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Video: Horse and Dog Bridge Trans-Species Communication Gap

Humans Are Not Alone In Their Love For Horses

We have a special video treat for all of you equine advocacy warriors this Sunday.  It’s been a long week of abuse, neglect and rampant stupidity so feel free to shower yourselves, clean, with a few moments of validation and reaffirmation.

We, as horse people, enjoy sharing stories of our bonding and relationships with our equine companions.  Likewise, many of us have other four legged friends including the ever faithful canines.  The video featured, today, is of a little dog named Frenchie and his fascination with a police horse at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  A simple moment of a little dog, excited beyond all comprehension, trying to show his happiness over meeting such a large and compassionate four legged brother.  You can cut his excitement with a knife.

So as these two commune while the humans stand off from one another, allow the joy and excitement of a new found friendship wash over you and perhaps we can all learn something from this cross species communication session.

Simply watch and listen, all will become clear.  A mantra we can repeat during the upcoming week.

Keep the faith and may the Force of the Horse® be with all of us.

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  1. What a sweet Sunday sharing. Thanks, R.T. It reminds me of a HPD horse named Comet, who used to lean out of his stall every time I brought my dog into the barn. Of all the 42 mounted patrol troops, Comet was the only one who couldn’t wait to have his muzzle licked by my friendly Boxer.

    In his sequel to “KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE,” titled “ADVENTURES IN KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE,” J. Allen Boone devotes a chapter to what he calls “the unitive way.” The last two paragraphs remind me of the OWS horse and dog:

    “Love seeks and finds the mutual good in all relationships. And that lesson always pivoted around the time-honored ‘word to the wise’ — that to experience life at its genuine best and fullest, one must love, without reservations, at his best and fullest. Each learned that to stop loving in any direction is, to that degree, to shut off the flow of infinite Life and thereby to stop living to a degree. And so each of them, as best he could, was letting the law of infinite Love flow through everything that he inwardly thought and felt, as well as what he outwardly did.

    “Thus was each of those humble virtuosos of life an accomplished expert in THE SCIENCE AND ART OF RIGHT RELATIONS. They were accomplishing extraordinary, and at times impossible-seeming results. With their integrated inner world, their pure heartbeats, and their childlike spontaneity in living and loving, they were all happily operating far out beyond intellectual and orthodox routines. They were living in expanded and satisfying states of consciousness. Thus it had become possible for each of them to discover more of the real meaning of life and love. Thereby each experienced how all things belong together as rational complementary and cooperating fellow beings in the kinship and oneness of all life.”


  2. Dear RT you have done it again made Sunday a beautiful experience, of the love that is in us all including dogs, My GERMAN Shepard OZZIE also loved horses everytime we we would go to see the horses he insisted being with all the horses that would except him,goes to prove that Nature is grand with Natures beautiful creatures there is no cap……………only the one some create in their ignorance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all the animals show to us the innocent love that rules the world !!!! Thank You RT……………………..It is another Blessed Sunday !!!!


  3. Too bad human beings can’t get along this way. Just watching the interaction between these two is so uplifting. Great start to a Sunday!!!


  4. What a wonderful respite from all the cruelty to our four legged friends…they do love and admire one another.. they cannot say it in words.. just their actions.. which you can see for yourself everyday…thanks for a wonderful post…


  5. 4th time trying to post (and I love my little dog/big horse story)….

    Big Sunday smile, RT….thanks.

    Last year I noticed a stray dog on my farm and roaming the farm next door. Over the weeks I saw this dog PLAYING in the pasture with a 17.1 hands TB cross mare. It was hysterical. This huge horse playing tag with this little beagle-jack russell cross so gently. I finally got the little dog, looked for her owner and now have another dog. We named her “Scooter”; not original, but certainly fits. I will always remember this 25 pound dog frolicking with a 1100 pound plus horse.


  6. Amazing! The relaxation of the horse despite the “enthusiasm” of a strange dog is a sight to behold! While many have witnessed this interaction between their personal animals, we all know police horses are specially trained to keep calm no matter what situation confronts them. In fact, the officers often require more training than the horses!

    There’s a great book, “Bombproof Your Horse”, by Sgt. Rick Pelicano, who has trained mounted police horses and their riders for over 20 years. It covers a wide range of “desensitization” topics and techniques that would benefit any horse and rider. IMO, no horse is ever 100% “bombproof”, but his approach is certainly worth checking out.


      • Yes, the feature on CBS Sunday Morning was an update. Sad, but the love that Tara and Bella shared is inspirational.


  7. Poor dog was so mixed up! Part of him was so excited yet so frightened by that big horse! And that horse? What a marvelous example of patience! Most cops would tell you to keep your fingers away from the mouth for obvious reasons. The cop seemed kinda bored by the entire encounter– maybe he had seen these encounters once too many times. I just think we have so much to learn from our four legged friends.

    Slightly off topic on Disney channell (video on demand) there is a movie called Ready to Run. Basic Disney fair…but they talk about something called “The Confidence of Horses.” The idea is the girl can talk to the main horse and he can talk to her–in human! While it’s cute and it is Disney fair–the idea is pretty cool!


  8. R.T. What a wonderful start to a new week. Thank you for it. The horse was so great with the little dog. Communications between all species can be a wonderful thing when it happens to you. I, for one, never believed that communication would be possible between horse and human, but it happened to me. I may have noted this before, but I drove 125 miles each Saturday to be with a beautiful former breed and show Arabian horse that the owners didn’t take care of him when a fire happened and he hurt his right rear hock. WHen he couldn’t be ridden anymore, he was expendable. It disgusts me. His companion corral horse was walked by another girl and I walked My Love, the Gray Arabian. I wanted to adopt him when I retired and take him and his companion out of the sanctuary. One Saturday, we were walking in the arena area, it was a cold day, and I wore a long sleeved T-top. We had walked around the arena a couple of times and I stopped and turned to say something to the girl walking the companion horse. When I turned back around, this beautiful Arabian had my sleeve in his mouth. I pulled down and the sleeve was between his teeth = not his lips. I didn’t even know he was doing it. THis happened a total of four times during our walk. The last time, the girl walking the companion horse, said, “look where IBN is looking”. I followed his gaze and he was looking at the companion horse. The girl said, “I think he is telling Annie that you are his.” I turned to IBN and said, “I am yours, but I also love Annie and one day, God willing, we will be together as a family. In the meantime, I can only be here with you on Saurdays, so you need to watch over each other and take care of each other. Do you want to walk around the arena again or go to your corral?” He, at this point, turned around and started to walk back to their corral. In subsequent weeks, he would let me groom one side of him and then walk away, as much as to say, I should let Annie go first. I would then groom Annie and then go to finish him, at which time I always gave him a kiss and hug, and then he would nuzzle me. After the arena incident, it was a hot Saturday, I had groomed both IBN and Annie and went further down the corrals to groom other horses. Since I was warm, I decided to go back and get a Pepsi. As I walked to IBN’s corral, his head was extended over the gate, which had a double chain, since he would open the gate otherwise, I stopped, gave him a hug, he started opening the one gate and I would close it (the one that he could open). This went on for about eight times, and I said I had to get a Pepsi and I would return. After walked to get my Pepsi, I walked to the area where I could see his corral, and he was looking at me, I believe to check that I got that Pepsi. I took a drink, blew him a kiss, and after this, he walked away. After finishing the Pepsi, I went back to him. Four weeks later, he was gone, he died of a heart attack. I still cry for him every day. This was the best friendship I have ever had and, unfortunately, it was way too short. If anyone would have told me I could communicate with a horse and have him understand what I said, I would have thought “no way”. But, now I know, there can be genuine communication and love between two species. I only wish he was still with me. BUt God is so lucky, he has him now and he can run and play and not have the hock problem in heaven. One day, I will see him again.

    Again, thanks, R.T. I wish this type of thing we could read and watch every day and not all the bad news of slaughter and mistreatment of our beloved four legged horses, burros, dogs, and cats. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, it will come to pass that all these pets will have good homes and loving families.


    • Lynne, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful amazing story! I can relate to what you experienced. When I was 8 y.o., my family had horses . It was such a magical time in my life when everything was right in the world to me. The horses and I could talk and share and I knew we understood each other becasue they would node or follow me or walk up to me in the pasture when no one else could catch them. I would always tell my family what’s the problem they come to me. Dale was my larger than life Morgan that turned everyday into sunshine. After school, I knew Dale was waiting at the gate and our adventures would start. The memories we shared have lasted a lifetime. Ningo, my brother’s horse was a beautiful strawberry Arabian, very spirited but would gently walk up to me and rub his head in my hand. Nale was a sassy, moonless midnight black saddlehorse, my Dad’s horse. Nale rode like silk and she knew it. There will only ever be one Dale in my life but I hope one day to be able to have another horse to in my life.
      I loved those years so much and the memories are paintings in my mind and across my heart that I can sit back and look at and can relive those wonderful magical times. The wonder and beauty of a true bond between a horse or dog is such a special experience that we are truly blessed to get to experence them. I know that Dale, Ningo & Nale are running free with the wind and that Dale will be waiting at the gate when I get to heaven.

      R.T., Thanks so much for sharing this video. It is such a blessing to see these videos when people capture those special moments in time. The little dog is just too cute as he dances with the uncontrolable excitement and the horse is taking it all in, then calmly lowers his head. They were talkin’ for sure with their eyes. The dog never barked.


  9. Foal-and-Cat.mp4

    This was posted under the video
    “He’s a year older now, but he still loves cats and lets them ride around on him!”


  10. I would like to Thank all here for the wonderful Sunday Morning Stories, it is easy to see why we are all here in this place at this moment in time, the warmth and Love we all experience for the Horse radiates right through the Computer…………….. The Horse has touched all of our very souls , He is Pure Magic isnt he…………………….. If only for this, we will fight for his Freedom , because Freedom is what he is ! And Freedom is what we will give to him, for all he has done for us …………….Each one so Unique, each one with a purpose so complex that he is Magnificent……………….There is no doubt that through the efforts for him that we all feel such a loving connection with.,he will again enjoy the Freedom for which he so deserves…………………..


  11. I have one for a Monday.

    You guys gotta check out Iota McHippus on fb. Check out his profile and other pics. There is one of him slam dunking horse eating legislators! Funniest thing you’ve ever seen!


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