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For the Horses: Occupy Obama’s Phone AND Fax Line

Update by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Time To Jam The Fax Machine

Occupy Obama's Phone AND FAX line

The “Occupy Obama’s Phone Line” worked, yesterday.  Each time I called the volunteer operator stated that I was not alone when I stated:

“As a tax-paying American I demand that President Obama live up to his campaign promises and immediately sign an Executive Order prohibiting predatory horse slaughter in the United States and to ban the cruel transportation of American horses to slaughter across our borders.”

It did not take me long to conclude that being civil, courteous and to the point gained the allegiance of the volunteer on the other end of the line and we encourage you fine Americans to keep it up and do the same today as we will not let up and continue to Occupy the White House Comment line at 202-456-1111.

But today let’s move across the White House office and take charge of the FAX machine at 202-456-2461

Now again, the same rules of the road should apply but I cannot help but share with you the snarky and articulate fax that came in from Jerry Finch of Habitat for Horses.  I think I may use this, with all credit to Jerry, just to vent the frustration of main stream Americans who have had it with all the corrupt politics and broken campaign promises.  For a moment, it just feels good to tell it like it is.  Here’s Jerry’s rendition:

President Obama,

Mad doesn’t come close to what I feel. Perhaps furious, irate, enraged and livid better describe my reaction to your allowing horse slaughter to return to the US.

This absolutely will not work. You lied to us, the 70% of Americans who are against the killing of horses for food.

You announced that you had co-sponsored legislation to stop the sale for slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros. During the 2008 campaign you signed on as co-sponsor to the bill to ban horse slaughter for human consumption. When asked specifically during the campaign, “Will you support legislation …to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption“, you gave an unqualified “Yes“.

Now look at what you just did! What does it take to find a President that stands up for what he believes?

Starting today I am asking every person I can reach to call the White House and demand that you uphold your promise to the American people. No excuses about, “It was Congress that did that.” Not accepted. You signed the bill. You backed out of your promise.

You can undo what you have done by issuing an Executive Order stating that  horse slaughter will NOT be allowed in the United States, nor will our horses be allowed to be sent to other countries for slaughter.

Will you listen to the majority in this country or to very small group of people who make money from the sale of horse flesh? Do you care that American horses are filled with drugs that make them unsafe for human consumption? Do you realize the absolute horror equine go through on the road to slaughter?

Is this the legacy you really want to leave?

Keep your promise! 

Pass an Executive Order NOW.

And if there is still a little fire left in your soul you can go the the White House contact page, (Click HERE) and cut and paste your thoughts into an email.

We are serious, for the horses, deadly serious…we advocates will do our own brand of Occupying and it’s happening in the electronic office of the White House.  Let’s get after it troops, get every single friend, family member, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, you name it contact and get busy.  We have some lives to save.

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  1. I just called the White House and spoke with someone that was very kind and friendly. However, when I called Rep. Kingston’s office to politely and intelligently express my disappointment, his attendent was rude, argumentative, defensive, and beligerent. I told her that she was the only one out of every person I called that was rude and she hung up on me. I encourage everyone to call her at 202-225-5831 and kill her with kindness.


    • Will do, and it is possible that she does not agreed with the back-stabbing, horse-stabbing actions of Kingston…and can’t quit..needs her job.. Or she is a biotch, and though I’d maybe just like to kill her, I’ll do it your way with kindness. First thing Monday.


  2. What a great letter!! That is EXACTLY how so many of us feel about, not just the slaughtering of our horses, but many other things as well. Fed up, I think, is an understatement! Praying that he listens!!


  3. I called again this morning. The line was busy, but I waited on hold for just a few minutes and then was able to leave message for the President. If anyone gets the busy signal, just a short wait is all it takes, don’t hang up.


  4. Rebecca, I think the woman in his office is tired of taking all the calls regarding his vote so don’t take it personally. I just called the White House again as I called yesterday. We have to remember that I believe the people answering the phones are volunteers and not paid employees. Go to the as they have a few words from horse eatting representative who stated horse slaughter could continue in 30 or 90 days. Needless to say I immediately sent my comments in the area of contact us. I mentioned you RT so if you hear from someone from the, I was the one using you as one of the referances. I told the White House volunteer that I can no longer request or beg that he sign this order, but demand that it is time he kept his campaign promise to protect our equines. The heat is just beginning. I couldn’t believe that they used Wallis’s comments on a website that that usually carries some very good information. So if you can send your comments too. I also am going to fax a letter as well..We must never give up the fight for our horses. We cannot let them down. If you have a favorite actor or someone in the record industry add a note to their fan page. They are very good about supporting a good cause such as this. He often has some of these artists at the White House. I will do everything my power to prevent any Houses of Horrors from ever opening in this country again! I’m sure if you live in Texas Paula Bacon is not a supporter of slaughter either.


    • was created by and is owned by Pfizer, the makers of Premarin. They are pro-slaughter, as slaughter is the end point of the PMU mares and discarded foals that are their version of ‘industrial waste’. I can but imagine the amount of money they have dumped into lobbying for slaughter. The Horse site is a veiled marketing machine for them. The Horse is a water fountain for hanging out and swapping gossip for the slaughter gang.


  5. Does the White House have a twitter account? I urge folks to post polite messages to this and the President’s facebook account too if possible.


    • Huge twitter watcher.. I also loved someone’s idea, of going straight to the President’s Re-election Campaign. Which is what I did today. I got a wonderful reception, at the Dallas Democratic office (in Dallas a few Democrats actually won their elections last go around). They know that I am a supporter as they send me at least 3 messages a day.. but I think they are eager to talk to anyone. I explained to Terry that 20 million Americans consider themselves to be Animal Activists, Animal Advocates, or Humane Treatment for Animal supporters, and the numbers are growing (wish I could find where I read this, but the statement was made in print, by 2020, more that 25 million will be animal people and have more political power than the NRA). We understand that his plate has been full..Bin Laden, 2 wars, recession, jobs, etc. And we know that he could not put the measure to defund horse slaughter inspectors back into the appropriations bill, and at least, I understand that the bill had to be signed or disadvantaged school kids would not get lunch, etc. But Please pass it up to the powers that be in the Re-Election Campaign, that this is a huge constituency that will be on his side if he issues an Executive Order to Ban Slaughter of USA Horses, Here and Abroad. Now..before one slaughter plant is opened in the USA and the pro horse killers can make a big deal of losing revenue. He asked a lot of questions.. had heard something about it on the News, but wasn’t exactly aware of the details. He could not have been nicer. I ended with 80%+ of the American People would not eat horse meat, and almost 80% do not want them slaughtered at all. I left a couple of letters, Paula Bacon’s and mine, and a couple of articles.. and RT’s Covert Equine Blog.
      It may work where you are too.


  6. As a tax paying American I demand that President Obama live up to his campaign promise and immediately sign an executive order prohibiting preditory horse slaughter and ban the cruel transportation of american horses.


  7. I love my horses and will NEVER send any to an auction, let alone slaughter. However, you should read this article before you go thinking horse slaughter needs to be banned again. I urge you to bug DC about more important issues like getting our troops home and safe with their families and taking care of our own American people before you go harrassing them about something they finally did right.


    • I read the article you suggested. I strongly disagree with their arguments in many ways, which there is not room here to go into, and my position has not changed. I will speak to one of the issues: “Unwanted horses”.
      Probably 90% or more of the horses going to slaughter are NOT those who are neglected and underfed “because people can’t afford to feed them”. No, most people who underfeed / starve / abuse their horses steadfastly hold onto their equine “property” even when it means continued neglect, even to the point of starvation. They don’t term their horses as “unwanted”, because the do want to keep them and show their power to do exactly as they want with their possessions. I know too many of these people, in the REAL world, and know that this is their attitude and their pattern of behavior. So, NO… that is not a valid reason or excuse for slaughter! Never was and never will be.


  8. Waited in line to post my comments on PL 112-55 to the President. I just faxed a letter and it got through.

    I’m once again reminded about why I don’t like PETA with Newkirk’s comment on how it’s so much better to re-institute horse slaughter in the U.S., so the horses wouldn’t have the trauma of travel. The woman is insane!


    • There are surprisingly quite a fewanti-slaughter” advocates who have been consulting with Grandin on “humane” means to slaughter horses should the business return to US. Look around you. Our equines are embroiled in a terrible war of human ethics and ethos.


    Monday, December 31, 2007
    The Presidential Files: Barack Obama and the Dog-acity of Hope
    Democratic Senator Barack Obama’s 2006 book, “The Audacity of Hope,” is a story about his dogged optimism in the future. But it’s his other work of writing—this one in response to a Humane Society Legislative Fund questionnaire—that has given dogs and other animals hope in this country.
    At this time, three other presidential candidates—John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson—have issued campaign statements telling voters where they stand on animal welfare. Obama’s statement is a welcome addition, and it is an indicator of the growing importance of humane issues in presidential politics. We hope the other presidential candidates will let voters know where they stand on animal issues, too


  10. Hay RT I used your comment above, the lady took my comment. And when I asked her if she had been getting a lot of calls on this she refused to answer. She said that all calls were for the Pres and they couldn’t say.

    Huh???? Is this our open and transparent government at work again????

    I sure wish he’d have done one of those line veto things–you know draw a line through the icky part that said Yes to funding horse slaughter. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I have some serious questions. Who in the blazes do we vote for next year???

    Perry is out because he’s pro trophy hunting and BBSP (the Park in Texas where there shooting all the burros).

    Romney I don’t know. Anybody have anything to say???

    Michelle Bachmann–Yikes. I think she’s fostered a bunch of kids. That’s a bonus but I don’t know how much it s worth.

    Howard Cain has recently gone down the drain.

    And who in the Demo world do we have that can start and beat O’Bummer????

    Anyone with insights please feel to educate me. Cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.


  11. Hey, thanks for the clarification on the Its too bad some articles are good, The latest word that seems to be going around that I heard today is that Colorado is going be the state to open the next House of Horrors. If anyone is from Colorado can you please respond. Politics is the worse I have ever seen it. Sometimes I feel NO one is worth my vote, but then one vote could change the whole direction of our country, if there is one. Thanks for the tip on computer faxing, I think I will try. I was talking to a friend today and she was telling me what she heard about the slaughter issue. Lots of rumors going around so we must make sure Obama signs an executive order. It looks like the Demons are firing up their forks..Christina, I am always fighting for our troops. However, they do have an opportunity to voice their concerns through their Legislators. Our horses do not have a voice other than those of us who continue to fight for their welfare unlike those who don’t give a damn except how much they are worth by the pound.


  12. Thanks to the person that posted the I will try it and to the person that posted that the company that makes Premarin owns those websites, I did not know that but I felt before that they were Pro-slaughter so I just quit subscribing to their newsletters a long time ago but I think I will go on their page and post my anti-slaughter voice. They are promoting so much inhumane and cruel treatment of horses, but us intelligent people realize that the people that believe in horse slaughter just should not be allowed to own them. Maybe they will come back as a horse in their next life.


  13. Elaine Nash……my fellow equine warrior…..Pfizer has dumped millions into lobbying and campaign donations to our Senate and Congressmen. From 2002 through present reports Pfizer has donated to Senators and Congress non pac and pac as follows :Results 1–100 of 4,680 contributions totaling $6,167,842 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. That does not include lobbying, greasing palms and subsidiaries they may have hidden more under. Scary eh? National Cattlemen’s Association who says if slaughter comes back they will farm horses :Results 1–100 of 1,262 contributions totaling $1,322,106 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. AQHA :Results 1–13 of 13 contributions totaling $7,100 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. Veterinarians and AVMA consultants of which the majority was donated from 2006 forward ; Results 1–15 of 15 contributions totaling $9,900 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. Meat proccessors and Packers : Results 1–100 of 4,024 contributions totaling $4,524,117 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics Horse Breeders of which when you scroll through the 9 pages you see over and over thoroughbred and quarter horse: The majority donated from 2006 forward: Results 1–100 of 1,176 contributions totaling $1,086,638 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. You get the picture……I could go on all night.


  14. Roy Blunt our dirty back room boy from Pfizer the majority from 2006 forward :Results 1–19 of 19 contributions totaling $39,500 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics.


  15. Beverly, excellent documentation. So much for the welfare of our horses. Our poor horses! It now becomes even more important to protect them from the evil people who want to profit from their death. Thanks for fax info. It was easy and great.


  16. On the whole, everything from A to Z of the horse slaughter industry is a brutal, inhumane, violent and dispicable business. The only interest the pro-slaughter people have is in the money they can amass for themselves. They have no thought or intention of easing the agony and trauma suffered by the horses. We don’t need to pretend that it is anything other than one of the cruelest ways on the face of the earth to make a dollar.

    I intend to keep emailing, calling, faxing, and post-carding the Whitehouse and every Representative I can until this thing turns directly around and the insanity comes to a screeching halt. Nothing less than that is acceptable!


  17. At this point, I am going to support Mitt Romney because his wife has a serious illness and chose when she got well enough to pursue her life long dream to own a horse. She has been healthy enough to ride and compete in Grand Prix level dressage. I am voting on the sum of a person’s demonstrated life experience.

    Now if the Democrats decide to do the unthinkable, and nominate someone from the floor, I’d certainly look at that person’s record, but i will never again vote for someone who does not have a history of action to match his rhetoric.


  18. I wonder how fast the horse industry would change if people who bought Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Paints refuse to register them. What would happen if they decided to create an alternative registry and do alternative shows?

    Suppose you had the Kentucky Derby, and every horse lover decicded to ride their own horse, volunteer at a rescue, or participate in a fund raiser for Thoroughbred Race Horses to provide a better alternative for them than horse slaughter. What would happen if no one showed up to drink mint juleps in the in-field the first Saturday in May? Or perhaps we could write letters to the sponsors that advertise during the Derby? That is probably the single biggest horse sporting event in terms of spectators. The media would love to have what we have now, and there some decent sports investigative reporters, who could shine a very bright light on this story. Maybe not race day, but certainly in the build-up to it.

    Don’t forget that the bill to ban race day drugs is active in the House. We should let our Representatives know that we support it.

    The trouble is that even the people who want to slaughter horses refuse to think about what happens to the horses once they get loaded on the truck. And they admit it. They don’t know and they don’t want to know. So I think we need to do some rather big things to make sure that people know what Sue Wallis means by the word “humane”. Just because you call night day doesn’t make the moon the sun.


  19. Beverly, could you post the information that you found concerning Pfizer on the site where they interviewed R.T. and Terry. I think that is vital information.
    Houston’s Fox 26 News


  20. Good Move now you really want to get up his nose,tell him that all the Horse-lovers are going to be asked is to VOTE for anyone who stands against him in the next election.
    The only thing a politico fears is removal from power and he and his team are fighting very very hard for RE-ELECTION


  21. Obviously these people have never owned a horse! I sat on facebook the other day in tears which I know many people are right now…and was absolutely appauled at what is going on in the States, being from a country where this is still allowed unfortunately, I sat and cried for the horses, I thought to myself if the government throws people in jail …which they do …for abuse, neglect for animals and anything living …why is it okay for them to abuse, neglect and kill…but that is okay.?…I asked myself…instead of pouring millions and millions of dollars into the roundups and the kill slaughter houses …why I ask myself cant they just use all that money …segregate some land…build some fencing…for a sanctuary ….which would not only create jobs…become a world recognized sanctuary …for people to go…to enjoy…that wish….they could only be so lucky ….to own….to see…to view these magestic creatures….I suppose that would just be too easy!!!!!!!!! and believe me Im spreading the word! What my horse has done for me in my life is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  22. PS. Maybe we should also send some videos …that I get to see everyday.. within the slaughterhouses…on the trucks… etc etc or maybe take these people to one of the houses and let them watch for a day !!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. I watch “UP with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. He has a segment on Sat & Sun called, “Now We Know”. Viewers can submit topics (see cut and paste with link and instructions below:

    “……To submit your ideas, email us at with a subject line “Now We Know”, or post a comment below. Include link(s) to the story so we can verify authenticity, and be sure to tell us how you’d like to be credited if we choose your Now We Know suggestion.

    Keep in mind, we do see a lot of stories ourselves, so please remember not to get upset if we discuss your story and don’t credit you. But if it’s something you bring to our attention first, we will of course give you credit……”

    If the link embedded in the first paragraph doesn’t work, go to the page link and scroll down:

    I’ll try to think of a brief, hard hitting submission about our wild ones and the removal of defunding language for domestic horse slaughter for humans. In the meantime, any suggestions would be appreciated…how would you say it?


  24. OH MAN! That was SOOOOO easy! I clicked the link, went right to whitehouse email. I added also that I wish he would implement new bills to stop overbreeding of horses by horse breeders. We need to get it right where it starts, the BREEDERS! Please everyone, please mention this in your letters.


  25. SueTV and Mary above. Good girls. Last Thursday I made four calls during my work week to the White House – not to mention the times I failed to get through but I did get through four times to comment regarding stopping slaughterhouses from returning to the U.S., banning horses being transported across our borders, stopping the BLM from rounding up our wild horses and burros until accurate accounting on the number takes place and humane management practices are implemented AND that I would not vote for OBama under any circustances if he doesn’t stop all these horrible things taking place on our beautiful horses. I called again twice, I believe, on Friday and I, too, had a volunteer hang up on me. Maybe, they are getting tired of all our calls. I’ll keep calling this next week. They will give up before I do.


    • Thank you Lynn, and all others who are relentless in the important work to stop slaughter, across border transport, and BLM roundup and removal programs – all of which we know are synonymous with endless torture, brutality and trauma for the horses and burros. The whole acceptance and promotion of these atrocities by government also works in some strange and wretched way to desensitize the public to the horrific things suffered by the equine.

      In my opinion we also need to appeal to more celebrity and high profile people to come onboard with the campaign. I saw where Bill Gates bought a big property specifically for his daughter to ride her horse. Okay. Let’s do some digging. Certainly, there are many other celeb’s and big names who have some personal connection with horses. Let’s find them and get more of these people to speak up and speak out, loudly, for the cause. Perhaps this will bring lots more public awareness and help our efforts. So far, the people in power haven’t seemed to be much fazed by the thousands of appeals from “regular” people, and a few celebs – mostly in America and Canada, but also numbers from around the world.

      It’s my prayer that together we can effect huge change for good, immediately if not sooner.

      I am hoping that every person who I speak to about this, and receives my posts on social media networks will get so sick of my constant appeals for participation in saving the horses, that every one of them will join the fight and bring many others along, if nothing else, just to shut me up. When that happens, at least it will have added numbers to our effort and hopefully help make a difference for good.

      Okay.. Gotta get going with the phone calls now, and get more postcards and FAX sent. Hopefully those we contact with these will soon realize we mean business and we’re not stopping until they give up and guarantee safety for our equine friends, permanently.

      God bless your week, everyone, and God bless and help us save the horses and burros.


  26. I have to remind everyone how many non animal people who will be stealing our pet horses because they are fat and selling them to slaughter houses. Horses are being stolen now and taken over the border. This will make me lock up my hoses at night.


  27. Another thing everyone can do is when you are talking to the person on the phone tell them that you will vote for Obama in the 2012 election if he signs the Executive Order. From what I have seen he’s not much different from the other politicians that have passed through the oval office. He is on the road campaigning most of the time now so this should resonate with his staff since he cosponsored the old bill when he was a senator. Everyone sending in postcards in the postcard campaign add that as a p.s.


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