support for as long as the widow survives or the child is a minor. Such is the trade off people who live in mining communities make.

    However, coal is a major environmental polluter, and there have always been concerns about the effects of coal dust in the air and pollutants in the water. There are high incidence rates of cancer, and the comment about birth defects being caused by intermarriage that was referred to at the conference is a stereo-type that has been made about people who live in the mountains of Appalachia. I don’t want to go into detail about this, but to have this used in a Congressional committee by a lobbyist for a coal company and accepted as fact is disturbing. The contribution of genetic factors to birth defects could be explored by the same people whd o do genetic counseling for couples who want to find out the likelihood that any children they have could inherit genetic conditions. But of course, this gets us into the troubling area of using research based science and applying it to real situations.


    • Honestly, Christie…I don’t think she is antislaughter….or Boxer or Feinstein, etc. They vote when they know the bill won’t pass; it is always split between House passes/Senate doesn’t or vice versa or the committee poop. The leadership NEEDS to make it happen, but they won’t because they either have other political issues they want to advance (tit for tat) or they don’t give a cr*p about our food system, public lands management, much less humane treatment for equines.

      Actions speak louder than words.


  11. I realize I am probably making comments that are too long for most people to read, but I think it is important to fill in the blanks about what was not said at the conference where we might have information that explains what was said.

    All the big money movers and shakers in West Virginia are coal people. Jim Justice who just bought The Greenbrier Hotel made his money from coal. However, there are people like me who grew in the parts of West Virginia where our natural resources were more agriculturally based that are still largely pastoral and rural in comparison with the more rugged, mountainous coal areas. Our greatest natural resource is the beauty of the land and the relative purity of the rivers and lakes in the that area.

    Senator Rockefeller is faced with an administration that has been determined to shut down the industry that threatens to shut down the state he represents. I know in my heart that the idea of removing a mountain top and disposing of it in a way that pollutes the environment is probably an anathma to the Senator, but on the other hand, he has to work with coal companies to try to get them to create cleaner forms of coal production, less toxic waste, and research on ways to better clean up what toxic waste it produces. He is in a precarious position at this moment in time because Senator Reid, whom we know is pro-slaughter since he co-authored the Burns Amendment, is the Majority Leader in the Senate. Senator Reid can effectly bury any legislation and see that it does not see the light of day.

    I do not think that Senator Rockefeller has changed his mind about whether or not horse slaughter should be banned. However, at this moment in time, he may not have the chips he needs to represent the interests of his state as well as go out on what could be a fragile limb (because of Senator Reid’s position) on horse slaughter. As the work of previous West Virginian’s Congressman Nick Rahall and Senator Byrd demonstrate through their sponsorship of ROAM and Senator Byrd’s indiginant protests in the Senate when he realized that Senator Burns had slipped in the rider to the 2005 omnibus appropriations bill, I think it could be assume that West Virginians value the humane treatment of equines.


  12. Havinrog said this, I will say that Senator Rockefeller has throughout his career been concerned with human health and well-being, much more so than most politicians, so I think our arguments going forward should be centered around on verifiable scientific data linking the drugs used to make the lives of horses safer and healthier have the exact oppositive effect when horse meat is consumed by human beings.

    We do not need to be hyperbolic or hysterical because the facts are undeniable and they are on our side of the argument. When the facts are not on your side, which is the case for the pro-slaughter movement, you do things like persuade someone in the office of the GAO to concoct an argument with uncited, convoluted opinions that you have collected in no methodical, scientific, or verifiable manner. Someone with a lot of power had to have influenced the GAO that producing this report and publishing it was worth risking their reputation for speaking truth to power. In this case, power was used to produce the impression of of truth based on a nonexistent premise. Trying to give the impression that something is true when it is not is fraud. What the recluse who needs to return to Recluse is doing is fraud. I would sentence her to life without a computer and an Internet connection.


    • I read every word of your posts too, Christie. If you have more insights to share, please do! Right, R.T.?

      I agree we need to keep putting the food safety issue in their faces. This is real and important. Also the fact that by 2013 we will have to be on a system comparable to the to the EU passport system or our horses won’t be accepted for slaughter in Mexico and Canada – or anywhere else in Europe for that matter. The Belgians are the LAW in the international horse slaughter trade, and they are adamant.

      Another thing I just became aware of is that the legit meat producers are getting worried that this indifference – or outright denial – of the serious food safety issues with our horses is giving our entire meat industry a black eye – and not just overseas. I believe they are right about this, and it’s something an ag state Congress person should have pointed out to them.


  13. Pardon the interruption for a moment…

    RT I don’t have your private email but Leslie Webb wanted me to tell you she says hi! I’m having dinner with her and Alex Brown. Really cool music, learning lots about horses and making new friends.

    Okay back to the party and I now return you to the regular conversation.


  14. Leslie and others, it may be different in each state, but I think we need to avoid making generalizations about the problem being a democrat or republican thing. We have to look at each Congressperson in the context of their past voting record and trying to identify what the driving forces in each state are.

    For example, if Senator Burns is to be believed (he may still be indicted on corruption charges), the Majority Leader in the Senate co-authored the legislation to make it legal to slaughter our wild horses. He is a democrat and as far as I am concerned, he holds the keys to what is happening to our wild horses. He is the one who defended Ken Salazar when Senator Vitter voted against giving hima raise because he hadn’t done his job. Senator Reid and Secretary Salazar are working hand in glove to rid the West of our wild and free-roaming horses and both of them are Democrats. On the hand, the ROAM Act passed the Democratically controlled House in the 111th Congress, but died almost as soon as it hit its Senate committe (as, unfortunately, did its sponsor) passed the Democratically controlled House in the 111th Congress.

    There is some hard evidence that one of the Republican candidates might be more sympathetic to equine issues than others, but I don’t want to get it that now. I think it is too simplistic to make this about the right or left. Now should the incumbant POTUS decide not to run, and our Secretary of State or some other person decide to run, then I think it becomes more hopeful for our horses and our environment.

    As long as Democrats control the Senate, Senator Reid will be in charge unless someone can unturn some other stone about him that is not known at this time. Remember he is not well liked in Nevada. It took three trips to Nevada by the President in the fall of 2010 and a couple of major land swap giveaways by Secretary Salazar complete with the requisite photo ops to get Senator Reid back in office. He was almost beaten by an unpolished, inexperienced unknown female in good old boy land (I know the whole stae of Nevada does not fit this description—but it’s Harry’s world we’re talking about.

    When you stop to think that it was necessary for this administration to keep the Senator in office, you may start to wonder just exactly who the most powerful Democrat in the country is.

    It may be that your Kansas Senators know that any effort to bring the anti-slaughter issue forward or the ROAM issue forward would doom any other legislation that they want for Kansas. Senator Reid has been involved in some dubious land swap deals and had a problem with failing to document the sale of some property and his profit from the sale—but somehow, in the state of Nevada, it all got smoothed over. He’s a slick one, but he needs someone to give him a searchlight to find his way back home for good.

    The only other way to get him out of office is for the Senate Democrats to decide that they no longer want him to lead, and that may take an earthquake along the lines of the new world order. I do not believe that all politicians are corrupt, but each politician is a reflection of his constituents’ interest. If those Republican Senators ignore the desires of their constituents, they will find themselves thrown out of Oz, back with Dorothy, Toto, and Aunt Em.


    • Reisa, I think it would fall under the UNIFORM ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS ACT. All but three states have signed onto the Uniform Act. The three that didn’t have similar legislation in place. Wyoming became party to the Act in 2007. It was originally written to facilitate and monitor e-commerce, but has since been extended to other areas where e-signatures are involved, including fradulent signatures on petitions supporting candidates for office. Since Sue encouraged this type of fraud on Facebook, and UH Facebook Members are from many states, this may be a job for the FBI.

      I noticed signatures on the pro-slaughter petition jumped by over 400 practically overnight. Make ya go hmmm …


  15. Where oh where have our wild horses gone? Ask Harry Reid
    An Exclusive Interview
    Former Sen. Conrad Burns
    By Steven Long

    In the world of equine welfare there may be no person subject to derision than former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns. An ardent supporter of horses as a commodity to be sold for whatever reason their owner deems profitable, the former auctioneer lost his seat in the U.S. Senate to a farmer, Jon Tester, after passage of the Burns Amendment. The law was passed in the dead of night after it was attached to an appropriations bill nobody had read. For the first time, in an exclusive interview with Horseback Magazine, Burns how revocation of the law came about.×1261


  16. RT, are you following through with this legally- making an official report to the White House petition group, to Facebook, and to the Ethics Committee in Congress? It does seem like there’s a case here, and that your new Foundation would be a good group for pursuing this.


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