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Video: Gallop for Life

Video produced by GallopMedia

This is a public service announcement (PSA) created to raise awareness and support for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/H.R. 2966).

Though they cannot speak, they shall not remain voiceless.

Warning: Graphic Content

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  1. Actually, it was the Autopen that the President used to sign:

    Obama, Congress restore U.S. horse-slaughter industry
    By Stephen Dinan
    The Washington Times
    Wednesday, November 30, 2011
    Mr. Obama signed the spending bill by AUTOPEN Nov. 18. He was traveling in Asia at the time the bill was presented to him, so he used the automated signature machine for the SECOND TIME in his presidency.


  2. Would anyone care to divulge whether this is a graphic video or not? This is a vitally important piece of information that is missing.

    You see, some of us just cannot take the graphic ones, they are too damaging to the soul. Consequently, advocates need to remain aware that while the graphic stuff can educate some, it can also push other people completely away just because they can’t take the visuals.

    I am speaking from experience. It took me years to engage in advocacy because I was so stunned and wounded just from viewing photos. I turned my back for a long time, not that I didn’t know but I felt I could not hold up to more visual assault and, based on those first experiences, I was sure it would be ongoing if I were active. I’ve found ways to manage this but I’m still visually assaulted every now and then and, quite frankly, it hurts me tremendously and makes me draw back and think about limiting my advocacy even more.

    I am not the only person like this. A lot of us are artists, visually oriented, and those visuals just burn themselves into our brains, just like all visuals do. We can’t “just ignore it” like you may be able to do and we’re not “weak”, it just hits us differently than it does others.

    I know I’m not the only one because just this Fall, I saw dozens of comments on this from good-hearted people on the Facebook walls of many friends who do advocate for horses. They were all posting about the fact that they were not going to continue to put up with being visually assaulted almost daily and that they were hiding the posts of advocates who post graphic photos and videos because, like me, they just can’t take it. If you can’t sleep at night, you’re useless for yourself, your family, society and the horses.

    Please, people, let’s be wise in this area and let’s remember that we need to win the heart of EVERY SINGLE PERSON POSSIBLE in this fight. This means we need to remain aware of this sensitivity and make sure we don’t alienate. That’s why this video is screaming out right now for a label – GRAPHIC, SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC or NOT GRAPHIC – so viewers can be informed when they decide to view. Thank you for reading, I feel this is a very important concept so this was the perfect moment to share it.


    • This has been a problem at FB and I am glad it has been controlled some recently. I was not only getting very traumatized by the assault of these pictures and videos but could not allow them to hurt my friends who were also being overwhelmed by the constant posting of these videos on their walls along with the added full range of profanity from some posters adding insult to injury. It was overkill on FB this past summer and It was hurtful rather helpful. Do not watch anything that you think will be left to haunt and upset you. Once is enough. It all stays with you.


    • Kathleen – your message is understood and as a matter of fact, your response to the brutality suffered by the horses is EXACTLY why cruelty laws are in place. They are to protect society from the terrible witnessing of an animal’s pain or torment. The laws provide control on those who do torture and maim the animals. Why then, would something so horrible it has to be labelled “graphic,” allowed to happen? Why?


  3. I understand your feelings. I also understand your point of view.

    A suggestion, when something says graphic, don’t watch. I do not feel videos , pictures should be labed Graphic, Somewhat graphic then you are relying on someone else’s opinion, It is always best to rely on your own desecration. Blaming someone else is never productive.


    • Right you are, Lee. And… if something is too graphic to watch, what does that say about the industry? I personally force myself to watch them. It is a constant reminder and motivator to continue doing what I do and why.

      I know a lot of advocates won’t view them but you need to see what is happening to our horses. It’s ugly and heartbreaking but it is reality.


  4. Can anyone imagine if someone like Justin Beiber would just take a few minutes to speak out for equines?….all the people (well, mostly young girls) that would pay attention to something he would say?

    We need a spokes person that has facebook power and owns the tweet world…Lady Gaga? The power of communication these people posses is unbelievable and we wouldn’t need the “graphic” warnings.


  5. Hello,

    As the creator of this video, I can tell you that 4 graphical still photo’s where used.They are somewhat blurred and dark. This is not at all like any of the horrid videos on YouTube and there is no live action of the actual act. I, like all of you, am a horse owner. I promised myself I would never look at such images but I felt compelled to show at least some of the reality. My goal in the video was to show just how wonderful a horse is (soft trusting eyes, etc) and what a nightmare they are facing… then it ends with hope that the nightmare will stop via the Anti Slaughter Prevention Act. This video is being shared wildly on Facebook and I know first hand that it has caused quite a few who were not aware, to become aware and sign against slaughter.

    Thank you,
    F Belardino


  6. Thank you F. Bela for producing this video and placing it where it needs to be seen. Yes, the soul-wrenching-sleep-depriving images are hard to view but we cannot turn a blind eye. Horse slaughter is a horrific reality that should not tolerate retreat but instead, spur the viewer to push harder for the passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.


  7. Well done – actually thought is was gorgeous – the graphic content was not as horrifying, in my opinion, as some might expect – and the wording was specific, effective and direct. Well done.
    THANK YOU!!!


  8. I am a foster, volunter, and in these tough economic times a lot of us volunters have become the financial support for this no-kill cat shelter-run by a nice lady and her daughter. Helping in the shelter and with day to day operations, you see man’s inhumanity to animals. And I will not say that you get used to it (because you never do) but for the animals who have no voice and have no way out, you do what you have to do. Life is not pretty and to be in this business you have to buck up, because the animals are more important than you are. I chose to also help here because I have always loved horses, although I have never had the pleasure of owning one. And yes every now and then a person has to take some time away from it all to let the heart heal. But every now and then a post is posted that brings a smile to my face, just the other day RT and Jerry posted about their adoped and lap cats and with a smile I looked at my computer desk, with one cat laying on the desk, another one walking on the keys trying to put in his 2 cents worth, one on my lap, one that has crawled up on my shoulder and is growling, hissing and slapping at the one on the back of the chair. And like the horses each cat carires it’s physical and mental scares. You smile and say it is all worth while because the heart wrenching things that advocates see is usually not the best side of people. And I have to agree with Marge Mullen some days you just have to put on your big girl panties and get to work. The down side to being an advocate is is not aways a pretty job~~~but somebody has to do it.
    And at the end of the day when there is good news either here or in my world, I don’t have a big horses neck to hug but I sure do have and arm full of puddy cats.


  9. That’s a tough one. Those soft-hearted souls take a real beating when dealing with the raw realities of protection and rescue. It takes its toll. Just as in any war, the warriors need a protective armor because the very quality that brings them to the battle also makes them vulnerable. It is the same with people who work with people…first responders, nurses, child protection workers. Not everyone can do it…not everyone is cut out for it…but we all can DO something to help. We can help support those that are on the front lines.


  10. I feel I need to view the horror the horses suffer. I want to suffer with them to let them know they don’t suffer alone. Somedays, when I’m in a fragile frame, I don’t view the pictures. For me, I am forever reminded to never stop fighting for these horses and the ones to come. I have the images of horror burned into my heart and brain. I seldomly post my opinion. I think all of you guys say things that are in my heart. Mostly, I can just shake my head and my soul sinks. But I refresh myself by being at my farm, with my animals, loving on them all and riding my friends….. horses not the 2 legged ones. I take every moment I can to be still and silent, to listen to them eating, listening to their heart beating, to smell their coats and manes, to feel and smell their breath, and pray to God that it is in his will for our fight to be victorius.


  11. I think a Call To Action is a very good idea. I understand where some of the people are coming from. It is the reality of horse slaughter. I am too an advocate but have to remove myself from some of the pictures. The soul of the horse through their eyes is what I remember and not being able to save them is so emotional. What we should do is frequent these auctions and identify the “Killer Dealers”. Let the community know exactly where your horse could end up. Take pictures of the trucks taking the horses to their death. While our fight was going on, we were lucky enough to have Bo Derek present footage from the slaughterhouses. It was eye opening to many of the Legislators that had no idea of the reality. But the greedy will still try and as we have seen they will say anything to have this become a reality. I understand the first viewing of the tragic death in the “Kill Box” and the path leading up to it will be ingrained in your mind for ever. It is not the same thing as euthanizing a cat or a dog. This is now and will never be a fitting death for a horse no matter what. Write the movie stars and ask them to support the ban on slaughter. Sometimes when they are made aware it will become their issue as well as ours. The point made was with the correspondence on We the People. 8,000 plus signatures says alot. It is disgusting, inhumane and intolerable that we should ever open those Houses of Horror any where in this country. But people have no idea unless they read about it or see the visuals and this includes many of our illustrious Legislators in Washington, D.C.


  12. You have to stay strong in order to continue the battle. If it wears you down, it’s probably better not to view. Your compassion index is probably already maxed out. It is THE PUBLIC that needs to see these videos. There should be a major anti-slaughter add campaign.


  13. First, I think this is well done. As a general rule, if I see the word graphic attached to a public service message about horse slaughter, I would expect to see blood, suffering, and possible cruelty.

    I think we have to be careful about trying to decide what other people see. It is a turn off for a lot of people to be bombarded with violent images. I have friends who get turned off if I use the word horse and slaughter in the same sentence. They do not want to think about these kinds of things period. However, every now and then, I get surprised.

    When I was a teacher, I learned about a little principle known as the law of readiness. This is a simple concept that simply means that a student will not learn something until he is ready to learn it. Part of my job as a teacher was to try to get my student’s ready to learn whatever it was they needed to learn. Thanks to getting to loop (having the same students consecutive years), I got a chance to see that children who are not ready to learn something as 14 year- olds will often learn the concept you introduced to them in ninth grade very handily the next.

    Not everyone is ready to learn about this. If it weren’t for a little mustang mare, I assure you I would be sitting somewhere in blissful (that does not affect me land) ignorance. But there was that little mustang, and so I am here.

    One of the real challenges we face is having different levels of information that is information enough to educate, but not to overwhelm.



  14. The Gallop for Life video has now been viewed over 1,000 times. Thank you to all who have shared on social media to raise awareness. Though they cannot speak, they shall not remain voiceless!

    F Belardino


  15. Thank you for sharing, &, thank you to all those horse loving advocates that have commented. It IS hard to watch some videos, but, sometimes we have to, so we don’t “forget” the brutal reality, & become like those we’re trying to change. If we cry, or get angry, that’s a good thing, it means we CARE, & we have compassion in our hearts. I’m so glad I can come here to be with fellow horse advocates, people who actually feel the same as me, & that we can all share our thoughts & feelings. Sometimes it’s sad, but, I feel like I can relate better to all of you, than to many people I actually know, like family & friends. We have to continue this fight, we must continue to be the voice for the voiceless, we MUST save our equine friends, both wild & tame. I wish all much happiness in the new year.


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