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AQHA Promotes Slaughtering Companion Horses for Human Consumption

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

AQHA Attempts to Manipulate Public with Misleading Alert

On the Dinner Table for the AQHA

Today, in what is a glaring public relations bombshell, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) issued a Action Alert under an unconscionable headline of “Don’t let our nation’s horses suffer any longer” where readers are asked to contact their elected officials to ensure that there will be no legislation passed which would “prevent the USDA from paying the salary of any employee to inspect horse processing facilities”.  In other words, they want to buck the law and bring bloody horse slaughter back to the United States.

The AQHA has been guilty, for years, of running and promoting a self-destructive and inhumane business model of breeding as many horses as possible and throwing away those that do not meet predetermined and distorted criteria.  Turning the horse industry into a throw away operation the horse slaughter plants, in Canada and Mexico, are today cruelly, slaughtering more Quarter Horses for human consumption abroad than they did when the foreign owned plants were open in the U.S..  The Action Alert is carefully crafted to avoid the mention of horse slaughter, which is opposed by more than 70% of the American population, and instead the alert refers to the bloody, predatory business as “horse processing”.  Likewise there is the quiet assumption that horse slaughter is no longer present when in reality it is stronger than ever as the AQHA pumps tens of thousands of Quarter horses into the pipeline along with Thoroughbreds and other various breeds, including native American wild horses.

The alert calls for uninformed citizens to contact their Senators and plead to change the standing law while in reality the staff of SFTHH and the members of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation ask concerned citizens to contact the AQHA to express their outrage and disgust at such a despicable and underhanded action on the part of an Equine breeding association.  Their motives are obvious and their intent is clear.  Breedum up and throw em away.

Call the AQHA at: (806) 376-4811, which I have already done, and ask to speak to Ward Stutz, get ready for this, Senior Director of Breed Integrity who is allegedly responsible for this cruel and inhumane alert.  Likewise you can email Mr. Stutz at

Email the AQHA at their site by going to

The Action Alert is printed below, but remember AQHA – you might be able to buff up your boots but you surely can’t polish a turd, and that’s exactly what you have tried to do!!!

Action Alert

Don’t let our nation’s horses suffer any longer.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
October 10, 2011

Don’t let our nation’s horses suffer any longer.

In previous years, the Agricultural Appropriations Act has included a legislative rider that prevents the USDA from paying the salary of any employee to inspect horse processing facilities. As a direct result of this legislative rider, the Government Accountability Office has found the unintended consequences include a sizeable negative economic impact on the horse industry and incidents of inhumane treatment of horses.

You can reach your senators or representative by calling the congressional switchboard at (202) 225-3121. Ask for your senator’s or representative’s office, and then ask to speak to the staff person who handles agriculture issues.

Or urge them to vote against any amendment restricting the USDA from inspecting horse processing facilities. Visit or click here to contact your Senators.

Talking Points:

  • In past years, the Agricultural Appropriations Act has included a legislative rider that prevented the USDA from paying the salary of any employee to inspect horse processing facilities. The rider effectively ensures no facilities can humanely process horses within the United States. As a direct result of this legislative rider, the Government Accountability Office has found the unintended consequences include a sizeable negative economic impact on the horse industry and incidents of inhumane treatment of horses have risen. The facts are in: the restriction is hurting the industry and hurting animal welfare.
  • The GAO report reveals that a lack of horse processing in the United States has exacerbated the suffering, and increased abandonment, neglect, pain and misery for horses nationwide.
  • Please don’t pass any amendments that will prevent the USDA from paying the salary of any employee to inspect horse processing facilities.

For more information on public policy, log into member services and visit

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  1. Speaking as a Quarter Horse owner, I’ve known they are pro-slaughter activists for a long time.
    You see, really, it’s all about the money.
    Kill a bunch, breed more, register them… oh! Income!

    The AQHA is worse than the racing industry USED to be.


  2. And this is a surprise???????

    These cretins are still working that one appropriations bill to fund slaughter in the US to reopen US based, FOREIGN OWNED HCHS PLANTS!….all whopping THREE of them.


      • I worry about the Congressional shenanigans re: all bills where they could slip the funding language in.


      • I knew they didn’t actually CARE about the horse as a breed and with all of the controversy with what is registerable and what isn’t it’s become nothing but a numbers game. HOW MANY are registered each year???? HOW MANY HIT AUCTIONS EACH YEAR???? What a shame they have turned this animal into a throwaway item, and only want the money… THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY THESE DAYS….THAT WORTHLESS DAMN DOLLAR!!!!!! I may again own a Quarter Horse, but I will NEVER AGAIN PAY TO REGISTER ONE WITH THESE CREATURES!! I WON’T be a part of THEIR MONEY GAME!!!


  3. Ever wonder why so many Quarter horse breeders moved to Kentucky?

    Huge incentives to breed and keep breeding.

    Kentucky calls themselves the Horse Capitol of the U.S……I have another name for them that I will refrain from printing.


    • Probably to breed to standing TB stock and some incentives; these are not straight QH. They are Appendix used for racing (mostly in OK, TX and the Southwest….some good venues and purses, mostly the low of the low).

      TX is actually doing fair (in a bad racing market) with TBs. So, no…I don’t think they (QH) left for a higher moral ground. It is was cheaper to do Appendix than high quality TBs. Sad actually, because it isn’t about a breed, or quality…it is about cheap, money, write offs, etc.


      • Forgot to add, that TB breeding stock prices (stud fees and mare leasing) are in the toilet….so unattainable lines of sires and dames are more affordable. It’s plain economics. I will add, some of the latest auction info for HIGH quality TBs is creating interest and action.

        QH owners didn’t move to KY to play KY…they went for the bas**rd stepchild that is QH racing or sucking up crumbling TB farms/land/assets/reduced breeding fees.


      • I totally agree with you, Denise. I haven’t owned a QH for 30 years because even then the breed was going downhill. Huge horses on tiny feet, Long toe – low heel conformation, all that.

        Too bad I don’t belong to the AQHA so I could QUIT.


  4. Here is the letter I sent to AQHA.

    Good Afternoon,

    I would like you to look at your business mode, and tell me where the sense lies?

    You promote breeding AQH to the point of flooding the market and devaluing the breed, (the species for that matter). Then you promote and industry that puts a .30 per pound value on your product.

    Where is the profit in that? The pitiful profit there is comes with blood on ones hands, and global suffering.

    I propose to you to rewrite all AQH breed standards and then enforce those stringent breeding standards ~ Instate annual breed registration fees for all AQH horses to generate big $$$$ ($150 per head per year) enforce the licensing of stallions and mares, more fees to generate more revenue. This is a successful business model without any back lash, except from those that over breed “crap” destroy the breed quality and value and then send to slaughter.

    After lots of pissing and moaning from those that over breed and bring the breed and value into the toilet~

    In 10- 20 years the AQHA will be producing licensed and registered quality horses that bring TOP dollar again versus the mass quantity breeding of crap model of todays standards. Quality VS Quantity always wins.

    Would it not make more sense to get on board with the 70% of America and come up with a way to end over populating the market with AQH horses and return the value of horses to it’s former state,( and no not the state when slaughter was lawful in the US). To the time when horses were the sport of kings and only very few approved horses were bred each year.

    If you want to return your breed to royalty then consider the above mentioned business model and stop touting “suffering of horses” as a need to reinstate slaughter. This battle will never end, try alternative solutions for a change.

    Be the leader of the industry you once were, bring quality back to your breed.


  5. Wards’ FB page shows he’s made a new ‘friend’ in Mindy Patterson; (the woman who lead the charge to have the voter-approved puppy mill legislation overturned, and a *rabid* HSUS ‘hater’–)
    Mindy, if some of you may not know, is one (maybe the only one) of Sue Wallis’ disciples with marginally good spelling and grammar skills–she is typically used as the mouthpiece for United Horsemen at legislative hearings, and writes up much of their propaganda, using the ‘HSUS’/’AR’ scare tactics.

    Mr Stutz, in writing this piece, has taken a page (ad nauseum) directly from the United Horsemen’s handbook on How-To-Make-Slaughter-Seem-Humane’

    He’s just another one of the Flying Wallinda Monkeys hoping for a pat on the head from Sue fro being a ‘good boy.’


    • Ms Wallis neither possess the intellect or organizational skills to do this…she has marching orders from the puppetmasters (Berman/humanewatch, NCBA, Farm Bureau, etc).


  6. There are about 20 auctions in KY that kill buyers attend , nd KY’s animal protection laws are the worst in the USA. It took 6 weeks to finally get a case of starving horses investigated by the KDA this past summer . Finally a Casey Co. sherrif took action and confiscated 5-6 horses that had been moved to his county and had the owner fined. Sadly many of the cases of neglect have been by owners who could well afford to feed their horses.
    Makes me ashamed to be a Kentuckian.


  7. Just a counterpoint to the LIES of AQHA (It’s what’s for dinner):

    (1) Equines are still slaughtered at legitimate “processing” facilities in the US, using USDA….but not for human consumption. They are trying to mislead people (LIE ONE)

    (2) GAO report also stated that the lack of in country HCHS either has to be done properly or not at all and they could not scientifically say closure of 3 plants was responsibly THE MAIN CAUSE of the down economy of the equine industry of the US. They did not take a specific, complete, unequivocated, legal position (LIE TWO BY AQHA)

    (3) It is not about passing an amendment to continue unfunding of HCHS (and note they don’t discern between different types of horse/equine slaughter)…it is a continuation to not allow an amendment TO FUND HCHS in the US…procedural, but important (LIE THREE)

    (4) USDA Inspectors still work (or are supposed to be) monitoring Ag inspection, collection and auction facilities…so the option of export HCHS in the US still remains in a partial form wherein the USDA is funded and participates (LIE FOUR).

    If I have any points incorrect, please advise….but you will stymie most staffers and even our advocates on those finer points….the killers like it that way. Politics and language are ugly and devious in the wrong hands.


  8. Mmmmmm….methinks that our favorite AUHA lobbyist is beginning to fill the nostrils of his constituency with mal-odorous sensations. Maybe the horse hackers decided to it was time for their favorite poster girl to remain in Recluse. Well, we all know what happens to vampires who show their faces to the sun.

    There is nothing like righteous indignation to get us into action.


  9. this sickens me to no end! how and why would this magazine condone this when they know through their own articles that horses should not be eaten! in humane a-holes!


  10. Thanks, Denise for making these fine points. It will help us challenge this.

    It is the first responsibility of government to keep its citizens safe. The bottom line is that returning horse slaughter to this country would be a violation of this responsibility. The evidence is overwhelming that horse slaughter should be banned in the US and US horses should be banned from slaughter in foreign countries. Anything else, and we sell out the health of ourcommunities and our environment. We lose all claim to any kind of moral leadership to the rest of the world if we continue to support a practice that sacrifices the health of human beings in other countries. If our law makers do not outlaw this, they could put the future of US commodities trading in foreign markets in danger as well as risk our national security. Some countries might not like the fact that our Congress might not intervene to keep contaminated meat from their citizens. We’ve been attacked for our Western way of life, so I don’t think is too great a stretch.

    The handwriting is on the wall, and someone at the AQHA knows it. Time for the full court press.


  11. Counterpoints I made to the AQHA “points” (and they are a bit hard to read RT…something wrong with the formatting?), is that HCHS still exists (100% live ship for same, wherein USDA inspectors ARE involved, funded) and nonHCHS still exists in the US, geographically (NJ, NE and other spots) where in those plants, custom slaughterhouses use USDA inspectors or have agreements with the state ag authorities (I’m not talking blackmarket butchering in FL and other heavy ethnic culture states).

    AQHA has been doing this for the entire life of it’s existence.

    I know the moral argument…it is not going to help us with the counterpoints….work on their blatant lies, deception, spin and word twisting when speaking to the staffers.


  12. You can go to the “Contact” page at the AQHA website and leave a message about the alert in 250 words. I just did that. If you are so moved, pass this info around — let AQHA see what it’s like to get a few thousand people saying, “oh no it’s not, oh no you don’t.” You do not have to be a member to use the form.

    Through simple magnified actions like this taken by individuals mounting into the thousands, organizations like AQHA see that we really aren’t just a few horse huggers making noise, but are coming from a position of strength when we learn about an issue and take initiative about it all together, with the right energy.

    This is a perfect example, if we flood their contact form, to show that. It’s a kind of “Twitter Nation” action, if we spread it around, the likes of which have created changes in whole governments this year in other countries. And with AQHA, you don’t even need Twitter to do it.

    Which is good, cause I don’t even know what Twitter is. So don’t try tell me know, I’ll keep my innocence. But I still could contact AQHA, and I did. Will you?


  13. I’m sorry, but contacting the AQHA (unless you are a member and my family is no longer) is not productive. If you are a member send and then send a letter to your Rep/Senators about this BIG FAT LIE (S) w/the letter you sent to AQHA! To the rest of US/us, send a copy of the AQHA crapola with your counterpoints reminding them NOT TO FUND HCHS!


    • I’m going to be a little pinchy here Denise. I’m glad Rosa Parks got on the bus when it might have seemed futile, and others kept doing what they did again and again, even if they were hearing “why bother, they aren’t listening….”

      Until their numbers added up and it tipped the balance. How many friends could you convince to go to the contact form? And how many could they convince? Again and again. All of us look at the weather or news on the internet a couple times a day. Even active people like us, if we are sitting at a computer, can do this one more thing, no matter what else we’ve done.


      • & it took a bus boycott lasting one year to get that change to happen. And all people agreeing not to ride the bus. Someone needs to start a boycott of AQHA membership. That will get their attention.


  14. Congress has to act on the anti-slaughter bills which have been co-sponsored supported by Democrats like my Sentaor, Sherrod Brown of Ohio. We have traditionally been Quarter Horse owners here and as a former owner of a Quarter Horse, descended from Go Man Go, I support all anti-transport and anti-slaughter legislation bills in Congress. Mary Landrieu (D, LA) has been a strong advocate of anti-slaughter measures for years. I called the White House lines for years during the Bush administration and they had no interest in ending slaughter at all. Conrad Burns is still a supporter of slaughter. As such, this fight continues to this day. If horse advocates vote according to their Congressional members voting histories, they will win this fight. The President can pressure Congress but without informed constituents willing to put public pressure on their own elected representatives by being more vocal, these bills will be ignored by Congress. only takes a minute to use.


    • I appreciate and respect your perspective, BUT:

      (1) the House and Senate Leadership are ignoring us/US, sidestepping bill sponsors…ALL OF THEM, BOTH PARTIES;

      (2) The 2 party system inhibits any decent person from running (for the most part….tote the water bucket or die).


  15. We need to push to have fees laid on EVERY single live foal that hits the ground with AQHA. And to prevent them from killing the foal when it doesn’t turn out to be what/how the breeder wanted, they should have to report the breeding AND pregnancy the moment both occur in order to register said foal. I’m SOOOOO sick of their bs.


  16. I’ll tell you what Denise. Let’s agree to disagree where we need to, and agree on everything else. Once we do, why don’t we meet at the entrance to the Ohio Expo for next year’s QH Congress in Columbus with a few thousand of our friends and some nice AQHA slaughter info and banners?

    All of us could meet in Las Vegas in March for the AQHA convention too. Stand on the sidewalk and pass out a few nice photos of horse slaughter in Kaufman stating AQHA’s position, you know, helping with their p.r. on slaughter, and other civic stuff like that —

    They should be happy we’re getting the word out for them, shouldn’t they?

    And we could meet in Amarillo pretty near anytime Spring, Summer, or Fall! What do you say? I am totally up for it.


    • Can’t do OHIO, but could do LV, NV. I did ask if advocates were going to attend any OWS protests and get folks to sign our petitions….no response. It is a great and larger opportunity as wild and domestic equines are being butchered for profit….Amarillo is out too.

      I say, get some advocates to these protests with wi-fi laptops in and the petition links and you’ll get folks… to agree to disagree, you brought up Rosa Parks using a regulated local and state government entity(bus); I said AQHA is not the same.


      • BTW…find out the assembly rules in Clark County, NV and recognize that the folks that will show up for the Congress/conference will spit and probably get more physical on folks. But I am willing to try.


  17. When I see Quarter horses and Paints now I look at them as victims of the registry and breeders. It has changed the way I look at them and their owners and the entire subculture of shows and rodeos. Something has to change nationally to affect them. License breeders!


  18. Oh, I clean up fine after stuff like that. I wouldn’t go into action details at this point publically. I just think March in Las Vegas might be fantastic weather to be outside with a few thousand of my friends who don’t like AQHA’s position on slaughter. We can plan the picnic between now and then, if it gets official. Medical and legal support, media, all the rest if need be….But I am not really worried, because I know the cause is right. And if we get the turnout, we will have plenty of savvy mares and protection-minded stallions on our side.

    Let’s see what happens. After all, we would just be saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and not saying it mean. Why say it mean? We know it’s right. Heck, I might even read poetry, or sing.


  19. Just fired off an email to Mr. Stutz, with full knowledge that he could care less. I’ve known their greed for years and they will never see another red cent from this old gal. Greed is the name of the game.While our Senators again sit on their duffs and do nothing, generating form letters in response to ours, the horses continue to be tortured and slaughtered. How many times have these bills died in committee? When you call your Senators you get no position and rude twits answering the phone. My US Rep won’t take a position on HR2966 either. Senator Nelson (D)- FL aide informed me the other day that he won’t tell his position until after he votes and then he’ll explain his vote. She was snotty, impatient and didn’t want to hear facts. That got him a letter from me explaining that his constituents have a right to know his position before he votes. I’ve yet to hear a reply. I’ve been pounding phones, emails, faxes and working FB for months and feel more panic than I did in the beginning. My heart is weighing very heavy as I fear, once again, it will never leave committee.


    • Well there ya’ go advocates…pretty much sums it up.

      I remember reading from Chris Hyde (AWI to a private email) that the Reps/Sens were NOT hearing from us/US. BS!!!!!!~ Then someone (think it was Louie said….what about the petition Ms Pickens carried to DC?).


      That is why I asked if we could find a clearinghouse that would log, record and register attempts to contact our Congressional folks long ago and currently. Yeah, I know it’s hard to do.


    • Me too, Beverly. Email, faxes – almost every day, and nothing. Form letters telling me what I already know and nothing else. I haven’t heard anything from one of my Senators, even after countless emails and faxes. I don’t think any of them “heard” a word I’ve said.

      I’m more than tired of being polite and respectful. Maybe I’ll try something more uh, attention getting. I couldn’t do worst, that’s for sure. 😦


  20. What funds there are in the major advocate groups could go for Ads in some of the bigger newpapers, possibly? Turn the heat up


  21. I’m gonna email that jerk and ask for their guidelines on raising meat animals. Are there recommendations for which stallions to use when breeding for meat. Find out if they give any points for excelling in meat production. How many shows have a halter division for meat horses.


  22. Apparently the Arabian Professional and Amateur Horseman’s Association feels the same way as the AQHA-just got an e mail from them saying slaughter was a humane “option”.


    • More news about Arabians and slaughter.

      A last-minute ‘Hail Mary’ pass by the Board of Directors prevents humiliating defeat at Convention
      by ahams

      Apologies for the delay in updating the news from AHA regarding the efforts to overturn the Board’s slaughter endorsement. It was requested that we not discuss the details of the ‘technicality’ that led to the withdrawal of the Resolution to Rescind at last November’s convention until the Board had an opportunity to meet in April of this year. Based on the outcome of the April Board of Director’s meeting, any informal confidentiality agreement we had is no longer valid. The following is a brief run-down of the events from last November’s convention:

      In November, 2010, a resolution to rescind the Board’s endorsement of reestablishing US horse slaughter was brought to the convention to be voted on by the delegates.

      After a resolution has been accepted, it is assigned to separate committees for their review and recommendations before going to the floor for a final vote by the delegates.

      The resolution to rescind was assigned to two committees; “Equine Stress and Research” and the Board of Directors. While the committee for Equine Stress and Research voted to recommend approval of the resolution to rescind, not surprisingly the Board of Directors took umbrage and were vehemently opposed to this resolution — they argued that rescinding a Board Motion would ‘set a bad precedent’ and could potentially affect their ability to ‘respond quickly’ in future urgent situations. (?) Worried that there would be overwhelming support by the delegates for the resolution to rescind, the Board members wanted desperately to save face. Clearly, a resolution originally asked for by President Lance Walters and unanimously approved by the Board members, being rescinded by the majority of delegates would be a humiliating defeat. Using a last-ditch attempt to prevent the resolution from going to the floor, they decided that the original resolution was a merely a “directive” given to the AHA President, Lance Walters. Therefore since the “directive” was never carried out, (the endorsement was never presented to the American Horse Council) it could not be ‘rescinded.’ It was recommended and agreed to by the club delegate that the resolution would be withdrawn on this ‘technicality.’ The sport of football has seldom seen a better Hail Mary pass.

      ahams | October 10, 2011 at 4:54 pm | Categories: Arabian Horse Association | URL:

      Comment See all comments


      • The AQHA facebook page ( actually Trinity Lakes Ranch- associated with United Horsemen) just posted that APAHA endorses slaughter, praised them and posted a lengthy letter from them. Is that what was just negated?


    • At one of the auction’s yesterday I saw the most beautiful registered AQH and thought, this organization should be stepping up to save this beauty from the possiblity of being put on that black truck….Just as many of us do when we see a Mustang at the auctions but I knew for the most part what the AQHA are all about, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, so sad..The love of $$$$ and the Horse Industry, not the Love of a HORSE….:(


  23. Shame on them! And shame on me for being unaware until now of this despicable treatment of horses! Will post this on fb as well to help educate my non-horsey friends.
    Thanks for bringing this to light R.T.


  24. All, as of right now you can voice your opinion on the AQHA facebook page. One brave lady has spoken up against this policy. Add your comment.


    • I post an anti-slaughter post of some kind- either a petition, a letter, a photo and comment, or something on the AQHA Facebook page almost every day. It usually kicks off a lively debate, with AQHA admin dropping in to ‘warn’ against inappropriate behavior- the one thing I don’t disagree with them about.

      If everyone who wants to influence the mindset of the breed associations will do the same on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all the other access points, they will eventually have to at least bend, if not fold, to the pressure of their customers. It may take a BoD election or two, but it will happen if we beat out drums loudly enough..


  25. Hay guys if you don’t hear from today (as Joe would say–the crowd stand and roars) its cause I’m feeling lousy like I got a cold or the flu. Can’t be the flu I just had a shot like 10 days ago…Oh well. I’m off to snuggle quite contendily in my bed. Hope to see you all online if not later today maybe tomorrow…


  26. Funny that the pro slaughter side doesn’t want non horse owning people to have a say about stopping the slaughter of America’s horses but they want the non horse owning publics tax dollars to pay for their irresponsible animal ownership.


  27. just so they can over breed… fine, then let’s only eat quarter horses….. no my mustangs…. 🙂 go for it you stupids.


  28. You give me hope – all of you – that just maybe theres a light at the end of the long, long, tunnel!
    Do any of you remember a few years ago when Arabians were mass produced & thrown away like the quarter horses are now (and probably, paints and Apps too) . Why do the breed associations get away with this? Does it all come down to the fact that they decide what “Type” of horse gets to win at the various breed shows & noone ever questions?
    I remember (years ago) at horse shows – horses that didnt drag their noses on the ground & shuffle along like they barely had the strength to move.
    I realize this is moving somewhat away from the subject, but why do the horse owners who do show just go along with whatever the breed organization tells them? Think back to the soring of Tennessee Walkers!
    They are still breeding these horses with Impressive in their background – wouldnt a responsible breed organization have stopped registering these animals after realizing what they were actually doing to the breed?
    The sad thing is: Quarter HOrses, Appies & Paints have all evolved into the same hugely muscled horse with teeny feet. Not at all what they are meant to be – ever. Its like anything else – all about the money.
    My horse was with me for 16 years & hes buried at the farm where we boarded.
    Thats what a responsible horse owner DOES.


  29. It seems that all of the head honchos of the breeds have taken it upon themselves to speak for the members. The Board of Directors of the Arabian Horse Association got together at a meeting last year and voted to support slaughter without the members input. The majority of the members called and sent emails to Lance Walter ( President AHA) indicating their anger at such a vote. I think that they all are in the pockets of the cattlemen’s organization. Its so disgusting, I was going to pull my registration from AHA. However, to do something like this would allow these people to win the upper hand. My AHA region is midwestern and the majority of the delegates come from ag areas.
    Someone brought this up to a vote and I was the single vote among my regional delegates. I would rather stand on my morals and go down in flames than to feel are horses are better served in a slaughterhouse. I am a little emotional on this issue as my horse was 1 day from the “Killer Buyer” picking him up from my barn. The promises these people make and the ill informed people that fall for their lies is astonishing. AQHA took this stand before as we were trying to close Cavel. I think this issue will be coming up at the Arabian Horse Convention in Vancouver, BC in November. I can’t wait because I still have my button from the last push to get rid of Cavel. There must be some momentum with the slaughter issue or the breeds would not be pushing so hard. But getting back to AQHA, they always had the highest number of horses going to slaughter. In fact, my Italian friend from Italy said the steaks were advertised in restaurants as American Quarter Horse meat. Little do these people know they might as well inject themselves with cargingens.


  30. I too, tried to comment on the AQHA page, in 26 minutes I was scolded and told that they’re promoting a family atmosphere so they’re deleting my comment. Are you kidding me? I said that hiding deceipt and not being deceiptful aren’t the same thing. What a bunch of hacks. I will be trashing them and dragging their organization through the mud every single chance I get. Oh, wait, I’ve already been doing that for a long time, well, I’m sure not going to stop. 😉


  31. Thank you for sharing! They, the AQHA, have long been brainwashing people, all for their personal gain, at the sad expense of many horses. Even the younger generations, like still in high school, actually believe in horse-slaughter. Their reasons go something like this: “The breeders have to weed out the “bad” horses to keep only the good & best qualities to pass on”. So, they think it’s “ok” to kill all the less than perfect, not show-quality, not pretty enough, or, Heaven forbid, all the “mean, hot-tempered” ones! SICK! My daughter & I love Quarter Horses, but, do not like the muscle-bound, tiny feet, cartoon-character looking ones, they are too man-made, we prefer more natural looking horses, actually, we love ALL horses, & have yet to meet one that we didn’t think was pretty in it’s own unique way. 🙂 We do not belong with the AQHA, nor do we intend to. My daughter does hope to someday train & show Quarter Horses.


  32. These butchers never, ever stop their quest to slaughter our horses. Why? Simple. Money. Greed. These folks don’t love horses. They love the money they can make from them. No one is fooled by the AQHA’s motivations. Anyone and everyone associated with horses knows that these folks are pro-slaughter and fund some of slaughter’s biggest mouthpieces. They are a shameful bunch of people who have no business being near a horse, much less owning and breeding these animals. Their actions and their policies sicken me. Shame on the AQHA. They are totally betraying the horses and in the very worst way.


  33. I have a AQHA gelding, and thought about reg. him in my name,but I don’t wanna support a Reg. who promotes slaughtering of our fine AQHA horses. Yep… Goes to show you it’s ALL about the money,not the well being of our horses. To bad we can’t find a generic Reg. for our AQHA Reg. horses. For example-(AKC is a big reg. for dog’s and they are money hungry like AQHA and then, a new Reg. come along APRI and it was cheaper and they seemed to care more).


  34. Yikes, Yikes, Yikes! It is so sad that the value of horses’ lives is all about the money to some organizations and people. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how many other breed organizations are in on this position, too. Kind of scary.


  35. Quarter horse breeders nothing but an equine version of puppy mills. Pump them out, take the money and let them suffer. I have come to despise these breeders.

    The irony of the these hypocrites wearing crosses around their necks- the symbol of ultimate suffering and sacrifice, sending one of their “God’s creatures to a suffering death.


  36. What really pisses me of big time with the AQHA is that they are still paying breeding incentives and then wailing about “abandoned and neglected” horses. Hypocrisy, thy name is AQHA!

    They have also done great damage to what once was a wonderful breed. My first horse was a QH, and he was super, but he was 17 when I got him in 1977 – definitely an older, and to me, better generation. By the time I lost him, the breed had deteriorated to the point that I switched to Morgans.

    A good friend of mine got a new horse at the same time I did. They were the same age – four. Her QH was a beautiful dapple grey, but I worried about his long toe-low heel conformation. Feet a little small for his height too.

    Sure enough. This beautiful, sweet horse was crippled with navicular by the time he was SIX. Broke her heart and mine too. Sickening.




  38. I think the idea to start a new breed specific registry, that would be accepted & recognized, for owners/breeders who actually CARE about their horses, & respect them no matter the horse’s quality, & who promote a “no-kill” attitude, & breed selectively & RESPONSIBLY, is a great idea who’s time is long over-due! This should include & embrace ALL breeds, as all horse breeds are targets. Maybe, if this were possible, it would get the attention it deserves, let’s see how many unknowing & knowing people ditch the “old”, like AQHA, to join the new!


  39. I don’t agree with the AQHA’s position, but as a Quarter Horse owner I would really like to know what the author means by “distorted criteria.”


  40. I am appalled at AQHA’s position on horse slaughter. The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition just posted 2 videos of an interview with a killer buyer today: The killer buyer stories are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ on the horrendous horse slaughter industry. It’s unconscionable that anyone, especially a horse organization would support the horse slaughter industry! Thanks R.T. for getting out this information and fighting for the horses!


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