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Straight from the Horse’s Heart 2011 in Review

All our Stable-hands have been busy building this report for you!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. This blog was viewed about 600,000 times in 2011. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 8 sold-out events for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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  1. Best wishes to all that remember to do the right thing. Happy and a better new year for 2012 for all, especially the equines (actually for all of the voiceless critters, human and nonhuman).


  2. I am now thoroughly ashamed of myself. There were many days I did not post and a stretch in Spring of 2011 when I didn’t have a computer. It would appear that I made up for the paucity of posts somewhere.


  3. Please Contact Senator Kohl to fix the damage he has done to an American Icon. He is going to retire. He does not care about our horses.

    HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance launched the most sophisticated assault yet against the return of equine slaughterhouses with a 90 screen breakout ad to be shown within 10 minutes of the opening credits of Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse.” The ad campaign will target three Washington politicians who pushed the cancellation of a prohibition against funding horse slaughter inspectors. The targeted ads will run in the districts and states of Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, Sen. Roy Blunt (R) Missouri, and Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl.


  4. If not for you & many other people I’ve meet over the last 2 years on here, I would never have known about the dire trouble our Mustangs are in.
    I pray that you, yours & the rest of the good people here have a very Happy New Year & that all of us finally win the battle for our horses.

    Love & Hugs to all.


    • Louie, I can believe it…. quite a change from nearly 2 years ago.

      It is an irresistible force that draws us back… that Horse Force we all have in the heart.

      More subject matter in 2012?!


  5. RT WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said yesterday your blog is fantastic! I am blown out of the water at the number of times this blog was viewed. I knew it was alot, but 600,000 is unbelieavable. It just goes to show you how many people are truly in the corners of the Wild Horses and Burros, not to mention those looking to be educated on the BLM and the slaughter issue. Thank you and your wife also for giving so freely of your time. It takes but one person to begin this journey with a mission. I always tell people do not be scared to stand up for your position. So many people think that they can’t make a difference. You have educated more people than can be counted about the plight of our Wild Horses and Burros and the disgusting people who support slaughter. I was very proud to stand up at the AHA convention to explain who Slaughter House Sue was. The gal from the United Horseman looked kind of shocked when I explained who she was and that to my knowledge she didn’t have any horses now and never did and that she was in the cattle business only. It was a
    sad year for some, but now is showing definte promise as we gather the forces to protect our beautiful horses. Thank you again for all that those in the trenches who have given their time and money. We are going to be a group to be reckoned with in 2012 and the year is just beginning!


  6. I never, never believed the wordsmithed spin crap coming out of USDA and the White House re HCHS….NEVER!

    I KNEW this was coming. No doubt in my mind.

    Funny how the letter said that KBs are collecting “old” and “lame” animals in anticipation of the opening….last I heard, it is against to transport infirmed (especially lame) animals.


  7. Mar, Right your are…on all points….and here we are, STILL beating that drum

    40th Anniversary of the Wild Horse & Burro Act – Atop the Pryor Mountains


  8. FB, This is what has been circulating and no surprise. They are sinking money into this place and the community now. Preventing them from opening would be ideal but this makes all of us look bad. We don’t want these people to kill horses but if they don’t will they be able to go back to killing hogs? Jobs are a huge issue so trend carefully. It will be used against us.


    • Mar…

      There is a possibility that this is a distraction to the probability of a HCHS plant opening somewhere else in the US.

      Important thing to remember is that we all know that these Congressional trolls would not have done this without a plan in place by the equine killers…they have known all along were it was going to go.

      I don’t questions the post from F Bela. I, however never trust the killers or the government. They are cheats and liars. Question is, with the reduction of USDA funding and a need for approximately 5mil for HCHS…where is the money coming from. It better not be coming from my “traditional” food system because they stink at that already with a boat load of excuses why they hardly inspect our foodstuffs.


  9. Many blessings for huge success in 2012 saving equine from harm. They don’t deserve violent roundup and capture, slaughter, abuse or any other kind of harm. We OWE them for their incredible service to human kind, all through the ages.


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