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Canada To Tighten Controls On U.S. Slaughter-Bound Horses

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Alleged Attempt to Ensure Humane Transportation

Canada has tightened controls around horses entering the country for slaughter to ensure they are transported humanely.

Tens of thousands of horses cross into Canada from the United States each year bound for horse abattoirs, with no such plants operating in the US.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced new measures to verify that horses are being transported humanely in accordance with its Health of Animals Regulations.

From January 1, 2012, shipments of feeder and slaughter horses entering Canada from the US by road will be required to pass through one of eight designated ports of entry.

Shipments will be accepted only during the the agency’s regular hours of operation.

The designated ports of entry have appropriate unloading facilities for horses and are staffed by veterinarians working for the agency.

No other Canadian border ports of entry will accept slaughter-bound horses, it said.

Imports of other types of horses, such as riding or breeding horses, are unaffected by the change.

All shipments must be presented during regular agency hours of operation to allow for inspection if required.

Slaughter horse shipments require agency veterinary inspections at the border. Transporters must arrange an appointment for inspection at least 24 hours before arriving at the port of entry.

The eight designated ports of entry are listed in the accompanying graphic.

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  1. Who drew Michigan? Is this an authentic press release from Canadian govt? Cannot imagine they would let a map out that looks like this – Michigan is not even discernible nor are the Great Lakes. Seems like the border would be an important concept to convey accurately for something like this. Looks like a kindergartener drew it… very suspect.

    I also wonder about the wording — they say “may” be unloaded for inspection. Maybe this is lip service? …..”just drive ’em through, we’ll peek in the slats, sign the paper and you can be on your way — it looks humane if we ‘inspect’ each load”. Guess I’ll google for more info.


  2. As if that load of horses hadn’t gone thru enough H… by being in them trailers for who knows how many hours or even possibly days..on to be stopped at a crossing to stand and wait in them trailers till the crossing is opened again..I think I can speak knowing that truckers are lazy SOBs… Not one of them will off load, then reload 10 hours later..In the crossing into Alberta, there is only about 2 hours left in the trip till the ArbourWhatchacallit?? pens can be accessed..I call them what they are..Horse slaughter plants..I live about a thousand yards from a truck rest area..I can see the freight trucks loaded with cows and or pigs sitting there for 8 hrs, while the driver sleeps..Because there is hrs of driving laws in Alberta..I’ve called the SPCA about them..but they are located 8 hrs away..And yes even tho there is laws about animals on board only for so many hours..I am totally unaware of any unloading yards in or about 400 miles of my area..So ..So much for animals and laws..but don’t be caught on your driving logs for being over the legal laws of being behind the wheel..So these entry points will only work for the horses if the enery points are manned 24 hors a day..At least the horses can get out of the trailers if only for a few hours before they die…


  3. @ Christy…you can tell the slaughter bound horses immediately …breeding horses or any other horse is a totally different style trailer…find a auction yard and go there on horse sale will see what them stock trucks look like compared to what kind of trailer the owners usually bring them in on…But you’ll have to cow girl up to see what beautiful horses are being sent to their death look like…And know you are probably the last person who cares for them that they will see..


    • I know the difference Jim T…I know. When I ship I’m a fanatic about stops, water, weather, if they are eating, layovers, paperwork, etc.

      I know what the KB haulers do and NOT do….I know.


  4. Canada has a great PLAN NOW ENFORCE it properly. wouldnt it be great if the US would forbid crossing any of the state borders with horses for slaughter to get there??????? should only be a few places they could enter then monitor all of the entries at those places…………………… Follow through it the most important ingredient in any proposal……………


  5. Ya sadly we all know what is going on with all animal transporters to slaughter..Just burns my butt that the ones who can stop the BS seem to never lift a finger about stopping any of it..Even if it makes national news..It always gets poopood,and thinks don’t change..the animals are all put thru H with shippers owners and drivers..Even the SPCA seems to have the same attitude..they all gotta die to feed the millions…


  6. The only thing I can say is at least it is a starting point to object them from being transported. I suspect the regulations will tighten and the low lives will be exposed for what they are. I went to one auction and that was enough for me. I will never go again. But I do tell people who think that their horses are going to a good home to take a look at the trailer that they will be leaving in. It is the death trap on the way to hell! No horse should end its life in this way. How can they sleep at night knowing that they are sending someone’s companion to death. I know it was obvious which ones were in this category. IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!


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