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Wild Horse and Burro Prayer of Thanks

by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Candles Burn for the Love of Equine Freedom

photo by Terry Fitch

Yesterday, December 15th 2011th, was the fortieth year anniversary of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burro Act and thousands, if not millions, of compassionate equine advocates were lighting candles in memory of all the wild horses and burros who have lost either their lives or their freedom since the law first went into effect.  Diluted, twisted and bastardized by multiple administrations for the sake of special interest profits the very horses and burros that the law intended to protect are now hunted, abused and removed from their rightful land by they very federal agency that was charged to protect them.  How have we gone so terribly wrong?

Many people lit their candles in quiet groups while others privately reflected upon all that we have lost; Terry and I fell into later category.  Not ones to normally allow open flames in our barn we carefully lit a scented candle on the concrete floor of the center aisle as our rescued equine companions gleefully munched upon their evening dinner.  We later brought the candle in, still lit, to spend the evening with us.  It was a sobering time as we reflected upon how the quest to help in saving the wild ones so drastically changed our lives and altered the path of our future.  We likewise thought of those who were doing the same, elsewhere, particularly Laura Leigh and Elyse Gardener who were lighting candles, not in a warm barn, but out on the cold Calico Complex range where the BLM and their cruel and questionable contractor, Sun-J, were committing the very atrocities that we were reflecting upon.  It broke our hearts.

We published nothing, yesterday, out of respect but today we pick the torch back up and share with you a poem of thanks and of love to you; those who give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.  We share the horses blessings with you and thank you for all that you did, do and will accomplish, it is a true pleasure to be associated with  such an outstanding group of special spirits.  Thank you.” ~ R.T.


Thank you, Great Spirit, for the blessing of today.

We give thanks for the gift of this day; for being granted another opportunity to be alive from when the sun comes up until it retreats into the night.

For those of us who live wild and free, under the deep blue sky, we thank you for the unfettered glory of living our lives as you meant them to be lived.

Those of us who awoke inside crowded and dusty pens thank you for another chance; perhaps today will be the day that we are set free to run with our families across our plains, once again.

We penned ones want to, also, thank you for the chance to make the point, to send the message and to be the martyrs for the lesson that you have laid upon us.

We can endure the pain, suffering and even death knowing that by being the silent recipients of all of man’s evil we will bring to light the need for change; you have taught us well.

Our thanks go to you for the wisdom of your plan that one day mankind will look at what he does, to us, and change his direction in how he treats this world.

It is through your design that man will, once again, become as one with his surroundings and the living creatures that walk upon this planet; and you have chosen us to be the carriers of you message.

By the abuse that is rained down upon us, man’s eyes will be opened to the atrocities that he both intentionally and unknowingly commits against man, beast, earth, water and air.  Our suffering will be his awaking.

You anguished through this with your Son, oh Wise One, and the message was heard.  It is our hope that this message is received while our diminishing numbers can still survive.

We also give thanks for those two legged allies who stand beside us and give us a voice when we cannot speak; they are a special breed and we know that they walk very close to you, Great Spirit.

They come in many shapes and sizes and help in so many ways.  From extending a gentle hand to fighting a war of words, they are there.  They have been with us for years, bearing witness to our suffering which has hurt them as well; yet they remain beside us, fighting, planning, giving of themselves and glowing with hope.

Their warmth sustains us, their courage buoys us and their love uplifts us.  We thank them too, Great One, as through their work with you, a tribe of our brothers will run free for just a little longer, even if it is only a matter of days.  The gift of just one day is very special to a wild horse as we live in the now, the past cannot be changed and through our actions of today, tomorrow will be cast.

We thank you this special day and ask that you grant blessings upon those who speak for us; their efforts rewarded with divine love and hope for we need none ourselves as you have blessed us with this day and what a wonderful day it is.

Thank you, kind Master, for your blessing of today.

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  1. What a beautiful prayer.

    I think your sincere gratitude — gratitude for all the big and small signs of good you are finding in this struggle for freedom — is paving the way for still more good to come to pass.

    Thank you, R.T. and Terry. And Laura and Elvis. And Elyse. And everyone who lives and breathes Love, the liberator of us all.


  2. I read this post 2 hrs ago unable to post through the sobbing, until now, Thank You RT for putting into words what all here feel for our Brave and prestigious Wild Mustangs and horses…………cruelties come in many forms, but none so cruel as what our Horses are enduring…………….all unnecessary !!!! We will together stop this atrocity…………………..


  3. Thank you so very much for a very sad, yet still uplifting post. It encourages me to continue spreading the word and donating when I can, so we can save our Wild Mustangs and all creatures from the most vicious of all predators. God is in control, and He knows their hearts. When I go to Heaven, I doubt is we will see any of them there. I am praying that He will interfer and send weather to ground the helicopters and protect our horses. Thanks again, RT and Terry.


  4. Although are hearts run red with sadness and fury, I am constantly asking the Lord and His Guardian Angels to come and help us in this fight. I just said a special prayer as I finished putting some touches on my Christmas decorations. I cried for them then and can only continue for the creatures God holds so dear. I continue to ask the question why these people are allowed to continue these terrible deeds. I also pray for the stupid people who like Dr. Elizabeth Hagen who have no idea what she said. Those of who have witnessed the Houses of Horror and the trailer accidents in our states do not believe any of the rhetoric that they continue to spew. I keep taking my lottery tickets and should I ever hit the big one there will be a place for them and lots of money to continue the fight. My heart is heavy for those who are there day after day to witness the attrocities. God bless you because they know that you are fighting for them, it is untold but they understand. As I stood at the Arabian horse convention in one committee meeting defending my position, there was but a few who stood with me on the subject of slaughter and the Wild Horses. They of course brought up the skewed numbers and the fact that American tax payers are footing the bill. My response was to let them live free as was promised. I will never give up the fight to set them free nor will I ever stop the fight to stop slaughter and the transportation to other countries. Let the “Force of the Horse” continue to be with you all as we drive “Them” into extinction.


  5. There is a restless spirit that roams through these blogs and there will be no peace for the wicked until America’s Wild Horses and Burros are RETURNED to their rightful Homes on the range and PROTECTED as mandated by the Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act.


  6. What a beautiful message you have sent us, RT. Thank you.
    Now the “Force” of the Horse means a kind of military mind set–(right??)–and so after this lovely Vigil, we pull on our boots, strap on our weapons, bulk up on oatmeal–and enter the war zone –either on the internet, the phones to the WH, or in the court room. “War Horse” will have nothing on us -the Horse Warriors! Charge!


  7. What keeps coming into my mind is the dedication of the Officers to their Calvary horses in the Movie In the Pursuit of Honor, not once did any of those 5 men ever falter in their Pursuit of Honor for their Horses, they were willing to die to take them to Freedom, and one of them did…………………..This is the type of Honor that every horse deserves after all of his services unselfishly given to man, Through all of this torture The Mustangs and horses Stand tall proud, and strong ………………..


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