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Video: Confessions of a Horse Slaughter Kill Buyer

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Must See for All Equine Welfare Advocates

We like to say that a picture speaks a thousand words but in this age of advanced technology a video multiplies that ten fold, then multiply that sum by three and you have what awaits your viewing displeasure, below.  Please, view, share and continue to email, fax and call your legislators, this has to STOP!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Sorry, I just can’t watch this. I know about it and we get refresher courses on the true dregs of society that these people, much like the wild equine killers really are on a daily basis.

    It is important to watch it and I think the background of it’s genesis is fascinating….but I won’t watch it. I don’t need to watch “train wrecks” repeatedly to know that they still happen. I do hope people that know NOTHING of equine abuse, neglect and HCHS DO watch this. It is a primer on the character and psychology of the bottom feeders and liars of HCHS andall equine abuse.

    Thank you Cathleen and RT for posting the truth.


    • This is an example of the sociopathic industry that slivers around our environment. They have set up a pretty swell deal, roundups, shooting, disposing, holding, darting, transporting and charging 200 x’s on the dollar much of it billed to US tax payer. They do what they can to keep this cruel industry alive. They know how to encourage herds to constantly try to rebalance. Take away 400 in a herd in an area that sustains them, that stress will lead to the horses gaining those 400 back to rebalance, yep, so they can steal them and do this crap. They say the saying Leave the Horses Alone causes population to go up, only temp. cause wild horses self sustain according to resource availability and types of stressors they have (predators, cattle, drought ROUNDUPS etc). SO…. for the industry making millions off of our Wild Horses. “LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE”.


  2. This is how the BLM roundups eventually end……in the end. Some sooner than others. After everyone gets a piece of them down the long painful line. The gov perks, the helicopter, the contractors, the hands, the truckers, the holders, the hay sellers, the vets, holding facilities, lawyers, and security people……on down the line. Taking them away from the area they were rounded up in insures that all this can happen ‘e v e n t u a l l y’…… then the kill buyers move in when there is no more money to be made. The sale. I have a feeling that the original tapes were much longer. He very careful not to alude to the government. It makes me ill to hear this…..but these tapes must be sent to every rep because they stand by and encourage it by not cutting the funding. If it’s all about money…..let’s make it about money. Cut the funding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. In 1998 California Proposition 6 successfully banned horse slaughter in that state, and transportation across CA borders for slaughter.,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_%281998%29

    How many of us have taken film like this to our state capitols to start a state by state proposition movement, since we can’t get the lard butts in Washington to pass it (apologies to all pigs, and to lard)? Is that happening? If so, how can we augment it?


  4. This is a bit off topic for this thread, but go read the Cloud Foundation and see what death the USFS fencing is doing to the Pryor Herd.(at the right and scroll down)

    I salute the result for Sierra, but the rest of the info on the subband is heartbreaking and disgusting….and DOI/USDA/State ag/wildlife agencies say there are no natural predators? My butt and although not natural predator, man is the most dangerous animal on the planet.

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    • Denise, you are oh so right. I made it through 2/3 of the 1st part and just couldn’t listen to it any more. The killer buyer seemed to be telling what had happened in a monitone. He doesn’t seem to care. To me it’s obvious anyone working within the slaughter train to hell is without a conscience and certainly without a heart.


      • A human has to lack empathy to kill like this and just for money…plus it is so LOOOOooong in duration and abuse, neglect. It borders being a sociopath (serial killer).


    • Denise, you got that right!!! I almost hate to admit that I am one of that breed. Man seems to think he was put on earth to take whatever he wants away from all the other species. I just read an articile about what to do as a repellant to keep deer from eating your garden plants and the responses from just about all the people after the articile was to just shoot them, I know this wasn’t about our horses but it follows the same line of man being the the top predator on the face of the earth.


      • Just as the Masai, who once defined themselves by their relationship to lions have now killed off the majority of lion in Kenya by using a herbicide to poison them to protect their cattle. Humanity has not been guided wisely by science but has taken science for granted and used it to kill off competition.

        The wild ones are the first to go. It won’t stop with them. Look at Sublette County, Wyoming. Even people can barely live in parts of it now. Would you like to wear a gas mask when you drive to town to get groceries?

        The West is under attack by greed and indifference.


  5. I hope people reading take the time to read The Cloud Foundation Blog.

    BTW, there are humans out there that combat the devils of mankind everyday.

    My point was to reference the unscientific and pure bull babble that is the equine killers.


  6. At least he came forward. At least he was willing to talk. He saw a way to begin making amends for suffering he caused and who knows what he risked to do this. I commend him and hope that others will be willing to do the same. Testimony like this is invaluable.
    Who among us has never eaten a cow, a chicken, a fish, worn wool or drank milk? And maybe some reading this still do. And we all have some idea of the suffering that caused…
    Cathleen Doyle’s foresight in involving the District Attorney and a polygraph test was sheer genius. Makes all the difference when critics try to dismiss it.
    Lesson learned: welcome those who are willing to talk about what they did and saw. And document it like lives depend on it, for indeed they do!


  7. Where do our BLM WH&B go? We do not know and are not allowed to know … and why might that be? Because many “disappear” into the “unknown”.
    Twin Peaks HMA WH&B:
    108 sale authority horses sold (over age 10).
    I know 2 that went to good homes.
    I know that 29 were shipped to Michigan, four of which have good homes, two were shot, most were starved, some have been rescued from that person and many remain in the possession of that original abuser still to this day. (19 charges of animal neglect were filed but no charges were pressed)
    77 others were sold to someone in Colorado in five large groups last spring (mares/geldings and some burros). Where are those 77 today? Across the border or used as buckin’ broncs in the rodeo circuit? What do you think?


    • Agreed…the question I find much more of a problem is, where can they stay?….especially considering that they are SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTED.

      If you take them off, you have the “go” question; if you leave them (with decent efforts, science and true welfare policy intent)….go is hardly the question.

      But again, this about the wholesale sell off of our public lands, services etc.

      Darth Vader is going to have a great Christmas….if the pump and science for same can keep up with….?


  8. I read the Cloud article, Denise–at least 6 horses dead at the fence that prevents them from migrating. Lovely agencies we support with our taxes–what BLM doesn’t destroy,another top-notch arm of the govt. will decimate. It’s like they’re running their own slaughter houses! I know Obama has stopped the XL pipeline for now– but if he is re-elected the whole destruction (read “profit”) cycle will start again. He just wants votes. And then there’s Salazar…….. absolutely no moral backbone–any of them–power/profit/greed.
    I’m holding a vigil Dec. 15–and naming the horses who have given their lands and lives under the mis-care of BLM.


    • Ann, Denise, et al:
      I Agree, I’m sickened every day with Disappointment in Pres. Obama!
      BUT, god-help-us, what IF We get stuck with one like Rick Perry of TX !!
      (who employs “park rangers” to Shoot all the Burros on-sight, inside a State park??)
      * I am Extremely Amused tho’, that after I ‘tweeted’ all those articles about Gov Perry & TX Big Bend state Park,
      I found 🙂 that “the Rick Perry Campaign” became 1 of ‘my Followers’!!
      LOtFL!! I’d just LOVE to hear–that 1 or 2 of the young pawns that he pays to
      Watch the Tweets—actually Read enough of the links, to get up & walk out!?
      Now That would be great! 🙂 [@ least their ‘jobs are rehabilitatable!]


  9. What profits people in the short run is the enemy of planning and good management over the long haul. We need to turn this around. Wild herds, their lands and the other creatures who live by them all need this. No one else will do this but We, the people….


  10. And the Burros….WHAT happens to the Burros? They get REALLY ROUGH treatment during those BLM round-ups. WHAT happens to them after?


  11. A committee in DC is meeting next week to REOPEN slaughter plants for horses here in United States! This is the kind of video and testimony that MUST BE SHARED until it goes viral! Call your senators and legislators NOW and do it over and over. Get every friend and family member ON BOARD. Don’t give it lip service. DO IT. Take action. Don’t delay. Every single hour THREE horses are slaughtered in Mexico and Canada. ALL horse slaughter must stop. It must be made illegal to ship horses over the boarder!


    • As you may know or suspect, there are those “waiting in the wings” to see how this plays out with horses so they can proceed with the slaughtering of dogs and cats. China is a huge market. Lots of $ to be made. The horse issue is the model. Nip it in the bud and stop the slaughter of horses or create a slippery slope that our dogs and cats won’t be able to avoid being sucked down. Note that the language can easily be applied to animals other than equines.


      • I don’t have a criminal mind and I am sure the folks on here don’t either, but if we are thinking along those lines about cats and dogs, I have to wonder if they are not already on the food menu~we just havn’t discovered it yet. After all they are alot easier to hide and transport and they don’t have a Laura Leigh watching out over them.


  12. The killer in the video said there is no money to be made in horse slaughter anymore ~ is this because the BLM has put them out of business? No freeze brands on horses – means no tracking – means no accountabilty.


    • That’s a good question as to profitability….BUT, I am not sure this is some contrite, repentant soul.

      I did not, and will not watch the video.

      Anybody have any data or opinions as to the profitability of HCHS…because it is still rolling along and has had a spike in numbers recently.


  13. OK, I wrote to Sen. Kohl regarding horse slaughter as I am one of his constituents. Here is his response:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me regarding funding for horse slaughter inspections. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me, and I welcome this opportunity to respond.

    According to the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is required to inspect all livestock slaughtered and processed into products for human consumption. In the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006 (P.L. 109-97), Congress banned the use of appropriated funds to cover the cost of these inspections for horse meat. Although some states have enacted laws to prevent horse slaughtering, this federal measure has effectively prevented horse slaughter throughout the U.S. since 2006.

    In June 2011 the Government Accountability Office released a report examining the effect this ban has had on horses in the U.S. The report details that since 2007 the number of abandoned horses and cases of horse neglect have both increased significantly. The report also notes that since the ban was enacted in 2006, U.S. horse exports for slaughter have increased by 148% and 660% to Canada and Mexico, respectively.

    In the current debate on FY2012 appropriations, the House-passed version of the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 2012 (H.R. 2112) contained an amendment to continue the current ban on inspections of horses slaughtered for human consumption. The Senate approved its version of H.R. 2112 by a vote of 69-30 on November 1, 2011, without a similar ban. Before H.R. 2112 becomes law, a committee comprised of members of both the House and the Senate, of which I am a member, will meet to resolve differences between the two versions of the bill.

    As this committee meets to continue discussions on FY2012 agriculture appropriations, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind. Again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to do so again at any point in the future.


    Herb Kohl
    United States Senator


  14. Jessica, here’s some data you can send to Senator Kohl. It’s from EQUINE WELFARE ALLIANCE. There is a lot of information on their website:

    While the argument over horse slaughter is hot and contentious, the fact remains that American horses were not raised for human consumption. “The disregard for food safety of European consumers is unconscionable” stated EWA’s Vicki Tobin. “If they tried to sell the meat from our horses In the U.S., they would be in violation of government food safety regulations.”

    Horse slaughter has not ended or slowed down since the US slaughter plants were closed in 2007. The same number of horses are being slaughtered as when the domestic plants were open. It should be obvious, that slaughter does not prevent neglect nor does it control the population. It is absurd to suggest that killing horses is going to restore an industry that makes its billions from live horses, especially when slaughter provides only 3 cents of every $100 of revenue.


  15. There is also a letter from Congressman Dan Burton on Madeleine Picken’s website. Also, Senator Kolhl should have the links to the videos that are shown here.


  16. Thanks Louie, I sent him the info from EWA the first time, but have now sent Burton’s letter as well. I’ve heard it through the grapevine that he owns a ranch out west somewhere, but have not had the time to confirm that. If so, could he be siding with the AQHA? I don’t know, his response to me sounded neutral after I read it over the 2nd time, but I could be wrong…


  17. This simply confirms what I have found in my area and with the contacts I made to my Congress members prior to to the conference committee’s decisions. As absurd as the GAO report appears on its face to those of us who have been following this story and who live in the real world outside of the Washington beltline, the information in it has been cherry picked and presented with a slant to members of Congress.

    I seriously doubt if very money 20 something or maybe 30 something Congressional staffers could or would slog through the arduous, illogical, unsourced, data challenged 58 pp report that was generated to create the impression that there was a problem that re-funding horse slaughter plants in the US is supposed to solve. Wish Anderson Cooper would take a whack at this on his Ridiculest list.

    On the basic reading skills tests that are required for “No-Child Left Behind” and other types of reading, writing, and language tests in the two states where I worked as an English teacher, I was responsible for teaching recognizing propaganda techniques and recognizing logical fallacies. If Congress and whoever wrote this report were my students, we would be analyzing this report together, piece by piece. Heck, they wouldn’t need me to point out what was wrong with the report. So i get a little frustrated because i want to take them to school. Not to mention, that a part of me wonders if some members of Congress could pass a middle school basic skills reading test necessary to be promoted to the next grade. Hello, Washington, it has been snowing for over a year now somewhere between where the Senate Appropritions Committees meet and the GAO does their reports.

    I think there may be something very dark here. Our body of evidence gets bigger exponentially everyday.

    This whole subject blackens my spirit, but the only way I know to deal with it is to go through it. We cannot force people to agree with us or see the facts the way we do. All we can do is to give them the truth, and information is power. I believe that if the public hears the facts about the BLM and horse slaughter and Congress does not act, we may finally get an Occupy the Capitol and the Mall.


  18. I am reluctant to skip reading or viewing anything that might provide that detail or two that will make all the other puzzle pieces fit. Putting the facts of these two stories together is like putting together one of these 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. A lot of the images are clear and complete, but there are still some a few hundred pieces lying out side unused on the puzzle table. Those key pieces are out there and someone knows what they are, and we are going to find them and end this.


  19. For those who are pro-slaughter, they seem to be brain washed to use the same verbage over & over in defense of the slaughter houses… the sick, the old, the unwanted, the abused, blah blah blah. I’ve yet to see a pen full of those type of horses! And the interviews of those person supporting it, they are nearly always breeders or ranchers who are mass producing horses. They blame the closing of the slaughter houses for the neglected & starving horses yet the same number of US horses are being slaughtered as there are still sale barns available to take the horses they can no longer care for so where does that idea come from??? I guarantee you that if those slaughter houses reopen, there will still be those starving, unwanted horses out there, it is not going to fix anything!!! I’ll be one of the first ones going to those pro-slaughter folks and saying so what happened????!!! Why are there still too many horses in the US???


  20. I couldn’t watch & or listen 2 all of the 1st part. Why isn’t that SOB in jail 4 his actions. Admitted 2 his cruel act. Said he got cornered & kicked by 1 mare. 2 bad she didn’t kill him!


    • She should have taken his eye out!!!!!!!!!!!! However, you must believe that God works in mysterious ways and his time will come……..he will find himself boxed in just as he did to these horses and he will NOT find a way out.


  21. Stop world wide horse slaughter to save horse from endanger species. No animal atrocities. Fight for animal right atrocity.


  22. So much greed and corruption supports this. It is not just cruelty by kill buyers. The cruelty goes all the way up to legislators and giant corporations. Heck, they produce stuff that kills people at times, too, but they just keep on going. The anti cruelty laws don’t stop any of this. I guess we just have to keep on fighting. Sadly, it is a long and uphill battle.

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