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Evidence of a Wild Mustang Murderer

Intro/Commentary by R.T. Fitch      Story and Photography by Vicki Frieberger

First Published on SFTHH in May of 2010

It’s now been a year since the seizure at convicted wild horse abuser, Jason Meduna’s 3-Strikes Ranch.

Many thoughts come into play when we think of the events one year ago as so many stories were written, so much was lost and new hope, for a few, was born again.  Each of us remembers with shock and horror when Habitat for Horses President, Jerry Finch, took the lead  and with the help of the local Sheriff seized the 200+ starving survivors on April 22nd, 2009.  I, personally, felt the shock and the outrage from the wanton neglect that led to the slow death of dozens of wild horses and I equally shook with fear at the realization that we now were responsible for 200 additional horses and how would we cope.  But these are separate stories, ones to be told when the time is right.

Instead, today, we would like to share with you the story of an individual and family that knew of the trouble, first, that were witness to the brutality and had to live next door to the evil that is Jason Meduna and his wife.

Long before the good folks on the ABR forum urged Jerry Finch to go and investigate 3-Strikes, this “Good Neighbor” was blowing the whistle on Meduna but no one was listening.  Through pictures and personal testimony she attempted to get the proper authorities to listen yet her laments fell upon deaf ears.  And then when all was said and done the corrupt and disgusting Meduna, along with his buddy Ray Fields, pointed fingers at her and her friends claiming that the good neighbors were at fault.  When that lie failed to gain traction Fields went down a demented path that some strange sickness possessed the horses and still the property next to the good neighbor was littered with bones and bodies, never cleaned up by  Meduna and his twisted spouse. 

Today we share with you the anniversary perspective from the woman who suffered long before any of us were aware of Meduna and who continues to suffer, today, from witnessing the evil that walked on two legs and killed wild horses as a hobby and pastime. Her name is Vicki Freiberger and this is her story, in her words and through her eyes. 

We bless her for bearing witness. ~ R.T.

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The Anniversary of

the Death of 3 Strikes Ranch

There is a lot of discussion happening

about what should the actual date be

which would mark the anniversary of the

saving of the horses that remained

in the hands of Jason Meduna,

or you could call it the

end of 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch.

It would seem natural that the date would be when

the last surviving horse was removed from the hell hole

that engulfed so many others; a final count that will

never be known for sure as to how many perished.

We will never know how many innocent babies died,

out in those sand dunes of Nebraska.

The land so abused, as abused as the horses;

in the care of Meduna and his wife.

For myself, the first anniversary was March 6 of 2010.

I started taking pictures long before that day of March 6, 2009,

but it was that Friday afternoon that he walked

out of the trailer, and noticed me on my 4-wheeler.

It was Friday, March 6, that he saw me taking pictures.


It was that afternoon:

he knew that I knew.


This picture was taken Saturday, April 10, 2010

 It is already different from when I first saw it earlier. My mom stands in the background. That day Mom, Dad, and I went to the bone pile. They had never seen it; in person. As we crested the hill and the bones were in their view for the first time, there was a little gasp. My dad said, “That’s not right.” My mom said, “Oh my God.” It is hard to imagine someone just dragging a bunch of horses to a pile and leaving them to rot. It’s hard to imagine until you stand at the pile, and those bones become bodies of helpless, loving and innocent horses. Horses of all ages. A baby laying by it’s mom in bones over the hill. A sight that those who were out there could have seen, if they just could have been allowed off the trail, because the trail was so close. Many would have driven right by this pile….they did not hear the cries of the horses. They did not listen. They listened to Jason. Now, people are listening. The horses and burros will always be remembered. Time will go on, more horses will have unimaginable endings somewhere else, but some horses will be saved…. By loving, unselfish people who do what they do, because they are called? or because they just know they are needed. So in their compassion they reach out and give all they can to help. They do this time and time again. The strength they have is something I cannot imagine; but it is something I could only hope to be blessed with. Thank you Mom and Dad for all you helped me with during this whole entire ordeal. And thank all the people who had anything to do with the saving of these wonderful animals.

 One of my favorite songs, “Bless the Beasts and the Children”…I think I’ll go sit down at my piano now. I haven’t played this in ages. I imagine I’ll have a whole new perspective on the song.


Visit Vicki’s touching and heart rending blog by clicking (HERE)

Copyrighted Photographs reproduced with Permission, not for redistribution.


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18 replies »

  1. We have tons of evidence, but what Vicki shows here should dispel the comments from the last, few, remaining Meduna cultists.

    Yes – there was a Holocaust
    Yes – we landed on the Moon
    Yes – commercial aircraft were weapons in 911
    Yes – there was a sick mustang murderer called Jason Meduna


  2. I remember…I also remember the ABR stuff and supporters of Meduna AND the folks next door that watched this horror and tried to get authorities attention.

    I GET IT!

    Thank you Freiberger Family…but BLM and sloppy LEOs/judicial keep on dismissing, minimizing and quibbling.

    Evil is evil from where I come from.


  3. I don’t mean to go off subject… but what will become of the Virginia range horses. I have seen a number of them when I was out there last year. They have clung to life amid the development and the highways. They certainly should not be going to NV Ag Dept. and to auction.


  4. The story that Vicki reports is a nightmare. I have been reading for almost three hours and have yet to finish.

    I remember this on ABR and could not follow the bizarreness… it was too much, until the finality when the truth was found to be true.

    Tomorrow is another day and I will try to find resolve in the documentation and the sentencing…. there is really none, except Jason needs to spend the rest of his despicable life behind bars, never to see a glimpse of freedom or the gift of real life again.

    Our world is visited by the most evil of evil and it is most difficult to comprehend and to absorb or understand the most cruel and totally bizarre behavior of those infested with darkness and the refusal of intelligence and care.

    Jason Medulla is a concentrated dose of the BLM.

    Intentional cruelty, without any sense, and totally no comprehension of the meaning or actuality of remorse.

    I go to bed tonight even more saddened for the horses…. how could this be allowed to happen?!


  5. Her Story is almost unbelievable, and the fact that it was all turned back on her family seems as much a catastrophe as the horses. Is there anyway now to keep him in jail and help her family? I’ve scanned her whole blog but will go back tomorrow to read it word for word.


  6. You know…I was thinking, this is the best letter for the parole board I’ve seen.

    BLM caused this, Meduna (like Cattoor, Sun J) are just their taxpayer funded mercenaries.

    Sick….just sick.


  7. Why is it that war has not been declared on this monster? Why do the masses not know what is going on? And if the monster is set free, who will stop him in the future? How will we prevent this from happening again in another place, another time?


  8. “Time is running out of this petition! Please sign and share far and wide! At the horse rescue expo I attended yesterday, a disproportionate number of the horses, seized in neglect cases, rehabbed and up for adoption, were MUSTANGS. Based on this it seems that BLM Mustangs that get adopted are at a higher risk for eventual neglect, just another reason to leave them alone, wild and free. This needs over 2000 signatures in two days. Please help make it happen! Thanks!” ~RIP Deputy Broad

    Stop all Wild Horse Roundups
    America’s mustangs are cherished nationally and internationally as symbols of independence and freedom and protected by an Act of Congress. Yet the BLM’s destructive management policy has reduced…


  9. As a past humane investigator this is worst case imaginable. This is why our federal laws need to be changed. Some people do not want federal involvement in their states, but sometimes its absolutely necessary. State laws can be very vague and in some cases fall on deaf ears. Its all a matter of attitude and way of life. Local law enforcement does not want to get involved
    whether if be for lack of funds or just connections of some type. I found that to some people a horse is just another piece of property to own and they mean NOTHING. There should be times when the federal government does get involved and those involved must have been on the Titanic for this case. Federal laws for the most part supersede state laws on the books. Did the local news media just turn their backs on her too? If this should happen to anyone again, contact the FBI immediately until someone listens and send them the pictures. Contact all the rescues and humane societies especially at the national level. I can’t imagine the pain Vicki felt when she had to witness
    all of this. This should be a good poster for the BLM indicating how great their
    adoption or relocation to privates farms is doing. A quick death by a prediator
    is better than starvation. Like I said before, he should NEVER BE PAROLED
    and should remain in prison for the rest of his natural life. God bless you Vicki for coming forward. It just goes to prove the BLM has no method for follow up nor do they give a rats ass once the horses are rounded up and gone.


  10. The horse’s lives are worth more than the people who have tortured these animals. The world will be a better place when these barbarians cease to exist.


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