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Congressman Speaks Out Against Committee’s Inaction to De-fund Horse Slaughter Inspectors

Information courtesy of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Politicians Cave-In to Minority, Radical, Horse Slaughter Fanatics

Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted to approve H.R. 2112, the Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science & Transportation-HUD Appropriations Bill. H.R. 2112 also included a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government until December 16, 2011.

EWA President John Holland presenting Congressman Jim Moran with commemorative award during the International Equine Conference ~ photo by IEC staff photographer Terry Fitch

“This year, Tea Party inspired intransigence threatened to shut down the Federal Government, cause a default on our debt, and resulted in a downgrade of our credit rating for the first time in 100 years. Funding the government and paying our bills are the primary responsibilities of Congress. This legislation, while imperfect, is responsible in that it keeps the government up and running while the remaining appropriations bills await final consideration.

“While I ultimately supported this appropriations bill, I have serious objections with the conference committee’s decision to remove House-approved language preventing horse slaughter, language that had been in the bill for the past five years and I authored this year.”

“I want to thank Agriculture Appropriations Ranking Member Sam Farr for his efforts to maintain the language during the conference process. While those dedicated to reinstating this inhumane practice succeeded today, we’ve far from seen the last word on this issue.

“I am committed to doing everything in my power to prevent the resumption of horse slaughter and will force Congress to debate this important policy in an open, democratic manner at every opportunity.  Now, more than ever, it is crucial that Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 2966) to permanently prohibit the slaughter of American horses.”

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  1. A recent discussion I listened to has said; “the committees do not work. This manner of handling legislation is a failure. They favor a more direct introduction and the chance to debate a bill improves exponentially.


  2. My impression is that many Congressmen are concerned and committed to much better treatment of horses, but they just are outnumbered by those who appear to me be corrupt and puppets of interest groups opposed to wild horses and burros and other wild animals. Congressman Grijalvo and Congressman Adams are just two Representatives working as hard as they can for horses and burros.


    • I agree with you, but I realize that everyone wants to be popular, even at the risk of silently not standing up for personal beliefs.. They have so many things to cover, this may not hold much significance in comparison. I read about so many, what I consider, well known people who speak out for the horses, so many clips here and there. I believe we need to have a “commercial” to be seen during family TV time showing a helicopter chase, fouls left behind or dying, families separated with quick captions and a flash to BLM, how to stop them. Or perhaps a few seconds of horses peacefully holding pens and terrified horses, to holding pens full of wondering, lifeless horses in Oklahoma, with contact info how to email the BLM.Having found the BLM seemingly a brick wall without any conscience, I am appealing to a higher authority. I am praying for God to interfer before it’s too late.


      • We need billboards along heavily traveled freeways showing depictions helicopters chasing horses and especially foals with subliminal messages of Stop the BLM. Fund raisers would be required to pay for billboards. This method of advertising does work and less costly than TV time.


      • I still hesitate to make our wild horses the poster child of anti-slaughter. Their path to slaughter needs to reflect back on the BLM and the Burn’s amendment (which we should be writing and introducing a repeal of right now!) What a mess!




  4. Charlie Boy was VERY VERY VERY clear in Vegas about the plan already in action to assault our horses. ONE part of the plan that was mentioned has now become true; as written above (as well as other area’s).

    Charlie Boy gave us all his plan of attack; we just chose not to listen carefully. He mentioned that the members of the AG. Comm. were ALL NEW and this was the PRO SLAUGHTER Folks chance of a lifetime to get in there and CONVINCE them that slaughtering horses WAS A GOOD THING !!!

    Guess the PRO Folks listened and went in like sharks…….
    Never underestimate Charlie, I never did.


  5. I am appalled at the lack of ethical behavior those we’ve voted into office are displaying. Well Mr. Brown, don’t expect me to vote for you again ~ ‘nothing in front of me at the moment having to do with horse slaughter.’ Consistent reply via email ~ bull$hit!


  6. This new Democracy for America email asks for ideas on what “Occupy” actions should be taken next:

    DFA writes: “We’ll share your ideas with our friends organizing and shaping future actions with Occupy Wall Street participants on the ground. And, of course, your feedback will guide Democracy for America’s campaign supporting the 99% movement as we keep moving America forward.”

    If a bunch of people who read RT’s blog respond, I wonder if the Occupy protesters would take notice?


  7. I think the most important point to use when educating other people about the issue of horse slaughter, is for them to understand this has *NOTHING* to do with “unwanted” horses, starvation, neglect, or welfare of these animals, NOTHING.
    While individuals like Ms Wallis are seen as the “leaders” of the pro-slaughter movement, they are simply part of a smoke screen used to protect the agenda of much larger and more powerful agri-interests. It is doubtful that Ms Wallis or any of her supporters even realize that.
    It was the powerful and influential agribusiness industry that saw the 2006 defunding of USDA horsemeat inspections as a direct hit to the animal agriculture industry. (I am using the term ‘industry’ here to differentiate these corporate interests from actual ‘farmers’, of which there are very few of anymore). These interests have millions of dollars at their disposal to lobby and literally “buy” political votes. One only needs to look at the public records for campaign contributions of Reps like Kingston and Blunt for it to be VERY clear whose interests they are going to protect. (ie, National Cattlemen’s Assoc., Pfizer, ‘Meat Processing Companies’, Livestock Ranchers and Feedlots, etc.)
    Anytime, someone who supports horse slaughter defends their position by using the argument that “slaughter is better than starvation” or that slaughter is somehow “needed” to “improve the equine market”, shows they simply do NOT understand the real reasons driving this agenda. However, this perception is exactly what the “man behind the curtain” has carefully crafted and given to folks like Ms Wallis and her followers to preach far and wide. They understand that most people will lack the critical thinking skills to see past their superficial arguments to understand the larger picture, which as NOTHING to do with horse welfare, or “saving the horse industry”


  8. everything i’m seeing sickens me to the core…not only is the government in league with ag and farmers by over stepping their bounds and putting french fries in my childs lunches now 4 out of 5 days a week and funding the fda to watch medicated horses to be slaughtered for consumption but now all the lies and lobbying from idiots like this? let alone medicaid and medicare cuts, please this is to much for anyone and should it continue many and i mean many of voters will not put up with it and our so called government officials elected to protect what was and should be priorities will be out of jobs because no one is willing to vote them back in…enjoy all this while you can cause the american public is fed up. we do not want horse meat tainted by the way fed to our children nor do we want our loved companions slaughtered in the horrible way they are and if you think they are not then i dare you to visit a slaughter house!


  9. NO to horse slaughter it is inhumane and cruel and remember they were our only means of transportation at one time they do not deserve to be on someones dinner plate in Europe. We need to get passed SB 1176 and HR2966 I will always be the voices for the horses since they don’t have one just like Wild Horse Annie used to be. Thanks for listening>


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