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Slaughtered U.S. Horses NOT OK Says EU

Report and photos supplied by Animal’s Angels

Drug Residues in U.S. Horses HUGE CONCERN for EU

American Horses waiting for slaughter ~ photo courtesy of Animal's Angels

On U.S. soil or Canadian, the issue of drug residues in U.S. horses is hugely concerning to the EU, as evidenced in their most recent inspection report. The report, released on October 26, 2011, uses phrases like, “no official guarantee”, “could not be considered reliable”, “inadequate”, “no supporting evidence”, “standards are not industry practice”, and focuses on concerns about traceability and certification.

Bluntly labeled “Not satisfactory” were the “identification and movement of horses”, “controls of veterinary drugs“, and “residue controls and certification.” In other words, without focusing on humane slaughter issues, EU inspectors found handling is in many ways deficient.

Calling kill buyers’ sworn statements ‘affidavits,’ the report admits, “horses from the US were accompanied by the signed Affidavit (EID) of the last owner, covering the medical treatment during the last six months, which in many cases was a horse dealer. Nevertheless, no official guarantee was received by the CFIA from US authorities that this guarantee was verified and could be considered as reliable.”

Inspectors note that, “No statement in the US Health Certificate is required or provided as to the former use of the horses, their treatment with veterinary drugs, in particular with regard to certain substances having a hormonal or thyreostatic action or to beta-agonists.

Canadian authorities informed the Commission Services over 18 months ago that they were having “continuing discussions with US authorities” in regards to official controls on the treatment history of horses to be exported to Canada for slaughter. No further action taken by CFIA was noted. Over 70% of horses going directly to slaughter at EU regulated plants in Canada were imported from the US.

Canadian Truck leaving Sugarcreek with a load of American horses ~ photo courtesy of Animal's Angels

“Fit for travel?” The FVO audit team was informed that if animals unfit for travel are found the consignment would not be allowed enter Canada. A facility is available for individual examination. But audit officials found that “No animals had been detained for a closer examination since the introduction of the control procedure.”

This is likely a factor in last week’s announcement regarding specific times and locations of border entry points with inspection effective January 1, 2012. But it further raises the question of what happens to animals considered unfit for travel and rejected at the border?

Cover up? Indications of possible covering up tainted meat where Inspectors note, “in one horse slaughterhouse the tongues were not identified and all the heads were condemned immediately after the post-mortem examination, which did not allow for a re-sampling of at least 50g sample from animals with a positive or inconclusive result.”

Additionally, “insufficient separation between EU eligible and non-eligible carcasses on the slaughter line” was reported.

Read the full FVO inspection report…

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  1. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    AA, THANK YOU (a special shout out to Sonja and her team).

    We got ’em! We got ’em!

    Problem is, the killing (EU TROLLS) will shift to Asia and MEX/SA. In the meantime, WE GOT ‘EM!!!!!!

    Anyone reading note the “cooperation” CAN/EU got from the US????????????

    Next will be the questions about traditional US meat. Keep it up….you gonna loose your traditional exports and I hear that the South Korean treaty is still in limbo. YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! If the import countries of anything US “meat” learn about the lack of oversight here, we will get their serious attention. You reading USMEF, Farm Bureau,Humanewatch.(faux)org, NCBA????……keep it up! Jeopardize the integrity of every cattle, poultry, swine and sheep producer in the US for your quest to continue dumping a NONregulated horsemeat product from the US so you can continue to breed, break and dump US Equines. You guys sound like you are sell bundled derivatives like Wall Street; a small sector in the financial industry devastates an entire industry for a certain sector of the same industry FOR GREED.


  2. It was a little hard reading this while having my dinner…but since reports of a year or so ago when announcements were first made that the EU was going to do something that our own government can’t and won’t–I’ve cheered.

    Cheers again to the EU. Thank you for blocking laws our own government doesn’t have the cajones to address.

    Now to block Mexico…

    For a nice “meat” like substance–try tvp. Just tried some. It’s soy–so those of you allergic to soy this is NOT for you. It isn’t too bad. It has similar structure and feel in your mouth. Can’t comment on all the ones I got cause I haven’t tried them all. I’m just saying it might be a manageable change–if your wanting to move away from eating meat…


    • I stopped eating meat this year due to health concerns, plus I just don’t trust it because of the pro-slaughter groups indifference to food safety, and the fact that big ag is backing them. I do eat organic eggs, some goat’s milk and cheese, from a neighbor’s farm (who I trust and know the animals are humane raised). I also switched to organic soy milk a while ago because hubby is lactose intolerant. I have never heard of tvp? Where do you find it? If you haven’t read it, China Study is a great book on nutritional research showing that a plant based diet is very healthy and that over consumption of animal protein can cause a lot of health problems.

      I am so glad this EU report came out. Bet it’s the reason Canada is restricting their entry points for horse shipments as of Jan 1. I’ve been debating with some of the pros about food safety recently on FB, and it’s like trying to debate with a brick wall. I can’t help but wonder if they’ve been ignoring food safety for far too long, because their cognitive abilities are marginal at best.


    • Being vegetarian has so many benefits and the variety of foods we now eat is one. However there are several more, all meat contains PCB’s a carcinogen that bio-accumulates in people. Additionally, at least for me it it deprives from the cattlemen competing for grazing rights with our American Mustangs another consumer for their product. Plus all the ethical and environmental reasons make being vegetarian my choice too.


  3. Super, R.T.! I downloaded it and marked the relevant passages already. Well, we’ve been TRYING to tell them… I wonder if they’ll listen even now. Canada may just have to stop certifying our horses before anyone in authority takes notice. Incredible!


  4. Does anyone know why Wallis hasn’t posted this report to her supporters? Oh, silly me…desecrating a horse carcass is more important than consumer food safety.

    Kudos to the EU for finally realizing what has been going on. Thank you Animals’ Angels for the timely release of this report.


  5. Vicki, I’m sure Slaughterhouse Sue is just busy trying to analyze the wording, (ie: looking up all those big words) so she can read what she wants it to say. Then she’ll write a report of her observations and findings regarding the EU’s observations and findings. Once she’s done twisting the report to suit her wants, she’ll be posting it for her supporters and the sorry, ignorant, idiots will probably say, “Hey, Sue’s right… it does say slaughter is good for the horses AND the Europeans that eat them!”

    Personally, I don’t think the EU’s findings were tough enough. I saw too many observations that were termed, “adequate” or “for the most part, were being followed” in their report.

    Keep the pressure on, Animal Angels! The European consumers will be our ultimate champions, as I don’t think they’ll take kindly to all the “somewhat’s and sometimes” in this report!


  6. BRAVO EU and all who have worked so hard !!!!!!! RT the photo above turns my stomach, to see those poor horses waiting for slaughter…… innocent as to their fate………………………Wishing we could end this for them……. They all look like they still have wonders to give so sad my heart cries for them…………. My first thought of the worst culprits is AQHA !!!! BASTARDS WITH NO HEARTS AT ALL GREED IS THEIR BED FELLOW……………..all at the horses expense…………………….DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • arlene…I was thinking the same thing about the photo; such nice looking,well fed horses. HCHS doesn’t stop the ones that are neglected and starved. If it did we wouldn’t see jerks like Meduna, that ranch in MT, etc. SS and her morons would say, “..but the meat wasn’t wasted…”. I would say, but a decent horse was.


  7. Denise, The horse has been exploited for Eons, he has been made to suffer mans greed, because of his trusting nature……………………..People like SS and Meduna will always be around cowards to say the least, we need to protect the horses from the Morons like them …………….As we can clearly see this is a a forever Job !!!!!!! That is why we need laws enforced laws……


  8. This dance will always go on…one branch or another makes some announcements about tho shall or shall not ..with horses to slaughter but no one is stopping it..If the EU is so all powerful and or concerned about the meat going to their plates..Why haven’t they shut down the contaminated meat sources?? It seems to me every group involved with horse meat makes some noise then it all goes over Rainbow bride along with the thousnds of horses going thru the horrific deaths they are seeing a each one of them get strung up on them chains…I truly believe it’s only poo pooing a Goverment group some where else, even some food safety group in Europe…I am still holding my breath on the Canadian bill presented, maybe our Canadian Goverment just mite show some back bone and pass the bill..But it will be typical Goverment bills like the hundred others out there..Loopholes big enough to drive stock trucks thru..And not even have to worry about the clearance markers…


  9. I copied the Eu regulations a long time ago and tried to share with the morans
    but no one believed. I have a freind with relatives in Italy, they use to be fans because they were sold a bill goods about the meat – Restaurants charged for
    the meat and customers were told it was US Quarterhorse meat. Now that they are all aware of the dangers as some Italians came down with various illnesses including cancer, the restaurants are going broke and taking it off their menus because no one will eat it. I too saw so many wonderful horses and that group and I wondered how many could have been stolen horses. I wanted to get all the people I knew with horse trailers and raid the place. Just so disgusting..we put up with that long enough in Illinois and finally closed house of horrors! The Canadian Humane Societies and Rescues are also fighting the slauterhouses and some of the PMU farms have been closing because people are now aware where the hormones come from. Its up to all of us to keep the pressure on. I thought the Japanese refused to import some beef because of the threat of the mad cow disease and other diseases they they were suppose to carry. According to some of the info I had Mexico would be enforcing some of the EU
    regulations. The EU has very strong members and we can see that as a result of the regulations drawn up too. I just wonder what will happen to the horses if they are refused at the border. I think we should all write our Legislators about this too. I know all three of my Legislators are on board with the trailer ban and the ban on slaughter. My state Legislators spent many months reviewing the stats and the information on slaughter including several videos. The majority had seen and heard enough for which I will always be grateful. But the problem is all of the morans in some of the other states just waiting to get their hands on the blood money which comes from slaughter. And Shame on all of the breed associations for falling prey to this industry. I would like to know what their cut would be if any should open up here again. Rt, thanks for the update.
    We all as horse owners should be dropping a few lines to the Canadian government regarding the care of our horses. If they have been even slightly cared for the meat will still contain carginigens. We also should be writing the President of Mexico if he thinks he people are eating so well indicating that he is killing his people with the tainted horse meat.


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